Arrested’s responsible of threats against South Park

Revolution Muslim’s co-founder and primary spokesman Younus Abdullah Muhammad was arrested in Morocco early Friday, according to Islam Policy, the Web site successor to the original Revolution Muslim.

Muhammad, also known as Jesse Morton, was charged earlier this month with transmitting threats in relation to Revolution Muslim’s 2010 threats against the creators of South Park for a two-part episode satirizing death threats over the depiction of the Prophet Mohammad.

With the impressive logical skills that strike everyone when reading an Islamist webpage (ironic mode off), Islamic Policy, the heir of stated:

His arrest comes in the long line of Muslims who have been imprisoned for speaking out against the United States. It is part and parcel of the US war on Islam. It is a war, being waged on two interlink fronts.

This guy told everyone that “Allah commanded Muslims to terrorise infidels”. 🙄

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US: Man who threatened South Park authors pleads guilty over links to Somali Islamists

US Man Pleads Guilty Over Links To Somali Islamists:

“An American Muslim convert from Fairfax county in Virginia has pleaded guilty to ties with Somali Islamist militants and of urging attacks on perceived blasphemist writers of a popular television cartoon show, reports said on Wednesday.

Zachary Adam Jesser (Photo: Jawa Report)

Zachary Adam Chesser, 20, was apparently incensed by the alleged disparaging depiction of Prophet Mohammed in ‘South Park.’

Chesser pleaded guilty to three counts including communicating threats, soliciting others to threaten violence and providing material support to al-Shabaab, the Somali militant outfit with suspected links to al-Qaeda proscribed by the U.S. 

He also published residential addresses of the writers of South Park and urged online readers to ‘visit’ them.

The charges carry a prison sentence of up to 30 years.

According to prosecutors, he also tried to travel twice to Somalia to join al-Shabaab and even attempted to carry his infant son in the belief that it could help evade detection.

South Park 0, 1?.
Blogosphere: The dark side of the man who “warned” South Park creators.
US: The Simpsons support South Park creators.

US: The Simpsons support South Park creators

Oh, well, they support them… if they weren’t so scared!!!


At least, they admit they are scared. Others would have spoken about “respect” for other beliefs… just after they have been threatened…

Blogosphere: The dark side of the man who "warned" South Park creators

South Park title image depicting most of the c...Image via Wikipedia

He should be very proud of being “famous” now.

By all appearances, Zachary Adam Chesser was the boy next door. He played football and was on the crew team at one of the best high schools in the country. He even studied Japanese. He was hardly the sort of boy you’d expect would suggest on a radical Islamic website that the creators of the edgy cartoon series “South Park” will be targeted for death.

But Chesser also had a dark side. He was a “loner,” a former classmate said, one who frequently drew pictures of Satanic figures in his notebooks and had just a few friends, most of them male.

“He was definitely sort of weird,” the classmate told “He was very into violent industrial music, borderline Satanic bands and stuff like that. He had dark undertones in his interests.”
Two years later, Chesser is literally a changed man. He now uses an alias and has a new set of hobbies. He now likes to be called Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee, and his primary interest in this world appears to be Islamic radicalism.

…What seems to bend reality is what has happened to Chesser. The school he attended, Oakton High School in Fairfax County, Va., was ranked the 103rd best high school in the country by Newsweek in his graduating year and was ranked 88th by US News & World Report the year before. Among the schools alumnae is 1984 graduate Michaele (Holt) Salahi, better known as the White House dinner party crasher.

Chesser’s background offers nothing to suggest that he would recently have eloped and married a Muslim woman he met in college, a woman who has given birth to their baby boy, according to neighbors. While there is no evidence that Chesser became radicalized while at George Mason, there were “dark overtones in his interests” for years, dating back to his years in middle school and high school.

Chesser’s longtime classmate, who requested anonymity, said he did not overtly express an interest in converting to Islam while in high school. But given Chesser’s past as a loner who sought to create conflict, she said she was hardly surprised to learn what’s become of him.

“I was initially pretty surprised because you never suspect someone you’ve known for so long to put out something like that,” she said in reference to Chesser’s web posting. “But once I thought about it, I wasn’t really surprised. There was definitely a ‘loner thing’ about him. He had an interest in being controversial and saying crazy things.”

Chesser’s interests — hardcore industrial music, Goth and Satanic materials — appear to have translated “pretty well to violent extremism,” the classmate said.

Chesser lives with his mother, brother, wife and son in Centreville. His parents are divorced, but they maintain an amicable relationship. His involvement in Revolution Muslim is largely unknown in his hometown, neighbors told

“They’re very isolated people,” said a neighbor who requested anonymity. “His mother is very friendly, though. They say ‘hi’ when I see them, but they don’t get personal with anybody.”

The neighbor, a devout Christian, said she was scared and surprised to learn that Chesser has posted messages calling for the murder of Jews and, most recently, the deaths of Parker and Stone.

So this guy is what we have called all time a freaky loner, with an ability to be controversial. It’s like: “hey, I’m really an outsider, but I don’t mind, you’re so freaking idiots you all”. He went from listening to Goth and Satanic materials to be an Islam convert who loves violence. Interesting evolution. Another “not very likely to be violent”, like Aleksander Tikomirov. With one difference: Tikhomirov was actually a terrorist, this guy just menaces from a PC, and I am sure he would be frightened (really frightened) if the same threats warnings would be posted against him.

