Norway: Oslo mass-killer admires Obama

This title is as legitimate as any other that has been going on through internet. Anders Behring, the killer of 86 (last hour: police revises down attack death toll to 76) teenagers in a Youth Labour camp, is either a madman or a sadist. Or both. He apparently supported anti-Jihad sites, but I can strongly say we can not (and will not) support his crimes, which are unjustified at all. You could ask why T&P would need to issue such a comment.

But it is necessary (despite it’s stupidity for any sound person): as he is (supposedly) an anti-Jihadist and “a Christian” who doesn’t like Islamization, now everyone who dares to criticize Islam and considers himself as that, should be held accountable of his crimes. That’s nonsense: we, at T&P, have never supported indiscriminated violence, against everyone who is at a location, being exactly what every Islamist terrorist does, every time he/she explodes a bomb and that we criticize here everytime we’re able. Violence should only be used, at a last resort in war, and even in war, there are laws and practices that rule it. And we know that, except some fringe elements that we just don’t link at all because they are as dangerous with their words as any Islamic extremists, most anti-Jihadists are just peace-loving guys who are absolutely shocked by cruelty, murder, amputations, rapes, honor killings, discrimination, etc. that is going on under Islam nowadays.

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Iran: blogger sentenced to 10 yrs in prison

Sakhi Rigi is a blogger who was sentenced to 20 years prison in Zahedan, in Sistan and Baluchistan province, on charges of publishing false infomation and “acts against national security.” This is the longest sentence ever passed on a blogger in Iran.

His blog was called Balouchestan Sarfaraz (Pride Baluchistan) [fa]. Rigi was arrested on 18 June, 2009, and is being held in appalling conditions in Karon prison, in Ahvaz. Torture was used to extract a confession. Adding to his bad luck, is that he has the same surname asAbdolmalek Rigi, the late head of the Balochi armed opposition group Jundallah, which in the eyes of the authorities implicates him.

Human Rights Activists Agency reports [fa] that:

… the blogger is 31 years old and was arrested six days after presidential election in 2009 and was jailed in solitary cell for seven months… he was studying in university and had just few months to end his studies… it seems his posts played a role in his jail sentence.

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Venezuela: Chávez buys 20% of Globovisión and announces an Internet regulation

Hugo Chávez

The Venezuelan State has just “bought” 20% of Globovisión, although that would not change (for now) its political positioning, as the majority stakeholder will continue to be Guillermo Zuloaga. Globovisión is the only independent TV station, after the Government shut down RCTV.

The Venezuelan Government is also going to impose its “revolution” on Internet. As Venezuelan blogger Martha Colmenares writes, the Government wants to impose its hegemony in the media, and that includes Internet. So they have sent to the National Assembly a draft of amendment to the Law on Social Responsbility in Radio and RV to regulate “the Internet and reform aspects of the Law concerning the media in general“. It will be presented next week in the plenary sessions.

The amendment refers to all digital media, including websites and blogs, and the use of social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. As a result, all the messages that don’t support Hugo Chávez, that are against Hugo Chávez even occasionally or that show Venezuelan reality, will be affected by the new law. “This is just pure censorship“. And of course, the dissidents won’t go unpunished.

Egypt: Kareem is being beaten at the State Security Intelligence headquarters

Kareem Amer is an Egyptian blogger who was condemned to a 4-year-prison term for “insulting Islam“. The end of his imprisonment has come but, instead of freeing him, he has been kept in prison and beaten severely.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information reports that Kareem is being beaten at the State Security Intelligence (SSI) headquarters in Alexandria where he was held illegally for the past five days. The press release notes that Kareem has completed his full sentence and should therefore be released. A translation of the report’s highlights are below:

On the 6th of November Kareem Amer was released from the Borj Al Arab prison, where he was held for years, and his official release was meant to be processed, however he was detained by the State Security Intelligence in Alexandria where he faced beatings by a junior officer as well as an order for his continued detainment.

Gamal Eid, the director of the Arab Network for Human Rights Information, said that these practices against an unarmed prisoner is creating a climate of hatred against the police forces in general and the State Security Intelligence officials in particular. Kareem already spent years of punishment and his release is now a legal obligation, therefore why is he being beaten and held illegally?

