France: court annuls fine for veil-wearing Muslim driver

Anne, the niqab’d driver, with her “husband”

A French court has annulled a fine imposed on a woman for wearing an Islamic veil while driving.

In April, police in the western city of Nantes fined Sandrine Mouleres 22 euros (£18; $29), saying the veil she was wearing restricted her vision.

Her lawyer hailed the court’s decision to quash the fine on Monday, saying the niqab – which shows only the eyes – did not present a danger.

The “husband” was accused back then of polygamy because he lives with another 3 women besides this one. But he can’t be charged with it, because he hasn’t married (legally) any of them. They live on welfare.

What an smile the "husband" has, hein?


Background: 1, 2.

Saudi Arabia: Women’s “seditious” eyes should be covered

Wow… so they will be obliged to wear a burqa? And how do you define “seditious eyes”?

Women unveiling their eyes in public in Saudi Arabia will be forced to fully cover up their faces if their eyes are found to be seditious, according to the Gulf Kingdom’s most feared Islamic law-enforcement group.

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice was reacting to last week’s fight between one its members and a Saudi husband, who was maddened by the man’s orders to his wife to cover up her face, the Saudi Arabic language daily Alwatan reported on Sunday.

Police are still investigating the incident, in which the husband was stabbed in the back during the fight in the southern province of Hael.

The Commission members have orders to tell any women in public to cover up her face if they find that her eyes are seditious,” the paper said, quoting Sheikh Mutlaq Al Nabit, a Commission spokesman in Hael.

Women in Saudi Arabia, one of the most conservative Muslim nations, must veil their faces in public but some of them uncover their eyes.

Nabit did not explain how the Commission members determine that a woman’s eyes are seditious.

via Women with “seditious” eyes must cover up – Emirates24|7.

My goodness. As you see they even don’t know what are seditious eyes, imagine the lack of security for normal citizens…

Spain: Cunit’s imam sentenced to a year in prison

Benbrahim Mhamed

New condemnation of the Spanish courts against an imam. This time the condemned is Benbrahim Mhamed, imam of the town of Cunit (Tarragona), who has been sentenced to one year in prison for serious constraints against Moroccan Fatima Ghailan, the town’s cultural mediator.

Fatima Ghaylan

The president of Cunit’s Islamic cultural association, Abderrahman el Osri, was convicted of the same crime and sentenced to nine months in prison and the imam’s daughter, Hafssa Ben Brahim, to pay a fine of 730 euros. They may not approach the victim or communicate with her for two years and must pay 1,500 euros in moral damages. Continue reading

Turkey: Chief of Religious Affairs Directorate asks politicians to solve headscarf’s problem by themselves

‘Leave us out of headscarf issue,’ says Turkey’s religious director – Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review:

Chief of the Religious Affairs Directorate Ali Bardakoğlu has responded to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s call for cooperation in solving the headscarf issue by asking politicians to solve the problem themselves.

Don’t leave the headscarf issue to us, let the politicians solve it through dialogue,” Bardakoğlu told daily Habertürk on Friday.

Erdoğan had previously called for a solution to the issue through the involvement of the Religious Affairs Directorate, a department within the Prime Ministry.

Bardakoğlu responded by saying the directorate does “not make statements on order.”

Wearing a headscarf is a matter of personal choice, said the religious chief. Wearing a headscarf does not make you Muslim, just as not wearing a headscarf does not mean that you are not Muslim.”

France: woman rips burqa off Muslim woman

Clearly NOT good. The law will be introduced in its moment and in any case, another citizen can’t go riping clothes off other people. This does more harm than good to the people who, like me, have supported the burqa ban, firstly on dignity grounds (no man is entitled to rape or make any sexual approach just because she is not veiled and no woman should walk along the streets with a carpet on her even if it has “holes to let the air pass“, as it hinders her own personal security) and secondly, on public security grounds (no one knows who is under the veil or what is that person carrying inside).

A female lawyer allegedly ripped another woman’s burka off in a clothes shop – and told her to clear off to your own country‘.

The 26-year-old Muslim convert (so, is she a French woman too?) said the 60-year-old lawyer made ‘snide remarks‘ about her Islamic veil.

An argument followed during which the older woman is said to have ripped the veil off, before the Muslim woman allegedly punched her. 

Both women were arrested.

The row happened in Trignac, near Nantes, France, as the country prepares to introduce a ban on the burka.

A police officer said: ‘The lawyer said she was not  happy seeing a fellow shopper wearing a veil and wanted the ban introduced as soon as possible.’

