France: Socialist pre-candidate Martine Aubry versus Caroline Fourest

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Caroline Fourest (ndmg – which is not, at all, a woman on the right) confirmed that Jean-Louis Brochen was the advocate of “Meeting and Dialogue”, which is not for her an “insignificant choice” and said of the association as its principal activity is to disseminate propaganda of sexist and homophobic preachers, who are deniers close to the Muslim Brotherhood. With the blessing of the Green Party of Roubaix, where there are activists of the followers of this school of thought. Caroline Fourest recalls that Jean-Louis Brochen “has been the advocate of Islamists in other cases: a young fanatic who participated in the gang of Roubaix and a case of veiled girls at risk of exclusion from the Lycée Faidherbe in Lille 1994 “. Continue reading

Spain: Socialists begin campaign for immigrant vote

The PSOE leadership today is introducing a campaign to encourage 1.7 million immigrants to register and vote at next local elections of May 22, through reciprocal agreements signed since the fall of 2008 with a dozen countries. 

The campaign will present the Secretary for International Policy and electoral committee spokesman of the PSOE, Elena Valenciano, and Social Movements and councilor of the opposition in the city of Madrid, Pedro Zerolo. Socialists understand that, in principle, the immigrant vote may be closer to them.

If we consider the last polls [*], with the opposition center-right Popular Party leading by 18,8 points against the socialists, despite the former “low-profiled” opposition, I bet they are going to ask the immigrants for voting them.

[*] With the volatile situation nowadays, we’ll see if they are actually true or not, when the elections come…

Pakistan: Election violence leaves 37 dead

DAWN.COM | Metropolitan | No let-up in Karachi killings; toll 33

As many as 33 people lost their lives and 50 were injured in incidents of violence in different parts of the city in 30 hours till Sunday midnight.

Five vehicles, including a car belonging to the DawnNews, were set ablaze at Safoora Chowk on late Saturday night. City Police Chief Fayyaz Ahmed Leghari said around 30 people had fallen victims to targeted killings.

In reply to a question about ethnic profiles of the victims, the CCPO said they belonged to different groups.

The fresh spate of killings coincided with by-elections for the PS-94, Orangi Town, which fell vacant after the assassination of MQM MPA Raza Haider.

According to unofficial results, MQM’s candidate Saifuddin Khalid won the seat comfortably.

The Awami National Party announced on Saturday that it was boycotting the election because its demand to deploy troops had not been met.

The toll has risen to 37, according to latest reports.

Sweden: officials fear Islamification

Some Swedish officials believe Sweden, and many other western countries, are at risk of going out with a whimper because of the influence of Islam, drawing a connection to 1400 years of Muslim aggression.

Islamification, in the minds of the Muslims, is a simple matter of destiny for the entire western world. And despite the claim that there are moderate Muslims, in the end all Muslims hold to the ideology of Islam, and believe that the destiny of the planet is for all nations to fall under Sharia law.

It’s a political ideology masking as religion. Religion as Americans view it does not aim to change the law, and institute a theocracy in the place of the host’s governmental system, as is the aim of Islam.

One Swedish official is quoted as saying, “. . . when the Islamists came to power [in Iran], they wiped out the socialists too. And I’m saying that if we don’t take the Islamification that’s taking place in western Europe right now seriously, maybe history will repeat itself.”

He continued, “Sweden is being Islamified right now. We’ve taken up countless examples of how Sweden is adapting to Muslim demands and we’re seeing how mosques are popping up like mushrooms from the ground in Sweden and all over Europe. It’s not necessarily the case that we’ll all become Muslims, but that we will have to obey Sharia. . . Through Muslim immigration and rapid propagation, as well as through Turkey’s membership in the EU, Europe can become dominated by Muslims.”

Of course, that’s the reason why far-right has entered Parliament

Afghanistan: election’s day amid threats and kidnappings

Elections on Afghanistan were held amid the threats from the Talibans against the voters, the kidnappings of several campaign workers and, probably, of a candidate too, and the risks that female candidates have in this country.
About violence, yesterday there were several episodes of violence against voters. The most important ones are these two. The first, from Reuters:

“One national army and six Arbaki (militiamen) were killed in the attack,” Baghlan’s police chief, Abdul Rahman Rahimi, told reporters by phone. Five others were wounded in the attack in Baghlan province, which took place near a polling station and an adjacent security outpost.

