Turkey: the new Turks are very similar to the old ones

Turkish people

Turkish people. Not a lot of prospects that their descendants will look like them, if we consider the results of this poll, Image via Wikipedia

In the year 2011, 23 percent of Turks think men should be able to marry up to four wives, but not the opposite – against 10 percent in 1996. Interestingly, 60 percent, both male and female, think women should obey men, while 33 percent think women deserve to be beaten by their husbands if they do not obey – compared to 19 percent in 1996. And, naturally, 70 percent think children may be damaged if mothers work. The political findings of the survey are no less interesting. Seventy-five percent of Turks think the West is at fault for poor relations with Muslim nations. And 53 percent blame the U.S. and West for poverty in Muslim countries. Unsurprisingly, 82 percent have a negative opinion of Christians while only 4 percent have a favorable opinion of Jews. Forty-five percent and 41 percent think that the most violent religions are Christianity and Judaism, respectively. And only 9 percent of Turks believe Arab groups carried out the attacks on 9/11.

via Enjoy your New Young Turk – Hurriyet Daily News.

Anyway, let them enter the European Union… as a “gesture of conciliation with the Islamic world”… 😯

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Pew Global Poll: Muslims, Westerners retain stereotype views

Andrew Kohut at the Miller Center Forum
Andrew Kohut. Image by Miller_Center via Flickr

Westerners and Muslims continue to hold negative stereotypes of each other, although views of Muslims in the West appear to have improved marginally over the past five years, according to a new survey released by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, reports IPS.

The survey was based on in-depth interviews with respondents in six predominantly Christian and six predominantly Muslim countries, as well as in Israel and the Palestinian Territories (PT).

“Many in the West see Muslims as fanatical and violent …,” it concluded. At the same time, “Muslims in the Middle East and Asia generally see Westerners as selfish, immoral and greedy – as well as violent and fanatical.

”“The survey obviously gives evidence to those who think there is pretty much an intense and entrenched divide (between the two groups),” noted Andrew Kohut, the Project’s founder and director.

The survey found that majorities or pluralities of respondents in all but three of the countries surveyed said they believed “some religions are more prone to violence than others.”

Among Christian respondents who agreed with that assertion, overwhelming majorities said that Islam was the most violent.

Among respondents in predominantly Muslim countries, on the other hand, similar majorities named Judaism as the most violent. Turkey, however, was an exception: 45 percent pf respondents who said some religions were more violent than others named Christianity as the most violent; 41 percent chose Judaism.

via Muslims, Westerners retain stereotype views – ucanews.com.

Jewish and Islamic law: why they aren’t equal?

From Melanie Philips h/t to BCF:

Jews are very properly sensitive to the dangers of prejudice and discrimination against other minorities. And very often they see in Muslim communities echoes of their own. After all, they say, don’t we Jews also sometimes dress in strange and distinctive ways, follow religious practices that are not understood by the population in general and have our own religious courts, just like the Muslims?

The answer to that last point, however, is an emphatic no. For the big difference between British Jews and Muslims is sharia law.

Contrary to the popular misapprehension, sharia is not like halachah and sharia courts are not like the batei din. Jews believe that the law of the land is the law. Decisions of the batei din are therefore essentially informal rulings; any binding decisions about family or other matters are made in accordance with the law of the land, which is acknowledged to hold sway.

By contrast, Muslims promoting sharia believe that Islamic law must supersede the law of the land because sharia is divinely ordained and recognises no superior secular authority.

Bangladesh: “Jews and Christians are true evils” and “it’s a divine task to kill them”


Selim Panni, claims himself to be ‘Imam-uz-zaman‘, by placing him just behind the prophet of Islam. He terms working women as and women in politics as ‘prostitutes‘ and gives his own ‘Islamic Code‘ for men to marry any number of wives. His interpretation is, “women are created only for sexual pleasure of men and this is their only task”.

Selim Panni projects Jews and Christians as true evils and preaches killing them or raping female members of Jewish and Christian societies as “divine task”. He also teaches his followers to wage any type of offensives on the West.

He believes in theory of hate speech and poisoning the minds of innocent people with his self-made imaginary statements and stories, which are aimed at creating tremendous hatred in the minds of Muslims against Christians and Jews. He calls upon Muslim in waging Jihad [Holy War] against Jews, Christians and the Western world, for the ‘sake of Islamic revival and establishment of HuT rule’.

via Sri Lanka Guardian: BANGLADESH: Hizbut Towhid linked with LOT and Al Qaeda.

