UN: Islamic countries continue pushing for blasphemy resolution

Fifty-six Islamic countries, members of the UN, claim that the General Assembly this month shoulc approve a resolution condemning “defamation of religions”, which restrictsf reedom of expression in the West and spread worldwide the “blasphemy law“existing only in several Muslim countries. As we remember the “blasphemy law” is even more controversial after the sentencing to death of Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi.

The draft UN resolution is sponsored by Pakistan as the country spokesman for the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), the largest pressure group of world from Muslim states.

The initiative has the majority within the Human Rights Council United Nation, where the OIC and its states are the majority among the 47 Council members. For years, at the request of Pakistan, the Council has annually approved a resolution against “defamation of religions. ”

The text was again approved at their request, text in which the UN condemns the criticism appearing in the free press against radical Islam, since the terrorist attack of September 11. The aim of the Muslim states is to find sufficient support in the General Assembly to approve the resolution during the current session.

Secretary of State of the EE-UU, Hillary Clinton, has rejected the Muslim initiative at the UN on the grounds that it is contrary to freedom of expression. U.S. and European governments warn that further legal condemnation of “defamation of religions” hides the danger that serve to accentuate the persecution of religious minorities especially against the followers of Jesus Christ.


Saudi Arabia: Father cancels 8-year-old daughter’s marriage

Very good news:

A Saudi father went to hospital with his eight-year-old daughter for medical tests on the girl ahead of her marriage but the management succeeded in persuading him to cancel the plan, a local newspaper reported on Thursday.

Receptionists and nurses at the hospital in the central town of Rass were shocked when the unnamed father requested marriage tests for his daughter, prompting them to inform the management, Kabar said.

“Members of the management talked to the man and tried to convince him that what he was doing is a serious social violation,” the paper said.

“In the end, the man was convinced. He assured the management that he would not let his daughter marry at this age and would allow her to continue her education.”

Now, I hope he keeps his word…

Spain: poll shows citizens against Govt policy on Cuba, Morocco


The Spanish are not too in tune with the policy the Government is doing in relation to countries like Morocco or Cuba. This is the result of the 25 annual poll of the Elcano Royal Institute Barometer released today. In the survey they weren’t asked on the Executive position about those two particulars, but their responses reflect, among other things, that 80 percent believe that those two countries do not respect human rights and show the people are quite dissatisfied with the attitude of Executive.

Australia: Christian Schools Should also Celebrate Ramadan, Say Muslims

Schools that celebrate Christmas should also embrace other non-Christian religious festivals, Muslim leaders say.

Keysar Trad, president of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, called on the Victorian Education Department to include the traditions of other religious faiths as part of the formal school curriculum.

“Schools have religious programs – but generally they’re elective, they’re not compulsory,” he said.

“To have an awareness of these festivals can be very enriching for all students, including people who go to secular schools.”

Oh, are Muslims also to celebrate Christmas? I know, I know.. no reciprocity, of course.

The roots of backwardness in the Arab world

By a Bahraini intellectual, Dhiyaa al-Musawi. A real intelectual and a must see video.

Unfortunately, this guy won’t probably be their leader…

Watched here,

Pakistan: Ismaili Muslim accused of Blasphemy

Naushad Valiyani

As protests and appeals for the freedom of Asia Bibi mount, the controversial blasphemy law has claimed another victim from a religious minority, this time of the Ismaili Muslim sect that is headed by the Aga Khan. The episode proves, if proof were ever needed, how the blasphemy law harms Pakistani civil society of. The incident took place in Hyderabad, the second city of the province of Sindh. Naushad Walyani, a doctor, is in prison for a seemingly trivial gesture. A pharmaceutical salesman, Muhammed Faizan, visited him on December 9 to sell certain products. The doctor ”after taking the business card of the sales representative threw it in the trash” writes a local newspaper. Clearly annoyed by the gesture, Faizan returned later with some colleagues to “teach the doctor a lesson”. A violent quarrel broke out between the two. 

The agent threatened to report the doctor for blasphemy for not respecting the sacred name engraved on the business card. According to local media reports, on December 10 Faizal’s colleagues attacked the doctor, who, following a complaint to police under the Blasphemy Act was arrested and is now awaiting trial. His apology and the assurance that he “had no intention of insulting the Prophet by throwing the card in the trash’ has served no purpose. The complaint was supported by local religious leaders.

Others say he is Shia.

In any case, the accusation is absolutely ridiculous…

Sudan: “Moderate” Mahmoud Abbas supports Sudanese President Bashir

You’ll know them by their friends…..

Meanwhile the massacre continues:

Genocide is still continuing in Darfur and Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, already indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), is undertaking “enormous efforts” to cover up the crimes and manipulate the world community, the Court’s prosecutor said today.

“The Government of Sudan is not cooperating with the Court and has conducted no national proceedings against those responsible for the crimes committed,” Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo told the Security Council.

Found here.