France: Socialist pre-candidate Martine Aubry and husband summon blogger to appear in court for defamation

European Parliament election, 2009 (France)

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I wrote some days ago that some French bloggers had denounced that, Jean-Louis Brochen, the husband of the Socialist pre-candidate Martine Aubry, was the advocate of “Meeting and Dialogue”, an organization close to the Muslim Brotherhood, and that he had also defended other islamists in court. I wrote also that French writer Caroline Fourest had also written about these facts in her book, having been requested by Mr. Brochen to “correct those passages”, something she refused to do.

Both of them have sued a blogger, Francis Néri, because he dared to write that in his blog, adding that those are “rumours“:

Martine Aubry and her husband, Jean-Louis Brochen, have summoned a blogger Strasbourg, Francis Neri, to appear in court for defamation, officials said, Tuesday, Aug. 2, with the entourage of the Socialist candidate in the primary 2012. A retired 71 years says on his blog, “The Development Officer”, he was assigned on Sept. 12 before the 17th Criminal Chamber of the Paris Court, and reproduces the text of the assignment.
She is accused in a post entitled “Martine de Lille” published July 11 on his blog and then removed from it, of spreading rumors about the privacy and the health of the PS candidate, and introduce Mr. Brochen, former lawyer, as “a defender of communal and provocative Salafis”.

On July 8th, Ms. Aubry said she had written to the websites which were spreading such “rumors” to ask them to withdraw these allegations, and it they failed to comply, she would file a complaint. “Since mid-May, we have acted“, it was stated in the entourage of Mme Aubry, “but we do not talk about because it is not a political element.” “This is the procedure,” adding that Mr. Neri had received a request to withdraw (Something that Mr. Neri denies…). Continue reading

Libya: Islamists blamed for killing General Abdel Fattah Younes as Libya’s rebels face up to enemy within

The leader de facto of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi.

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Their admission that the shadowy Abu Obeida al-Jarrah Brigade was behind the assassination of Gen Abdel Fattah Younes has raised concern that religious elements within the rebellion have now acquired considerably greater influence than previously thought.

Thursday’s killing of Gen Younes, who earlier this year defected from the Tripoli government to join the opposition fight against Colonel Muammar Gaddafi‘s regime, came as a damaging blow to the rebels’ military efforts. He was widely seen as one of the few military figures on the rebel side capable of organising their forces against the better trained Libyan government army.

Abdel Fattah Younes (Telegraph)

Abdel Fattah Younes (Telegraph)

But the admission that the militia whose members are responsible for his death has Islamist leanings, and had been allowed to operate in the east of the country with apparent impunity, will reignite fears that the West\’s support of the Libyan rebels may ultimately open the way to an Islamic state when Col Gaddafi is eventually forced out.

By a coincidence that is embarrassing for the Foreign Office, the assassination came just one day after Britain swallowed its reservations and followed France and the US in formally recognising the rebels\’ Transitional National Council, based in Benghazi, as the legitimate government of Libya.

via Islamists blamed for killing General Abdel Fattah Younes as Libya\’s rebels face up to enemy within – Telegraph.

France: Socialist pre-candidate Martine Aubry versus Caroline Fourest

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Caroline Fourest (ndmg – which is not, at all, a woman on the right) confirmed that Jean-Louis Brochen was the advocate of “Meeting and Dialogue”, which is not for her an “insignificant choice” and said of the association as its principal activity is to disseminate propaganda of sexist and homophobic preachers, who are deniers close to the Muslim Brotherhood. With the blessing of the Green Party of Roubaix, where there are activists of the followers of this school of thought. Caroline Fourest recalls that Jean-Louis Brochen “has been the advocate of Islamists in other cases: a young fanatic who participated in the gang of Roubaix and a case of veiled girls at risk of exclusion from the Lycée Faidherbe in Lille 1994 “. Continue reading

France: Senegal contributes to the funding of Marseille’s mega-mosque

Senegal mezquita de MarsellaPresident Abdoulaye Wade has provided more than 32 million CFA francs (€ 50,000) as a contribution to the construction of the Great Mosque of Marseilles whose project is 75 years old.

