“Hamas will never recognise the Israeli state”

Well, nothing really new in this:

Hamas would consider a “truce” with Israel, but will never recognise the Jewish state, senior leader Ismail Haniya said on Tuesday as thousands of Gazans celebrated the group’s 23rd anniversary.

Speaking before flag-waving Palestinians from across the Gaza Strip, Haniya said the Islamist group would never recognise its sworn enemy.

“Let it be understood far and near that after the war, the siege, the internal and external plots: we will not recognise Israel,” he told the cheering crowds.

“Our founder Sheikh (Ahmad) Yassin said: Liberate what you can of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, and where it cannot be liberated, declare a truce,” he said, referring to the group’s spiritual leader who was assassinated by Israel in 2004.

Ahead of its anniversary celebrations, Hamas reiterated its aim to recover all of historic Palestine from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River.

“We will cede none of it, and we will not recognise the so-called state of Israel,” a statement said on Monday, adding that its aim was to make Jerusalem the “capital of the state of Palestine” and pledging to work against Israel’s “methods of Judaisation” in the Holy City.

The strident statements stood in sharp contrast Haniya’s remarks on December 1, when he suggested Hamas could accept a negotiated peace deal if the Palestinian population and diaspora approved it in a referendum.

Hamas “will respect the results of a referendum even if the results conflict with Hamas’s positions,” he told foreign journalists at the time.

“We accept a Palestinian state with full sovereignty on the land occupied in 1967 with Jerusalem as its capital and a solution to the issue of refugees.”

Meanwhile, we are sending more money to them through the Palestinian authority, and they are going to be very well off thanks to us.

The European Union continues his anti-Israeli stance and has “threatened” Israel with “recognising the Palestinian state” (which one?) if Israel continues building settlements, inside its borders. Although afterwards it seems that they have thought a little about that and have announced they will “wait for appropriate time” for recognizing it.

Hamas TV wishes you a very Merry Christmas

Asking Allah to exterminate Jews, Christians and Communists and their supporters:

Meanwhile we continue sending money to Hamastan [*], and people who go there end realizing there are other parts of the world where people live worse, in financial terms, despite the Israeli “blockade”:

There are a slew of products here, and beautiful restaurants. Is this the Gaza we have been hearing about?” A Sudanese official, who arrived in the Strip about a month ago with hundreds of visitors from Arab countries on the “Viva Palestina” aid convoy, was quoted by Palestinian news agency Maan as saying.

Where is the siege? I don’t see it in Gaza. I wish Sudan’s residents could live under the conditions of the Gazan siege,” he reportedly added.


[*] For those interested, the Gaza’s 70,000 civil servants are being paid by the PA authority, and who pays the latter? The US, the UN, the EU, etc. So, each of us. Isn’t life wonderful?

Religious Freedom: The ACN Report is released

The 2010 Report on Religious Freedom in the World by Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) was released yesterday in Rome. It shows that the situation is serious in many parts of the world, particularly in Asia. In the Near East, Iraq represents an especially bad case where anti-Christian violence is taking on the form of systematic persecution, as the latest episodes indicate. In Egypt, despite the fact that it is a major tourist destination, there have been many acts of violence against the Christian minority in 2009-2010. Lebanon shows how difficult it is for foreign religious staff to enter the country. The situation of Christians in Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip is getting worse with episodes of explicit persecution.

In India, ethnic and religious violence is rising as well. The year 2009 clearly illustrated the problem. However, China is certainly among those nations where religious freedom is denied in all its facets. However, information about what happens in that nation remains limited and hard to obtain. The state is officially atheist and suppresses all form of religion through arrests and detention in concentration camps. The case of Mgr Julius Jia Zhiguo is one of the better known. The underground bishop of Zhengding (Hebei) was arrested by five police officers on 30 March 2009; he was eventually released 15 months later.

In Pakistan, the blasphemy law is used as weapon against religious minorities, especially Christians who are the victims of Muslim fundamentalism. In Afghanistan, the government is not able to ensure effective religious freedom. In Bangladesh, where Islam is also the state religion, several cases of discrimination and attacks against minorities have been recorded with security forces showing little interest in protecting them.

via ASIA The ACN Report on religious freedom in the world is released – Asia News.

When I find the report in English I will post the link here. It’s necessary that these facts are reported and really known outside those countries.

Gaza: Big rally by Islamic Jihad, joined by Hamas

Tens of thousands of supporters of the militant Islamic Jihad movement rallied in the streets of Gaza on Friday, chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

Young men and boys wearing white T-shirts with a slogan in the shape of a rifle bore portraits of militants killed in combat, under the black flags of Islamic Jihad. Continue reading

Gaza: Hamas updates number of "paradise virgins"

PA Legislator’s New Math Updates Number of Virgins for ‘Martyrs’ – Defense/Middle East – Israel News – Israel National News:

“Most Muslim preachers and politicians have used the expression ’72 virgins” to encourage Arab youth to be ready to die in anti-Israeli terrorist attacks and suicide bombings.�Bahr’s new arithmetic reasons, ‘In the Garden of Eden, there is a palace… with 500 gates. At every gate, there are 5,000 black-eyed virgins. Brothers, 500 multiplied by 5,000 is 2.5 million.

