Comment policy

Before commenting, you must consider these notes:

  1. this blog does not support a genocide of Muslims, harrasment or violence against them, even if an important number of them support harrasment or violence against non-Muslims. If you believe that just for that we are “idiots”, “pacifists”, “libtard pinckos” or “enemies of Israel/US/Western civilization”, you can go other place. We are for enforcing the law against terrorism suspects, for a total abrogation of Shariah Law or any practice within it, expressly, in all Western countries and for expulsion of every immigrant who supports the enactment of Shariah Law and Islamic state as they are absolutely the opposite to Western values. Also this blog is for a decided fight in all ranges against Islamism, both politically and financially. Only if the countries stop people from benefiting from the consequences of terrorism, it will cease to exist.
  2. this blog is not for multiculturalism, “all cultures are equal” motto or some other unbased thoughts or ideas.
  3. this blog presents non-reported or under-reported facts for an audience which is considered sufficiently adult and cultivated to understand them and get their own conclusions. If the link is in other language different from English, the translation is made by the authors of this blog, except when said the contrary.
  4. this blog does not belong to any political party, association or society and only will be responsible for the commentary of the authors that now (or in the future) write here.
  5. this blog wants people to comment, reason and consider the facts, using their intelligence, not what they feel it’s good/right to do, what their parents/imams/priests/political figures/rock stars, etc tell them, but rather it’s good/right to do, leaving feelings of political correctness in the door before entering.
  6. this blog does not like trolls, idiots, anti-Jewish and terrorists or people advocating violence. In case you’re one, just note that we will  not approve your comments. This is not censorship: it’s just a measure to prevent us from endless discussions. If you just have different ideas, it’s OK, no worry, but supporting Jihad/terrorism, violence, anti-Jewish sentiments (i.e. denying the Holocaust/Shoah or supporting Hitler) or similar views, it’s not having a “different” view of things, it’s calling for murder. End of discussion.

Hope you find this usefull and have a nice day!

PS: No trackback or pingback would be approved if the post doesn’t have a link back to T&P.

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