China, Russia and Brazil, against sanctioning Syrian regime

“There is no consensus”, stated the Brazilian foreign minister, Antonio de Aguiar Patriota, speaking about the European proposal for the UN’s resolution to condemn the Syrian regime for the violent repression of demonstrations. The diplomat stated that “it is unclear whether Lebanon, the only Arab country on the Security Council, would support it or not. ”

European countries of the UN executive body (France, Britain, Germany and Portugal) supported by the United States have submitted a draft resolution to the 15-member Council to condemn the government of Bashar Assad. However, both China and Russia have veto power. Both of them and Brazil have expressed their misgivings.

The 15 countries were due to reconvene on Wednesday to address the issue, although the vote could take several days. At present the highest international security body is composed, in addition to the above countries, also by Bosnia-Herzegovina, Gabon, Nigeria, Colombia, Germany, India, Portugal and South Africa.

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Just in case there is precendent for them and friends, don’t you think?

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Portugal: “A great leap forward”

Fernando Teixeira dos Santos, Portuguese Finance Minister

We take a great leap forward in strengthening our relations at all levels, trade and investment, and also in terms of funding.

Fernando Teixeira dos Santos, Portuguese Minister of Finance, when asked about Chinese Govt buying Portuguese bonds. Does he know about Mao?

Thanks he didn’t add: “and in Human Rights“.

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Portugal: PM Sócrates visits the Maghreb

During the 3-day trip, he will reinforce political relations with these countries (Algeria, Lybia, Morocco, Tunisia), to achieve a rise in Portuguese exportations towards them. The four countries (exportations rose to €600 millions in 2009), represent 2% of total Portuguese exportations.

In Lybia, where Sócrates is today (yesterday) with leader Moammar El-Kadhaffi and with the country’s PM, Baghdadi Mahmoudi, they are going to sign an economic agreement. Tomorrow, Sócrates, will take part in two forums about renewable energies (one in Algeria and another in Tunisia) and services and public works, all of them major Portuguese interests.

via Público – Visita de Sócrates ao Magrebe dominada pela economia.


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ETA terrorist arrested in Lisbon trying to escape to Venezuela

Isn’t this interesting? After Spanish judge Eloy Velasco linked Venezuela with ETA and FARC terrorism, we have an ETA terrorist fleeing to Venezuela:

The ETA terrorist Andoni Zengotitabengoa has been arrested in Lisbon, when reportedly fleeing to Venezuela. He is one of the terrorists who managed to escape in Portugal last February when the authorities there found a flat containing a large amount of explosives to the north of the Portuguese capital. His presence in the flat was confirmed after he was caught on the closed circuit TV cameras of a local hardware store where he went to buy some screws. He is reported to have been carrying false documentation on his arrest at the airport.

Meanwhile the body of another ETA activist, Jon Anza, has been found in the morgue in Toulouse, France. He has been missing since April 18th last year, and according to ETA sources had a date to meet with the terrorist chiefs but failed to appear. His family reported him missing last May. He is thought to have died from a heart condition, although also is reported to have had a brain tumour.

Really good news. I don’t like anyone to die, but at least Mr. Anza will not continue his terrorist career. Regarding Zengotitabengoa, we have to thank Portuguese policemen for his arrest and hope they also catch his companion.

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Portugal: Our Lady of Fatima’s sanctuary vandalised

Pope John Paul II's statue ouside Our Lady of Fatima sanctuary, vandalised

Pope John Paul II's statue ouside Our Lady of Fatima sanctuary, vandalised

Our Lady of Fatima announced, in an official press release, its unhappiness after the building was vandalised on Sunday Jan 10th.

The responsibles of the sanctuary explain that, in this occasion, the four statues that are situated around the sanctuary of the Saint Trinity Church (Popes Paul VI, John Paul II and Pio XII and Bishop José Alves Correia da Silva) and the church building were vandalised with black graffitis, with words such as “Islam”, “Moon”, “Sun”, “Muslim” and “Mosque”.

“This morning, Jan 11th, we will begin the difficult removal of the inscriptions”, has said in a press release the speaker to Agência ECCLESIA.

“After acknowledging the vandalism on our church and being the authors unkown, the Sanctuary speaks publicly about our unhappiness and announces the matter is now in police’s hands”, concludes the press release.

via Fátima lamenta actos de vandalismo – Agência Ecclesia.


Portuguese authorities have remarked “this has been an isolated incident and that it seems that it wasn’t organised nor related to any organisation“. It would be helpful if, instead of speaking about what could or couldn’t be, they investigate first, then, when evidence is gathered and logical conclusions are reached, they speak.

It certainly can only be a very bad taste joke or some Islamic extremists Islamic peaceful guys who just didn’t have anything better to do.

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(Translation: T&P)

Italy: Jose Mourinho menaced by Jihadists after critisizing Ramadam

Islam, Mou minacciato: “La colpa è dei giornali” – Sport – del 28-08-2009 via Sul Terrorismo.

English Newspaper Daily Star has reported about death threats made by some Islamic fundamentalists sites against Inter’s coach Josè Mourinho, accused of having attributed to Islam the lack of activity of Sulley Muntari against Bari last Sunday. “I believe that Muntari has some problems with Ramdan”, said Mourinho on Sunday in the press conference in San Siro, on League’s first day. The footballer, born in Ghana, a devote Muslim, was substitued half an hour later by Mario Balotelli.

Print Story: Muslims and politians spring to Mourinho’s defence on Yahoo! Canada News

Italian Politicians and Muslim leaders have sprung to the defence of Jose Mourinho after reported threats were made against the Inter Milan coach on extremist websites.
British newspaper Daily Star claimed that death threats had been made against Mourinho on some Islamic sites following comments the Portuguese made relating to Ramadan.
Last week Mourinho had explained his early substitution of Ghana’s Muntari Sulley against Bari by saying that the practising Muslim lacked energy, possibly due to observing the Muslim fast during the month of Ramadan.
The threats made on chat forums came after the president of the Union of Islamic communities and organisations in Italy (UCOII) Mohamed Nour Dachan had said Mourinho should talk less.
But Dachan responded to the threats by saying: “We firmly condemn the threats made to the Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho with whom we want to express our solidarity.”

So, what do you think about Dachan? Who should have to “talk less”? Why instead of recognising a biological fact (you don’t eat, then you’re in bad shape…), they just want the rest to shut up?

2 ex-GITMOs received in Portugal

The ex-prisoners arrived last Friday in Portugal and their identities won’t be published due to security reasons.

Interior Ministry reported that the ex-GITMO “haven’t any charges laid against them, are free people and will live in appartments given by the State”, who will work “for their integration in Portuguese society”.

The two Syrian nationals will need a visa to travel through European Union countries, according to Justice and Foreign Affairs Ministers in their meeting last June in Luxembourg.

Well, it was announced some weeks ago that they will be sent to Portugal. I keep on asking myself why on earth they have not been sent back to Syria.

Serbia: Embassy in US Offers to Take GITMO Detainees.
US: Closing GITMO makes possible military-civilian terror prison within US soil*.
Spain: examining new GITMO inmates.
GITMO: Spain probably will shelter 4 Tunisians and a Yemeni.
USA: GITMO detainees say they planned September 11.
The Taliban praise Obama for closing GITMO.