The second reported by Herald Sun:

A mortar bomb attack in northern Takhar province killed one man and injured two of his sons, said provincial spokesman Faiz Mohammad Tawhidi, after an earlier rocket attack killed two people in volatile eastern Nangarhar province.
The violence came as Afghans voted across the country despite Taliban threats to attack polling centres and security forces, and warnings that voters could expect to be harmed.

About the kidnappings: NYTimes:

The Taliban on Friday claimed to have kidnapped 30 campaign workers, election officials and even a candidate for Parliament as Afghans prepared to vote in elections Saturday.
…On Thursday evening in northern Badghis Province, 8 workers with the Independent Election Commission and 10 campaigners for a candidate went to meet with village elders in Qolghai, in Muqur District, about opening a polling station, but armed Taliban insurgents in the village took them prisoner, according to Sharafuddin Majidi, a spokesman for the provincial governor.
In eastern Afghanistan, a candidate, Mollawi Hayatullah Purqani, was driving in the Alishing District of Laghman Province on Friday morning when he was stopped by the Taliban and taken away, according to Abdul Rahman Muhabat, head of the election commission in the province, who said that others with Mr. Purqani may have been kidnapped as well.

And lastly, related to the risks that have female candidates, Radio Free Europe run this article. An excerpt:

The Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan, an independent watchdog body, says that women remain the main target of election-related intimidation. For every 10 threats made against candidates, nine were made against women candidates, according to the foundation.
NATO soldier killed in Northern Afghanistan.
American soldiers ambushed in dramatic video.
Risky climate for female candidates in Afghan poles.
Afghan vote marked by light turnout and violence.

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UK: 2nd election debate


Related: Nick Clegg, Britain’s Next Prime Minister?

Netherlands: elections are greater terrorism threat

The red dots are the capitals of the provinces...
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There is a greater chance of political violence in the Netherlands or against Dutch nationals abroad in the run-up to the Dutch parliamentary elections on 9 June. That’s the warning from the country’s National Anti-terrorism Coordinator Erik Akerboom. However, he says there are no concrete indications so far of any preparations for such violence.

The latest Dutch threat analysis – just published – states that the ‘Islam debate’ in the Netherlands may get out of hand. The threat could also increase after the elections if there are substantial changes to the political make-up of parliament, says Mr Akerboom. Current polls show that Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party – anti-Islam in its policies – could win many more seats.

“The threat could come from any direction,” says Mr Akerboom. “It could be politically motivated, by people with an agenda, who want change. Or it could come from people who have just lost touch with reality, but who are very upset about something. We call these the lone-acting, confused individual threats.” Just before the 2002 parliamentary elections, opposition candidate Pim Fortuyn was murdered by an environmental-animal rights activist, acting alone. “The bullet came from the Left,” said his fellow party members at the time.

Mr Akerboom’s analysis is based on several sources, including foreign ones. ” Strong views are being expressed in the Islam debate. And the debate isn’t just being followed in the Netherlands, but abroad as well. In particular, in Islamic countries and especially in ‘Jihad circles’,” the anti-terrorism supreme observes. “Internet and the media make it a small world. We have seen elsewhere in the world where incitement to violence and calls to action can lead to.

via Dutch elections = greater terrorism threat | Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

So basically he is saying that, as Islam is being challenged (whether we agree or not with everything Wilders say), the elections will be threatened. That is blackmail and I really hope Wilders takes part in the elections.

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Venezuela: Chávez could "suspend" next elections

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As the Venezuelan opposition is rising in the polls for parliamentary elections next September, the government of Hugo Chávez also tightened the siege against the opposition leaders and the media critics. The latest poll by Alfredo Keller & Associates, which had access by ABC, conducted between February 26 and March 14, ensures that the intention to vote in parliamentary elections favors the opposition candidates with 43% and the “chavistas” candidates 31%. The projection of the valid votes would give a victory to the opposition with 58% while Chavez achieved 42%. So Chávez could “suspend” the next elections.

via Diplodemocracia: El «comandante» se plantea suspender las legislativas/ Chavez is about to suspend next elections.

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Iran: more arrests of regime critics

Icon for censorship

More censorship in Iran. Image via Wikipedia

It seems that some of the activists for democracy detained by the Iranian regime some days ago, belonged to Iran Proxy, which:

has used twitter and their website in the fight against web filtering. In an interview with Radio Farda, a representative of the group said they have been working for six years in an ‘underground’ fight against censorship.

Its main blogger has been arrested accused of “carrying some human rights activities”:

(Ultra-conservative newspaper) Keyhan reported that the leader of the group is a blogger named “Seyed Hussein Ronaghi Melki” whose pennames are Babak Khoramdin or Babak blogger.

