Survey: Somalia heads terrorism risk, Britain tops Western terror threat list

Imam Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen October 2008, ta...

Imam Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen, Oct 2008. Image via Wikipedia

Somalia, that paradise: not only they are suffering the worst drought in decades, while Islamists forbid samosas -a kind of food- and kill NGO workers and burn food and medicines, but they are actually heading the terrorism risk’s list.

South Sudan, on the other hand, is going to have a difficult start: the North has begun a blockade against it in reprisal for being independent.

Somalia is most at risk from terrorist attack, followed by Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan and the new nation of South Sudan, according to a ranking by global analysts Maplecroft.

The consultancy’s latest Terrorism Risk Index also assesses threats to be rising in Yemen, Iran, Uganda, Libya, Egypt and Nigeria.

A Maplecroft statement said increased dangers seen in Yemen and Uganda were caused by al Qaeda-associated violence, those in Iran stemmed from attacks by Sunni Muslim rebel group Jundollah and those in Egypt and Libya originated in terrorist and criminal attempts to exploit Arab Spring political unrest.

Nigeria is beset by militant raids in the Niger Delta, by sectarian violence and by radical Islamist attacks in the north.The top four rankings were unchanged from Maplecroft’s previous survey issued in November 2010 but South Sudan, which came into being last month on secession for the north, replaced the Palestinian Territories at number five due to the high average number of people killed per attack in violence there.

via Somalia heads terrorism risk, South Sudan in top 5: survey – Yahoo! News.

And Britain tops Western terror threat list:

BRITS are at greater risk of a terrorist attack than any other Western nation, it was claimed today.

Renewed tensions in Northern Ireland have sent the UK up the list of vulnerable states.

It now sits higher than France, Spain, China, Sri Lanka — and even the United States, according to the Terrorism Risk Index compiled by security analysts Maplecroft.

World’s newest nation, South Sudan, says it can survive angry north’s oil blockade

So, first, there was a military war. Now there is an economic war:

Map showing political regions of Sudan as of J...

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South Sudanese citizens, international dignitaries and the world’s newest president celebrated as their war-wracked nation became the world’s newest country Saturday.

Raucous street celebrations broke out at midnight. Dignitaries included U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and even former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

The predominantly Christian south and the mostly Muslim north battled over more than five decades.

Should the angry north — now deprived of its oil revenues — follow through on its threats to blockade the new nation, South Sudan can survive on credit, using its oil as collateral. The north says it will block pipelines.

via World’s newest nation, South Sudan, says it can survive angry north’s oil blockade – Beliefnet News.

Sudan: “Moderate” Mahmoud Abbas supports Sudanese President Bashir

You’ll know them by their friends…..

Meanwhile the massacre continues:

Genocide is still continuing in Darfur and Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, already indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), is undertaking “enormous efforts” to cover up the crimes and manipulate the world community, the Court’s prosecutor said today.

“The Government of Sudan is not cooperating with the Court and has conducted no national proceedings against those responsible for the crimes committed,” Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo told the Security Council.

Found here.

Sudan: protestors against woman’s flogging, arrested

A YouTube video of Sudanese police officers laughing as they publicly flogged a pleading, fleeing woman has sparked outrage, prompting dozens of demonstrators to protest Tuesday outside the Justice Ministry in downtown Khartoum, authorities said.

The demonstrators belonged to the Women Initiative Against Violence, and 52 of them — 46 women and six men — were arrested for unlawful assembly, the Khartoum State Police Force said in a statement.

All 52 persons were released under bail, police said.

And how about arresting the policemen who flogged the woman?


Sudan: woman flogged savagely on the street

Watched here.

I’m not even considering the causes for this brutality, carried out in the open and without anyone putting a stop on it. I can’t really express how I feel each time I see videos or images of violence carried out against unarmed citizens. We’ll see if the investigation they have promised to do will have any results or not.

Sudan: Men fined over indecent fashion show makeup

Louis Vuitton, Autumn-Winter 2008-2009, Paris

A Sudanese court convicted seven men of indecency on Wednesday after police accused them of wearing makeup during a fashion show in Khartoum, their lawyer said.

