Spain: Salafist movement is growing strongly in the Basque Country and Navarra

After its huge growth in Catalonia (according to this documentary around 25% of Catalonian Muslims are Salafists, and the control around half of the mosques based in Catalonia), it looks like they are booming in the Basque Country and Navarra too:

The Government Information Services have  detected in the last two years, a growing fight for power between moderate Muslims and extremists to control already functioning mosques in the provinces of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.

The tactic that the Salafists have used is to join other Muslim cultural associations and submit to control mosques already in operation. They introduce a spiritual leader (Imam) related to the Salafist religious schools  in Saudi Arabia to achieve the recruitment of followers through the radicalization of discourse and the indoctrination of young people who want to “fight” for the Jihad.

According to the police report seen by the Cadena SER, the latest police data indicate that the Salafist, the most extreme branch of Islam, now controls two cultural associations and two mosques of Biscay. One of these two mosques integrates most members of the Muslim community in Bilbao.

Its main economic activity is based on halal products, which are authorized by the Muslim religion. In all other mosques in the Biscay province, veteran moderate Muslims have won the battle to the Salafists.

These cultural associations and mosques are funded mainly by Saudi Arabia. They do this through a “skeik“, a Salafi-Wahhabi ideologue, who is also a Professor or “Ulema” of Islamic Education at the University of Umm Al Qora of Mecca in Saudi Arabia who currently resides in Barcelona. In addition there is evidence that police have received donations from “brothers” of Reus in Tarragona and that they maintain close relations with groups based in Morocco.

In Catalonia, Navarra and Vizcaya, Forces and State Security have detected the presence within the Muslim community of an important number of core supporters linked to and financed by Salafia Jihadi organization.

This extremist organization is established in the Maghreb and in Spain and is trying to impose Islamic law (Sharia) through violence and terror. In Biscay  for example the idea was managed in Ceuta in late 2006 at the mosque Darkauia with the aim of addressing the problems of “the brothers in the Middle East” and request financial assistance to the Islamic community Ceuta.

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Uzbekistan: Christian group has their religious books confiscated by State

Uzbekistan has confiscated Christian books from a youth group returning from Kazakhstan. An Uzbek customs official told Forum 18 that the confiscations were “not confiscation, but temporary removal.” Customs officials claimed that a court would decide what would happen to the literature. Believers said that a customs official swore at them, saying “We are the bosses here, and we will do what we like. If we need to, we’ll lock you away.” Officials refused to provide copies of Confiscation Certificates, and the group was held for nine hours before being released.

In other incidents, the head of Ukraine’s Baptist Union has been denied entry to Uzbekistan, and another Christian has been denied permission to leave — no reasons were given for either action. Additionally, two foreign religious websites have had access blocked from within Uzbekistan. These actions appear to be part of a policy of isolating religious believers from their fellow believers in other countries.

via The Voice of the Martyrs Canada :: Christian books confiscated :: Providing Information and Support for Persecuted Christians.

Read also Uzbekistan: Country report.

Officials claim that Uzbekistan is a Muslim country and Islam is primarily controlled from inside its state-run structures. Other religious communities are required to officially register. Police make surprise visits to churches and forcibly close those who cannot immediately produce registration papers.

Pakistan: Taliban-linked cleric offers $5,800 reward for anyone who kills Asia Bibi (II)


Maulana Yousef Qureshi, center

Photo: MSNBC.

Video: The Religion of Conquest.

Background: I.

The lawyers are trying to expose the false testimonies some witness gave at Asia Bibi’s trial.

On related news, another man, a Muslim this time, has been also accused of blasphemy:

Muhammad Amin, a Pakistani blogger in the city of Bahawalpur, province of Sindh. The young man had posted material considered blasphemous to the Prophet Muhammad on his blog and exchanged it with a friend, who was also charged. A police officer noticed it by chance, and thus the complaint and the arrest were triggered.

Germany: Imam faces jail for breaking bones of disobedient wife

Sheikh Abu Amad, the polygamous violent husband

According to BR the Islamic  clergyman has already abused one of its three wives one week ago. 

Sheikh Abu Adam (pictured) injured the 31-year-old badly. She suffered  several fractures and was taken into protective custody from police officers, away from the dwelling of the 40-year-old imam. The police received a distress-call from a lawyer called by the victim. In the meantime  the woman remains under police protection.

According to the report, the Islamic clergyman, who preaches publicly again and again against domestic violence and against jihad, was considered a gladly seen guest with the integration/multiculti-interfaith- rounds organized by well known social engineers . One week before his arrest he held a speech at the Catholic University Municipality of Munich.

via Munich: Imam Arrested For Breaking the Bones of His Third Wife — Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami.

According to the German Herald (found here), the lecture he gave in Munich was titled “‘An Islam Which Distances Itself From Violence”.

While he was beating her, he was shouting:

“Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.”

Well, he ended being a not very good supporter of a peaceful Islam, didn’t he?