Meanwhile, Iranian reformist websites “announced [fa] that Mehdi Aboutorabi, founder of Persian Blog, a leading blog provider in country in the country, and supporter of Moussavi, had also been arrested”.

Rafsanjani’s grandson has also been arrested when he arrived in Tehran airport from abroad. He is accused of taking part in the post-elections’ protests, held last year.


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France: regional elections' results

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The Independent:

President Nicolas Sarkozy suffered a national beating by voters who took their frustrations over the economic crisis to the ballot box and clearly favored his leftist challengers in regional elections.

Near-complete official results showed Socialist and other leftist candidates dominating Sunday’s first round vote to choose governments of France‘s 26 regions. The decisive runoff is March 21.

The far right National Front party had a stronger-than-expected showing after years in decline, buoyed by voters worried anew about immigration and France’s growing Muslim population.

With more than 96 percent of votes counted, candidates from the Socialist and other parties on the left won 53.6 percent of the overall vote, according to the Interior Ministry. Sarkozy’s conservative UMP party and others on the right won 39.8 percent.

The UMP’s poor results, combined with an unusually low turnout of 47 percent, spells widespread discontent with the increasingly unpopular Sarkozy.

The prospects are somewhat clear: Le Pen has announced his support for the Socialists in the North region and in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. Next Sunday the second round will be held: Le Pen’s FN will be in 12 of the 22 regions, where he will help socialists or communists to win their seats, rather than helping UMP.

Spanish journalist Juan Pedro Quiñonero, an specialist in French affairs, writes about these elections’ results:

  1. Middle class people are protesting against Sarkozy, therefore they abstained from voting. UMP falls.
  2. People are not enchanted with Socialists, either. They are now the 1st party in France.
  3. Far-right FN is important still.
  4. Communists, far-left and center are minorities in French political scene.

We will wait for the results of next Sunday’s vote then to see which political map is born from this election.

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Spain: (far-right, ultranationalist) Plataforma per Catalunya presents its candidacy for Catalan Government

Map of Catalonia
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El Economista (Translation T&P):

The party Plataforma per Cataluyna has presented today officially its candidacy to Catalan elections, in an event in which the leader of the party, Josep Anglada, has received the support of the several leaders of far-right and xenophobic parties.

“Control the immigration, stop the crisis” has been the event’s slogan. Among others, Flemish MP Hilde de Lobel (Vlams Belaang), French Pierre Vial (Front National), Italian Max Bastoni (Lega Nord) and Che-admirer Gabriele Adinolfi and, last but not least, Portuguese Duarte Branquinho, each one of them from xeonophobic or far-right parties.

In the last local elections, Anglada was PxC’s candidate for Vic’s Major, being the 2nd party in number of votes.

You will know them by their friends… 🙄

Before: Spain: far-right platform Plataforma per Catalunya announces they will take part in local elections in Catalonia.

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USA: Brown wins Mass., Obama’s health care in danger

Brown, in his victory speech, referred to one of the decisive moments of the campaign, when in a debate Coakley referred to "Ted Kennedy’s seat". Brown said: "This Senate seat belongs to no one person, to no political party … This is the people’s seat."

The Guardian continues referring to “Kennedy’s seat” and yet, it’s just one of the “people’s seat” as Mr. Brown righteously said. 

Terrible blow to democrats and leftists in general, not only because of Obama’s policy being in danger, but also because of the idea of democracy these guys have. Note that they consider that a senator’s seat is their property because they have won it for a number of years.

Afghanistan: suspicion of fraud and intimidation in Aug 20th’s elections


Mounting reports of fraud and intimidation from election monitoring groups are undermining the legitimacy of Afghanistan’s presidential vote, posing a tough new challenge for the U.S. and its Western allies.

(…) as rivals of President Hamid Karzai allege widespread ballot-stuffing in his favor, the poll may have produced some unintended consequences. Allegations of fraud could end up eroding Afghanistan’s stability, fracturing the part of the Afghan society that’s opposed to the Taliban – and making it even more difficult to contain the insurgency, say those tracking the election.

"The Obama administration’s policy hinges on whether a legitimate leader emerges from this election," says Brian Katulis, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, a Washington-based think-tank, who observed the Afghan vote. "Without a legitimate civilian leadership here you’ll have a shaky foundation for the whole policy."

About Aug 20th elections: 1, 2, 3.