The network stresses that holding a prisoner under these conditions despite having completed the sentence given four years ago is an injustice that people will not be willing to forget. Egypt’s ministry of interior will have to one day answer for these crimes. The ministry in question, with all its soldiers and officers, are not more powerful than a person’s right.

via Free Kareem! – Kareem is being beaten at the State Security Intelligence headquarters.

During his prison term he has been harrassed repeatedly:

This is not the first time prison authorities have gone out of their way to harass Karim Amer,” said CPJ Middle East and North Africa Program Coordinator Mohamed Abdel Dayem. “Egyptian authorities seem intent on degrading critics even when they are in prison. Karim Amer should not be in prison at all.”

He has also been tortured.

I really hope that he is freed as soon as possible. He did nothing but speak his mind. And yet, he was condemned, imprisoned, tortured, harrassed and is now facing illegal detention. On a personal basis, his family disowned him and his father wanted Sharia Law to be applied to him:

The family of Al-Azhar student Abdul Kareem Nabeel Suleiman, accused of “contempt of religion”, has disowned him before his court verdict session on the upcoming Thursday. His father, a retired mathematics teacher, has demanded applying the Sharia [Islamic law] ruling on him by giving him three days to repent, followed by having him killed if he does not announce his repentance.

Malaysia: exiled blogger is free to return; he says he won’t

Raja Petra KamaruddinHe allegedly insulted Islam:

Malaysia’s top blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin, who fled the country after being held under security laws in 2008, is free to return after a detention order lapsed, his lawyer said Monday.

However the founder of the popular Malaysia Today website, which has outraged top leaders with its stream of critical stories, is unlikely to leave his self-imposed exile in Britain for fear of fresh charges, he said.

This order has lapsed but it does not stop the authorities from seeking my client’s detention on other grounds should he return,” said lawyer Jadadish Chandra.

“Raja Petra is in the UK at the moment and he is unlikely to return to Malaysia anytime soon,” he told AFP.

Raja Petra was detained in September 2008 and held for 56 days under the Internal Security Act, which allows for indefinite detention without trial.

He was accused of writing articles that allegedly insulted Islam. But the blogger, himself a member of Malaysia’s majority Muslim community, is best known for his political articles.

via France24 – Malaysian blogger free but likely to remain in exile.

He is not an “Islamophobe“, he is a Muslim. And yet had to exile himself to UK if he wanted to remain free after being charged with “insulting Islam” and arrested.

In what country people are given more freedom? Yep, not in the “Muslim-majority” one… 😦

Opinion: “Geert Wilders’ trial has backfired in any way possible”

Geert Wilders… The politically charged trial took another twist last week when one of Mr. Wilders‘ expert witnesses, the Arabist Hans Jansen, wrote on his website that a member of the judiciary had tried to influence him. He said that at a dinner party before he was supposed to testify, one of the appeals judges whose decision compelled the prosecutors to press charges tried to “convince me of the correctness of the decision to take Wilders to court.”


To further complicate matters, the trial judges then denied a defense request to question Mr. Jansen in court about his allegations. An oversight panel of jurists finally granted the defense’s request to dismiss the presiding judges, calling their colleagues’ refusal to hear the witness “incomprehensible.” The trial, which was supposed to end next month, theoretically must start over with new judges.


Prosecuting Mr. Wilders has backfired in every way imaginable, not least politically. The trial has seemed to confirm his charge that avoiding debate over the implications of Muslim immigration leads to the erosion of Western freedoms, most notably freedom of speech. Despite, or perhaps because of, the trial, Mr. Wilders’ Party for Freedom became the third-strongest parliamentary faction in last June’s elections. This allowed Mr. Wilders to become a political king-maker by backing the new center-right minority government.

via The Lost Cause Against Wilders –

I didn’t know that one of the judges had tried to influence a witness. The doubt is how many more were called with the same objective.


Hector Aleem’s trial for blasphemy: Mullahs gather outside of courtroom

As you probably know, Hector Aleem is being tried in Pakistan for blasphemy against Mohammed, Islam’s prophet. On October 21st and 25th, the days of the hearings, some Mullahs were assembled in the main entrance of the court at Rawalpindi to chant slogans calling for his death and against Christianity and to shout “Allah Akbar“. His family has made some videos from a mobile phone.

From the 21st hearing, you can go here to watch it.

From the 25th hearing:

Information on his case here,herehere and hereFree Hector Aleem on FB.

