Spain: Zapatero wants Morocco and Turkey in the EU as a “gesture of conciliation with the Islamic world”

You know, the only problem Spain has nowadays is, of course, that Turkey and Morocco (an autocratic Monarchy in which the King is also the “Commander of the Believers…) aren’t members of the European Union. Absolutely appalling.

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero - Royal & Zapater...

Image by Guillaume Paumier via Flickr

That the only casualties of the twin bombings of Norway are European origin and people outside the Islamic religion has not prevented the Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, calling on EU leaders for Morocco and Turkey to be allowed entry into the European Union as a gesture of reconciliation with the Islamic world.

The Spanish Government’s President spoke about that support in phone calls to both to the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the Alawite ruler of Morocco (what do Erdogan and King Mohammed VI have to do with Norwegian murder? No Muslim was murdered, no Moroccan or Turkish citizen was murdered or hurt…), in which he reiterated his commitment to the alliance of civilizations as the only way possible for a north-south agreement. Zapatero argues that both Turkey and Morocco meet the requirements set by the EU to join their project.

He acknowledged that so far-reaching integration takes time and deliberation, but hoped that the position in favor of those accessions would gain the majority in the heart of community partners

On the other hand, Zapatero reiterated today that Oslo would be the place to do an act of “democratic assertion”, needed after the attacks last Friday in the city and the island of Utøya.

For the Spanish Socialist leader, the double bombing at the hands of Behring Anders Breivik should be classified as a very serious incident that requires a European shared response. In his opinion, an urgent action is needed in the field of international cooperation regarding security, but also from the policy of the Heads of State and Government of member countries.

“The EU should take the initiative. I already proposed this discussion subject and I hope it has an specific translation, must have it”, he said before stressing that Europe can not continue as if nothing had happened.

via Zapatero propone el ingreso de Marruecos y Turquía en la UE como gesto de conciliación con el mundo islámico | Alerta Digital.

He also said, thinking he is Seated Bull or Geronimo, that:

it is not madness that leads to fanaticism, it is the fanaticism that leads to murderous madness.

Something shocking for someone who justified/understood terrorism by saying that “terrorism exists because there is an ocean of global injustice“. Except if the killer murders people from the Socialist family, when it “hurts more” than if the murdered guys were from other ideological families, as Rubalcaba, the new Socialist candidate, said.

George Orwell: All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.

Never was that quote more realistic.


8 comments on “Spain: Zapatero wants Morocco and Turkey in the EU as a “gesture of conciliation with the Islamic world”

  1. John Mayer says:

    actually a turkish girl was one the victims. her name was Gizem Dogan.

    • Claudia says:

      Ok, but Norway is NOT a member of the European Union. If they want to mend their relations with the Islamic world, they can do it by themselves. Spain doesn’t have to mend anything at all.

  2. jacob zumna says:

    what is this article about?
    I guess morons as well can write low cost articles. read more about Morocco and turky ignorant, an keep you obsurd behaviour in you dirty mind. and Morocco and turky will become europe members, you like it or not. if you don’t like it just suicide 🙂
    you will free the world from anothe ignorant

    • Claudia says:

      So, someone that asks

      what is this article about?

      gives his opinion on the post. An opinion that shows his rudeness truly well.

      A guy who writes like you (“obsurd”, “turky”…), can’t call anyone “ignorant” at all… 😆

      Lastly, MY country is already a member of the European Union, so I guess I can express my opinion about which countries I think can be admitted or not. I don’t mind whether you recognise me that right or not.

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  4. Ulricht says:

    I agree with Claudia, at some level, but my dear, I do agree with Jacob as well, maybe his English in not good enough but at least he get to the point. (Claudia) Spanish name for sure ( and you are more likely from PP) so the old fashioned PP Ideology should go to the closet and remain there eternally 🙂
    Morocco is in the process of integrating the EES European economic space, and after maybe 10 years they will be full members. so your most deep fears will become true (for you) but for the rest of the educated people, it will be a huge satisfaction to see the superb and historical country joining Europe.
    ps : I am from Germany 🙂 the country that voted to accept Spain as member in the European Union in Gonzales time.

    • Claudia says:

      Yeah, “ulrich”, I’m sure that being your name “Jalal Nali” (as your Facebook account says, yes, the one you just have introduced when commenting), you’re most likely to consider Jacob as a very “modern” guy, and me a very “old fashioned”.

      Well, just in case: Germany accepted Spain not because of German good will, but because of this:

      It is conceivable that yesterday’s negotiations may indeed save the eurozone – but it is worth pausing to consider the consequences of European fiscal union. First, it will mean the economic destruction of most of the southern European countries. Indeed, this process is already far advanced. Thanks to their membership of the eurozone, peripheral countries such as Greece and Portugal – and to an increasing extent Spain and Italy – are undergoing a process of forcible deindustrialisation. Their economic sovereignty has been obliterated; they face a future as vassal states, their role reduced to the one enjoyed by the European colonies of the 19th and early 20th centuries. They will provide cheap labour, raw materials, agricultural produce and a ready market for the manufactured goods and services provided by the far more productive and efficient northern Europeans. Their political leaders will, like the hapless George Papandreou of Greece, lose all political legitimacy, becoming local representatives of distant powers who are forced to implement economic programmes from elsewhere in return for massive financial subventions.

      While these nations relapse into pre-modern economic systems, Germany is busy turning into one of the most dynamic and productive economies in the world. Despite the grumbling, for the Germans, the bail-outs are worth every penny, because they guarantee a cheap outlet for their manufactured goods. Yesterday’s witching hour of the European Union means that Germany has come very close to realising Bismarck’s dream of an economic empire stretching from central Europe to the Eastern Mediterranean.

      Just the same that they accepted Greece so the latter opposses Turkish entry in the EU, without Germany getting its hands dirty. That’s called economic imperialism.
      Moreover, I don’t like PP nor PSOE. I don’t vote. Not agreeing with Zapatero, only means that: I don’t like Socialism (of course, for you, maybe Socialists are “progressives”, although I don’t think that our 5 million jobless people think they have “progressed” at all).
      Lastly, for your knowledge, Claudia is a Latin name, so it could be used by Italian, French, Spanish… ladies. 😆

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