Shahbaz Bhatti, shot dead

Mr Bhatti opposed the “blasphemy law” and was killed two days ago. So did Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, who was shot dead by one of his bodyguards last January.

I feel, even as I am not an active blogger now, that he merits a post. It’s difficult to be Christian in Pakistan as I have repeatedly blogged on the past. But to be Minister and to openly speak against the damned blasphemy law is even more difficult.

So, this is my tribute to a man, whose success I was very doubtful from the beginning I knew of his existence (in a country where a “cleric” can put a bounty on someone for allegedly “blaspheming” and no one gets him in jail and condemned because of it, you can understand why I was even hard on him back then). But nonetheless, we have to admire his courage for speaking in favour of Asia Bibi and others jailed on “blasphemy” charges, even if he was threatened by the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and several other groups,as he says in the video in the link above.

Requiescat in pace. Amen.


9 comments on “Shahbaz Bhatti, shot dead

  1. Aguador says:

    Una pena que estés not active. Yo últimamente no escribo mucho, pero vamos, me gustaba leer tus posts. Lo cierto es que Facebook te hace vago a la hora de escribir, así es que igual me aparto un poco de FB y me concentro más en otras vías de información.

    Del tema, ya esperaba que ninguno de los eurodirigentes masónicos europeos dijera nada…

    Un beso,

  2. Pakistan, along with every muslim nation is earmarked for judgment and punishment by Almighty God. This punishment and judgment is also earmarked for those who have sold out their birthright in favour of muslim migration. Muslim migration is the first step, of not integration, but, domination through abomination. This man was a real hero and I applaud his courage in a predominantly devilish country. He is what the Word of God refers to as a ‘Martyr.’

    • Claudia says:

      He is what the Word of God refers to as a ‘Martyr.’

      I agree. But of course, the “martyrs” we keep on seeing on TV, blowing themselves up to kill, won’t follow his example… 😦

  3. K. aka Kel says:

    This was very sad.. What yet another pathetic reflection on this cult.

  4. […] lay organisation active in international affairs. The conference was designed as a memorial to Shahbaz Bhatti and as a way to encourage the continuation of his mission of promoting interreligious dialogue in […]

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  6. […] deny the fact that Mr Bhatti was murdered, they are lying about why he was killed: because of his opposition to the Pakistani “blasphemy law”. But of course, that wouldn’t be convenient for Pakistani stablishment, would it? The media […]

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