US: Man who threatened South Park authors pleads guilty over links to Somali Islamists

US Man Pleads Guilty Over Links To Somali Islamists:

“An American Muslim convert from Fairfax county in Virginia has pleaded guilty to ties with Somali Islamist militants and of urging attacks on perceived blasphemist writers of a popular television cartoon show, reports said on Wednesday.

Zachary Adam Jesser (Photo: Jawa Report)

Zachary Adam Chesser, 20, was apparently incensed by the alleged disparaging depiction of Prophet Mohammed in ‘South Park.’

Chesser pleaded guilty to three counts including communicating threats, soliciting others to threaten violence and providing material support to al-Shabaab, the Somali militant outfit with suspected links to al-Qaeda proscribed by the U.S. 

He also published residential addresses of the writers of South Park and urged online readers to ‘visit’ them.

The charges carry a prison sentence of up to 30 years.

According to prosecutors, he also tried to travel twice to Somalia to join al-Shabaab and even attempted to carry his infant son in the belief that it could help evade detection.

South Park 0, 1?.
Blogosphere: The dark side of the man who “warned” South Park creators.
US: The Simpsons support South Park creators.

US: Number of Muslims "thriving" according to statistics

The Land of the Free | The Weekly Standard:

“Some immigrants from the Middle East are Christians escaping persecution… But the vast majority are Muslims. Plausible estimates of the number of Muslims in America vary widely, from 1.3 million to five million. But there is a consensus that Muslim Americans’ share of the population is climbing.

According to a large survey by the American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS), the number of people in America who described themselves as Muslims more than doubled between 1990 and 2008, from 527,000 to 1.35 million.

By other measures, too, American Muslims are thriving. According to the ARIS study, 35 percent of American Muslims age 25 years and older have college degrees, a share equal to or higher than that of any other religion except Judaism and “Eastern religions.” And a Cornell University study found that Muslim Americans generally earn more money than Americans of other religions.

The deeper irony in the ongoing debates over religious liberty and freedom of speech in America is that these debates wouldn’t even be allowed to take place across most of the Muslim world.

A December 2009 Pew Forum survey on religious freedom found that 70 percent of the world lives in areas of high restrictions of religion. Many of those affected are Christians living in Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East.

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, freedom of religion is defined as the freedom of an individual or community, in public or private, to manifest religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance. No matter how it is defined, religious freedom is not a right enjoyed by most of the approximately 12 to 17 million Christians in the Middle East.”

Western countries are so Islamophobic that Muslim immigration is coming towards them, not the other way round. When are we going to start speaking about “non-Muslim-phobia” in the Islamic countries?

Germany: Turkish hackers attack CDU websites

Turkish hackers attack CDU websites – The Local:

Foto: Imago (Msn).

“Police and domestic intelligence agencies are now investigating in both the city-state of Hamburg and the northern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania after CDU officials said their party sites were paralysed overnight when hackers replaced their homepages with a black background featuring a Turkish crest and critical comments.

Hackers “GHoST61” and “Emre Y” had left their mark claiming responsibility for sabotaging the site, with the comment, “Hi Hamburg: We are from Turkey.”

In Hamburg the CDU took its website offline by mid-morning on Tuesday, spokesperson Anna Christina Hinze said.

The Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian arm of the CDU had a similar experience, discovering that their website had been replaced with an Ottoman Empire crest and some pointed questions about the party’s immigration policies. Their site was repaired by afternoon.

The hackers left a message asking: “Where is the money for integration? Where is the money for mosques?” and “Where is the tolerance? Where is the freedom of religion?“”

Does Turkey pay for non-Muslim temples? That’s somewhat strange if we consider that not a week ago Turkish Minister Faruk Çelik called Christians “kuffar. And they have a policy absolutely contrary to, for example, Constantinople’s Patriarchy, Turkish nationalists prayed in an ancient Armenian Cathedral and, lastly, there are some questions about Catholic priests murdered in the country, which haven’t been addressed.

That is called reciprocity and you can’t make others do what you aren’t prepared to do yourself.

Note: In the image it’s written “Between West and East. How well do you know Turkey?“.

