Funny news of the month

Bush’s approval rating over Obamamessiah‘s:

The ex-President’s approval rating rose to 47% in recent weeks according to a Gallup poll released Monday, which is one point higher than Obama’s rating in a survey also taken this week.

The poll results represent a surprising rebound for the once fiercely unpopular Bush, whose approval rating was just 25% just a little over a year ago.



Barack Obama’s grandmother ‘prays he converts to Islam’

Barack Obama with his grandmother in Kenya

Sarah Omar, 88, who was on hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, told the Al-Qatan Saudi daily: “I prayed for my grandson Barack to convert to Islam”.

The paper said that Ms Omar was in Saudi Arabia on pilgrimage along with her son, Mr Obama’s uncle Saeed Hussein Obama, and four of her grandchildren.

Ms Omar told the newspaper that she could only discuss hajj matters and would not comment on Mr Obama’s politics.

The bad thing is… MSM claimed she was a Christian some years ago….


PS: Did Ms Omar chanted “Death to US” too?

Photo: The Telegraph.

Stupid quote of the month

Fox News has religiously assassinated my long-time friend President Obama.

There would be no tea party if Obama was white.

Jim Wallis, Obama’s spiritual advisor 😯 Obama has an spiritual advisor? Mr. Wallis says that he advises Obama on religion and on religious groups. The so pro-leftist stance of the BBC interviewer is remarkable.


Why hasn’t Obama addressed the Christian persecution in Muslim countries?

In Obama‘s worldwide undeniably pro-Muslim sermons, the plight of the persecuted Christian church goes unmentioned. Not once has Obama called to task the mujahedin who systematically murder and deny both Jews and Christians the respect Barack demands the world bestow on the religion of his youth.

Take Iraq, for instance. Recently, 53 Iraqi Christians were murdered in a church raid by militant Muslims in Bagdad. “Gunmen identifying themselves as members of the Islamic State of Iraq … broke through [a] cathedral’s security wall, took 100 worshipers hostage and shot the priest. Most of the victims died hours later when the attackers detonated suicide vests as security forces raided the building.”

The subjugation of Iraqi Christians is so unrelenting that since the start of the war in 2003, 1.3 million Christians have diminished to what is now estimated at below half a million.

If religious tolerance is what drives Barack Hussein Obama, then why has he failed to mention the brutal persecution of a faith to which he purportedly adheres?

Read it all. It’s really worth the time.

Opinion: Obama Praises “Jew-Free” Indonesia

More on Obama’s trip to Indonesia (1, 2) :

Obama heralds Indonesia’s political, religious diversity in latest outreach to Muslims.The U.S. President heaped praise upon Indonesia as the model of what an Islamic Country can be. He especially noted the incredible religious diversity of Indonesia when he remarked:

“Across an archipelago that contains some of G-d’s most beautiful creations, islands rising above an ocean named for peace, people choose to worship G-d as they please. Islam flourishes, but so do other faiths.”

Are other faiths in Indonesia “flourishing”? According to the latest statistics (from the U.S. government), over 86 percent of Indonesians are Muslim. That makes 209,000,000 practicing Muslims in the country. Let’s see about the other “flourishing religions”:

5.7 percent of Indonesians are Protestant

3 percent are Roman Catholic

1.8 percent are Hindu

.00001 percent are Jews

That’s right, 209,000,000 Muslims and 20 Jews.

If this is Obama’s definition of “flourishing religious diversity”, I am really worried.

Of course it’s not a problem for me. See even if I wanted to, I could never even visit Indonesia let alone live there. That’s because this “model of democracy” does not permit those with Israeli passports from entering the country. Really gives you a good feeling about Obama’s vision of Middle East peace, doesn’t it?

via Obama Praises Jew-Free Indonesia – Op-Eds – Israel National News.

I thought that this guy was delusional: how in a nation of 200 million people, could there be only 20 Jews? Well, you can see here, that Jewish religion is not even mentioned when studying Indonesian religious statistics.

Indonesia: Michelle Obama’s handshake with conservative Muslim raises Indonesian eyebrows

Oh, that “moderate” Indonesia, where the Minister of Information boasts of not giving his hand to women not belonging to his family (wouldn’t be interested in any case… ):

Indonesia’s pious information minister, Tifatul Sembiring, is in hot water for touching the hand of First Lady Michelle Obama, in what he describes as forced contact. The politician flaunts his conservatism as a Muslim and claims to avoid touching women who aren’t family members, the Associated Press reports. 

Indonesia — which has the world’s largest Islamic population, the vast majority moderate — had been debating how to handle encounters between the first lady and observant Muslim officials far in advance of the Obamas’ arrival in the country Monday.

