Norway: Oslo mass-killer admires Obama

This title is as legitimate as any other that has been going on through internet. Anders Behring, the killer of 86 (last hour: police revises down attack death toll to 76) teenagers in a Youth Labour camp, is either a madman or a sadist. Or both. He apparently supported anti-Jihad sites, but I can strongly say we can not (and will not) support his crimes, which are unjustified at all. You could ask why T&P would need to issue such a comment.

But it is necessary (despite it’s stupidity for any sound person): as he is (supposedly) an anti-Jihadist and “a Christian” who doesn’t like Islamization, now everyone who dares to criticize Islam and considers himself as that, should be held accountable of his crimes. That’s nonsense: we, at T&P, have never supported indiscriminated violence, against everyone who is at a location, being exactly what every Islamist terrorist does, every time he/she explodes a bomb and that we criticize here everytime we’re able. Violence should only be used, at a last resort in war, and even in war, there are laws and practices that rule it. And we know that, except some fringe elements that we just don’t link at all because they are as dangerous with their words as any Islamic extremists, most anti-Jihadists are just peace-loving guys who are absolutely shocked by cruelty, murder, amputations, rapes, honor killings, discrimination, etc. that is going on under Islam nowadays.

But the generalization has begun:

It is dispiriting to find elements of the media and blogosphere attempting to suggest that Breivik’s interests in certain anti-Islamist groups may have influenced his metamorphosis into a mass-murdering terrorist. If there is a pattern to such abuse of logic, it could be suggested that J.D. Salinger, creator of the character Holden Caulfield with whom killer Mark Chapman identified, was responsible for the murder of John Lennon. Similarly, it could be suggested that as the 1931 movie King Kong was apparently Hitler’s favorite movie, it had some bearing on Nazi militaristic and genocidal outcomes.
While the left-leaning media is promoting this prurient “guilt by association” barely 24 hours after the victims’ bodies have gone cold, it should also be pointed out that Breivik also admired Obama.
The anti-Islamic website Islam versus Europe contains more quotes from Breivik’s postings on the website, including the following:
“I completely agree that Obama is a brilliant retoriker [rhetorician] and communicator, one of the best we’ve seen over the past 30 years.”
It is not the role of any journalists to attempt to “define” the mindset of a mass-killer by trying to score political points against groups and people they dislike.
After all, why are these same outlets not also highlighting Breivik’s admiration for President Obama?

As the Dogout says:

This whole thing smells of a frame-up, and Breivik more and more to me looks like a fall-guy. I do not doubt there are Christian fundamentalists who would resort to murder to “spread God’s word.” I will remind readers here of the murders of abortion doctors .

Whatever the Norwegian authorities find, they are going to be reluctant to release any information that might implicate Islamists and Muslims. It might rile up the immigrant “Norwegian” Muslims, provoke them to stage “spontaneous” demonstrations, and step up their spiraling rape spree of non-Muslim Norwegian women.

There are a lot of unanswered questions: for example, why the FB profile so quoted by every MSM, has been removed by Wikipedia because they consider it is a fake?

In the end, you just have to read this piece by Bruce Bawer in PJM. An excerpt:

[Norwegian stablishment and politicians] have been extremely gentle with Mullah Krekar, Norway’s resident terrorist.  While some government officials have (admirably) labored to get the founder of Ansar al-Islam returned to his native Iraq, the system has repeatedly protected him, allowing him to stay in a very nice flat in Oslo, where he is supported by the state.  Over the years the Norwegian media have churned out countless profiles of this murderous, child-torturing monster, invariably depicting him as a charming, grandfatherly type and allowing him plenty of space to bash the United States.

They’ve squelched criticism of Islam. In January 2006, Vebjørn Selbekk, editor of a small evangelical publication called Magazinet, reprinted the Danish Muhammed cartoons — and sent the Norwegian establishment into a tailspin.  Politicians at the very highest level pressured Selbekk to apologize for his offense.  He withstood admirably — for a while — but eventually buckled, and on February 10, 2006, appeared before a gathering of Norwegian imams and begged their forgiveness for having exercised his freedom of speech.  Top government officials looked on in satisfaction, and a delegation led by a bishop of the Church of Norway traveled to Yemen to deliver the happy tidings of this capitulation to the theologian widely viewed as the closest thing to a Muslim pope, Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

And he ends the article saying:

…It is deeply depressing to see this evil, twisted creature become the face of Islam criticism in Norway. Norwegian television journalists who in the first hours of the crisis were palpably uncomfortable about the prospect of having to talk about Islamic terrorism are now eagerly discussing the dangers of “Islamophobia” and “conservative ideology” and are drawing connections between the madness and fanaticism of Breivik and the platform of the Progress Party. Yesterday’s events, then, represent a double tragedy for Norway. Not only has it lost almost one hundred people, including dozens of young people, in a senseless rampage of violence. But I fear that legitimate criticism of Islam, which remains a very real threat to freedom in Norway and the West, has been profoundly discredited, in the eyes of many Norwegians, by association with this murderous lunatic.