At one point the lawyer, who was out with her daughter, is said to have likened the Muslim woman to Belphegor  (left)- a horror demon character well known to French television viewers

The lawyer’s use of the name ‘Belphegor’ was particularly inflammatory, said police, because the demon was portrayed by classical writers as ‘Hell’s ambassador to France’.


Belphegor on Wikipedia.

PS: Why the detail of the attacker being a lawyer? Does that has anything to do with the act? I don’t think so.

Spain: Another local council bans the burqa inside its premises


Galapagar has become this October the first town in Madrid that vetoes the use inside the local council’s offfice of both burqa and niqab, garments that cover the face and prevent the identification of individuals.

This was agreed at the last plenary session in July and now the mayor of Galapagar, Daniel Pérez Muñoz, approved by decree the performance of this agreement.

The proposal forbids the use of full veils (burqa or niqab) in municipal buildings and facilities of the Galapagar, and any other garments that hide the face and hinder the identification of the person and visual communication, “as it is a discrimination that is not covered by freedom of religion, being contrary to the people’s dignity and to real and effective dignity of men and women“.

Under this decree, people in charge of the accesse to the council have been informed that its fulfillment will be required to access control of all municipal buildings and facilities, as well as the heads of various departments of the City Hall.

Spain: Socialist Major stopped the arrest of harrassing Salafist imam

This is an update on this story:

Cunit’s Major (village located in the Baix Penedès, 12,300 inhabitants), socialist Judit Alberich, blocked the arrest of the imam charged with menacing, coercing and slandering a moderate Muslim, after he tried to attack the woman. The imam’s campaign, named Mohammed Benbrahim, was aimed at making Fatima lose her job because she didn’t wear a veil or was making acquaintances with non-Muslims, according to the process’ documents.

The police inspector wanted to arrest him but I stopped him to prevent a social conflict”, Alberich said to the Judge in charge of the investigations. “I wanted to bring peace to this subject”, she added in the statement. In his job as a mediator, the Major even asked Fatima to drop the accusation against the imam and the other three charged in the harrassment (his wife and daughter and the President of Cunit’s Islamic Association), who were also charged with coercion and slander.

This newspaper wanted the Major to speak with us about this issue but she didn’t answer the phone. The Generalitat’s Immigration Secretariat, who also maintained regular communications with Ghailan these last years to follow the case, didn’t make any statement either. Entities such as “SOS Racism” or the union CCOO’s immigration counsellor rejected that they wanted to silence these cases, based on religious or cultural reasons, instead of asking for legal responsibilities agains the culprits.

The good intentions mentioned by Alberich are in clear contrast with her deep knowledge of the problems faced by the integration of the Islamic community in the village. “There are people within this community that don’t want to integrate themselves, that have their wifes at home to prevent them to get in touch with people outside their community and that don’t even speak Spanish”, she stated before the Judge. She also stated she had met with Benbrahim and El Osri several times to solve the conflict. “I told them that they should ease the confrontation, that it was beneficial for no one. Abderramán told me that I should speak with Fatima and convince her to drop the charges”, she continues. The Major tried it several times unsuccessfully, as local sources have confirmed.

via La alcaldesa de Cunit frenó el arresto del imán extremista acusado de acoso · ELPAÍ

Spain: Salafist Imam Charged for Coercing a Woman to Wear Hijab

(Translation: T&P)

She trembles and grasps the arm of one his sons when she passes another Moroccan-born when walking the streets of Cunit Tarragona. Fatima Ghailan, 31-year-old Muslim, Moroccan born, doesn’t want to explain what she is nervous about. “My position is difficult, I don’t have even police protection“, she excuses herself. She is a Muslim believer, while, at the same time, she works, drives and doesn’t wear a veil. The city’s imam, Mohammed Benbraim, only seems to agree with the first mentioned thing.The imam’s harrass to the woman has reached so high levels that the Instruction Judge nº.1 from Vendrell has charged him with menace, coercion and slander. Public Prosecution office has asked for a 5-year prison term for the imam; 4-year prison term for his assistand, the President of the Islamic Association of Cunit, Abderraman El Osri, charged with coercion and slander; and two for the imam’s wife and daughter, Zohra Ahmaddach and Haffsa Ben Brahim, on coercion charges.

The case shows the existence of tensions between Muslims for imposing an extremist Islam. The authorities consider Tarragona the main seebbed in Spain of Salafism, the ideology supported by Ibrahim. “We are worried“, has said the Catalan Government’s delegate in Tarragona, Xavier Sabaté.

