Pakistan: American kidnapped by suspected Taliban in Lahore (UPD)

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Twelve heavily armed suspected Taliban militants barged into the residence of an American national and kidnapped him in the wee hours today after overpowering his guards in Pakistan”s Punjab provincial capital.

About a dozen armed men entered the house of Warren Weinstein in Block J of Model Town neighbourhood at 3:30 am and took him away after overpowering his four guards, police spokesman Niyab Haider Naqvi told PTI.

The kidnappers bundled Weinstein into a vehicle and took him to an unknown location, Naqvi said.

Other officials, who did not want to be identified, said they suspected the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan was behind the abduction.

US Embassy spokesman Alberto Rodriguez confirmed that an American citizen had been kidnapped but declined to identify him.

“He was working for a private company. We are working with Pakistani authorities on the issue,” Rodriguez said.

Security guards at the American”s residence were preparing for ”sehri”, the pre-dawn meal in the Islamic holy month of Ramzan, when the kidnappers struck.

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UPD: The kidnapped man is an American Jewish.


Pakistan: On the run from a violent husband

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Naseeba said she had suffered continual abuse from her husband since they got married six years ago in Kasur, about 55km southeast of Lahore, Punjab Province.

“My husband is jobless and a drug addict. He slapped and beat me daily, sometimes with a stick. I still have scars on my back. Recently, he started to tell people I was involved with another man, and would kill me for `honour’. I believed this was his plan, as he wished to marry someone else,” she said.

So she ran away to Lahore with her three children – the youngest is seven months old – and now struggles to make ends meet by selling hand-crafted toys on the pavement.

“Some days I eat nothing more than a few morsels of `roti’ [flat bread] so there is something for the kids to eat. We live in a single room with no water and no power. But had I stayed home, I would have been dead,” she told IRIN.

via IRIN Asia | PAKISTAN: On the run from a violent husband | Asia | Pakistan | Gender Issues Human Rights | News Item.

Read it all.

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Pakistan: Reports of Christian Girl Burnt Alive After Rape

After Shazia Bazir’s murder, it happens again (that we know of):

— “A Christian girl working as housemaid was raped by son her Muslim employer and on her threats to report police was burnt by rapist and his sister in city of Sheikhupura in Punjab province of Pakistan.”

— “Kiran George  (pictured) was 80% burnt when Mohammad Ahmad Raza and his sister threw petrol on her and set her on fire to keep her mouth shut to report rape.”

— “Kiran George was brought to Mayo Hospital Lahore from Sheikhupura on March 9, 2010, where she recorded her statement to police that Mohammad Ahmed Raza raped her in his home during work.”

— “She died here in Mayo Hospital Lahore today and her dead body was taken back to her home in Jahangirabad colony in Sheipkupura.”

via Pakistan: Reports of Christian Girl Burnt Alive After Rape :: Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.).

Pakistan: 5 Muslims allegedly ransacked house of Christians to make them drop rape charges

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Five Muslims allegedly ransacked the house of an impoverished Christian in this capital city of Punjab Province last month and angrily beat his daughters in an effort to get the family to withdraw rape charges.

Muhammad Sajjid wielding a pistol, Muhammad Sharif brandishing a dagger and Muhammad Wajjad and two unidentified accomplices carrying bamboo clubs arrived at the Lahore home of Piyara Masih the afternoon of Feb. 26, Christian leaders said. The Muslims allegedly ransacked the house and began thrashing his two daughters, a 15-year-old and her 21-year-old sister, Muniran Bibi, according to attorney Azra Shujaat, head of Global Evangelical Ministries, and Khalid Gill, president of the Christian Liberation Front (CLF).

Muniran said Sharif stabbed her four times with the dagger.

“They ripped apart my clothes, as well as my sister’s,” she said. “In the meantime, Muhammad Sajjid kept firing into the air to terrorize us.”

via Compass Direct News.

I wonder why the constant harrasment to Christians in Muslim countries, is never (or very rarely) reported in Western MSM. Is it because Westerners are generally not interested in this type of news? Or just because they don’t know about these abuses that they are not interested? I begin to think it’s the first reason, although I don’t lose hope of them being in the end interested in helping them. But will that help reach them too late to be really helpful?

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Pakistan: Arrested Americans show no remorse about their terror plans

Five American Muslim youth arrested by Pakistani authorities on suspicion of terror links have shown no remorse about their plans to commit terrorist acts and one has even said they should be hanged so that they could become martyrs, a senior police official said today.

“They have no remorse about their plans to commit terror acts. Rather, they regret that they could not lay their lives while also killing some ‘US imperialists’,” said Usman Anwar, the police chief of Sargodha district where the youth were arrested earlier this month.

Anwar quoted Ramy Zamzam, 22, one of the arrested youth, as saying, “Since our plan to embrace ‘shahadat’ (martyrdom) could not materialise, we want to become martyrs in another way. Hang us.”

The other four youths did not disagree with Zamzam in this regard, said Anwar, who is part of the joint investigation team that is interrogating the youths in Lahore

via Arrested Americans show no remorse about their terror plans – Thanks to Free Republic.

And yet, CAIR has warned not to prosecute them as that “would alienate US Muslims”: Continue reading

Lahore under threat from the Talibans

This city has long been regarded as the cultural, intellectual and artistic heart of Pakistan, famous for its poets and writers, its gardens and historic sites left over from the Mughal Empire.The turmoil sown by militancy may have reached into the capital, Islamabad, but it rarely seemed to intrude here among the leafy boulevards that are home to many of Pakistan’s secular-minded elite.But in recent weeks, panic has found its way even here, with a series of small bombs and other threats that offer a measure of just how deeply the fear of militant groups like the Taliban has penetrated Pakistani society.
On Oct. 7, three small bombs exploded in juice shops in a sprawling, congested neighborhood called Garhi Shahu. The shops, which had gained a reputation as “dating points,” offering enclosed booths for young couples to cuddle, were gutted in the blasts. One person was killed, and several others were wounded.
An unknown group called Tehreek-ul Haya, or Movement for Decency, claimed responsibility and warned of more attacks against “centers of immorality” in the city.

Fear of Taliban reaches Lahore – International Herald Tribune

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