On Fayyad’s plan to build a Palestinian state in two years

Op-Ed: De-facto deliberations | Op-Ed Contributors | Jerusalem Post

one of the most important and intriguing, though lesser known provisions of the Interim Agreement lies – probably deliberately – hidden deep in the seventh subparagraph of the Final Clauses (Article XXXI).

According to this provision, “Neither side shall initiate or take any step that will change the status of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip pending the outcome of the permanent-status negotiations.”

Clearly this vital provision places a reciprocal and parallel obligation on each of the parties – the PLO and Israel – not to unilaterally alter the status of the territories until such change is mutually agreed upon. The intention of the parties during the negotiations was clear – the Palestinian side will not declare a unilateral state, and the Israelis will not declare annexation.

IT WOULD be interesting to inquire whether the advisers of Prime Minister Fayad brought this very basic provision to his attention prior to the publication of his plan.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad had already rejected Fayyad’s plan to build a Palestinian state in two years.

In an effort to curtail unauthorized gun ownership, Fayad and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas have declared their intention to take legal action against armed gangs. “There is no doubt that we have the right to resist, but we must do this in an organized fashion and we must do away with the chaos,” Fayad explained.

However, Fayad aides said that the prime minister intends to deal with the issue of armed gangs through dialogue and not by engaging in a violent confrontation with them.

So, more or less, everything remains the same, doesn’t it?

Opinion: Caroline Glick on Gaza, West Bank leaders and Obama

…over the past week in Bethlehem Fatah’s leaders said they will not be appeased. To the international community whose billions of dollars in aid money and boundless good will and political support they have pocketed over the past decade and a half they sent a clear message. They remain an implacable terror group devoted to the physical annihilation of Israel.
Unfortunately, the Obama administration is already making clear that it is incapable of accepting this basic truth. As Abbas and his cronies were exposing their true nature in Bethlehem, Obama’s counterterrorism advisor John Brennan was giving a speech in Washington where he demonstrated the administration’s ideological inflexibility.

Speaking before the Center for Strategic and International Studies last Thursday, Brennan declared that appeasing terrorists and terror supporting regimes and societies by bowing to their political demands is the central plank of the administration’s counterterror strategy. As he put it, “Even as we condemn and oppose the illegitimate tactics used by terrorists, we need to acknowledge and address the legitimate needs and grievances of ordinary people those terrorists claim to represent.”

(…) Like Hamas — which Brennan in the past has expressed support for recognizing — Hizbullah entered Lebanese politics with the intention of taking over the country. It wishes to control Lebanon both to protect its military forces, and to advance its jihadist aim of spreading the Iranian revolution and destroying Israel.

Like Hamas, Hizbullah’s political empowerment has not moderated it. It has strengthened its military arm and made it politically impossible for its domestic rivals to oppose its war against Israel, its ties to Iran and Syria and its independent military force.

Unfortunately, as Brennan made clear last Thursday, the Obama administration is intellectually wed to the notion that terrorists like Hassan Nasrallah, and terror supporting regimes like Bashar Assad’s Syria and his overlords in Iran just want to be accepted by the West. They cannot accept any evidence to the contrary. This week the Obama administration dispatched senior military officials to Damascus for yet another round of friendly talks with the Iranian satellite. According to media citations of Pentagon and State Department officials, the administration is looking to cut a deal where in exchange for Syrian agreement to curtail its support for jihadists in Iraq, the US will put pressure on Israel to surrender the Golan Heights to Syria.

As for Iran, the administration has officially given the mullahs until next month to decide whether they are interested in negotiating a deal with the US regarding their nuclear program. Although Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her colleagues in the administration are beginning to acknowledge that Iran will not meet their deadline, the administration has no Plan B. The White House continues to oppose placing additional sanctions on Iran.

State Department officials said this week that they fear that additional sanctions — including widely supported Congressional bills that would limit refined petroleum imports to Iran — would cause the Iranian public to rally around the regime. The fact that the Iranian public is in large part now begging Western countries to reject the legitimacy of the regime has made no impact on the Obama administration. Indeed, top US officials are unanimous in their willingness to accept Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the legitimate president of Iran.