Ghailan began separating herself from the Imam’s leadered community before 2007, but that year, when she began working as cultural mediator as the local townhall, “the problems began”, as she said to the judge on Dec 2008 to the judge. The imam “considers that the fact of dressing myself without hijab, that she keeps in touch with non-Muslim Spanish people, just as her sons do, and that she is separated from the Islamic community makes her merit reproach“, the Judge’s instruction, written last May, says, after 6 months of investigations.

via Imputado un imán por coaccionar a una mujer que no lleva velo · ELPAÍ

The existence of Salafism in Catalonia is something very well-known. Last December a woman escaped a sure killing on adultery charges after being “judged” Taliban style in a masia. This is possible because there is no integration of Muslims withing non-Muslims’ society, perceived as “ungodly“. Salafists are also funding terrorism, specially AQIM, the same terrorist group that abducted 3 Spanish-Catalan volunteers in Mauritania and has threatened to kill a French volunteer, if their demands are not met.


Spain: Princess Letizia, veiled in Abu Dhabi


The front page of Spanish “heart” magazine says; “Lady Letizia, dazzling like an Orient princess”.


UKIP calls for burqa ban in Britain

Now that Sarkozy has abandoned the law to ban the burqa because of the “danger of stigmatization” that could suffer burqa’d women, English UKIP wants to ban the burqa:

British right-wing political party UKIP is reportedly mulling a call to ban the wearing of the burqa and the niqab, after claiming the clothing is an affront to British values.

The party is also keen to address the influence of Sharia law in Britain, he told the newspaper.

“We are not Muslim bashing, but this is incompatible with Britain’s values of freedom and democracy.”

UKIP is to make an announcement on Sunday denouncing the burqa as a threat to gender equality and a danger to public safety, as terrorists could use them to conceal their identity, the newspaper said.

via UK political party calls for burqa ban – Politics & Economics –

More in BBC.

France: Sarkozy backs off “burqa ban”, says that no one “can be stigmatised”

In the end, they are not at all “closely moving to ban the burqa”:

The French Government aims to outlaw the wearing of full veils on state premises and on public transport.President Sarkozy laid down future action on the burqa, as it is popularly known, on Wednesday in an attempt to end a feud in his centre-right Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) and calm passions in and outside France’s large Muslim population. Following the controversy, France is backing away from an outright ban on Muslim women covering their faces.

Mr Sarkozy, all main parties and most of the public are opposed to women wearing full veils but, after six months of parliamentary hearings, it has become apparent that a blanket ban would be unworkable and likely to backfire.

In Wednesday’s New Year speech to MPs, the President sought to quash an attempt by Jean-Francois Cope, his party’s Parliamentary leader, to rush through an “anti-burka law”. Mr Cope, who is in dispute with the UMP leadership, has tabled a Bill under which women who wear full veils anywhere in public would face a £670 fine. Their husbands or other accompanying men would also face fines.

… “The full veil is not welcome in France because it is contrary to our values and contrary to the ideals we have of a woman’s dignity. No-one can doubt my firmness on this,” he told the MPs. “But it is vital to conduct ourselves in a way that no-one feels stigmatised. We must find a solution which enables us to win the widest support.

via Sarkozy aims to outlaw niqab on public transport but outright ban is ‘unworkable’ – Times Online.

Is it so difficult to understand that anyone can carry anything inside a burqa, that there are serious difficulties when identifying people under the burqa? It seems it is.

Also that part about “stigmatising” always makes me laugh. Wearing a blanket is also a stigmatisation of the woman who wears it: it means that men can be attracted to her, so she is sinning, because she is not being modest enough (1, 2). Of course, normally, Islamic women do not think of this as insulting, they just consider they “feel respected“.

Before: Fadela Amara: The burqa is a prison, a straitjacket, “Allah’s revenge” on Sarkozy for proposing “burqa ban”?, Fadela Amara: more on the burqa ban, Sarkozy’s UMP studies burqa’s prohibition on public places, Curb on veil in Egypt, backed by Islamic clerics, French opposition takes stand against burqa ban,

France: moving closer to banning full Muslim veil

Marianne, French national symbol


An interesting piece which WaPo run some days ago about UMP’s project of banning full Muslim veil:

In a country whose national emblem is Marianne, a bare-chested woman, there is deepening concern over the all-encompassing garb, often black or brown and worn with gloves, attire typical in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. Here, it is widely viewed as a gateway to radical Islam, an attack on gender equality and other French values, and a gnawing away at the nation’s secular foundation.President Nicolas Sarkozy opened the door to a possible ban in June, telling a parliament session in Versailles that such dress “is not welcome” in France. A parliamentary panel set to work in July on a six-month mission gathering information on the garments.