Hizbut Towhid was founded by Bayejid Khan Panni aka Selim Panni, after Bangladesh forbid its previous group: Hibz-ut Tahrir.


Spain: "Spain wasn’t conquered by the Moors, but by the Joooozzz"

Catholics are terrorists and accomplices of rape“. “Spain was invaded by the Jews, not Muslims.” This was said Wednesday in an anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish rally in the auditorium of the University of Valladolid (UVA). At that meeting, which lacked only in insults to Blacks and Asians, a buffoon (called Leo Bassi, right) mocked the signs of illness and old age who suffered (the late Pope) John Paul II. Three months ago the government fined Intereconomía not insulting, because they criticized the march of ‘gay pride’. But Intereconomía is Catholic and right-wing, of course. Things change if the left insults and slander Catholics and Jews and mocks a deceased elderly person. In that case even offers the auditorium of a public university to launch better insults. By the way: Is this what the left means by “education for citizenship“?

Incidentally, and considering the serious crimes charged upon us, are we to assume he wants to see all the Catholics in prison? Or does he prefer for us something more progressive and which does not require testing for trapping the divergent, as a gulag or a torture chamber? I say this because accussing of false crimes to an entire social group is a typical practice of many totalitarian groups, and has often been a precursor to crack down on members of this social group.

On the other hand, I wonder what following acts will be authorized by the University of Valladolid for these facilities paid for with public money, ie, taxes paid, among others, Catholics and Jews insulted and maligned at the rally. Will the program include a cross burning by members of the anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic also Ku Klux Klan? Will they present a new edition of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion“, a talk in which blame the Jews of being the cause of all evil and wanting to rule the world? Or maybe there will be a meeting in which they will made a mockery of the disabled? What will be the next lecture of vileness, hatred and intolerance provide this University will provide?

What is clear is that neither the University will consent nor these leftist groups will convene a meeting to insult, slander and make fun of Muslims. Faced with an orgy of insults to Muslims like the one on Wednesday launched against Jews and Catholics (which I seem as reprehensible as of yesterday), the left would be the first to air allegations of racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and fascism as we have seen many times before with much less strong adjectives thrown from certain sites against the followers of Mohammed. The case is that almost all countries are democracies from the Judeo-Christian tradition – will this be what bothers you the fool? – while in many Muslim majority countries to certain persons are hanged for being gay, and some women the stoning for adultery. But that does not seem to matter much to some leftists, who feel very comfortable with radical Islamism that shares their rejection of Western Judeo-Christian roots.


Precisely the fact that these insults were made from a PUBLIC University, paid by every Spanish citizen, including those who were actually deeply insulted, is the difference with the Mohammed cartoons, which were published by a PRIVATE newspaper.

Translation: T&P.

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Australia: reversal of ban on Al-Manar angers Jewish groups

Australia has overturned two earlier bans and announced it will now allow the broadcast of Hizbullah’s television channel Al-Manar, prompting indignation from the country’s Jewish groups.

Explaining the ruling, the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) said the channel did not violate Australia’s anti-terrorism requirements for television. After monitoring Al-Manar for a nine-day period in August and September last year, ACMA said in a recent report that while the channel made references to Hizbullah, “the material, prima facie, could not be ‘reasonably construed’ as either ‘soliciting funds for a terrorist organization’ or ‘assisting in the collection or provision of funds for a terrorist organization’ as the content broadcast did not specifically seek funds for Hizbullah.”

Al-Manar was banned from Australian television in 2004 and 2008. The channel is also currently prohibited in the United States, France, Spain and Germany, all of which consider Hizbullah to be a terrorist organization. Canberra’s proscription on the armed wing of Hizbullah will remain in place.

via The Daily Star – Politics – Australia’s reversal of ban on Al-Manar angers Jewish groups.

Will Australia let an Al-Shabab’s TV (if that would exist) within their soil? I guess that not. Why does ACMA accept the TV IF the “proscription on the armed wing of Hizbullah” (is there any other?) is still on? It’s doubtful (morally and logically) that organizations which are supporting violence within politics should be given a platform to show their own “ideas”. And really stupid…

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