Saudi Arabia: 30 immigrants died after being expelled

Thirty African migrants that the authorities of Saudi Arabia kicked out of their territory have died in recent weeks after being abandoned on the border with Yemen, where a humanitarian crisis is growing worse, according the International Organization for Migrations (IOM).

Imagine for a moment the international reaction if this would have happened in the West …

Sweden: Central Stockholm Rocked By Two Explosions

A car explosion and what appeared to be a suicide attack injured two people, killed the apparent bomber, and caused panic among Christmas shoppers in Stockholm Saturday.

Stockholm Police spokeswoman Petra Sjolander said a car exploded near Drottninggatan, a busy shopping street in the center of the city. Shortly afterward, a second explosion was heard higher up on the same street, and a man was found injured on the ground.

He was later pronounced dead.

Sjolander said it was unclear what caused the second explosion and whether the two blasts were linked, but said a police bomb squad has been sent to the site.

Ten minutes before the blasts, Swedish news agency TT received an e-mail saying “the time has come to take action.”

According to the news agency, the e-mail referred to Sweden’s silence surrounding artist Lars Vilk‘s drawing of Muhammad as a dog and its soldiers in Afghanistan.

Now your children, daughters and sisters shall die like our brothers and sisters and children are dying,” the news agency quoted the e-mail as saying.

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Swedish Foreign Minister has confirmed this was a terrorist attack. Swedish police has also confirmed that.

Read also: Stockholm bombers: “Stop your stupid war on Islam”.

Indonesia: ‘terror trainer’ Abu Tholut, arrested


Abu Tholut aka Mostafa

One of Indonesia’s most-wanted Islamic militant suspects has been arrested at his home, police say.

Abu Tholut, 49, is suspected of helping to set up a militant training camp in Aceh province, recruiting militants and raising funds for “terror activities”.

He is also suspected of plotting attacks on foreigners in Jakarta and the assassination of political leaders.

Tholut, who has served jail time in the past for explosives offences, was held without a fight in Kudus, Central Java.

Abu Tholut was deeply involved in terrorist training in Aceh and armed robberies in North Sumatra province,” national police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar told reporters.

via BBC News – Indonesia holds ‘terror trainer’ Abu Tholut.

Anyway, till Indonesia doesn’t make efforts to fight Jihadist ideology, as some experts have already told, these detentions/arrests are not going to have any effects in the long-term scenario.

Funny news of the month

Bush’s approval rating over Obamamessiah‘s:

The ex-President’s approval rating rose to 47% in recent weeks according to a Gallup poll released Monday, which is one point higher than Obama’s rating in a survey also taken this week.

The poll results represent a surprising rebound for the once fiercely unpopular Bush, whose approval rating was just 25% just a little over a year ago.



Venezuela: Iran to place medium-range missiles inside Venezuela that can reach the US

See?? That's where we are going to build the base, Mahmoud

[…] According to Die Welt, Venezuela has agreed to allow Iran to establish a military base manned by Iranian missile officers, soldiers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Venezuelan missile officers. In addition, Iran has given permission for the missiles to be used in case of an “emergency”. In return, the agreement states that Venezuela can use these facilities for “national needs” … radically increasing the threat to neighbors like Colombia. The German daily claims that according to the agreement, Iranian Shahab 3 (range 1300-1500 km), Scud-B (285-330 km) and Scud-C (300, 500 and 700 km) will be deployed in the proposed base. It says that Iran also pledged to help Venezuela in rocket technology expertise, including intensive training of officers

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More here and here.

An Iranian Shahab 3 missile. (UPI)

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US: California Mosque Mole “Erodes Trust Between Muslims, FBI”

The mole was stupid. He was there to locate terrorists, not to create new ones…

Farouk al-Aziz allegedly tried to incite members of a California mosque to blow up a mall, they reported him to the FBI, but nothing happened.

Apparently, that’s because al-Aziz was actually Craig Monteilh, a paid FBI informant and ex-convict sent to infiltrate the mosque and expose a potential terrorist. But the FBI’s attempt to spy on the mosque was exposed instead, in a case that has imperiled relations between the agency and American Muslims.

via California Mosque Mole Erodes Trust Between Muslims, FBI.

This man was trying to locate (supposedly) possible terrorists, which means he wasn’t there to create them. In fact, Spain the incitement to commit crimes by police officers is prohibited because it would violate the personal liberty of the individual. I do not know how this is regulated will be in the U.S., but it is clear that this man wasn’t actually there to convince people to be terrorists but just to locate the actual ones.

This leads us to the second point I want to comment on this: the sensibility of Muslims.Today, “not all Muslims are terrorists, but virtually all terrorists are Muslims“. Placing mosques under surveillance may seem alarming, but if we consider the messages of hate that are preached in some of them, the relationship of some imams with terrorist activities and the fact that some of them have been used as arms’ deposits, the measure is justified, specially if there is suspicion of any of those activities in them. It is not necessary to invent more terrorists: there are more than enough … 😦

There is also another possibility: the FBI recruit him believing that he wasn’t a terrorist and he actually wanted to blow the mall…