US: NBC Blames American Anti-Muslim Sentiment for Norway Attacks, Warns of Similar Violence in U.S.

Well, then, there you go. As some “bright” anarcocapitalist wrote in Spanish blog Desde el Exilio (comments) yesterday,

for some years, neoconservatives have been exaggerating the problem of islamofascism, the same way that ecofascists have been exaggerating environmental problems, both of them of justify their particular statist nirvana. The term I use for this is “islamoalarmism”, the unfounded belief in the idea that Western civilization is confronting its end at the hands of international jihad, the day after tomorrow,something that lets you justify anything, because it’s either that or death. Trying to prevent terrorist attacks at home, some people have encouraged (those ideas) in the mind of some demented people“.

Just the same, but on TV:

On Monday’s NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams proclaimed that Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik “seemed to be heavily influenced by some people in this country who write and blog about the perceived threat from Islam.”

In the report that followed, correspondent Michael Isikoff noted how writings of Robert Spencer, the head of Stop the Islamization of America, were cited several times in Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto and declared that “some analysts say words can be weapons themselves.” A sound bite was featured of Heidi Beirich of the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center: “When you push the demonization of populations, you often end up with violence.”

Isikoff added: “And that may be exactly what has happened, says Beirich. The 2008 burning of a mosque in Tennessee is evidence of what Beirich says has been a spike in anti-Muslim attacks, including arsons and bombings in Florida, Michigan and Oregon.”

via NBC Blames American Anti-Muslim Sentiment for Norway Attacks, Warns of Similar Violence in U.S. |

So, aren’t you demonizing another part of the population? Why you can “demonize” Christians and Conservatives (1very brutal attack, 70 victims), but the rest can’t critizise Islamic terror (more than 17,000 victims in 10 years and counting)?


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