Germany: 69% against Turkish entry in the EU, poll shows.
CDU politician calls to stop Muslim immigration.
“Muslims should obey Constitution, not Sharia”, Merkel says.
Conservative leaders reject Wullf’s remarks on Islam.
Germany agrees in making easier for Turks to get visas.
President Wulff will visit Turkey on Monday, while Merkel criticizes multiculturalism.
President Wulff urges Turks to ‘actively integrate’ in Germany in his visit to Turkey.

Denmark: FM denies apologizing for Mohammed cartoons

Denmark denies apologizing for Mohammad cartoons | Top News | Reuters:

Denmark’s foreign minister denied Thursday that she had apologized on a Middle East trip for cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, initially published by a Danish newspaper in 2005, that angered many Muslims.

Middle East media, including the English-language Egyptian Gazette and Arabic television network Al-Arabiya, said Lene Espersen had apologized for the cartoons during her visit to Cairo Wednesday.

But Espersen said on Danish TV 2 News Thursday she had not issued any apology for the drawings.

I can clearly deny that I have given an apology,” Espersen said. “But I can confirm that I have said that freedom of expression is not so extensive that it would not have any limits.”

…The Egyptian Gazette cited Egypt’s Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb as saying that Espersen “renewed her country’s apology for the publication of these cartoons and pointed out Denmark’s efforts to issue a law criminalizing contempt of religions.”

Espersen said that she told the Sheikh that the Danish government found it regrettable that many people were offended by the drawings and that the government condemns demonizing of groups of people based on their religion or ethnic background.

But Espersen, who faces a general election before the end of November next year, also said that citizens had a right to express themselves within the limits of the law without interference from the government, TV 2 News said on its website.


Netherlands: Prosecutors seek acquittal of Wilders on all counts

Dutch prosecutors are asking judges to acquit anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders of all charges of inciting hate and discrimination against Muslims.

The move by prosecutors signals their belief the case against Wilders is weak, but judges could still disagree and convict him. The trial continues next week.

Prosecutor Paul Velleman told the court Friday that most of Wilders’ remarks — which include comparing Islam with Naziism — appear to target Islam as an ideology, not single out Muslims for abuse.

Prosecutors initially declined to press charges, but were ordered to do so by an appeals court that ruled there was significant evidence against the influential politician. 

Source (Found).

New Dutch Government agrees to ban burqa, cut deficit.
Geert Wilders on trial.
Prosecutors call for partial acquittal.

Iran: Jailed Filmmaker Challenges Khamenei

Jailed Iranian Filmmaker Challenges Supreme Leader – Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty � 2010:

“Iranian filmmaker and journalist Mohammad Nourizad has written an open letter (Persian) to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei arguing that the United States does more to protect religious freedom and moral values than Iran, RFE/RL’s Radio Farda reports.

Nourizad — who has been in Tehran’s Evin prison since August — wrote in his letter on October 10 that since Iran’s disputed 2009 presidential election, violations of people’s privacy has become more common.

He said religious mobs have attacked the home of Ayatollah Yusef Sanei, a critic of Khamenei. In the United States, by contrast, he said personal privacy is strictly protected by law.

Nourizad previously wrote for the conservative newspaper “Keyhan” and said he fully supported Khamenei until last year’s controversial presidential election caused him to speak out against the government.

He was arrested late last year after publishing several open letters on his blog deemed as disrespectful to Khamenei and other senior officials. He was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison. He also was sentenced to 50 lashes on charges that remain unclear.

He was released on June 24 but summoned back to prison in August after writing a blog post that was critical of Khamenei.

Referring in his letter to religious freedom in the United States, Nourizad wrote: “The American judicial authority defends Muslims’ rights and allows them to build mosques just a short distance from the Twin Towers. But in Islamic Iran, Sunni Muslims are not allowed their own mosque to worship without fear in Tehran.”

Comparing morality in Iran and the United States, Nourizad wrote: “Americans have been brought up in such a way that they seldom lie, while lying is clearly evident among the people and authorities in our country.””

Saudi Arabia: Top political body ‘rejects pact over Mohammed cartoons’ with Denmark

AFP: Top Saudi body ‘rejects pact over Mohammed cartoons’:

“A top Saudi political body has rejected a bilateral pact with Denmark over the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper, media reports said on Tuesday. 

The Shura Council voted 62 to 56 on Monday against a memorandum of understanding on bilateral consultations after several members expressed unhappiness over the cartoons, the newspapers Okaz and Shams reported. 