But the stupid statement of week goes to Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR‘s chairman:

Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, characterized Revolution Muslim as a loosely-organized group with such outrageous beliefs he believes it may be a “setup” to smear Islam.

“They say wild and irresponsible things periodically,” Hooper told “There’s a strong suspicion that they’re merely a setup to make Muslims and Islam look bad. They say such wild and crazy things that you have to wonder.”

So the guy who presides over an organization which is linked to Hamas and Saudi Arabian Wahabbis and who said that “I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future. But I’m not going to do anything violent to promote that. I’m going to do it through education“, says is a setup to smear Islam. Has you looked at yourself, dude?

He just considers that “education” is going to take too long and that he wants to reach the same goal (an Islamic US) more quickly. Of course, it certainly doesn’t make Islam look good, but neither does Hamas or Saudi Arabia Wahabbists…


The South Park creators have published a press release on the issue:

Posted on: 04.22.10
A Statement from Matt and Trey

In the 14 years we’ve been doing South Park we have never done a show that we couldn’t stand behind. We delivered our version of the show to Comedy Central and they made a determination to alter the episode. It wasn’t some meta-joke on our part. Comedy Central added the bleeps. In fact, Kyle’s customary final speech was about intimidation and fear. It didn’t mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too. We’ll be back next week with a whole new show about something completely different and we’ll see what happens to it.


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South Park 0, 1?

South Park title image depicting most of the c...Image via Wikipedia

Background here.

According to CNN, there is apparently a debate going on inside the Muslim community after the threats warnings the Islamist webpage,, issued against South Park’s creators.

Blogger Bilal el-Houri is agnostic but he grew up in a Muslim family in the mostly Muslim region of the Middle East. He said, “My first thoughts on the episode were “haha!”, but then I realized how deep and complicated this issue is.”

El-Houri said he was quickly reminded of tragedies that ensued from other infamous depictions of Prophet Mohammed. In particular he recalls the Muslim outrage in 2005 following publications of Cartoons of Prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper. He said he witnessed in Beirut, Lebanon, crowds take to the streets and burn the building housing the Danish embassy.

“I remember seeing people crashing and burning police cars and ambulances that had nothing to do with Denmark or their cause.” He also recalled how “al Qaeda issued a call to murder Dutch politician Geert Wilders” for his film “Fitna” which was critical of Islam.

El-Houri observed that the “South Park” episode highlighted the fear from “barbaric Muslim retaliation” when a Muslim symbol is featured in the media. He said Muslims should focus on convincing others not to show iconic figure out of “respect to Islam” instead.

El-Houri’s advice to Muslims is to “appreciate free speech” and use its tools to debunk the misconceptions that exist around the world about Islam and showcase the peaceful side of their religion instead of reacting to what others publish or broadcast. “The media makes fun of Jesus, The Pope, politicians and so on, all the time, but you don’t see Catholics burning tires outside Comedy Central’s studios.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali agrees. The “South Park” episode “was not just funny, it wasn’t just witty” she said, but it also addressed what she called the essential issue that “one group of people, one religion, that is claiming to be above criticism, and I hope that in the aftermath of this, that we discuss that.”

The New York Post has a point:

Stone told web site Boing Boing that they couldn’t live with themselves if they gave up their freedom of expression by curtailing their humor, but he also admits that the current reality is awful. In a “South Park” episode from 2001, an image of Mohammad passed without incident but that, Stone explained, was before the Danish cartoon controversy, “so it somehow is fine.” Stone added, “Then, after that, now that’s the new normal. We lost. Something that was okay is now not okay.

Perhaps Stone and Parker can console themselves that President Obama has declared that we aren’t at war with “Islamic radicalism” anymore so hopefully no Islamic radicals will feel the need to stab them to death like film-maker Van Gogh.

The BBC has more on the Boing Boing interview:

Speaking in an interview with the Boing Boing website before the 200th show aired, the South Park team defended the scenes. “We’d be so hypocritical against our own message, our own thoughts, if we said, ‘okay, well let’s not make fun of them because they won’t hurt us,'” said Parker.  “It matters to me when we talk about Muhammad that I can say we did this… and I can stand behind that,” Stone added. 

“I don’t think it’s going to change the world, but this is how it’s got to be for our show.” 

In 2006, Comedy Central banned Stone and Parker from showing an image of Muhammad in an episode that was intended to be part of a comment on the controversy caused by the publication of caricatures of the prophet by a Danish newspaper. 

An earlier episode, Super-Best Friends (2001), contained an image of Muhammad but passed without comment.  “It was before the Danish cartoon controversy, so it somehow is fine,” Stone told Boing Boing.

In the end, they have caved in (or was just a joke to confuse “censors”? It doesn’t really has very much to do with Stone’s words, does it?):

Satirical animated TV show “South Park” beeped out the words Prophet Muhammad and plastered its Wednesday episode with the word “CENSORED” after being issued a grim warning by a U.S. Muslim group.

The irreverent comedy show on Comedy Central also substituted a controversial image seen last week of the Prophet Muhammad in a bear outfit with one of Santa Claus in the same costume.


Here is how they responded to the threat:

We apologize that South Park Studios cannot stream episode 201 at this time.

After we delivered the show, and prior to broadcast, Comedy Central placed numerous additional audio bleeps throughout the episode. We do not have network approval to stream our original version of the show.

We will bring you a version of 201 as soon as we can.


So, is there really a debate on the Muslim community? Remember than both Hirsi Ali and el-Houri are NOT Muslims now…

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