Lastly, I want to see Muslim leaders reject terrorism the same way Pope Benedict XVI did this morning, with this self-considered “Christian” (more posts to come on this absolute nonsense, but something every damned MSM is repeating around the world):

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13 comments on “Norway: Oslo mass-killer admires Obama

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  2. Emilie says:

    A few points:

    – Mullah Krekar can not be thrown out of Norway because if returned to Iraq, his home country, he faces the death penalty. According to international human rights laws, this is a crime. No one in Norway wants Mullah Krekar as a resident but most people don’t want him killed either. Norwegians feel very strongly that the death penalty is both inhumane and cowardly.

    – It isn’t true that Norwegian television journalists were “palpably uncomfortable about the prospect of having to talk about Islamic terrorism” “during the first few hours of the crisis.” During the first few hours of the crisis, no one knew who was behind the attacks and it would have been entirely wrong to speculate and blame anyone. Especially as it turned out it was not “Islamic” terrorism.

    – Why say the attacker is “Christian”? He identifies as Christian. No quotation marks needed. There are plenty of Christian terrorists and madmen, just as there are plenty of sane, normal, peaceful muslims. At least then, Islamic terrorism should also be referred to as “Islamic terrorism.”

    – Many American television journalists were far too comfortable talking about the terror in Norway when they assumed it was the work of Al Qaeda or a similar group. It is sad that interest faded when the terrorist’s identity was revealed. Right wing Christian terrorism poses perhaps an equally big threat to Western society and should be discussed on an equal level. I’m sure the audience can handle it.

    – The attacker does not say he admires Obama’s politics. He states he admires his rhetoric, his ability to speak in public. I believe he is fascinated by Obama’s popularity, but it is highly unlikely he admires his liberal politics. This article certainly didn’t state that, but it is important not to make misleading assumptions.

    • Claudia says:

      Good points, but I don’t agree with them for the following reasons:

      -Mullah Krekar should know that, if thrown to Iraq, he could be killed, so he should stop criticizing the country where his life is spared, but instead he insults and threatens other people.One could actually think, he doesn’t care about what happens to him. If I were the Norwegian Government, I would certainly tell him that, and, if his behaviour doesn’t change, I would suspend that law for him and send him back to Iraq.

      -About that quote (“feeling unconfortable about speaking about Islamist terrorism“), that’s not mine, but I wouldn’t be shocked at learning that, specially considering the history of Norwegian complicity with Palestinian terrorism and its lack of support for freedom of expression in the Mohammed cartoons as it is shown before. Anyway, why don’t you go to the original link and tell the author that?

      -I say he is “Christian” because he a) doesn’t quote Scriptures as basis of his terrorist attack; b) he doesn’t say he is saving anyone’s soul; c) his views on Christianity are just based on his anti-Islam views (That is: he is only a “Christian”, because he thinks Christian faith is antagonistic to Islamic faith); d) the Christian commandment above anyone else is “love thy enemy”, something that clearly doesn’t support any kind of violence, while Jihad is a commandment of Islam that makes Muslim fight everything that is not Islamic -some of them consider that as fight peacefully, others as violent fight-. I have written another post for today on the subject, as I had announced in the end of this post (you should have missed it).

      -I don’t know about American TVs, because I am not American and I don’t live in the US. In Spain, journalists were much more comfortable when they knew they could blame “the Christian vast right-wing conspiracy” than if it had been an Islamist terror attack. The Socialist candidate, Rubalcaba, even considered himself feeling more sorrowful because the victims were Labour, than if they would have been of any other idoelogy.

      In Spain, we have ETA terrorism, so I can handle really well the consideration of non-Islamic terrorism. But I can also write that the danger posed by Islamic terrorism is much more general and dangerous than any other type of terrorism because of two factors: the radicalization of (some) Muslim clerics and the illiteracy rates in most Islamic countries.

      -I didn’t write that he “admired Obama’s politics”, did I? I said he admired Obama. But of course, that is not politically correct enough. We can say that he admires those counter-jihad bloggers (I don’t like some of them at all, as you can see they are not in my blogroll), but we can’t say he admires Obama. Of course, if he considers himself as a counter-jihadist (even if I don’t even think he is such: he has done exactly the same Jihadists do, kill people indiscriminately), he wouldn’t be politically an Obama’s fan, but he certainly considers him as “the best communicator in the last 20 years”.

      But, then, that’s what I wanted to see using this title.

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