The check’s presentation took place in the framework of the France-Africa summit, that was held recently in Nice on the Riviera and several Senegalese authorities attended the ceremony.

In handing the envelope to the Vice President in charge of the mosque construction, Makhète Cisse, who had with him the elected municipal Elizabeth Said, the head of state has “urged Muslims to preserve this place of worship” , noting that his action is to”support efforts towards Islam. “

The recipients thanked the Senegalese President and said that his actions were “very important to honor the Senegalese community in Marseille.”

via Marseille : Le Sénégal contribue au financement de la méga-mosquée.

China, Russia and Brazil, against sanctioning Syrian regime

“There is no consensus”, stated the Brazilian foreign minister, Antonio de Aguiar Patriota, speaking about the European proposal for the UN’s resolution to condemn the Syrian regime for the violent repression of demonstrations. The diplomat stated that “it is unclear whether Lebanon, the only Arab country on the Security Council, would support it or not. ”

European countries of the UN executive body (France, Britain, Germany and Portugal) supported by the United States have submitted a draft resolution to the 15-member Council to condemn the government of Bashar Assad. However, both China and Russia have veto power. Both of them and Brazil have expressed their misgivings.

The 15 countries were due to reconvene on Wednesday to address the issue, although the vote could take several days. At present the highest international security body is composed, in addition to the above countries, also by Bosnia-Herzegovina, Gabon, Nigeria, Colombia, Germany, India, Portugal and South Africa.

More here.

Just in case there is precendent for them and friends, don’t you think?

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France: Algerian-born man is denied citizenship for his degrading attitude towards women

Flag of France and Algeria

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A man married to a Frenchwoman has been refused French citizenship because of his “degrading attitude” toward women.

The Algerian man’s application for French nationality was turned down because “his idea of sexual equality is not that of the republic,” a high-ranking official told French radio station Europe 1, the Guardian reports.

The man – eligible for French nationality as he had been married to a French citizen for more than four years – did not allow his wife to leave the family home freely, it is claimed.

More here.

Burqa ban: Erdogan condemns France

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Not surprising of course:

Council of Europe in Strasbourg, April 13, 2011/Vincent Kessler)

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan accused France of violating the freedom of religion on Wednesday after Paris began enforcing a law barring Muslim women from wearing full face veils in public. He told the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe that Turkey was the only Muslim country that had copied the French law on secularism, or separating church and state.

“It’s quite ironic to see that secularism is today under debate in Europe and is undermining certain freedoms,” he said. “Today in France, there is no respect for individual religious freedom,” he said. The Strasbourg-based Council of Europe monitors human rights across the continent.

Although missionary work is legal in secular Turkey, the mistrust of missionaries has been expressed by state institutions. In 2001, a report prepared for Turkey’s National Security Council, which brings together generals, politicians and the president, said missionary activities constituted a threat to national unity as their ultimate aim was to “divide Turkey”.

“Missionary activity, the prime threat to Turkey, has nothing to do with freedom of religion,” Namik Kemal Zeybek, leader of the Democrat Party, or DP, a small right-wing group, said in a speech last week, according to press reports. “These missionary activities, called ‘Evangelical’ and supported by US dollars, are a threat for the whole of humanity.”

France: Jihadist chiefs threaten to attack over burqa ban

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Well, this is of course, NOT shocking:

Islamic terror chiefs have declared war on France over its ban on women wearing burkas.

Extremists posted threats on websites calling for a “war on crusader France,” according to American terrorism monitoring service SITE.

One message read: “Leave our sisters alone or we will truly be obligated to act on our words.”

France has made it illegal for women to hide their faces with a burka – they can be fined £132.

France: court annuls fine for veil-wearing Muslim driver

Anne, the niqab’d driver, with her “husband”

A French court has annulled a fine imposed on a woman for wearing an Islamic veil while driving.

In April, police in the western city of Nantes fined Sandrine Mouleres 22 euros (£18; $29), saying the veil she was wearing restricted her vision.