Sembiring sought to deflect criticism by claiming Tuesday’s skin-to-skin contact was all Michelle Obama’s fault. “I tried to prevent [being touched] with my hands but Mrs. Michelle held her hands too far toward me [so] we touched,” Tifatul Sembiring explained on his Twitter page (according to a translation provided in the AP report).

Some local observers laughed at that idea, and one female reporter gleefully said he wouldn’t be able to avoid shaking her hand anymore, AP reported.

via First lady’s handshake with conservative Muslim raises Indonesian eyebrows | The Upshot Yahoo! News.

Obama with the head covered

Meanwhile, Obama has doneMuslim outreach in Indonesia“, visiting a mosque. The interesting thing is that he didn’t go to the Golden Temple of the Sikhs because “he didn’t want to cover his head while in the Temple“. Was that an excuse because of the ancient enmity between Muslims and Sikhs?

Why Obama does a “Muslim outreach” but not a “Sikh outreach”? ❓

Of course, about the daily persecution on non-Muslims, nothing has been said, although Obama has insisted that “Islam has been hijacked by some extremists”… with the inestimable help of some Governments, including “moderate” ones, such as Indonesian:


"Obama has neglected the relationship with Israel"

Ronald S.Image via Wikipedia

Der Spiegel:

Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, recently attacked US President Barack Obama‘s Middle East policy in an open letter. Lauder talks to SPIEGEL about Israeli concessions to the Palestinians and why Obama is neglecting the US-Israeli relationship.

SPIEGEL: In an open letter that was recently published in advertisements in The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, you accused US President Barack Obama of having allowed a “dramatic deterioration” of relations with Israel. What do you mean?

Ronald Lauder: The Obama administration is blaming Israel for the stalling peace process, but it is in fact the Palestinians which are opposed to negotiations. Obama’s criticism of Israel is disproportionate.

SPIEGEL: Isn’t the Israeli government also to blame? After all, it announced the plan to expand a settlement in the eastern part of Jerusalem during US Vice President Joe Biden‘s visit.

Lauder: That was bad timing. But the Israeli government has made extraordinary concessions: It has accepted the idea of a Palestinian state, a moratorium on settlement building, and it has removed over a hundred roadblocks in the West Bank.

SPIEGEL: And yet, that lip service to a two-state solution was only paid following pressure by Obama. As a close friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, aren’t you biased?

Lauder: On this, I don’t represent my friend, but Jews world-wide. I would have written the same letter if someone else were prime minister in Jerusalem. Over his attempts to engage the Muslim world, Obama has strongly neglected the relationship with Israel.

SPIEGEL: At least he has said that a solution to the Middle East conflict was in the “national security interest” of the US.

Lauder: His main concern should be Iran. The regime in Tehran is threatening Israel and the entire Western world with its plans to build a nuclear bomb. That is why Obama should end his feud with Israel.

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Tariq Ramadan: "Let’s not Talk About Muslims Integrating"

This is an update on this story:

On Thursday, Ramadan said the ban undermined American values and that it was no longer appropriate to speak about “Muslims in the West,” but rather “Western Muslims.”

“The difference is that we are not here in a host country. We are at home, and Islam is a Western religion,” Ramadan said.Ramadan will also speak Saturday in Chicago at a banquet sponsored by the Council on American Islamic Relations, and on Monday at Georgetown University.

Talk of Muslim integration was old, too, he said. “It’s time not to speak about integrating, it’s to think about contribution, what do you give to your country. This is a step forward, when you give something, people are not asking where do you come from, they want to know where we are going together.”

via Obama’s Islamist: Let’s not Talk About Muslims Integrating | Loganswarning.

Does he tells the same to non-Muslims in Islamic countries?

And, why integration shouldn’t be a requirement for Muslims immigrants? Oh, no wait. There should be a moratory for stoning adulterers, so… they don’t have to integrate, in Ramadan’s view, because they should be waiting for the appropriate timing, isn’t it?

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Kyrgyz: New government to shut US base? (U)

Roza Otunbaeva

This is an update on this story:

Kyrgyzstan’s self-proclaimed new leaders thanked Russia on Thursday for helping to oust President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, and said they aimed to close a US air base that supplies forces in Afghanistan.

Omurbek Tekebayev, a former Kyrgyz opposition leader who took charge of constitutional matters in the new government, said that “Russia played its role in ousting Bakiyev.”

“You’ve seen the level of Russia’s joy when they saw Bakiyev gone,” he told Reuters.

“So now there is a high probability that the duration of the US air base’s presence in Kyrgyzstan will be shortened.”

…Russia’s top general said 150 paratroopers had been sent to Russia’s Kant base in Kyrgyzstan, and Medvedev’s office said they would protect Russian citizens at its embassy and other diplomatic facilities.

via New Kyrgyz government to shut US base – Arab News.

So, it’s clear that Russia (Mr. Putin particularly) played an important role in yesterday’s riots. Has Obama something to say about this?