A Widow's Black burqa

On Tuesday, the head of Sarkozy’s conservative UMP party in parliament’s lower house, Jean-Francois Cope, jumped the gun before the panel’s report was finished, and filed draft legislation on a ban. “No one may, in spaces open to the public and on public streets, wear a garment or an accessory that has the effect of hiding the face,” the draft text reads.

The document cites public security concerns, thus includes all face-covering clothes, in a bid to head off challenges from those who might claim such a law would violate constitutional rules on individual rights – a major concern along with how such a law would be enforced. It foresees fines for those who break the law.

The initiative, unlikely to go to debate before spring, would be the second time France targets Muslim dress. A 2004 law born in acrimony bans Muslim headscarves and other “ostentatious” religious symbols in the classrooms of French public schools. Sarkozy’s party dominates parliament and the president reiterated Wednesday his wish for a law on full veils, though it’s too early to say whether it will pass.

Europe’s growing Muslim population has bred tension across the continent. Wariness is pervasive since deadly attacks in Madrid in 2004 and in London in 2005 by Islamic radicals living in Europe. And some non-Muslims sense a threat by a foreign culture to their way of life. It took only four minarets on Switzerland’s 200 mosques to push the Swiss to vote “no” to minarets in a November referendum.

via France moves closer to banning full Muslim veil –

Before: Fadela Amara: The burqa is a prison, a straitjacket, “Allah’s revenge” on Sarkozy for proposing “burqa ban”?, Fadela Amara: more on the burqa ban, Sarkozy’s UMP studies burqa’s prohibition on public places, Curb on veil in Egypt, backed by Islamic clerics, French opposition takes stand against burqa ban.

Marianne | Detail from Delacroix’s Freedom Leading the People, 1830.

Curb on veil in Egypt backed by Islamic clerics

A Widow's Black burqa

Prominent religious leaders say social habit of wearing niqabs has no roots in Islamic law. ‘Any girl is free to wear the niqab as long as she understands that when asked to reveal her face she should do so accordingly,’ sheikh says…. Egypt’s three most prominent religious leaders have backed a government ban on the niqab, or full face veil, in dormitories and examinations, saying it had no basis in Islam.

…More than 13 religious scholars have found that the face veil has no substantial roots in Islam, but rather can be considered a “form of extremism”, the official MENA news agency cited Tantawi as saying.

via Curb on veil in Egypt backed by Islamic clerics – Israel News, Ynetnews.

I wonder if this is linked to the proposition made by Sarkozy’s UMP of banning the full veil in France

UK: Police search for burqa-clad bandits

British Police Hunt Robber Bandits in Burqas

British police say they’re on the trail of a burqa-clad bandit, or bandits, who robbed three different locations in the past two months.

Police said last week that three armed men, one wearing a full-body veil, stole tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of watches from a jewelers in Banbury, 80 miles northwest of London.

Men also want to feel sexy under a burqa:stupid: revamp.

Lord, there are human beings who train very hard to be… more stupid than before.:foocl: falloutofchairlaughing

Mauritania: Suicide bombing near French embassy

A suicide bomber died Saturday after staging an explosion near the French embassy in the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott, as two members of staff were jogging nearby, police and embassy staff said.

Two French nationals, security employees at the French embassy, were near the man at the moment of the blast,” embassy official Marc Flattot told AFP.

They are in hospital, they are unharmed, but in shock,” he added.

The suicide bomber was Mauritanian Salafist terrorist Ahmed Salem Uld M’beirik, who was in the list of “wanted” terrorist of Mauritanian security forces.

This would be probably a consequence of the proposed “burqa ban“, after whose proposal AQ has menaced France:

“France, the mother of all hypocrites. (A) Few years ago, France launched a large scale war against our veiled (Muslim) daughters, and here we see France today mobilizing its efforts and all of its institutions, organizing its ranks to fight a new blatant war against our sisters wearing the burka.”

Predictably, the message went on to say: “We will take our revenge from France for the honors of our daughters and sisters and from its (French) interests by every means and wherever we can reach them and whenever we have the opportunity to, until France calls off its injustice and arrogance and ends its aggression against our faith.”

Thankfully, there has been no serious damages this time.