Her lawyer hailed the court’s decision to quash the fine on Monday, saying the niqab – which shows only the eyes – did not present a danger.

The “husband” was accused back then of polygamy because he lives with another 3 women besides this one. But he can’t be charged with it, because he hasn’t married (legally) any of them. They live on welfare.

What an smile the "husband" has, hein?


Background: 1, 2.

Taliban “Sanctuary” in Pakistan and Iran, criticized worldwide

The Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) one of the most lethal weapons the U.S. forces face in the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan is not only a headache for military but also needs closer attention from governments around the world while Pakistan is providing the necessary safe heavens according to U.S. military officials.

“We do believe that the enemy – the Taliban is facilitated by some sanctuary in Pakistan, and to some degree minor assistance from Iran,” said Lieutenant General Michael L. Oates, Director, Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) while addressing media on Monday.

in Afghanistan there are “homemade explosives, explosives that are made largely from fertilizer-based bombs – ammonium nitrate and potassium chlorate,” while in Iraq those were more sophisticated.

The general noted that, “there is no ammonium nitrate produced in Afghanistan. It all comes in across the border,” from Pakistan.

On the techniques used by “Haqqani, who operates in the east,” the general noted, “(Haqqani) prefers to use potassium chlorate, but he’ll use ammonium nitrate as well. And we do see a difference in targeting.”

“For instance, Haqqani will attack both Afghan security forces, civilians, and coalition forces equally. We believe his network seeks to control a criminal enterprise in eastern Afghanistan,” added the general.

via Taliban “Sanctuary” in Pakistan With Increasing IED Menace Says U.S. General | AHN.

But they are not the only ones critizicing Pakistan over this sanctuary. Both French President Nicolas Sarkozy and UK Prime Minister David Cameron have also critizised Pakistani sanctuary for IED production. Sarkozy, on official visit to India, said:

It is unacceptable that India’s security can be threatened by groups of terrorists acting from neighbouring countries.

“It is unacceptable for Afghanistan and for our troops that the Taliban and al-Qaeda find safe haven in the border regions of Pakistan. We know the price that the Pakistani people are paying for terrorism. But it is unacceptable for the world that terrorist acts should be masterminded and carried out by terrorist groups in Pakistan,” he said.

The Pakistani authorities must “step up their efforts and show that they are resolute in combating these criminals,” he added, and pledged unlimited counter-terrorist co-operation with India.

I don’t see Pakistan complying with this at all. They would just protest about trying to be “Westernised” or some other stupid idea. But, you know, for the Taliban’s supporters it would be quite convincing. 🙄

PS: one of the Haqqanis raped poor, defenseless girls and made videos of that. Just to consider the kind of “moral” these guys have.

France plans to introduce new ‘Google tax’

As online advertising continues to grow rapidly throughout Europe, French senators this week approved a new tax law aimed at securing the government to a piece of the revenue pie.

Although the measure is popularly known as the “Google Tax“, it does not directly impact the Internet giant, which has based its advertising business offshore and out of reach of French tax collectors. Instead, the one-percent charge will be levied on all French-based companies purchasing online publicity services.

The measure is expected to become law in 2011 and generate between 10 and 20 million euros per year if it is passed by the National Assembly, as predicted.

Supporters of the tax say it will put online advertising on an equality footing with other media. Broadcast and print advertisements are already subject to taxation in France. Television advertising alone pumps roughly 70 million euros into government coffers annually.

But critics say the government’s plan fails to meet its original goal: to tax the French operations of internet giants such as Google, Microsoft, eBay and Amazon, which are located strategically in European countries with low corporate tax rates, such as Ireland and Luxembourg.

via France plans to introduce new ‘Google tax’ | Business | Deutsche Welle | 25.11.2010.

Female genital mutilation is also an issue in Europe, activists say

Practiced in Africa as well as in certain countries in the Middle East and communities in Asia and Latin America, female genital mutilation is the internationally-acknowledged name for the practice of cutting women’s genitalia. Girls are subjected to FGM for a variety of reasons, explained Christine Loudes, director of the EndFGM campaign at Amnesty International.