(U) La Russophobe has more about the acknowledged support for the “revolt” by Russia.

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Iran Urges Russia to Resist Arms Sale Pressure

TEHRAN. With the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ah...

Image via Wikipedia

While Ahmadinejad mocks Obama:

Iran urged Russia on Tuesday not to bow to Western pressure over the sale of a Russian missile defense system to the Islamic republic that could protect its nuclear facilities from air strikes.

Russia is under intense Western pressure to distance itself from Iran in a dispute over Tehran’s nuclear programme, but has refused to rule out delivering the S-300 anti-aircraft system.

Iranian officials have expressed growing irritation at Russia’s failure so far to supply the S-300, which Israel and the United States do not want Tehran to have.

Iran expects Russia not to be influenced and pressured by other countries,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told a news conference.

“We hope this issue will reach a conclusion in the framework of our agreements,” he said.

via Iran Urges Russia to Resist Arms Sale Pressure | News | The Moscow Times.

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War on Terror: U.S. 'major target,' boasts one leader of Nigerian 'Taliban'

* (en) Nigeria Location * (he) מיקום ניגריה

Image via Wikipedia

Nigeria’s “Taliban,” named for their heroes in a far-off land, could provide willing recruits for attacks on American targets, one of the group’s leaders boasted in a rare interview that had the trappings of a spy novel.

With equal parts bluster and chilling resolve, the slight 30-year-old explained why the militant Islamic group that set up its own “Afghanistan” base in northern Nigeria wants to shift its focus from domestic targets.

“The U.S. is the major target because it’s the major aggressor against Muslims throughout the world,” said the young man, who wore a bottle-green caftan and gave his name only as Musa.America is the main aggressor, and I believe all these attacks against America are divine worship.”

via Nation & World | U.S. ‘major target,’ boasts one leader of Nigerian ‘Taliban’ | Seattle Times Newspaper.

So, what would Obama say to these guys? How would he call this extremism? No Jihad and no Islamic extremism, Obama says.

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US-Israel: Obama mistreats Netanyahu

Israeli leader Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu.

Image via Wikipedia

Benjamin Netanyahu was left to stew in a White House meeting room for over an hour after President Barack Obama abruptly walked out of tense talks to have supper with his family, it emerged on Thursday. The snub marked a fresh low in US-Israeli relations and appeared designed to show Mr Netanyahu how low his stock had fallen in Washington after he refused to back down in a row over Jewish construction in east Jerusalem.

via Gateway Pundit.

While Obama nearly kneels in front of Saudi Arabian King (theocracy), handshakes Chávez (more and more an autocrat) and wanted to have dialogue without preconditions with Iran (theocracy) or Cuba (communist dictatorship), he can’t even get to have a meal with Netanyahu (president of a democracy). Well, how does that sound?

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Petraeus: "I don't think Iran will have the bomb this year"

Official photograph of General David H. Petrae...

Image via Wikipedia

Well, what a relief. From the Independent:

Iran‘s suspected drive to acquire nuclear weapons appears to have slipped back slightly, and Tehran is unlikely to have a bomb during 2010, America’s top commander for the region told Congress yesterday.

The remarks of General David Petraeus, head of US Central Command, seemed in part designed to back up the current stance of the Obama administration that – despite the acute anxieties of Israel and moderate Gulf states – there is still room for diplomatic and economic sanctions to persuade the Tehran regime to halt its uranium enrichment programme.

“It has, thankfully, slid to the right a bit and it is not this calendar year, I don’t think,” General Petraeus testified to the Senate Armed Services Committee when asked when he thought Iran would have a nuclear weapon.

If this is true, it’s not really great relief. If he is not saying all the truth just to please Obama, he’s doing no favor to US or Western countries in general.

The truth here is that they don’t really know

Related: Video Collection: Iran Festival of Fire, Day of Revelry and Resistance @ Iran News Now.

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Spain: First ex-GITMO prisoner arrives in Spain

[Translation: T&P]

Interior Ministry, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, has assured today (for last Thursday) that the GITMO prisoners who will be given shelter in Spain will live “legally on all respects, with residence permit and with the possibility of having job“.

Interior Ministry has answered to a question from PP MP Agustín Conde about the legal, jurisdicti0nal and policial situation in which the prisoners will stay in Spain, since Spanish FM Moratinos announced last Feb 15th, that the total number was of 5.

Rubalcaba has said that the Spanish Government has worked with the US Govt in these persons’ selection and that they have arrived to an agreement about the conditions they should fulfill: they shouldn’t have any charges against them neither in the US nor in Spain nor in the rest of EU countries and being unable to get back to their home countries because of mainly “political reasons”.

