Saudi Arabia: Indonesian Maid Breaks Her Back to Escape Abusive Employer

Juju Nurhayati

An Indonesian maid jumped from the second floor of her employer’s house in Medina, Saudi Arabia last Saturday in a bid to escape from alleged abusive conditions.It was the second such incident in less than two weeks after an Indonesian maid in Jeddah died after falling off from the third floor of an apartment building in a similar attempt.

Juju Nurhayati suffered from a broken spine and ankles from the fall and is currently hospitalized at King Fahd’s hospital, Didi Wahyudi, an Indonesian Consulate official involved in providing protection for citizens in Saudi Arabia, told The Jakarta Globe.

The mistreatment of foreign maids in Saudi Arabia has not been widely reported but it’s a reality.

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Germany: police raid homes linked to Islamist groups

German authorities raided homes and religious schools connected to two radical Islamist groups with suspected terrorist links on Tuesday morning, the Interior Ministry said.

The raids, in the western cities of Moenchengladbach, Braunschweig and Bremen, were aimed at Salafist groups Invitation to Paradise and Islamic Culture Center Bremen, ministry spokesman Stefan Paris said in a statement.

The two are suspected of “wanting to create an Islamic theocracy and working against the democratic order of Germany,” he added.

“It is necessary and important not to wait for a militant struggle in the form of jihad before intervening against unconstitutional groups,” Paris said.

A security official, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with department policy, said dozens of private homes were searched, as well as religious schools, a small publishing house and a store belonging to Invitation to Paradise that sells face-covering veils for women and caftans for men.

Of course, they say that “they have done anything illegal”. Well, if they were working against the democratic order of Germany to create an Islamic throcracy, clearly they have.

One of the groups targeted is “Invitation to Paradise” (Einladung zum Paradies) group:

Sinai: Two Orthodox deacons killed by Bedouin human traffickers

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has received reports that two Orthodox deacons were murdered by people traffickers in the Sinai Desert on 11 December.

The two deacons were singled out for punishment because their captors believed they were instrumental in alerting human rights NGOs of the plight of over 250 refugees and asylum seekers from Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia who have been imprisoned for over a month in degrading conditions by Bedouin people traffickers in the Sinai Desert. The traffickers are demanding payment of up to US$8,000 per person for their release despite charging them US$2,000 for passage to Israel.

The deacons were among 100 Eritrean refugees who had been separated from the group on 10 December. Prior to the move, the traffickers tore up the refugees’ religious materials and assaulted them severely for failing to make the ransom payments. Agenzia Habeshia also reports that others in the group were beaten, tortured and forced to drink their own urine after being denied water. There are also reports of organ harvesting and of some pregnant women being forced to undergo abortions.

via Press releases – Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

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China: ‘slaves’ given dog food

A man was arrested in western China after eight mentally ill people were forced to work in a building materials factory without pay and protective clothing and given dog food to eat.

“We are going to rescue them and help them with their rights,” said a civil affairs official in Xinjiang province.

Chinese media reports said 11 workers were sold to the factory to work without pay.

The state-run Global Times reported that a man named Zeng Lingquan was held and accused of selling the workers to the Jiaersi Green Construction Material Chemical Factory. The report did not say if anyone from the factory had been arrested.

I repeat: they were sold to work without pay. Does that mean there is market in China of people that are sold to work without pay (=as slaves)?

Second question: if true, why anyone from the factory has been arrested? Who bought them?

BBC reports that this situation could have lasted for several years.

France: court annuls fine for veil-wearing Muslim driver

Anne, the niqab’d driver, with her “husband”

A French court has annulled a fine imposed on a woman for wearing an Islamic veil while driving.

In April, police in the western city of Nantes fined Sandrine Mouleres 22 euros (£18; $29), saying the veil she was wearing restricted her vision.

Her lawyer hailed the court’s decision to quash the fine on Monday, saying the niqab – which shows only the eyes – did not present a danger.

The “husband” was accused back then of polygamy because he lives with another 3 women besides this one. But he can’t be charged with it, because he hasn’t married (legally) any of them. They live on welfare.