FGM is performed for non-therapeutic reasons,” Loudes said. “It’s done in the name of tradition, in the name of aesthetics and sometimes in the name of religion.”

FGM involves partially or completely removing the external female genitalia, and the practice is usually performed under unhygienic conditions and without anaesthesia on girls from their birth to 15 years of age. FGM represents a severe violation of human rights.

“It constitutes torture and degrading treatment; it violates women’s rights, and it violates rights to physical integrity as well as to children’s rights, to name a few,” Loudes added.

Africa is the most notable perpetrator regarding FGM, with some 30 countries subjecting girls to the practice. But girls are threatened by the practice on other continents as well. According to the European Parliament, roughly 500,000 girls and women in Europe have already been subjected to FGM or are in danger of becoming victims. That number includes 75,000 girls and women in the UK, 65,000 in France and 30,000 in Germany. As Loudes explains, it’s difficult to prove that FGM is actually being carried out on the ground in Europe, but Amnesty International does not want to rule out the possibility.

via Female genital mutilation is also an issue in Europe, say activists | Environment & Development | Deutsche Welle | 25.11.2010.

Me neither. In fact, there have been reports of “parties” to practise it in the UK.

France: Govt accuses Iran of violence at Tehran embassy

France has accused Iranian security services of committing “unacceptable acts of violence” on French diplomatic personnel in the Iranian capital.

The entry to the French embassy residence in Tehran was blocked by unidentified officials on Sunday, said the French foreign ministry.

“[They] proceeded to arrest guests of the French ambassador and carried out unacceptable acts of violence against French diplomatic personnel,” it said.

Iran has not commented on the claims.

Correspondents say the incident is the latest signal of ongoing tensions between France and Iran, partly strained by France’s tough stand on Iran’s nuclear program

via BBC News – France accuses Iran of violence at Tehran embassy.


France: another Catholic church, attacked

After the Carcassonne’s attack, an scalade of vandalism has targeted the Church of St. John in Avignon.

Wednesday, Church of St. John. Father Gabriel, the parish priest, speaks to the press, almost in desperation. For several months, his church has been the target of obscene and offensive tags, excrement-throwing … And last week, the cypresses adjacent to the religious building were set on fire, threatening to spread the flames to church. For this priest, “these acts have a direct link with what is happening in Iraq where Christians were attacked.” At the outset, Father Gabriel talks about inter-community tensions and denounced a “climate of increasingly aggressive and violent maintained by a small group of young people 12/13 years up to 16 years.” At first, Father Gabriel was believed to “incivility” of unemployed youth in the neighborhood. Nonsense of teenagers in need of provocation.Then a few days before the fire of cypress, a youth entered the church during mass, urinating on the porch with while shouting this terrible sentence, “We’ll toast you all, you and your church.” The parish priest complained to the police on Nov. 9.

How the set of facts as serious attacks against places of worship, could pass so unnoticed by authorities? At the town hall, the chief of staff pleads “shocked and stunned.” “We learned the facts by the press this morning himself“, the mayor’s office acknowledges. Stunned by the facts themselves, but also by the lack of relay and the lack of feedback from the neighborhood to the town hall … “We have traced all the letters received by City Hall in recent months, nothing on the Church of St. John. ”

Another reason for astonishment, that the archdiocese did not call directly to the mayor to report these acts classified as “intolerable“.

Acts which, for some residents of Saint John, would be the face of the iceberg deploring a “religious proselytizing.” Inter-community tension must be taken into account by the archdiocese and the representative of Muslim worship. Locally, we learned tonight that Father Gabriel will have an 8 am town hall on Monday 30, his schedule did not allow him to go before. “We’ll set up a working group composed of national police and municipal technical services but also of the city to respond as quickly as possible in this situation,” concluded the chief of staff.

Having failed to reach the Archbishop’s palace tonight, we will, hopefully, learn his position tomorrow.


Dhimmi/Catholic/non-Muslimphobia in action.

France: two arrested for suspected terrorist links

French police have arrested two people on suspicion of links to terrorist groups, Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said Thursday.