The first one arrived last Wednesday. His name is Palestinian national Walid Hijazi. He had been living in Saudi Arabia, where he was recruited, and in Pakistan, where he was trained in the same Afghan training camp where some of Sept 11th bombers trained too. Spanish Government is looking for a job and a house for him ( 😯 ). We have to ask what are the political reasons that prevent him from going back to Gaza.

Europe has agreed that ex-GITMO prisoners arriving in European countries can’t travel outside the European country that have adopted them. The problem is how they are going to precent those ex-GITMOs from travelling through Europe if there are no frontiers between countries.

USA: Obama deletes “Islamist” from Terror Reviews

The Department of Homeland Security made public last wek, the 108-page Quadrennial Homeland Security Review. The report uses the term "terrorist" 66 times, "al Qaeda" five times, and "violent extremism" or "extremist" 14 times. The report calls on the U.S. government to "actively engage communities across the United States" to "stop the spread of violent extremism."

But in describing terrorist threats against the U.S. and the ideology which motivates terrorists, the review – just like a document from the Pentagon, the Quadrennial Defense Review – does not mention the words, "Islam," "Islamic," or "Islamist" not even once.

"Although the homeland security official in charge of developing the review insists it was not a deliberate decision," as reported by the Washington Times, "the document is likely to reignite a debate over terminology in the U.S.-led war against al Qaeda that has been simmering through two administrations."

To recommend a good cure for a disease, firstly you must make a good diagnosis. Any viewer of House would know it. Even if the disease is not very politically correct.

Is Google letting NSA read Gmails?

The NSA and its predecessors also have a long history of spying on huge numbers of people, both at home and abroad. During the Cold War, the agency worked with companies like Western Union to intercept and read millions of telegrams. During the war on terror years, the NSA teamed up with the telecommunications companies to eavesdrop on customers’ phone calls and internet traffic right from the telcos’ switching stations. And even after the agency pledged to clean up its act — and was given wide new latitude to spy on whom they liked – the NSA was still caught “overcollecting” on U.S. citizens. According to The New York Times, the agency even “tried to wiretap a member of Congress without a warrant.”

All of which makes the NSA a particularly untrustworthy partner for a company that is almost wholly reliant on its customers’ trust and goodwill. We all know that Google automatically reads our Gmail and scans our Google Calendars and dives into our Google searches, all in an attempt to put the most relevant ads in front of us. But we’ve tolerated the automated intrusions, because Google’s products are so good, and we believed that the company was sincere in its “don’t be evil” mantra.

That’s a lot harder to swallow, when Google starts working cheek-to-jowl with the overcollectors. The company pinkie-swears that its agreement with the NSA won’t violate the company’s privacy policies or compromise user data (Yeah, sure…).

via ‘Don’t Be Evil,’ Meet ‘Spy on Everyone’: How the NSA Deal Could Kill Google | Danger Room |

So, why so cautious and worried when a known criminal is searched but no one is worried about this? Why NSA is able to monitor everyone’s mail, without evidence we are taking part in criminal deeds, but if a criminal is caught in the act, his rights should be protected?

If you click on the link above you’ll see a very interesting photo related with this issue. We know that Google CEO supported Obama’s campaign. What if Bush would have asked Google to do this? Would they have agreed? Why is so good if Obama’s NSA reads our emails but it was so bad that NSA’s Bush listened to phone conversations of people linked with terrorism?

PS: I’m not for the violation of anyone’s rights, but I keep on considering the lack of protection normal critizens’ data have.

USA: Brown wins Mass., Obama’s health care in danger

Brown, in his victory speech, referred to one of the decisive moments of the campaign, when in a debate Coakley referred to "Ted Kennedy’s seat". Brown said: "This Senate seat belongs to no one person, to no political party … This is the people’s seat."

The Guardian continues referring to “Kennedy’s seat” and yet, it’s just one of the “people’s seat” as Mr. Brown righteously said. 

Terrible blow to democrats and leftists in general, not only because of Obama’s policy being in danger, but also because of the idea of democracy these guys have. Note that they consider that a senator’s seat is their property because they have won it for a number of years.

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US: Qaeda-linked group takes responsibility for NWA attack

This is an update on this story:

In a statement issued on jihadist forums, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula boasts the success of the “Nigerian brother” in breaking through security barriers and of its own explosives technology, SITE reported, blaming a technical fault for the low-power detonation. The group has mounted attacks within Yemen and Saudi Arabia and in 2004, captured and beheaded a 49-year-old American engineer working in Riyadh, Paul M. Johnson Jr.Government terror experts said the Qaeda claim was apparently legitimate.

“The statement is certainly credible,” one government official said, “and it reflects this group’s growing desire to strike beyond the Arabian peninsula.”

via Obama Seeks to Assure U.S.; Qaeda Group Stakes Claim –

Obama has finally spoken about the failed plot: Continue reading