Terrorism: an Spanish national defends before a Judge that "the Mujaheedins can never be terrorists"

And again this has nothing to do with race or nationality, it has just to do with Jihadist ideology:

A man accused of posting videos on the internet and of writing more than 1,500 comments on the web allegedly glorifying Al-Qaeda, Gonzalo López Royo, defended last Monday in a court hearing, that a “mujahideen can never be a terrorist“, because “Islam is the religion of peace“. He compared mujaheedins with “Bosnians who defended their home, their wife and their sons“.

State Prosecutor Teresa Sandoval has asked for an 18-months prison term for López Royo and for Fath Allah Sadaq, also at court hearing this Monday, for “glorifying, justifying and giving publicity to Islamist terrorist organizations, persons and deeds” since 2006 in an English-speaking website. Despite it being of restricted access, it had, at least, 1,300 users per year”, according to an expert from the Civil Guard. The defense attorney is asking for a full acquittal of both defendants.

Both websurfers, of Spanish and Moroccan nationality respectively, acknowledged they publicized comments and posted videos about Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden and Islamic Jihad, although, according to Mr. López Royo’s statement, his intention “was not to support damaging anyone, but to comment news in a positive and constructive way, not glorifying anyone who is a bad guy”.

On the other hand, Mr. Allah Sadaq assured that he wanted to fight against “US censorship in the Iraqi war”, because Al-Qaeda was an interested part in the conflict and “also the only source of information”. He added he didn’t know he was committing a crime and that, when he knew it, he erased the images, three months before being arrested.

According to the State Prosecutor’s provisional conclusions, Mr. López Royo wrote about 1,500 comments claiming for the constitution of a Caiphate in Spain. He also acknowledged being the author of several drawings which were included in a video that Mr. Allah Sadaq made in June 2008 honoring Abu Mussab Al-Zarqawi, Al-Qaeda leader killed in Iraq.

During the court hearing, he pointed out that he was speaking of the “caliphate in an spiritual meaning“, because what he really defends is the “comeback of the old Spanish splendor“, in subjects like medicine, art or literature ( 😯 Was the caliphate the “old Spanish splendor”?).

Mr. López Royo, born in Zaragoza, assured that he is sided with the “families that suffer and the children that are killed”. He added that he wants to collaborate with some terrorists’ victims association to make everyone understand that he only wants to defend the victims. He also assured that he is “an Islam sympathiser” but that he is not a believer in Islam. “I condemn terrorism fully, ever (NOTE: except it is made by mujahideens who “can’t be terrorists”). I would be the first one to inform about a terrorist attack”, he underlined.

The State Prosecutor, later on, in her final conclusions, regarded as proved that both accused men “glorified, exalted and praised Al-Qaeda” and believes the accused’s allegations aren’t valid after the videos were seen on the hearing and the comments read.

Mr. López Royo’s defense attorney brought a psychiatric evalution which refers to the “mixed personality disorder” the accused has. The report also says that the accused “wanted to leave mediocrity and has failed” but underlined that he is “conscious of what he does but can’t conisder the implications of his deeds”.

The State Prosecutor remembered a post by Mr. López Royo, in which he mentions that “because of secutiry reasons, he would not post any personal drawing of Al-Qaeda in the webpage” told later that his drawing weren’t only simple portraits or cartoons and that when he worked about mujaheedins it was “obvious” he was glorifying them, so he was “very conscious” about what he was doing.

Mr. López Royo also told the judge in the hearing that since he was “10 year-old” he had been interested in geopolitical problems, reason why he had a lot of information in his home.

The accused, who used the nick “salaam 1420” and showed a photography of a man wielding an axe, fantasized in the website about being a “mujaheedins commander to maintain alive a prisoner during 30 seconds to see him swallowing his own blood”. He also said in another post that he had “bombed” his city with stickers that showed an AK-47 and encouraged “Maghrebi boys” to “support the troops” with the slogan “There is no god but Allah”.

He also posted four videos in the net dedicated to Chechen “guerrilla fighters”, the Muslims who are “suffering at the hands of the Infidels” in Afghanistan, Algeria (sic: are the Muslims suffering at the hands of the Infidels… in an Islamic state?) and Iraq and the “combattants” of the “Palestinian group Hamas”.