Several council members clapped and cheered at the rare political rebuke from the all-appointed body, which reviews legislation, policies and treaties but only advises the government.
The Saudi foreign ministry and Danish diplomatic officials could not be reached for comment on details of the pact, which the Shura Council sent back to committee for review. 

Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten newspaper published 12 caricatures of Mohammed in 2005, triggering Muslim anger worldwide and violent protests in some countries.”

Yale Press Bans Images of Muhammad in New Book.
Yale University publishes press release on the Danish cartoons.
Aftenposten reprints Mohammed cartoons.
Metropolitan Museum pulls images of Mohammed from its collection.
East African Terrorism Comes to Scandinavia.
Denmark: Suspect in bombing masks his ID, Danish police sees Jylands-Posten as target.
Book: The Tyranny of Silence.
Mohammed Cartoons: “We condemn the publication of The Tyranny of Silence”, OICSG Ihsanoglu says.

Netherlands: prosecutors call for partial Wilders acquittal

Dutch prosecutors call for partial Wilders acquittal | Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

Prosecutors in the trial of anti-Islam Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders say he should be acquitted of group defamation.

The populist Dutch MP is standing trial for defamation of Muslims as a group because of his comparison of the Qur’an to Hitler’s Mein Kampf. He is also charged with inciting hatred and discrimination.

Public prosecutors Birgit van Roessel and Paul Velleman now say his comments on the Qur’an referred to Islam and its holy book, and not to Muslim people.

In explaining their call for acquittal on the defamation charges, the prosecutors also explained that statements contained in the MP’s film, Fitna, referred to Islam as a religion and not to its followers. Even though the statements could hurt the feelings of Muslims, that was not the same as defamation of the group.

On Friday, the prosecutors will either press for Mr Wilders to be found guilty on the incitement charges or for him to be acquitted. If they call for a guilty verdict, they will also put forward what they consider an appropriate sentence.”

I don’t understand how he can be accused of discrimination and hatred when he was speaking only of the Qu’ran and Islam, and not of Muslims. That would be like saying you are feeling hatred for Germans for speaking about Nazis and Nazism.

New Dutch Government agrees to ban burqa, cut deficit.
Geert Wilders on trial.

France: Conference about "Immigration, Islamism: Is France Threatened?" Cancelled

The Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), the political party of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, was forced on Tuesday to cancel a public debate organized in its headquarters, amid concerns that the debate would spark new accusations of racism and discrimination.

Titled “Immigration, Islamism: Is France Threatened?,” the controversial debate did not come at a good time for UMP, which is now presenting a new bill on immigration in the Assemblee Nationale (National Assembly), the lower house of French bicameral Parliament.

We have chosen this time to really participate in Parliament discussions on future immigration law, as they are starting this week and will be at full intensity on that day,” explained the Droite Libre (Free Right), the UMP-associated group that organized the meeting.

These issues are a concern to our fellow citizens, yet they almost never have a chance to discuss them; those who dare to mention immigration and Islam are framed by the intellectual terror of ‘political correctness.’”


The Droite Libre on their blog, have protested against the cancellation, judging it as an attack against freedom of expression.

Our evening discussion “Immigration, Islam, Is France threatened?” was scheduled Sept. 30 at the National Assembly, after the refusal of the UMP. 

Wednesday 29 at night, much to our amazement, the President of the National Assembly, Bernard Accoyer, gave in to the CFCM (French Council of Muslim Faith) and decided to cancel this important meeting of the Free Right in place highly significant debates of the Republic. 

The event is serious indeed, this is the first time since the passing of the 1905 Act, that a religious organization supports the prohibition of a public political meeting in the grounds of national representation on the pretext that “Islam is branded“. Our meeting, attended by politicians, experts and an imam, raised the issue of real or supposed links between religious extremism and Islamist immigration that, if true, would endanger the values of France. 

La Droite Libre solemnly requests the President of the National Assembly if he has thereby agreed to meet draconian requirements of a theocratic pressure group and if he considers as does the CFCM that Islamism is synonymous with Islam, something that is not supported by La Droite Libre

La Droite Libre, a movement that is positioned within the presidential majority and the movement of the UMP, remembers that Mr. Accoyer had already a few months ago, objected to the courageous act against the burqa and the full veil, supported by the UMP group in the Assembly and President Nicolas Sarkozy himself.

La Droite Libre demands to the majority party and Accoyer if some sort of theocratic censorship has indeed been restored in France under the pressure from Muslim organizations that claim to represent Muslims in France but they only represent themselves, their different currents and their country of reference. 

For the sake of tolerance, La Droite Libre had yet been careful not to stigmatize Muslims or Islam, choosing as the debate second term “Islamism“, which, since the work political scientist Bruno Etienne, means the fringe of radical Islam and extremism and not Islam in general.

Prosecution mirror or slip? The CFCM, instead, protested because the reference to “Islamism”, by his own statement, is related to Islam at all! 

With its statement, the CFCM has itslef acknowledged as Islamism. 

In fact, the CFCM relays the offensive in France of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference), which seeks to introduce, worldwide and within the UN since the 1990s, the “crime of blasphemy” by equating criticism of Islam with racism or “Islamophobia” and therefore criminally punishable. 

Incredible paradox, the OIC gives lessons about racism in the West, but it’s an association of 57 Islamic countries that persecute their minorities evern in their homes and not only prohibits the proselytizing of other religions (even Morocco “tolerant” represented the CFCM forbidden for a Muslim to choose another religion), but the mere freedom of worship

La Droite Libre wonders if the goals of the repressive and obscurantist OIC are being met in the land of Voltaire …. 

By contrast, the courageous Imam of Drancy, Hassen Chalghoumi, who was going to be at the conference by La Droite Libre, is threatened with death by Islamists, courageously denounces Islamic extremists, does not cry persecution, does not ask cancel the debates, agrees to dialogue with secular and anticlerical people who do not agree with him. He has written a remarkable book in which he unequivocally defended the values of democracy and freedom of expression. 

La Droite Libre wonders whether the CFCM also wanted to silence this courageous Imam as he is very inconvenient for the liberticidal theocrats from the CFCM. 

Moreover, the fact that Mr. Moussaoui, president of the CFCM, has been awarded the Order of Merit of the City by the socialist municipality of Strasbourg, and the fact that Le Monde has triggered this controversy supporting the draconian pro-Islamists, confirm the sinister alliance between Red, Pink and Green. 

The lessons of recent days have led us to ask some friendly questions, with no concessions, to the majority of our friends:

  • Is it acceptable that a leftist newspaper known for its biased reporters and a group of imams who are the opposite to freedom of expression, give lessons in morality and tolerance to the majority party and personalities who wish free debate in a pluralistic context? 

  • Has democracy in modern times become the tyranny of minorities? 

  • Should the French Right try to please the lobbies of the left, far-left activists and minorities who speak of racism to defend Islam, rather than citizens frustrated by the weaknesses of the Republic?

For its part, La Droite Libre denounces intellectual terrorism and political correctness and remember the words of the patriotic candidate Nicolas Sarkozy during the 2007 presidential campaign: “Stop repenting!”. 

The UMP should stay the course and not be daunted by any tendentious article in Le Monde or communal lobbies whatsoever. Voters will take heed. The French are tired of false moral lessons and attacks trying to cause guilty consciences. 

Throughout the summer, the outrageous debates around the issue of Roma and insults against Nicolas Sarkozy accused of “racism” or “vichysme” shocked the French who claimed the vast majority of the lawful and reasonable measures proposed by the President and the majority. Our President and our Minister of the Interior were perfectly right in saying that “nobody is above the law“, nor a religious group a minority or majority ethnic or cultural group. 

The law must be the same for everyone and democracy is not the reign of Virtuous Leagues but its only ruler is the popular vote. 

In the same spirit, freedom of expression must be exercised by everyone and it is unfortunate that some of our majority forgets. 

In any event, La Droite Libre will make every effort to exercise that freedom of expression, and thus reorder a new debate with the same themes, once a suitable location has been chosen.

(Translation: T&P).

Iran: Spanish journalist expelled

Iranian officials have canceled today the residence of the correspondent of El País in Tehran, Angeles Espinosa, who has been given two weeks to leave the Islamic Republic. The move is further evidence of the nervousness of the regime against any criticism. Espinosa, who was credited to work in Iran for five years, was arrested in Qom last July when he went to interview Ahmad Montazeri, the son of the dissident Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, who died last year, and since then authorities had withdrawn the journalist card.

