Pakistan: media portray death of Catholic politician as result of family feud

As they can’t deny the fact that Mr Bhatti was murdered, they are lying about why he was killed: because of his opposition to the Pakistani “blasphemy law”. But of course, that wouldn’t be convenient for Pakistani stablishment, would it?

The media in Pakistan are trying to explain the murder of a leading Catholic politician as the result of a family quarrel rather than a political assassination, according to a lawyer who is tracking the case.

Tahir Naveed, who is monitoring the investigation into the death of Shahbaz Bhatti, reports that media outlets are portraying the death of Pakistan’s former religious-affairs minister as the product of a personal dispute. That explanation is inadequate, Naveed says, because “Shahbaz had no personal enemies.”

via Catholic Culture : Latest Headlines : Pakistani media portray death of Catholic politician as result of family feud.

One comment on “Pakistan: media portray death of Catholic politician as result of family feud

  1. Rebecca Smith says:

    hahahaaa BOLLOX, he was killed by his bodyguard, who flat said he did it because of his charges ‘views’ on blasphemy laws. That man is being held up as a hero, and the pakistani people demand his release from jail.

    Pakistan must be a living hell for all Christians who have the misfortune to remain there. I mean, just hell on earth. Homes burned, churches destroyed, pastors murdered, entire families killed-women & children don’t escape, rape, false accusations, mob violence, their daughters are kidnapped, raped & force married to muslim men-then force converted.

    In a recent case, a 12 year old girl was kidnapped, when her family finally was able to rescue and retrieve her, they went to court to file charges against the kidnappers – the judge said the ‘conversion to islam’ was LEGAL and that they should turn their daughter over to her ‘husband’ (even though no marriage took place). She is 12 years old, and you must be 16 in pakistan to marry without parental consent (ANY age with it, apparently) these people are in hiding for their lives. A NIGHTMARE.

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