These are serious counts. They are being questioned at this moment,” Hortefeux told France 2 television, adding:

They were arrested for (suspicion of) links to a criminal enterprise with a view to preparing a terrorist act.”

He said 85 arrests of a similar kind had been made since the start of the year and that 27 of those were still behind bars.

Governments, airlines and aviation authorities around the world have been reviewing security since U.S.-bound parcel bombs sent by air from Yemen were intercepted in Dubai and Britain at the end of last week.

France is on high alert after seven people, including five French citizens, were kidnapped by the North African wing of al Qaeda in September.

via France arrests two for suspected militant links | Reuters.

Bulletin of the Oppression of Women: Aug 12 – Nov 2, 2010

August 12, 2010
The ‘confession’ from a woman facing stoning.

August 13, 2010
A female engineer is facing threats for not wearing a veil.

August 15, 2010
A Tulsa shelter helps abused Muslim women.

Muslim parents are charged with beating and imprisoning their daughter over a facebook fling. Continue reading

France: Nicolas Sarkozy ‘among targets of Greece parcels bombs’


Not only AQ sends explosive parcels these days:

French President Nicolas Sarkozy was among the intended recipients of four parcel bombs found in Athens on Monday, Greek police have said.

One of the bombs, addressed to the Mexican embassy in Athens, exploded in the offices of a private courier company, slightly injuring an employee.

The other two parcels were addressed to the Belgian and Dutch embassies in the city.

Two men, aged 22 and 24, have been arrested over the attack.

Greece has been experiencing a wave of attacks against government and police targets, attributed to far-left groups, and police said they were not linking Monday’s events to al-Qaeda.

via BBC News – Nicolas Sarkozy ‘among targets of Greece parcels bombs’.

Terror: France hands over Afghan district, after Bin Laden’s “warning”

Osama Bin Laden has reportedly tied the kidnapping of five French people in Niger to France’s treatment of its Muslim minority.

An audio message said to have been recorded by the al-Qaeda leader says the abduction was retaliation for “France’s injustice to Muslims”.

It says forthcoming French curbs on the full veil are “colonial oppression”.

The speaker identified as Bin Laden also tells France to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

…The speaker on the recording, broadcast by Qatar-based satellite TV channel al-Jazeera, says the kidnapping was “in retaliation for [France’s] tyranny… against [the] Muslim nation”. (sic) Continue reading

“Islam not invasive”: Impositions rise in French public state schools

Teachers often faced objections when they taught courses about world religions, the Holocaust or France’s war in Algeria, or discussed events related to Israel and the Palestinians or American military actions in Muslim countries, the study said.

Teachers regularly find that Muslim parents refuse to have their children learn about Christianity,” it said. “Some think it amounts to evangelisation.”

Anti-Semitism … surfaces during courses about the Holocaust, such as inappropriate jokes and refusals to watch films” about Nazi concentration camps, it said. “Tensions often come from pupils who identify themselves as Muslims.”

Teachers found they could discuss the trans-atlantic slave trade but met criticism from pupils when they brought up the history of slavery within Africa or in the Middle East.

Reflecting the promotion of anti-Darwinist thinking in Muslim countries, “evolution is challenged by pupils who posit divine or creationist action without any argument for it.”

In some areas with large immigrant populations, many pupils shun school cafeterias for religious reasons, even though most offer alternative dishes when pork is on the menu.

Demand for halal menus is strong, even for the very young in public crèches,” it said. “In some cities, there are petitions for halal — and sometimes kosher — meals.”

The report stressed the state could allow alternatives to pork but could not allow halal or kosher meals because the price for ritually slaughtered meat included a tax paid to religious organisations that certify the food was properly prepared.

via Religious demands rise in French state schools – study | World | Reuters.

Don’t criticize us, while we can criticize others. Don’t let our children listen to other religions’ teners, just in case they convert to them. The Holocaust is a lie. Only white men had slaves, Muslims never. Etc. etc. etc.

This is not education: education has to be done on a free basis, searching for truth and being flexible, not trying to impose your own “beliefs” on others.