Wikileaks: Al-Qaida hatred for Pope caused US worries about Vatican security

Saint Peter's. Vatican City

“Al-Qaida has publicly identified the Pope and the Catholic Church as an enemy (‘Crusaders’), and Vatican City attracts hundreds of thousands of American citizen visitors each year, both tourists and pilgrims,” the cable continued

According to the cable, the head of the Vatican Gendarme Corps Domenico Giani had sought specific security training from the FBI, including explosives ordinance training for Vatican Gendarmerie members at the Quantico Marine Corps base in Virginia. However, the cable reported, Giani has been “reluctant to engage in a comprehensive dialogue with the United States about Vatican capabilities and preparedness to respond to a terrorist attack.”

Well, I agree with the Vatican official in this. If not, I’m sure Wikileaks would have released their capacities “to respond to a terrorist attack”… 🙄


Saudi Arabia: Law professor imprisoned and incommunicado for writing about the future of the regime

Mohammed 'Abdullah al-'Abdulkareem

Dr. Mohammed ‘Abdullah al-‘Abdulkareem, a 40-years-old law professor, married with three children, was arrested on December 5 at his home by four plain-clothed men, believed to be members of the General Intelligence Service (al-Mabahith al-‘Amma) of the Ministry of Interior as well as by several uniformed police officers.

According to activists in Saudi Arabia, minutes after his arrest, he called his wife that they were helding him arrested, but would return at night.

He did not return, and since then has been held incommunicado. Saudi activists believe he is in prison in Riyadh Al Ha’ir.

It is not known why he was arrested, but is believed to be related to an article he wrote and published on its Facebook Page on 23November.

In the article, written in Arabic and entitled “The crisis of political conflict between the ruling factions in Saudi Arabia,” posed the following question: “Is the continuity of the kingdom, united in an entity subject to the existence of the family [ruling]? “. He answered the question by examining the uncertainty surrounding the succession to the royal family and other institutional processes that affect the future of Saudi Arabia. He didn’t advocate violence in the article or referred to it at all.

They think he may be undergoing torture.


TRanslated by T&P.