Mr. Allah Sadaq, on the other hand, made other videos in which he glorified terrorist leaders Osama bin Laden, Al-zarqawi and Al-Zawahiri and supported a terrorist attack by Jihadists in Ramada (Iraq). In his home, police found two books about Jihad’s teachings, dossiers about Al-Qaeda and drawings and cartoons related to ETA, GRAPO and other terrorist groups.

via Un español defiende en un juicio que “un muyahidín jamás puede ser un terrorista”. europapress.es.

Couldn’t this guy have left “mediocrity” by other means? :rol:

Comments on T&P 2.0.

France: ETA kills a policeman

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El Correo, MadridPress, El País or LD report that in a shooting just outside Dammarie-Les-Lys, near Paris, an agent from the Gendarmerie has been killed and an ETA terrorist wounded and arrested. The policeman was a 53-year-old married man, father of four children. He was wearing bulletproof vest, according to police sources, but the bullet went to his armpit and died an hour later. This is the first time ETA kills a policeman in France in their now quite long terrorist background.

The terrorist was with other three people trying to rob a car dealer. The police asked them to hand over their documentation, when they began shooting them. French police has also announced the other three alleged ETA terrorists have fled and have partly succeeded in their aim of stealing a vehicle.

According to anti-terrorist sources, the arrested ETA terrorist can be Joseba Fernández Aspurz, who fled some months ago  from Spanish police custody and who took part in terrorist vandalism or “kale borroka” (street riots, breaking banks’ windows and similar) in Navarra.

Le Monde, on the other hand, only speaks about “the Basque clue”, as there is no official confirmation yet of the identity of the arrested man.


Before: NC Judge accuses Venezuela of links with ETA/FARC terrorism.

Related: A Spanish noose around Chávez’s neck? @ Fausta.

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ETA terrorist arrested in Lisbon trying to escape to Venezuela

Isn’t this interesting? After Spanish judge Eloy Velasco linked Venezuela with ETA and FARC terrorism, we have an ETA terrorist fleeing to Venezuela:

The ETA terrorist Andoni Zengotitabengoa has been arrested in Lisbon, when reportedly fleeing to Venezuela. He is one of the terrorists who managed to escape in Portugal last February when the authorities there found a flat containing a large amount of explosives to the north of the Portuguese capital. His presence in the flat was confirmed after he was caught on the closed circuit TV cameras of a local hardware store where he went to buy some screws. He is reported to have been carrying false documentation on his arrest at the airport.

Meanwhile the body of another ETA activist, Jon Anza, has been found in the morgue in Toulouse, France. He has been missing since April 18th last year, and according to ETA sources had a date to meet with the terrorist chiefs but failed to appear. His family reported him missing last May. He is thought to have died from a heart condition, although also is reported to have had a brain tumour.

Really good news. I don’t like anyone to die, but at least Mr. Anza will not continue his terrorist career. Regarding Zengotitabengoa, we have to thank Portuguese policemen for his arrest and hope they also catch his companion.

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Spain: NC judge accuses Venezuela of ETA/FARC terrorism (U)

In recent months, Venezuela has been linked to Islamic terrorism in the Sahara desert. But there was no direct evidence of the implication of Chávez’s Government in the support of terrorism till some Swedish weapons sent to Venezuela were found in a FARC camp. From AP:

A Spanish judge yesterday accused Venezuela of collaborating with Basque separatist militants (terrorists!!!!!) and Colombian rebels (terrorists!!!!) and said the two groups plotted to assassinate Colombia’s president while he visited Spain.Judge Eloy Velasco made the allegation in a 26-page indictment in which he charged six members of Basque group ETA, most of them exiled in Latin America, and seven members of Colombian leftist rebel group FARC with crimes including terrorism and conspiracy to commit murder.

Spain has asked Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s government for an explanation, Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said.

Velasco wrote that a Spanish probe launched in 2008 turned up evidence “that demonstrates Venezuelan governmental cooperation in the illicit collaboration between FARC and ETA.”

Chávez as ever has answered defiantly that he: Continue reading

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