Somalia: Extremist Group Bans Samosas


Samosas. Image via Wikipedia

A powerful Muslim extremist group in Somalia banned samosas in the country because their three sides may remind people of the Christian Holy Trinity.

Members of Al-Shabaab recently boarded trucks with loudspeakers and announced that the popular pastries are banned in the country, UPI reported.

The group did not fully explain its decision to ban the snack that is often filled with minced meats and vegetables, but witnesses told a local paper that their ubiquitous three-cornered shape may invoke thoughts on the Holy Trinity, according to the report.

The Islamic militant group, which controls wide swaths of the country, bans music and watching sports on TV.

via Somali Extremist Group Bans Samosas in Country –

Meanwhile, I read this question in the internet:

Somalia is an overwhelming Islamic country with more of its 98% inhabitants being Muslims. Rich Muslim brothers, owners of oil, which just built the Great Mosque of Dubai at a cost of approximately $ 600 million and where only the carpet in the main hall has a value of approximately $ 6.5 million, those who bathe in tubs of gold, and squander their money all over the world, can not help their poorer brethren?

Is anybody reporting about that permanent civil war between Islamic factions? Is anybody reporting that the same radical Islamic groups deny the famine and also prevent the delivery of humanitarian aid to the population?

I will answer this: No, they are just waiting for Christian countries to provide for their “poor Muslim brothers”, who are Black. And so inferior. The same that happened with Black Muslims in Sudan. You can read Human Trafficking and Modern-day Slavery: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. No one is speaking about this. Because they own oil. Yes, that same oil that the rest use for everything in their/our lifes.

Meanwhile, they continue pushing for what they are really interested in: the UN anti-blasphemy (really anti-criticism of Islam) resolution, although Pakistani Christian Minister Shabaz Bhatti’s assasination has made them more cautious.

6 comments on “Somalia: Extremist Group Bans Samosas

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  2. K. aka Kel says:

    First of all, “Black Hawk Down.”

    Second, men were MURDERED for being caught watching the World Cup Soccer a few years back, on a “contraband” television set.

    Third, I announce a WORLD WIDE Samosa Day.

    …This is insane… and mothers are so desperate, they’re leaving their babies at the side of the road for NCOs to pick up. (BTW, many of those children were conceived via rape by islamists…)

    Sick world. Upside down and right side up doesn’t make sense over there. This geo-political relationship with the West is doomed…😦

    • Claudia says:

      …This is insane… and mothers are so desperate, they’re leaving their babies at the side of the road for NCOs to pick up. (BTW, many of those children were conceived via rape by islamists…)

      Yeah, but, shockingly (or not?), MSM are so focused on Breivik’s supposedly Christian ideas, but not on denouncing this. The impact this humanitarian crisis can have is tremendous for a huge amount of people who are actually dying of hunger and of illnesses linked to malnutrition…

      This geo-political relationship with the West is doomed…

      I agree…

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  4. […] Somalia: Extremist Group Bans Samosas ( […]

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