Stockholm terrorist attack: British police join probe

Taymour Abdel Wahab — named as the man behind the blasts by Islamist website Shumukh al-Islam — had studied and lived in Luton, Bedfordshire, just north of London.

Police refused to say whether the search was taking place in Luton.

Taymour Abdel Wahab moved from Baghdad to Sweden in 1992 and then to Britain in 2001 to study, according to the paper.

… The Guardian reported the man was an Iraqi-born Swede, and other reports said his family still lived in Luton.

… The website Shumukh al-Islam named him as the perpetrator of the attack on Sunday.

“It is our brother, mujahid Taymour Abdel Wahab, who carried out the martyrdom operation in Stockholm,” it said. writes:

Sweden pays the price for its irresponsible policy on Muslim immigration. Some parts of Stockholm and Malmö are under Islamic control. Thousands of Muslim settler families have settled in this country. The state has so decided, hosting hundreds of thousands of Muslims, fundamentally hostile to Sweden, as to any Western democracy. In Sweden, the city of Malmö has twenty five per cent of Muslims. The Jews are subject to frequent anti-Semitic violence.

Sweden also pays the price of its unlimited support to the terrorist cause in the Middle East. The Palestinian cause has long been synonymous with violence, terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism. Seen as a just cause by the Swedish naive, the Palestinian cause… is at the heart of the discourse of leaders Sweden, who have no knowledge about the criminal intent of Palestinian fanatics.

Stockholm Imam has issued a condemnation of attacks “against innocent people”, but it’s not what you would think. Undhimmi has the facts.

Sweden police has reported that it’s possible he had accomplices. But the attacks have moved something… in Germany. Hans-Peter Uhl, parliamentary interior policy spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s Christian Democrats, demanded the speedy introduction of a visa alert system to warn of potential terrorist threats. We will see if this alert is finally considered, on which basis someone could be considered a “potential terrorist threat”.

In Sweden, the PM has just said that about the attacks, that for him it was “unnaceptable” that a man “could be walking along Stockholm streets with explosives on him” as 1st reaction. As 2nd reaction, he thinks we “are lacking some answers”. Wow. This guy must be Zapatero in disguise… 😯


Nobel Awards: Liu Xiaobo’s day

Liu Xiaobo with his wife.

This year, the lovers of freedom have enjoyed the selection made by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. The image of the kind China they tried to paint during the Beijing Olympics is now far away. Today the real China is portrayed to the world for not releasing Liu and for preventively arrestng the relatives, friends and associates of the awarded dissident. The economic fate of China has changed thanks to free market forces. But that doesn’t mean at all that the  Chinese leadership will allow a real political reform. At this time of global financial crisis, we can not forget that many governments have ignored their own volition and the deplorable human rights situation in the last Communist empire, thinking more than anything that China buys their debt and that that money can pay for their own domestic financial excesses. But in a fit of human decency, the Free World will celebrate Liu’s Award.

A Chinese proverb says: “One generation plants the trees, but another is enjoying the shade.” People like Liu Xiaobo are planting the trees. It may take more or less time, but future generations will definitely enjoy the shade.

El día de Liu Xiaobo | The Americano.

Pakistan: “If they don’t hang Asia Bibi, we will kill her”

A score of men who have completed their work in the field or in the construction business are going to listen to their imam. Although they acknowledge that Bibi and his family were quiet people who never had problems, that doens’t change their minds: the penal code says that anyone who blasphemes against the prophet should be hanged. At Wali Ittan, that Pakistan President Asif Ali Zadari, has yielded to international pressure (the pope included) and has said it would forgive Bibi, is of little value. “If she is not hanged as the law states, we will kill her,” it’s heard in the group of men. One of them, wearing the traditional salwar kameez, steps forward and says proudly: “I’m ready to kill her.” Abdul Shakoor, 26, is followed by several of his neighbors who share his idea. “I would too,” says Zuqar Nain, 20, with a smile.

