About T&P

Contact: teaandpolitics at hotmail dot com.

[If you are the author of the header’s image or have its rights, and don’t want us to use it, write to the adress above so we can remove it. Don’t get wordpress to suspend the blog just for that.]

Before we were posting here and here.

Have ended the appearance of the blog, Twitter and Friendfeed (with all our activity in Internet). Hope you like them and find them useful.

Si hay alguien que prefiere leerlo en español, estamos también aquí.

*Hola, soy Nora. He importado aquí Spanish Pundit. Pero he cometido el error de ponerlo a nombre de Claudia. Cuando pueda, iré cambiando el nombre de esos posts. Perdón por los inconvenientes.

6 comments on “About T&P

  1. plodon says:

    Nora! Cool! Yes, I would say that “angry” is not the best name for you – perhaps “highly-concerned-extraordinarily informed-open-eyed-thinker”? 🙂

    • vorzheva2 says:

      Hello, plodon, Angry Infidel is Claudia. Different person!
      I don’t have time to blog very often, so she is doing most of the blogging!
      Good to see you, Looking forward to see you more often over here!

  2. plodon says:

    Instead of “angry” perhaps “highly-concerned-extraordinarily informed-open-eyed-thinker”? 🙂

  3. steve says:

    I’m linking and subscribing to your blog if it’s okay with you. Good stuff here.

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