Afghanistan: Aug 20th elections*

In a previous post, it was mentioned that illiteracy and ethnicity were going to play an important role on today’s elections. Yesterday I found this photo on twitter:

You can find the picture in this blog. The twitter message said:

women r handed pic of a provincial candidate 2 make sure they dont vote some1else.

That is, women need to be given a photo so they don’t mess up and vote someone else. So, they can’t read and they are told who they should vote. Apart from wearing the burqa that is.

There are more photos here @afghancorner:

Enduring America is live blogging the elections. Alive in Afghanistan is asking people to report any incidents happening there.

*Democracy in Afghanistan is wishful thinking @ CSM.

Spain: far-right Plataforma per Catalunya announces they will take part in local elections in Catalonia

(Translation: T&P)

For the xenophobic Plataforma per Catalunya (PxC), Badalona is a really interesting place. The extremist party has infiltrated in the districts, where the immigrant population is greater, to have some more votes. They are trying to exploit the neighbourhood’s dissatisfaction with the problems that are endemic there, giving speeches in which they attack foreigners and Islam.
Although it’s not very visible yet, the party leadered by ex-leader of Fuerza Nueva (NOTE: Franco’s nostalgic guys) Josep Anglada has proposed polemic measures such as abrogating subsidies for immigrants, retiring any scholarships for immigrants’ sons and that Moroccan and Pakistani consulates pay for the expenses that, according to PxC, are costing to the city people from those nationalities in Badalona. The Platform opened in the city, Barcelona and L’Hospitalet on March. The first goal of this party is to take part in the Autonomic Community’s elections on 2010 and then in the local elections on 2011.
Anyway, the party is watching a good climate for their radical message in Badalona’s outskirts. “Immigration is suffered in those areas and those places are so devastated that we can have losts of votes“, says the delegate of PxC in Badalona, Carles Francisoud. The most important places where they are working are Sant Roc, Artigues, La Salut and Llefià, outskirts where the 34,000 foreigners that live there make up to 20% or 30% of the population.
If there is a problem here between the Pakistanis and the gypsy community, we are going to have a war because the illegals have entered here massively“, says Francisoud, who was sentenced in the mid-80s for several terrorist attacks made by ultra-far-right organization Milicia Catalana. The Platform, who has now 17 councilmen in cities like Vic, Manlleu or Manresa, is not hiding that they want to take the votes that were won by PP (center-right) in 2007 local elections, in which PP introduced a very hard-line discourse against illegals.
The City’s Fellowship’s Councilman, the Convergencia i Unió (Catalan Nationalists – Conservatives) Josep Pera, considers the PP’s politians are responsible of this party having arrived there: “They have attracted them with their campaigns, who are giving a bad name to Badalona“. On the other hand, Badalona PP’s President, Xavier García Albiol, opines that PxC are no more than a “residual and folk group” and doesn’t think they are going to have a very great impact on the local elections, where the PP is seeing a continued growth: “We know that our only rival here is the Catalonian Socialist Party, who has been governing this town for the last 30 years, and that Badalona’s first problem is the degradation of some districts after the uncontrolled immigration“.
The Platform is planning to organize a protest next September or October, against the next opening of a Muslim prayer room in the Artigues’ district. They are announcing it as “the more important anti-mosque demonstration held in Catalonia” and they are pretending to have more than 1,000 people, a number they have already reached in the demonstration against other prayer room in Premià de Mar held on 2002, in which some riots and security problems took place. The party’s supporters and the board of directors will attend it. This possible demonstration, which has maintained meetings with the entity which collected some signatures against a prayer room against which PP was also positioned, has not been well-received in the area. The President of the Neighbours’ Association Ángel Vendrell explained “It’s going to benefit no one. They can heat up the suspicions, which were already nearly forgotten“.
Around 1,800 Muslims live in Artigues. They pray in the Camarón de San Roc Square. Although the second prayer room in Badalon will open soon, the hundreds of believers will continue to prostate themselves in the street on the sacred day for Islam to prevent the overpopulation in the ground floor from Santiago St., which is waiting for the license that will permit the conditioning of the rooms, with a total capacity of 50 people. According to the Major’s office, this Ramadan (which begins next Aug 22nd) will be used. The official opening with all the licenses will be held in October.
Artigues’ Pakistani community, who had already protested against PP’s campaign opposed to this same prayer room, has denied that this will deteriorate the relations within the neighbourhood. Their speaker, Saidullah Khan, said “racism isn’t suddently born, they are not going to find any answer to their demonstrations“. Umair Dar, a young social worker who is fighting the effects that the economic crisis has in his fellow countrymen, told us that he never has seen any PxC’s supporters in the area: “They are possessed by Islamophobia. Before building a war camp, they should come here and we’ll find a solution“.
Francisoud warns that the party he is representing, will prevent that “more immigrants get registered in the city and more mosques are built”. He adds that, if more mosques are to be built, they “should be in industrial estates”. “They aren’t asking that for schools or churches. Why? This is barbarity”, protests Muhammad Nawaz, a member of the Camí de la Pau (Path of Peace -Cat-), the Islamic organization settled in Barcelona’s Raval and owner of the new prayer room in Badalona.
Their anti-immigration rethoric that is supported by PxC since it was born in 2002 has driven the party to form alliances with other European far-right parties, such as French National Front, Italian North League or German Neo-Nazi NDP. Till this day, the more known event of this party has been Anglada’s participation in a neighbours’ one against insecurity and the lack of social benefits in the La Salut’s district, an event in which Albiol also took part.
In the end of the demonstration, in which some quarrel took place between a PP supporter and the members of PxC, Anglada stated to this newspaper that he felt as a foreigner himself, when he took a walk by Badalona and added that he wants his party to obtain between “two and four town councillors” in the local elections.