The men, amateur models at the “Sudanese Next Top Model Fashion Show” in June, were arrested by the public order police, a body known for its crackdowns on perceived indecent dress and drinking in the Muslim north, one defendant told Reuters.

All seven were found guilty on Wednesday and each fined 200 Sudanese pounds ($80), as was a woman who faced the same charge for applying the makeup, said lawyer Nabil Adib.

“The court thought that they were indecently dressed … The judge thought that wearing makeup could be offensive for men and allowing a woman to put makeup on men was against the law,” said Adib.

via Men fined over indecent fashion show makeup | Reuters.

Photo: El Correo Digital.

Pope prays for hostages in Sinai Desert

Pope Benedict XVI

I would like to watch this on the news. It’s shameful this is not being really reported (at least here, it isn’t):

Campaigners have welcomed the intervention by Pope Benedict XVI on behalf of refugees from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan who are being held hostage in the Sinai Desert by people traffickers.

Hundreds of refugees from the Horn of Africa have been held for months on the outskirts of a town in the Sinai Desert in purpose-built containers, where Bedouin people traffickers are demanding payment of up to US$8,000 per person for their release, though the hostages had already paid US$2,000 for passage to Israel.

On 1 December Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Human Rights Concern Eritrea, Agenzia Habeshia and EveryOne Group issued a joint appeal for urgent international intervention in the plight of the refugees, who are currently being held in degrading and inhumane conditions, bound by chains around their ankles and denied adequate food and water. The appeal details extreme methods of torture suffered by the refugees, including electric shocks, to force friends and families abroad to make the payments. The women in the group, who have been separated from the rest, are particularly vulnerable to severe abuse.

During his Angelus address on Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI invited pilgrims “to pray for all situations of violence, intolerance, suffering in the world, that the coming of Jesus may bring consolation, reconciliation and peace. I think of the many difficult situations, such as the continuous attacks that occur in Iraq against Christians and Muslims, the clashes in Egypt where there were deaths and injuries, the victims of traffickers and criminals, such as the drama of the hostages, Eritreans and of other nationalities, in the Sinai desert. Respect for the rights of all is the prerequisite for peace. Our prayer to the Lord and our solidarity can bring hope to those who are suffering.”

via Pope prays for hostages in Sinai Desert on Independent Catholic News.

Nobel Peace Prize ceremony boycott grows due to Chinese pressure

Free Liu Xiaobo

Liu Xiaobo was imprisoned for 11 years due to his participation in the document called Chapter 08, in which several people supported democracy and the end to the “one-party”

… China and 18 other countries have decided not to be represented “for various reasons.” It noted that number has tripled from six weeks ago.

The countries joining China in its boycott include Russia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, Tunisia, Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco and the Philippines.

The 58 countries who have embassies in Oslo were invited to attend.

China strongly objected to Liu’s win last October and levelled more criticism Tuesday, calling members of the Nobel committee “clowns” who are “interfering in China’s judicial affairs.”

The 54-year-old writer and academic was jailed in December 2009 to serve an 11-year term for subversion. He was detained just days before the publication of what has turned out to be an explosive political document, Charter 8, which he co-wrote.

Charter 08 calls for an end to one-party rule and the introduction of democratic reforms in China. It was signed, via the internet, by thousands of people, some of them Communist Party officials.

via CBC News – World – Nobel Peace Prize ceremony boycott grows.

Sudan: Cardinal’s would-be assassin released from prison

Cardinal Zubeir Wako

A month after a man attempted to murder Cardinal Gabriel Zubeir Wako of Khartoum during the celebration of Mass, police have released his would-be assassin. Hamdan Mohamed Abdurrahman was released because police have determined that he is mentally unstable, Sudan Catholic Radio reported.

via Catholic Culture : Latest Headlines : Cardinal’s would-be assassin released from prison.

So he is mentally unstable and is not secluded in a lunatic asylum or some other institution? Well, considering that Msgr. Wako has opposed with a lot of energy against Sudanese Islamist Government, I hope that this guy is not set loose to try it again.

Sudan: Cardinal unharmed after failed assassination at Mass

A would-be assassin failed to harm Cardinal Gabriel Zubeir Wako during an Oct. 10 Mass celebrating the feast of St. Daniel Comboni. The knife-wielding suspect had reportedly tried to blend in with liturgical dancers.

Cardinal Wako, who is the Archbishop of Khartoum, was leading the Mass at the Comboni Playground in the capital city when Hamdan Mohamed Abdurrahman, a Misseriya Arab from Southern Kordofan state, infiltrated the crowd.

The man disguised himself and joined the liturgical dancers at the crowded stage where the altar had been set up, the Catholic Information Service of Africa (CISA) reports. He proceeded up to the stage amid the dancers and pretended to dance while waving a dagger.

The assassin was within four steps of the stage when Master of Ceremonies Barnaba Matuec Anei, seated next to the cardinal, spotted him. Matuec caught and disarmed the man before handing him over to the security guards.

Matuec told CISA that Hamdan might have infiltrated the area early enough to hide himself among the faithful. There was “very intense” security at the gates.

We want to find out what was his mission in the Church was, and why he did carry a dagger with him. After that, we will see what to do next. We must know his background and identity. If he has people backing him to carry out such actions in the church, we would like to know,” he added.


Back in 2005, he stated:

The Government of Sudan set themselves the target of getting Christianity out of the country by the year 2000. We have foiled their plan … so far.”

To drive us out still remains the objective of our oppressors.”

Sudan: Sudanese bishops’ conference concerned about persecution if South supports independence.
Sudan: Christian leaders urge UN about humanitarian disaster.
Sudan rejects Gadaffi’s “warning”

Sudan: Christian leaders urge UN about humanitarian disaster

“People in the south see the [January] referendum as their opportunity to choose freedom,” the Church leaders note. “Cancellation or postponement of the referendum, or a perception that the referendum outcome does not match the will of the people, will not be understood by the people and will create a dangerous vacuum which could be filled by violence and even a return to war. The international community must be ready for a disputed referendum result.”

“The safety and human rights (including the right to freedom of religion) of southerners living in northern Sudan are in jeopardy before, during and after the referendum,” the Christian leaders add. “Threats and intimidation are already taking place and there is a climate of fear … The international community and the UN must be prepared logistically and financially to deal with the humanitarian consequences of large scale migration, particularly in the case of forced migration.”


Sudan: Sudanese bishops’ conference concerned about persecution if South supports independence.

Sudan: Sudanese bishops’ conference concerned about persecution if South supports independence

The secretary general of the Sudanese bishops’ conference is expressing concern that the Church in the northern part of the nation will suffer persecution if the residents of southern Sudan opt for independence in a January 2011 referendum. In addition, “the lives of southern Sudanese in the north are under threat,” said Father Santino Maurino Morokomomo.
Two million lost their lives in the long Sudanese civil war (1983-2005) between the Muslim north and the largely animist and Christian south. The civil war ended when President Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir, later indicted by the International Criminal Court, granted the south limited autonomy and promised a January 2011 referendum. Since 2005, the nation’s 5.8 million Catholics have fallen under two sets of religion laws. In the north, all schools– even Christian schools– must offer instruction in Islam, and converts from Islam to Christianity face not only criminal charges but also death at the hands of their families. In the south, Christians enjoy religious freedom.
15% of Sudan’s 37.2 million people are Catholic, according to Vatican statistics.”

Sudan rejects Gaddafi’s warning.
Gaddafi: Israel is responsible for Sudanese crisis.
Spain: Sudanese refugee alerts about links between Sudanese Govt and Al-Qaeda.

Sudan rejects Gadaffi’s "warning"

Southern Sudan has rejected Muammar Gaddafi‘s warning that a vote for independence next year could destabilise the rest of Africa.

Southern Sudan Information Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin told the BBC that Africa had not broken up when Eritrea gained its independence from Ethiopia in 1993.

He said the people’s choice should be respected, however they voted.


Gaddafi: Israel is responsible for Sudanese crisis.
Spain: Sudanese refugee alerts about links between Sudanese Govt and Al-Qaeda.

Darfur: UN expert urges Sudan to investigate Darfur market killings

UN expert urges Sudan to investigate Darfur market killings – Yahoo! News:

“A UN-appointed human rights expert Tuesday urged Sudan to investigate a recent attack on a market by suspected government-backed militia in Darfur that left dozens of civilians dead.

Chande Othman said new information appeared to confirm reports that more than 37 people were killed and over 50 injured after a militia group attacked the village of Tabarat in North Darfur on September 2.

‘I am deeply disturbed about these killings which highlight the continuing deterioration of the situation in Darfur,’ said Othman, who was appointed an independent expert on the human rights situation in Sudan by the Human Rights Council last October, in a statement.

Othman called on the Sudanese government to conduct ‘as a matter of urgency a thorough and transparent investigation into the attack on civilians in North Darfur.’

‘This incident should be investigated thoroughly and impartially and those responsible should be brought to justice,’ he said.

Several witnesses had identified the attackers as Janjaweed, according to the expert.

Why this doesn’t surprise me? Till President Bashir, accused of genocide in Darfur by UN, is not removed from power, Janjaweed militias will continue their bloody and deadly work in the area.

Islam 2010

Article by Horacio Vázquez-Rial published at Revista LD (Translation and links added by T&P):

“One day millions  of men will abandon the South to break into the North. And they won’t be doing it as friends. They will be there as conquerors. ANd they will conquer it colonizing it thanks to their sons. It will be the wombs of our women what will give us the victory”. (Houari Boumedienne, UN, 1974).

That was the beginning, and my readers will be absolutely bored of me writing quoting that once and again. To ease the tiredness they must be feeling, I will add other quotes this time:

We have 50 million Muslims living in Europe now and there are signals that God will proclaim Islam in Europe without weapons nor conquests. As time goes by, the 50 million Muslims in Europe will transform it and will convert it into an Islamic continent. God has arranged that an Islamic nation, Turkey, adds itself to the European Union. Those 50 million Muslims will multiply and there will be 100 million Muslims in Europe. Bosnia is a member of the European Union [sic]  and its a Muslim country; moreover, at least more than 50% of its population are Muslims. Statistics show that there are thousands of mosques in Europe. We have thousands of Islamic organizations and societies in Europe (…) I have here some statistics. There are 50 million Muslims in Europe nowadays, 14,000 mosques and Islamic centers and 1,500 Islamic societies and organizations. Those numbers are nothing but booming, to whom we have to add the numbers related to Bosnia, Turkey and Albania. Therefore, the words that God proclaimed in the Quram are just coming to reality: “It is Him that has sent His Messenger with the Address and the true religion to make it prevail over every other religion, despite the infidels” (Muammar El-Gadaffi, 2008). Continue reading

Sudan: Against New Danish Movie Portraying Darfurian Genocide

A new Danish film portraying the Arab Muslim genocide against Black Africans in Darfur is being compared by the Sudanese government to the anti-Islamist film Fitna and to cartoons of Muhammad published in a Danish newspaper in 2005. The publication of those cartoons of the founder of Islam led to worldwide rioting and ongoing violence, including an attempt this week to kill one of the cartoonists.

… Sudan claims the film will portray “nonexistent conditions”, yet at the same time it will “prolong the war in Darfur.” According to a Sudanese official, the Danish filmmakers paid refugees in Kenya to falsely portray victims of genocide in Sudan.

via Sudan Incites Against New Danish Movie – Defense/Middle East – Israel News – Israel National News.

Yeah, of course. There has been no genocide in Darfur and Janjaweed militias were Santa’s Elves giving away Christmas’ gifts.

These guys are truly surprising… 🙄

By the way, Sudanese President was charged (and continues to be) of genocide last year, a move which was critisized by so liberal countries as Saudi Arabia or China, as Sudan’s supporters in this matter. And the UN denied it was a genocide because “the intention of committing a genocide was non-existent”.  The African Union said that he was indicted because he was African. 🙄

U.S.: authorities deport Al Qaeda-Linked immigrant to Sudan

ICE’s main mission was to deport Mohamed Suliman Adam back to Sudan, his country of origin. A self-professed terrorist with ties to al Qaeda, Adam pled guilty in February 2003 in the U.S. District of New York to conspiring to destroy national defense materials, premises and utilities.