The imam of the village, Mohammad Salam, has little time to answer questions before giving his sermon at the austere mosque. It was this long-bearded, 31-year-old man, the one who accused Bibi of blasphemy to the police, in June 2009. He tells us that a group of 25 laborers were on lunch break and that Muslim women would not drink the same glass as used Asia Bibi, the only Christian. She became angry and the argument became so heated that the woman blasphemed Muhammad, said the imam.

What was wrong? “I could never repeat it,” the imam replied angrily. He ensures that it doesn’t matter Asia Bibi is a woman. “She must be punished.” Salam, who learned of the quarrel by a young woman who witnessed it ensures that he conducted his own investigations.Five days after, he denounced her at the police station where, according to Christian sources, Bibi was pressured to convert to Islam. Her alleged offense, they argue, was to say that Jesus Christ is as sacred as the prophet.

El País.

(Translated by T&P).


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Climate Change UN Summit: from prayers to Mayan goddess to Bolivian anger

Mayan Goddess Ixchel

Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, invoked the ancient jaguar goddess Ixchel in her opening statement to delegates gathered in Cancun, Mexico, noting that Ixchel was not only goddess of the moon, but also “the goddess of reason, creativity and weaving. May she inspire you — because today, you are gathered in Cancun to weave together the elements of a solid response to climate change, using both reason and creativity as your tools.”

She called for “a balanced outcome” which would marry financial and emissions commitments from industrialized countries aimed at combating climate change with “the understanding of fairness that will guide long-term mitigation efforts.”

Excellencies, the goddess Ixchel would probably tell you that a tapestry is the result of the skilful interlacing of many threads,” said Figueres, who hails from Costa Rica and started her greetings in Spanish before switching to English. “I am convinced that 20 years from now, we will admire the policy tapestry that you have woven together and think back fondly to Cancun and the inspiration of Ixchel.”

via Global Warming Summit in Cancun Opens with Prayer to Pagan Goddess Ixchel |

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Don’t put Quran verses on cake: Top Saudi cleric (UPD)

The top Saudi cleric

Saudi Arabia’s top Muslim cleric has warned against writing Quran verses on cake, saying this constitutes an insult of the Holy Book.Quoted by Saudi newspapers on Wednesday, the kingdom’s Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Shaikh said he had noticed that Quran verses are written on cake during social events and other occasions at homes and schools.

“Writing Quran verses on cake or any other edible items amounts to an insult of the Quran and is unacceptable,” he said.

“Appreciating and respecting the Quran should not be done by eating its verses but by reading or listening to them and by sticking to their content…Quran verses must not be used in decoration of cake and eating it.”

Newspapers said the Mufti was responding to questions about the growing phenomenon of using Quran verses by some Quran memorisation centres in the Gulf kingdom to adorn cake at graduation events.

via Don’t put Quran verses on cake: Top Saudi cleric – Emirates24|7.

UPD: But marrying 10-year-old girls? Hey, that’s OK. (TX to BCF who has linked this post).

Egypt: “anti-Christian persecution has reached a new level with Talbiya’s attack on Christians”

The Copts are still in jail (including 20 children). Coptic Christians are protesting against this new level of persecution bby Egyptian authorities:

Aidan Clay, regional director for the Middle East for ICC, said: “While most attacks against Egypt’s Coptic Christians are committed by Muslim mob violence, the Talbiya attack on unarmed protestors was the first incident in recent memory authorized by branches of the Egyptian government and carried out by Egyptian security forces. Anti-Christian persecution in Egypt is reaching a new level, as Copts are no longer merely discriminated against, but are in fact being targeted and murdered by the government. We urge President Hosni Mubarak to take immediate action by bringing those who authorized this attack to justice and by releasing those who have been arrested unjustly, especially the children. If action is not taken, it will be clear to all that Mubarak’s regime and Egyptian courts condone, and even support, government induced violence upon Christians”.

via EGYPT Protests over block on church of the Pyramids. “The government discriminates against Christians” – Asia News.

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Egypt: Security Used Live Ammunition on Christian Coptic Protesters, 4 Killed.
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