Journalists have no freedom to travel outside Tehran. We must apply for permission and I never would have obtained for that interview,” admits Espinosa. However, after a severe reprimand those responsible for the Office of Foreign Press gave it that recover your card when she return from vacation.

Back in Teheran the journalist tried to regain her accreditation, but instead, she was deprived of her passport for three weeks. All foreigners residing in Iran need an exit visa to leave the country and Espinosa was unable to be stamped with the seal, which kept it in a troubling limbo. Until yesterday, when they finally surrendered her passport with the residence permit canceled and an order to leave Iran before Oct. 24th.

Nobody has given me any explanation. Since returning from my vacation, the General Director for Foreign Press has refused to see me and the new head of the office made me understand that he could not help me, that the orders came from the other side” Espinosa said. “Through others, I have been informed that the interview with Montazeri, in which he criticized the Supreme Leader, has been the drop that overflowed the glass, but they were already very upset with my work since the last elections and El País campaign in defense of Sakineh Ashtiani.

The sentence by stoning imposed on that woman has mobilized the international community. Iran, one of the few countries that still maintains the stoning in its criminal code, has tried unsuccessfully to neutralize this new blow to its already tarnished image.

The level of tolerance of criticism has been greatly reduced since the arrival to the presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,” said Espinosa. Last year, following protests that the Iranians were his controversial re-election, Iran also expelled the BBC correspondent and urged the departure of the envoys who had come to cover the elections. Since then the Govt has given visas sparingly and censorship has grown exponentially internal.

There are no reformist newspapers in the streets and at least fifty Iranian journalists in prison, which according to Reporters Without Borders makes Iran the biggest prison for reporters. Although initially many independent journalists took refuge in the blogs, the regime has also increased control of the internet and imprisoned numerous bloggers. A few days ago, Hossein Derakhshan, known as the father of blogging, was sentenced to 19 years and six months in jail. Another well-known blogger, Hengame Shahidi, has been denied necessary medical care in prison.


Morocco: top magazine closes due to censorship

Morocco’s topselling Arabic language weekly ‘Nichane’, which had taken up in the past taboo subjects like monarchy and Islam, closed shop last week blaming “the highest circles of power” for organising a boycott of advertisers.

The trouble for the magazine began last year after Nichane, its French-language sister publication TelQuel and France’s Le Monde newspaper conducted an opinion poll on the monarchy. The poll, which found that King Mohammed VI had done a good overall job in the first decade of his reign but needed to do more to reduce poverty, was swiftly censored. About 100,000 copies of the magazine were destroyed, and the particular edition of Le Monde was banned from selling in Morocco. The reason given was that the monarchy “cannot be the object of debate even through a poll”.

The royal holding company Omnium Nord-Africain Group was the first to boycott Nichane (which means “straighforward” or “direct”), followed by state-owned and quasi-state businesses close to the government. The boycott was brazen. After the revenues dipped to 80 percent, the shareholders decided it was time to take a call. They met last week and decided to close down the magazine, the TelQuel group said in a statement later.

TelQuel, meanwhile, will continue to publish. Since most of its French-language advertisers are based outside of Morocco, it does not face any immediate danger.


Restrictions to press freedom still exist.
Two prominent magazines are blocked.

Netherlands: Geert Wilders on trial


The Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders has gone on trial in Amsterdam accused of inciting hatred against Muslims.

Mr Wilders, whose statements have included comparing the Koran with Hitler’s Mein Kampf, told the court freedom of expression was on trial.

If found guilty, he faces a maximum sentence of a year in jail.

Mr Wilders’ Freedom Party is the third biggest in the Netherlands after June’s elections, and is expected to play a key role in the next parliament.

Prosecutors have brought five charges of inciting hatred and discrimination, and the trial will scrutinise statements he made between 2006 and 2008.

Wilders’ speech:

Muslims in the UK openly call for Wilders’ murder (just as a reminder…):

Norway: biography about Mohammed will no longer be published

Self-censorship happens again: PJM:

Norwegian historian Halvor Tjønn has written a biography of Muhammad the founder of Islam and Oslo publisher Kagge had agreed to publish the book and even listed it in last year’s fall catalog.

However the publisher has suddenly pulled out of the project and now refuses to give any explanations of why it will no longer publish the book.

According to the author there should be nothing in the book that would upset Muslims. There are no illustrations of Muhammad and all of the key references used in the work are from the 8th and 9th centuries.

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