Adam had been serving a 121-month sentence at a maximum security prison in Florence, Colo. Adam was denied parole, and on June 4, 2009 an immigration judge ordered Adam removed to Sudan.

via U.S. authorities deport Al Qaeda-Linked immigrant to Sudan.

This is a bright move, isn’t it? Sudan has no record of links to terrorism… Among others:

The group, which consists of Islamic jihadist and Darfur Arab militias was officially formed on March 10th 2008. Khartoum’s new Islamist alliance is a terrorist organisation and must be taken as such. The corollary between it and Al-Qaeda is very clear in its broader call for terror. The members of coalition are: Abu-Quiseissah GroupAnsar Al-Sunnah Al-JihadiyaSearch of MartyrdomMartyr Abdel-Fattah Brigade and Darfur Lions Brigade. The Alliance also threatened a repeat of September 11 aimed at imperialists across the globe, CIA agents of USAUK and France.

See? No danger there… 🙄

Erdogan’s double standards

Last month, Erdogan said: “I know that Bashir is not committing genocide in Darfur, because Bashir is a Muslim and a Muslim can never commit genocide. ( 😯 )” What? The International Criminal Court indicted Bashir and has called for his arrest for war crimes in the Darfur conflict, in which 300,000 Sudanese — mostly Muslims — have died.

The AKP’s Sudan policy stands in stark contrast to its Israel policy. At a World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, in January, Erdogan chided Israeli President Shimon Peres, Jews and Israelis about the Gaza war, for “knowing well how to kill people.” Erdogan then walked off the panel. Days later, he hosted the Sudanese vice president in Ankara.

Absolutely disgusting. With this leadership, Turkey should never be allowed entry in the EU.

Obama vows to Erdogan @ Israel Matzav.

Sudan: ‘trousers’ trial postponed, Lubna Hussein forced into hiding

Sudanese police have used tear gas to disperse protesters outside a court in Khartoum, the capital, after the trial of a Sudanese journalist on indecency charges was adjourned for a second time. The reason the tribunal has given is that they want to check his immunity as a UN worker. But she states: “I don’t know why they are doing this because I have already resigned from the United Nations. I think they just want to delay the case.” Meanwhil, Lubna Hussein has been forced into hiding, as Phyllis Chesler reports. She also ask some questions:

If al-Hussein is right about the Koran, then surely the country and the world’s major imams and mullahs will come forward and support her. I rather doubt this will happen. But, it would be a grand opportunity for moderate religious Muslims to start taking their religion back. If they remain quiet, I would hope that all the interfaith hopefuls draw the necessary conclusions.

For that matter: Will the same American government which insists on telling a sovereign Israel what it can and cannot do, weigh in on al-Hussein’s behalf? Will Western feminists come to her aid as readily as Sudanese women activists apparently have? (See their petition below).


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Sudan: woman “faces 40 lashes” for “wearing trousers”

BBC NEWS | Africa | Sudanese woman ‘faces 40 lashes’

A Sudanese woman who is due to appear in court in Khartoum says she faces up to 40 lashes for wearing trousers.

The woman, Lubna Hussein – a former journalist who now works for the United Nations – has invited journalists and observers to the trial.

She was arrested in a restaurant in the capital with other women earlier this month for wearing “indecent” clothing.

She said 10 of the women arrested, including non-Muslims, later each received 10 lashes and a fine of $100.

Ms Hussein and two other women asked for a lawyer, delaying their trials.

Now Ms Hussein has printed 500 invitation cards and sent out e-mails, saying she wants as many people as possible to attend her hearing on Wednesday.

She says she has done nothing wrong under Sharia law, but could fall foul of a paragraph in Sudanese criminal law which forbids indecent clothing.

BBC NEWS | Africa | France condemns Sudan floggings

France has condemned the flogging of several women in Sudan, who were being punished for wearing trousers.

And the rest of the countries?

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