Islamic modesty

Because displaying your lingerie is much more modest than showing your face… 😆

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Or could it be she wanted some Vitamin D?

“A Jordanian study published this week asserted that 87% of women between the ages of 18 and 70 in Jordan suffer from a lack of Vitamin D as a result of insufficient sun exposure and not enough milk consumption. “

Insufficient sun exposure? Wow, must be the burqas, niqabs or something. Oh, wait, Muslim women (all of them) have huge gardens where they can have some sun exposure (in the comments)…

Yeah, right..

More Islamic modesty.


Spain: Cunit’s imam sentenced to a year in prison

Benbrahim Mhamed

New condemnation of the Spanish courts against an imam. This time the condemned is Benbrahim Mhamed, imam of the town of Cunit (Tarragona), who has been sentenced to one year in prison for serious constraints against Moroccan Fatima Ghailan, the town’s cultural mediator.

Fatima Ghaylan

The president of Cunit’s Islamic cultural association, Abderrahman el Osri, was convicted of the same crime and sentenced to nine months in prison and the imam’s daughter, Hafssa Ben Brahim, to pay a fine of 730 euros. They may not approach the victim or communicate with her for two years and must pay 1,500 euros in moral damages. Continue reading

Turkey: Judges caution about “relaxation of burqa ban”

The Supreme Court warned Turkey that the country’s political progressive relaxation of restrictions on women wearing headscarves violates the constitution’s secular principles.
The statement comes after a series of meetings on the issue between the opposition parties and the ruling AK Party, which two years ago lost a battle with the judges over the veil.
In principle, women are forbidden to cover their heads at many universities and in all government offices, but few universities follow the prohibition, and the Ministry of Education has said it will support any student who disobeys the ban.
The main opposition party, a strong supporter of the ban, now says he wants a commitment.


“Headscarf ban is against freedom of believe”, Erdogan says.
Chief of Religious Affairs Directorate asks politicians to solve headscarf’s problem by themselves.
Erdogan’s party loses key vote on headscarf.

Turkey: Erdogan’s party loses key vote on headscarf ban

Good news. Politicians fail to find common ground on lifting Turkey’s head scarf ban |

“Turkey’s governing party failed to win key opposition support on Wednesday for plans to lift a ban on the wearing of Islamic head scarves at universities, a deeply divisive issue in a country with secular laws and a Muslim population.

The conflict over the head scarf reflects a struggle over Turkey’s direction between the Islamic-oriented government, which argues for more religious freedom, and critics who believe the country’s secular principles are in peril.

In Turkey, women are free to wear Islamic head scarves, but students, teachers and state-employed officials are not.”

“Headscarf ban is against freedom of believe”, Erdogan says
Chief of Religious Affairs Directorate asks politicians to solve headscarf’s problem by themselves.

Kosovo: 1,000 Muslims protest headscarf ban

Some 1,000 people took to the streets of the Kosovo capital yesterday to protest against a government ban on wearing Muslim headscarves in public schools.
“Our demand is that this ban to be suspended as soon as possible,” said Bujar Xhikoti, a representative of the organisers of the protest.
The organisers, relatively unknown non-governmental “Join Us” movement, warned the protests would be intensified if the ban was not suspended in a month.
Carrying signs saying Prime Minister “Hashim Thaci do not discriminate against us because we are Muslims” and chanting “Allahu Akbar” , the protesters demanded that the government allow the wearing of religious symbols in schools.
More than 90% of Kosovo’s population are Muslims, but Western values and culture dominate in the society.


Austria: both major parties include conservative headscarf-wearing women on their lists

Election Campaign with a Veil : Euro-Islam: News and Analysis on Islam in Europe and North America:

Both the Social Democratic Part of Austria (SPÖ) as well as the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), the two largest political parties of the country, have included conservative headscarf-wearing women on their electoral lists for the upcoming Viennese elections.
In both cases the women are so far down on the list that they are sure not become part of the new Viennese council; however, in the case of the SPÖ candidate GĂŒlsĂŒm Namaldi (right), her conservative religious views and support for Turkish-language education has attracted criticism. Meanwhile the leader of the Viennese ÖVP, Christine Marek, called for the “acceptance of the veil as a normal situation” in an interview with the migrant magazine “Biber,” in which she poses with ÖVP’s headscarf-wearing candidate, Sara Rahman (below).

Marek says: (Headscarf) is not an issue, whether they wear a headscarf or not. It has to be accepted as normal and we have done it.
An excerpt:

Mrs. Marek, you are a burqa ban, Sara, as you see it?

Marek: burqa and headscarf – these are really two different pairs of shoes.

Rahman: They are not only two different pairs of shoes, that’s such a big difference as that between winter boots and flip-flops. The burqa is not based on religion. It has traditionally played only a role in Afghanistan and Pakistan. However, I am against a burqa ban. The woman must decide for themselves.

Marek: I do a bit different. In Austria we’re used to be able to look in the face. Where a full concealment takes place, a limit is exceeded. I once had a woman who wore a Nikhab… That’s a strange feeling to see only the eyes. So such women have little chance to integrate, of course. Therefore, I am looking for a burqa ban. This is not the headscarf. If a woman wears a headscarf voluntarily, then we have to respect that.

Spain: Najwa’s family announces legal action against Institute

El Mundo:

Najwa’s family has announced they will appeal the decision of the Institute of forcing the schoolgirl to leave the center due to her going to class with a veil and is ready to go to court to defend her right to religious freedom, has said their lawyer, Ivan Jimenez Aybar.

The lawyer, Professor of Ecclesiastical Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, has confirmed that Najwa will resume classes tomorrow, “where she can”, that is, at the Institute Gerardo Diego de Pozuelo de AlarcĂłn.

The lawyer has indicated that Nawja has been assigned the center after the one which was closer to home, IES San Juan de la Cruz, changed the internal rules quickly to prevent the girl came to class wearing the veil.

JimĂ©nez-Aybar has considered that the decision to “expel” Najwa IES Camilo JosĂ© Cela is disproportionate and violates her “dignity” and her right to religious freedom, and stressed that from a legal standpoint, the decision is not solid, because it does not point out any fundamental right to justify the cut in the right to education of the child.

Yes, equality of students before the law!!

16-year-old removed from class from wearing the hijab.
School confirms hijab prohibition.
Opinions on Najwa’s hijab.
National Federation of Muslims will take legal action against the school on Najwa’s hijab affair.
Najwa’s veil: an analysis.

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