A call for help

I have written before about Hector Aleem, a Christian Human Rights activist imprisoned in Pakistan after some Islamist group accused him of blaspheming in some SMS messages.

Christian human rights activist and director of NGO Peace Worldwide, Hector Aleem, was taken into custody in January 2009 because a militant Islamic group accused him of sending a ‘blasphemous’ text message from his cell phone. If convicted, he faces the death penalty under Pakistani law.
Prior to the 55-year-old’s arrest, Aleem was threatened by Islamic groups with assassination attempts and lawsuits because he objected to the illegal destruction of a church by Islamabad’s capital development authority (CDA). Muslim leaders threatened to kill him and his sons, and to forcibly convert his daughters to Islam.
Although a heart patient, Aleem has not been allowed to consume his medication and he has been denied visitation in prison. He was denied bail because Islamic mobs filled his trial courtroom and threatened to kill the judge, Aleem, and Aleem’s lawyer.
Aleem is the recipient of a peace award by Pakistan’s Prime Minister.

I received two days ago this from his son:

greetings my dear friends
as i asked you before to help us in collecting funds for my dad Hector Aleem but no body has replied me yet. Guys i am not asking very big amount just any amount you can afford just skip one burger from your daily life and send that amount to our pay pal that will help us alot. and also tell your fiends and other relatives, Actually we need funds before 20th April. Just imagine you are walking in our shoes and your dad waiting for justice and if you do not pay for his lawyer he could be killed any time in jail…. just imagine. this is our situation, contribute a little. please today you give us tomorrow God will give you more you have today. I am waiting for your response. please help us.

Here’s the link http://tinyurl.com/hectoraleem 

You can also get to the same webpage clicking here, in case the other link is not working.

Free Hector Aleem.

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