Compare the outrage

Some days ago, I wrote about the “Hijab Martyr” and the outrage for her murder (committed by a Neo-Nazi in Germany, named Axel W, during the trial in which he was accused of insulting and harrasing her) in the Islamic world.

Now compare that case with Ilam Halimi’s murder and torture in Paris. He was Jewish and his torturers (for three long weeks) and killers were Muslims. Except Youssouf Foufana, the leader of the gang, the rest have been all condemned to very lenient sentences, so lenient that the punishments are going to be revised.

I never saw the same degree of outrage when Ilam Halimi was killed by Muslims than when a Neo-Nazi killed 32-year-old Sherbini. Her brother even considered that all Europeans were racists. I never saw any Islamic figure consider Muslim anti-semitism or protesting Islamic antisemitism because of the brutal killing of Ilan Halimi. :no:

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