Italy: panel okays bill banning face veils

Equality in dress, Islamic style

Equality in dress, Islamic style

Italy moved closer to banning Islamic face veils in the country when a parliamentary panel approved Tuesday a measure making illegal the wearing of burqas, niqabs and other ethnic face covers.

The House Constitutional Affairs committee approved the bill backed by Premier Silvio Berlusconi‘s People of Freedom party and the right wing Northern League party, sending it for voting before the full House in September.

Under the draft law, violators will be fined $213 to $426 or community service. Those who force others to wear burqas will be penalized severely with a $14,200 fine and one-year imprisonment.

Silvio Berlusconi in a meeting

Silvio Berlusconi. Image via Wikipedia

Proponents of the bill have cited security concerns for endorsing the proposed burqa ban. A social survey also indicates that most Italians do not approve of wearing face veils in public because it degrades women.

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The only thing I don’t like is seeing here a party called Lega Norte. A party one of whose members have supported ETA murders (“We welcome a firecracker or a bomb when if comes to defending freedom“) and some others have supported Anders Breivik’s ideas.

Italy: North African immigrants riot, block highway and railway

Several hundred immigrants, who were living in Bari, have blocked roads and tracks near the community center in protest against bureaucratic delays which would delay the release of the status of refugees. According to initial reports, some protesters were armed with iron bars and they attacked the police. Police cars were damaged, there were casualties, even among some passers-by.


The migrants have blocked the main road, 17bis, in both directions and were causing inconveniences to the movement of trains along the tracks adjacent to the reception center for asylum seekers. A massive number of policemen arrived at the scene. “We want the documents“: this is Mohamed, one of the immigrants who took part in the protest, he answered the question by a reporter of a local television station who asked why the event degenerated into clashes. Mohamed added that he had been living in Cara di Bari for seven months and still doesn’t know anything about his request for asylum. “If they give us the documents, we end the barricade,” said another protester. The police, in riot gear and also using tear gas, forced demonstrators to retreat and tried to bring them close to the reception center for asylum applicants.

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The “Islamic Fashion Festival” Goes to Milan… and London

Starting in 2006, the Malaysian-based Islamic Fashion Festival carries the slogan “Discover the Beauty of Modesty” and aims to “take an innovative spin on the conventional fashion exhibition to boldly present Islamic culture and attire on an international platform,” It offers such features as “Hijab Fashion” and “Abaya Fashion.” The IFF has staged events in Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi, Astana, Dubai, Jakarta, Monte Carlo, New York, Singapore and Bandung. Next month, the show will be brought to London.

According to Malaysian National News Agency, IFF, under the patronage of Malaysia’s First Lady, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, has been invited to participate in the Milan Fashion Week.”

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Italy: Muslim destroys the statue of the patron saint of Agrigento in Sicily

Image by eli_chan via Flickr

An immigrant from the Maghreb has entered the sanctuary of Saint Calogero and has destroyed the image of the patron saint, last July 9th.

The church was open for the 7:30 mass, when the immigrant, of North African origins, has entered and gone directly into the sacristy, where the statue of Saint Calogero was. He took it and threw it violently against the wall, destroying it completely.

A believer who was at the church had tried to arrest the immigrant, but was hurt. Four policemen were needed to control the man and then to arrest him.

Saint Calomero, a Greek saint, lived in the city in the Vth century, evangelised Sicily and is much revered in the island. He is always represented as a black man. In fact, the Agrigento’s archbishop has praised him as “an example of integration between people”.

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Italy: Man condemned after killing his daughter out of honor, interviewed

honour killings

Image by the|G|™ via Flickr

Terrific. The father says: “I’m a good father, she was a good dautgher, till she began to change. I didn’t want her to be too free”.

I wrote about Mohammed Saleem here.

NOTE: The video is no longer available…

Italy: Police arrest 16 terror suspects in Naples

They were not only terror suporters but they also trafficked with illegal immigrants. Two of them are Italians.

Police in the southern Italian city of Naples on Tuesday arrested 16 people, mainly North Africans, who are suspected of having links to a terrorist cell. Two Italians were among the suspects, sources told Adnkronos. The suspects allegedly provided logistical support to terrorism by abetting illegal immigration, forging and trafficking false documents and counterfeiting bank notes.

The organised forging documents that abetted illegal immigration made it highly likely that the suspects helped subversive elements,” the source said.

One of the two Italians arrested was ‘specialised‘ in forgery, police said. Most of the arrested North Africans were Algerians, Tunisians and Moroccans, according to police.

The arrests were made during a counter-terrorism operation, code named ‘Matmata, carried out by paramilitary Carabinieri police. Police recovered forged driving licences, identity cards and official stamps during raids on dozens of properties.

via Eye On The World: Italy: Police arrest 16 Muslim terror suspects in Naples.

Bulletin of the Oppression of Women: Aug 12 – Nov 2, 2010

August 12, 2010
The ‘confession’ from a woman facing stoning.

August 13, 2010
A female engineer is facing threats for not wearing a veil.

August 15, 2010
A Tulsa shelter helps abused Muslim women.

Muslim parents are charged with beating and imprisoning their daughter over a facebook fling. Continue reading