Appeasement remains the only option the administration is willing to consider. The Obama administration’s unswerving efforts to accommodate terrorists and terror supporting regimes wherever they are to be found demonstrates that for the administration, appeasement is not a tactic for achieving US policy aims. Appeasing terrorists and regimes that support them is the aim of US policy.

link: Caroline B. Glick: Gazan and West Bank ‘leaders’ come clean, but Obama is still playing deaf thanks to a facebook’s note I was tagged in.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Al-Qaeda: Al-Zawahiri calls for the destruction of Israel

He accused Obama of “supporting a Palestinian State that would do the bidding of the Israelis”. He added:

Israel is a crime that needs to be wiped out,” said al-Zawahiri, who likened the policies of the current U.S. president to those of his predecessor, George W. Bush. “The promises of the two states and ending the settlements were made by Bush, so what’s new? This is the continuation of the same Zionist crusader crime against Muslims since the end of World War II.”

Read the Islamic genocide Plan. No changes really.

AQ has also given Obama Conditions for Truce: “The minimum the mujahideen would accept (includes) … the exit of infidel troops from all of the land of Islam and an end to stealing Muslims’ wealth under the threat of military power.” Wow, how generous…

By the way, that part about stealing Muslim wealth “under the threat of military power”, can’t be really considered as what they do under the name of “Islamic jizya“?

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Switzerland: Israel protests Hamas’ meeting*

Tx to the tip to: Suiza, alguna vez refugio del nazismo, amparada en su supuesta neutralidad, ahora cómplices del terrorismo de Hamás

Mahmoud al-Zahar, a top Hamas leader, has visited Switzerland, much to Israeli anger. – swissinfo

Swiss FlagForeign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey has confirmed controversial talks took place with a top leader of the Palestinian Islamic movement, Hamas.It comes after Israel strongly criticised a reported meeting in Geneva two weeks ago between diplomats and Mahmoud al-Zahar, a co-founder of Hamas and leader in the Gaza Strip.

“Hamas is an important political actor and must not be left out in discussions over a solution to the Middle East conflict,” Calmy-Rey told public radio on Wednesday.

She said Switzerland, unlike the European Union, did not consider Hamas a “terrorist organisation”, but condemned any terrorist activities.

Calmy-Rey gave no details of the meetings, but the Israeli ambassador to Switzerland has been invited to the foreign ministry on Thursday.

The Israeli embassy demanded an explanation as to why Switzerland gave the Palestinian delegation, apparently on a tour of several European countries, an entry visa.

“By officially receiving a Hamas delegation, Switzerland is not in line with those who advocate moderation,” an embassy statement said.

EJP | News | Western Europe | Israel slams Switzerland over Hamas meeting

Relations between Switzerland and Israel have been strained in recent months after Swiss President Hans-Rudolf Merz received Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in April at the “Durban II” UN anti-racism conference in Geneva.
The Iranian president has triggered outrage with his repeated calls for Israel to be “wiped off the map” and his questioning of the extent of the Holocaust.
Shortly after the meeting Israel recalled its ambassador, Ilan Elgar, for consultation and to express the Jewish state’s displeasure over the meeting.
As Switzerland is a neutral country, its diplomats argue they must keep communication channels open with all parties.

But there is more:

Switzerland continues to dismay Israel, as its Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey told Swiss RSR Radio on Wednesday that while she recognizes there are terrorists, Switzerland does not have a list of terrorist organizations because it believes that while a person can be called a terrorist, an organization cannot.Omg

Why an organization can’t be called terrorist (just as they can be called criminal) is beyond my comprehension. Swiss FM has not (to my knowledge) told those reasons.

More comments about this in Israpundit: Israel furious over Hamas leader’s trip to Switzerland. I wonder why this has had so little publicity.

*Swiss system is one of the toughest when regarding naturalization of foreigners. You must have no criminal record to apply for it. I guess they would never accept a Hamas terrorist in their country and yet they are having talks with them. Absolutely striking…

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Hamas: turning to “public relations”

Hamas Shifts From Rockets to Culture War – NYTimes.com

:wtf: revampMr. Taha and others say that the military has replaced field commanders and restructured itself as it learns lessons from the war. The decision to suspend the use of the short-range Qassam rockets that for years have flown into Israel, often dozens a day, has been partly the result of popular pressure. Increasingly, people here are questioning the value of the rockets, not because they hit civilians but because they are seen as relatively ineffective.

This new strategy’s leaders must be the “moderates” UK’s FP Commission wants the Government to talk to. Lying through your teethBut will they be speaking about the implementation of Shariah Law in Gaza?

These guidelines join an increasing amount of reports from Gaza residents saying that modesty patrols were forcing women to wear head coverings, especially at Gaza’s beaches, and that they were inspecting isolated cars in order to prevent unmarried couples being alone together.

More about Shariah Law in Gaza here:

According to the London-based Al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper, the new requirement is part of a general “Morals List” that Hamas is seeking to impose on Gaza. Other measures will prevent the display of female mannequins in store windows, “improper driving near women” – which the paper took to mean honking at attractive women as they walked down the street – and prohibiting men and women from mixing at crowded public events where it was likely they would come into contact with each other.

Although Hamas has long employed “morals squads” to enforce Islamic strictures among the Gaza population – sometimes violently – this marks the first time Hamas will attempt to formally legislate proper Islamic behavior. As recently as several weeks ago, Hamas denied that it had implemented a rule demanding that women in Gaza courts wear dresses and cover their hair completely, as a Gaza attorneys group charged (and has protested about it).

But Hamas has implemented Islamic law in several areas that do not attempt to determine the daily behavior of average Gazans. The most infamous of this is the implementation of crucifixion for “enemies of Islam,” who undermine the religious integrity of Islamic society by preaching against the religion or enticing Muslims to convert, according to Newsmax.com. Other punishments approved by Hamas include cutting off the hands of thieves and lashing traders who sell wine,  the Jerusalem Post reported – both punishments described in the Quran.

Don’t think they will be giving special speeches about this …

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The map of HuT’s Caliphate

Gwonam emoteUuu, Yeah… Spain’s there. And Greece and China. What about the Alliance of Civillizations? What about the “respect” the Muslim world should show for Western civilization? What about the outrage in the Muslim world at this kind of Global Caliphate?

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UK: Just negotiate with Hamas’ “moderates” (UPDATED)

Incitan a Gran Bretaña a lanzar diálogo con moderados de Hamas

UK should negotiate with the moderates (are there any moderates inside Hamas? Who are they? The ones who only want to hurt Joooooz but don’t want them to die? :shocked) of the Palestinian Islamist terrorist movement of Hamas, in the framework of the peace process between Palestine and Israel, according to a British Parlamentary commission in a report published this Sunday.

BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Britain ‘should approach Hamas’

committee chairman Michael Gapes said the committee saw “few signs that the current policy of non-engagement with Hamas” was effective.

He added that the government “should urgently consider engaging with moderate elements within Hamas” as it had with the political wing of Hezbollah in Lebanon earlier this year.

The wide-ranging report condemns Israel for the continuing growth of settlements and for its blockades around the Hamas-controlled Gaza strip.

These guys should build a “Jimmy Carter’s fanclub” quickly. :stupid: remake

Meanwhile, any UK Commission has said nothing about the latest statistics, which show an alarming rise in the number of anti-Semitic attacks in the country. From Undhimmi:

That conflict, between December 2008 and January 2009, was followed by an almost immediate rise in anti-Semitic incidents in the UK.

According to the CST, the total number of incidents for the first six months of this year was worse than the previous record of 598 incidents for the whole of 2006.

Some 286 incidents occurred in January alone – but the security body said that a disproportionately higher monthly number of attacks and abuse continued into the spring.

UPDATE: Read The Astute Bloggers, too.

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