What an smile the "husband" has, hein?


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South Korea: army chief resigns after corruption accusations

Hwang, former SK Army Chief

The head of South Korea’s army, Gen Hwang Eui-don, has resigned following media reports that linked him to a financial scandal involving a property investment.

The resignation comes amid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula after North Korea’s deadly shelling of a South Korean island last month. Hwang was promoted to the army’s chief of staff only months ago, in June. His resignation is a further blow to the South’s military.

Allegations that he profited from changes to property regulations have been widely reported in South Korea. “He judged it was inappropriate for him to stay on the post at a time when he has to lead the reform of the army,” Yonhap news agency quoted an unnamed ministry of defence official as saying.

Gen Hwang is suspected of buying a property in Seoul in 2002 with advance knowledge that building restrictions would soon be eased – an allegation that the general has denied, maintaining he had no knowledge of the impending changes.

via South Korea’s army chief resigns | MaltaToday.


Sudan: protestors against woman’s flogging, arrested

A YouTube video of Sudanese police officers laughing as they publicly flogged a pleading, fleeing woman has sparked outrage, prompting dozens of demonstrators to protest Tuesday outside the Justice Ministry in downtown Khartoum, authorities said.

The demonstrators belonged to the Women Initiative Against Violence, and 52 of them — 46 women and six men — were arrested for unlawful assembly, the Khartoum State Police Force said in a statement.

All 52 persons were released under bail, police said.

And how about arresting the policemen who flogged the woman?


Portugal: “A great leap forward”

Fernando Teixeira dos Santos, Portuguese Finance Minister

We take a great leap forward in strengthening our relations at all levels, trade and investment, and also in terms of funding.

Fernando Teixeira dos Santos, Portuguese Minister of Finance, when asked about Chinese Govt buying Portuguese bonds. Does he know about Mao?

Thanks he didn’t add: “and in Human Rights“.

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Report: Kosovo leader was criminal mafia boss

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Thaci headed a mafia-style organized crime ring in the late 1990s that engaged in assassinations, beatings, organ trafficking and other crimes, according to a draft report released on Tuesday.

In Pristina, the Kosovo government denounced the draft Council of Europe report as baseless and defamatory, and threatened to take legal and political action in response.

The report to the Council’s Parliamentary Assembly, released a day after Kosovo’s election commission said Thaci’s party won the first post-independence election on Sunday, also accused Western powers of complicity in ignoring crimes dating back to the late 1990s.

Thaci and these other ‘Drenica Group’ members are consistently named as ‘key players’ in intelligence reports on Kosovo’s mafia-like structures of organized crime,” said the report by Dick Marty, the rapporteur for the Council’s committee on legal affairs and human rights.

We found that the ‘Drenica Group’ had as its chief — or, to use the terminology of organized crime networks, its ‘boss’ — the renowned political operator and perhaps most internationally recognized personality of the KLA, Hashim Thaci.”

via Kosovo leader was criminal mafia boss, report says – World news –

He is also accused of Serbian organ theft/trafficking, something that denounced some time ago Carla del Ponte, former prosecutor at ICC.

If there is enough evidence, I would like this guy tried the same that is being tried Radovan Karadzic. If not, justice will be only made to one side, not to the other.

Venezuela: Chávez Seeks to Censor Internet

Hugo Chávez is tired of your pokes, tweets and comments. If he has his way, a bill making its way through Parliament that includes restrictions on social media giants, will become law.

…The wording of the bill that would censor social networks calls for protecting citizens “moral and ethical honor”. As such, it would also control adult programming. It proposes applying limits on content in “electronic media” according to the time of day and would call on internet service providers to establish mechanisms to restrict nefarious adult content.

The bill comes at a time of turmoil for Venezuelan legislators as Chávez is once again seeking decree powers that would grant him special powers to enact laws as he sees fit.

via No More Pokes? Chávez Seeks to Censor Facebook, Twitter – Fox News Latino.

Some Venezuelans have protested outside the National Assembly.

Chávez has said the powers could extend up to 18 months. “The text of the law allows him to issue decrees across a wide range of areas including housing, land, finances and security“.