link: Una plataforma xenófoba inicia la caza del voto ‘anti inmigrante’ en Badalona | Barcelona |

Afghanistan: Women in burqa learning to vote

Found at Le Figaro:

Afghans wait on August 1st, 2009, to learn how to vote for the Presidental election which will be held on August 20th – the country has only voted once more. The electoral independent commission has organised this 4-day program to explain the main aspects of the voting process to Afghan citizens, both men and women. HAMED ZALMY/AFP

Afghans wait on August 1st, 2009, to learn how to vote for the Presidental election which will be held on August 20th – the country has only voted once more. The electoral independent commission has organised this 4-day program to explain the main aspects of the voting process to Afghan citizens, both men and women. HAMED ZALMY/AFP

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Wilders: What will happen if he wins the next Dutch elections?

Geert Wilders’ party would win the elections, if they were held today, according to the polls via Bivouac.

Imagine that he wins the elections, will he be prevented from entering other countries, as happened in UK? What would happen with the process began against him in the Netherlands?

Elecciones en Venezuela

Chávez gana pero la oposición aumenta sus apoyos, sobre todo en las ciudades y a pesar de la propaganda chavista. Hubo bastantes denuncias de irregularidades. A Martha Colmenares la desactivaron su blog varias veces seguidas. Y 26 personas fueron detenidas por la policía según la agencia china Xinhua ( :S ).

FrontPageMag habla del “fraude electoral de Chávez”: entre otros fraudes:

The fraud potential on election day is staggering. For example, voting lists have previously been completely jumbled, making it almost impossible to verify a challenged voter’s eligibility.

Voting machines and related systems are so rigged that virtually any manipulation is possible. The control center can change results on one or every machine, to accommodate “requirements,” as one dissident official told me. Most frightening in Venezuela’s police state climate, it is possible for authorities to determine for whom any individual has voted in past and current elections, a fact the government is not disappointed to have leaked to nervous citizens.

Sin embargo, esto no le va a impedir a Chávez continuar con la reforma de Venezuela para alcanzar el “socialismo bolivariano [EN].

Más información: El País, Reuters [EN], FOXNews [EN],, Le Monde [FR], Bloomberg [EN], AP [EN], La Vanguardia, LD, El Mundo.

Otros blogs: Manuel Miranda, Opina, Sociedad Civil Venezuela, Venezuela Analysis [EN], Origem das Especies [PO].

(NOTA: He corregido algunos errores que tenía el post).

A Real Election Choice On The United Nations

When Barack Obama said he’d like to “spread the wealth around,” he was widely understood to be talking about redistributing income within the U.S. But there’s another arena in which Obama fans are waiting impatiently for the promised wealth-spreading–the United Nations.

The danger here is not only graft and waste but the ease with which the U.N. collective, with its majority of nonfree member states, lends itself to support for dictatorships, money laundering and questionable transfers of technology and goods to rogue regimes (all of which emerged in investigations into both the U.N.’s 1996-2003 Oil-for-Food program in Iraq, and its more recent Cash-for-Kim scandal in North Korea).

Obama is promising upfront that by 2012 he’d be tossing at least $50 billion a year into this pit. If, as president, he signs onto the full U.N. program, the tab for American taxpayers over the next four years could total well over $300 billion.

via A Real Election Choice On The United Nations –

Hmm, I see, this black woman must be a UN worker!! It’s the only logical explanation… :mrgreen: