The attack on the Fogel family is yet another proof of the extreme cruelty and hate Islamism can shelter and produce. The murder of five members of one family (CAUTION: GRAPHIC CONTENT), of which three were children (11-year-old, 3-year-old and a baby), can’t really be understood by people with sound minds, if we don’t introduce the religious hate on this equation. Hamas has actually condoned the killings, because “Israelis live in the West Bank”.

So horrid. I just don’t have words.

PS: By the way, anyone seeing any difference between Saddam and Gadaffi?


9 comments on “Murdered

  1. Muslim dictators are all the same, but the worst of the bunch is the Iranian president. He is a stark, raving lunatic who should be locked up in his own padded cell. The murder of the Fogel family is beyond the comprehension of normal human beings. I suppose even animals would be at a loss to understand the insanity which is islam.

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  3. Heitai says:

    I am sorry, I am not searching be insensitive, but the photos I think, are good for be send to the presidents of the latinamerica, as the stupid president of my country Chile, for He see with your eyes, who is who in this war…
    Why this news is undercover? the silent is shaming!!
    The terrorists, have as major allied the silence and the ignorance.

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  5. K. aka Kel says:

    Islamists adore Thanatophila (worship of death.) Decapitating babies is just another day for their warped ideology. The more assaultive to Western sensibilities, the better for ’em.

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