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Indonesia: The JI’s “Jihad on Westerners” using social ties

An update on the social ties of terrorists:

His new network’s activities in and around Palembang, a sprawling city of 1.5 million people on the island of Sumatra, show how they operated.

The river port city is a melting pot of Malay, Indian and Chinese people, with a history as a pirate lair. Today, it’s a dusty, traffic-clogged city known for its criminal gangs, and for the Masjid Agung, one of the nation’s largest mosques, which fills up on Fridays when people from across the city come to pray.

In 2006, according to police documents, an emissary of Mr. Noordin known as Syaifuddin Zuhri, but who used the alias Sabit, arrived at a small Islamic school called al Furqon, about four hours’ drive south of Palembang. His mission: To exhort a nonviolent study group of about 10 people concerned about Christian conversions of local Muslims to consider attacks on Western targets.


Mr. Sabit introduced Mr. Taib to a master bomb maker, who later trained others in the group, and supplied him with a loaded revolver and 11 spare bullets to be used in attacks on “infidels,” Mr. Taib said in trial testimony.

Members of the group went on, in 2007, to shoot dead a Christian schoolteacher in Palembang who had persuaded his Muslim female students not to wear their veils. The members also built bombs and planned to attack tourist cafes in a Sumatran hill resort popular with backpackers, according to testimony. The group called off the attacks at the last minute because they didn’t want to also kill Indonesian Muslims.

(…) After being arrested (…), eight members of the group confessed and were convicted of the teacher’s murder and of planning attacks, and received prison sentences of between 10 and 18 years. Mr. Sugandi was given a five-year sentence for harboring terrorists, and his school shut down. Mr. Sabit wasn’t captured.

via Indonesian Terrorists Find Refuge –

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Algeria: More Islamism, less nightlife

Not surprisingly:

At least 40 bars, restaurants and nightclubs have been closed in the past year around Algiers alone, according to local media. The government insists that the closures are strictly a matter of safety and hygiene, but suspicion is widespread that Muslim conservative pressure is to blame.

Ait Oussaid, a Muslim like almost all of Algeria’s 32 million people, contends that officials caved in to a petition circulated in his seaside neighborhood of La Perouse demanding that the Muslim prohibition of alcohol be enforced.

(…) other signs point to increasing enforcement of a stricter, more visible version of Islam. Several workers were prosecuted last fall for smoking in public during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. Groups of Algerian Muslims have recently been put on trial for converting to Christianity.

Censorship of sexual content on national TV has become stricter, and although women aren’t officially obligated to cover their heads, students at provincial universities complain of being pressured to wear head scarves.

via As Algeria grows more Islamic, nightlife suffers.

Surprised? Not the least. This is not a problem of “terrorism”, but on enforcing Shariah Law. Maybe people don’t answer to terrorism or think that’s a blackmail, although a terror held during some time can make people think that perhaps they can end “terror” by giving something away. But demands made once and again can have much more effect, even in non-Muslim countries.

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Germany: stabbed for wearing the veil

As I said before: you consider that using violence is based on desperation because of “injustice”, and you can see that used by anyone with any motive:

Sherbini, 32, was killed in a court in the northern German city of Dresden on Wednesday shortly before she was to give evidence in an appeal lodged by her attacker.

The 28-year-old attacker, identified only as Axel W. had been convicted and fined after calling her a “terrorist” for wearing the Islamic headscarf.

According to the Egyptian press, Sherbini was three months pregnant when she was killed. She was laid to rest in her hometown of Alexandria in northern Egypt on Monday.

via AFP: Egypt cleric seeks stiff penalty as ‘veil martyr’ buried.

Just read Esther’s post on the subject. I believe the most important thing of it, is this paragraph:

So far this year, one hijab-wearing Muslim girl was killed in Germany for not being Muslim enough.  Another 20-year old was killed for not being a virgin.  This follows up on dozens of cases in the past few years were Muslim women were killed by their Muslim family for not being Muslim enough.  As far as I know Sherbini’s case is the first one in Germany (possibly in  Europe), where a woman is killed for being Muslim.

A lot of outrage when one woman is killed supposedly because she was a Muslim. None if they are killed daily because of “Islamic culture”. Fair?

Bared Nake Islam offers a prediction:

Don’t be surprised if this incident sets off riots in the Middle East or in Europe. They already are calling her the “Headscarf Martyr.”

Well, it’s probable. Meanwhile nothing is said in the Islamic world about Chinese repression of Muslim Uighurs… 😦