He said in his speech, aired on Hamas television, that men “should be praying for a son who would wage Jihad for the sake of Allah… As long as we continue on this path, nobody on Earth will be able to confront the resistance, or to confront the mujahedeen, those who worship Allah and seek martyrdom.”‘”

What happens? The number of applicants for suicide bombers have declined that quickly lately?

Found here.

Gaza: Christians issue a call for protection amid burned Bibles and violence

Father Manuel Musallem, head of Gaza’s Latin church, told the AP that Muslims have ransacked, burned and looted a school and convent that are part of the Gaza Strip’s small Romany Catholic community. He told the AP that crosses were broken, damage was done to a statue of Jesus (*), and at the Rosary Sister School and nearby convent, prayer books were burned.
Gunmen used the roof of the school during the fighting, and the convent was “desecrated,” Mussalem told the AP.
“Nothing happens by mistake these days,” he said. 
Father Musalam additionally told The Jerusalem Post that the Muslim gunmen used rocket-propeled grenades (RPGs) to blow through the doors of the church and school, before burning Bibles and destroying every cross they could get their hands on.
Well, I haven’t seen anyone condemning this actual violence like everyone -it seems- (including the Catholic Church, more here) has condemned the announcement of the “Day of Koran burning” (or whatever), have you? From my point of view, the “Day of the Koran burning” is nothing more than a way for Rev. Jones to have some publicity,. The Koran has passages which are most regrettable but burning the book is not going to make them dissappear. If he wants to be effective in these grounds, he should study it and denounce those regrettable parts.
But that doesn’t make the double-standards of most journalists and most politicians vanish. On the contrary, they appear much more real. It looks like a book (whatever its contents) is more important than a human being. And that someone threatening to burn a book is much more dangerous that someone who is actually using violent methods (with rocket-propeled grenades included) and burning other -religious-books.
(*) Note their deep respect for other people’s faith but specially for Jesus, who Muslims say, is also a prophet of Islam. What would happen if in Europe some guys would enter a mosque and burn some Korans?

Gaza: Hamas "raises" taxes, burns "painkillers" and confiscates cigarettes

Well, in reality that’s an euphemism. The terrorist organization is not raising the taxes, they are just asking anyone which is “doing” a non-taxed “activity” to pay… without any law that says expressly why they should pay and what amount:

In the last couple of weeks, Gaza Strip store keepers, owners of supermarkets and grocery stores complained that the deposed government of Hamas movement in Gaza is imposing unreasonable and unfair taxes on products such as cigarettes, cars, motorcycles, electric generators and fuels.

“They (Hamas government) are searching for any reason to collect money from the poor people who have been suffering from the Israeli siege, which shows the real financial crisis that Hamas is passing through these days,” Abu Ahmed, another store keeper who declined to give his full name, told Xinhua.

Mohsen Abu Ramadan, a Gaza-based economist, told Xinhua that any government in the world “has the right to collect taxes from the people, but in accordance with a transparent and clear law of taxes and customs,” adding “unfortunately, the tax situation in Gaza doesn’t have any basic law.”

“Normally, the population who pay regular taxes or customs to their states and governments usually get benefits in return, however, we don’t feel that we have in Gaza such a fact, but because the government in Gaza passes through a fiscal crisis, it wanted to fulfill the deficiency by collecting taxes,” he said.

But there’s more:

Gaza’s Hamas rulers on Tuesday burned nearly 2 million pills of a painkiller many Gazans take recreationally because they say it relaxes them and provides temporary relief from the territory’s hardships.

The disposal of the drugs comes days after the Islamic militant group confiscated cigarettes from Gaza shops to collect taxes on them. Both moves are part of Hamas’ efforts to strengthen its grip on Gaza and impose its strict interpretation of Islam on the impoverished seaside territory’s 1.5 million Palestinian residents.

Hamas Health Minister Basim Naim said authorities burned some 1.7 million pills of a drug called Tramadol that had been seized from smugglers who sneak it through tunnels under the Egyptian border. (Those tunnels are only for smuggling weapons to use them against the Jooooozzz).

Tramadol is a powerful painkiller, related to morphine and heroin, though most countries don’t treat it as a controlled substance. Experts have said that those who stop taking the drug after regular use often develop flulike withdrawal symptoms, though long-term effects are rare.

So, let me explain this. People who we are informed that don’t have anything to eat, even if they rank up to be one of the fattest people in the world and where the gold market is actually flourishing, are using “recreational drugs to enhance sex” (see below)!

But hey they culprit for Gazans taking Tramadol is… of course, Israel and Cast Lead operation:

In late 2008, Israel launched a 3-week offensive in Gaza to stop militant rocket fire on Israeli towns. The war killed about 1,400 Gazans and left vast swaths of the strip in ruins.

The violence and hardship only increased demand for Tramadol, which Gazans who take it recreationally say takes their minds off their worries. Other say it delays ejaculation, enhancing sex. A sheet of eight pills costs around 40 shekels, or a little over $10.

Are they going EVER to feel responsible of having Hamas as their Government or are they going to continue blaming Israel till the end of time?

UK: Charity praised by PM and Prince Charles, linked to Hamas

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A CHARITY praised last week by Gordon Brown and the Prince of Wales has channelled hundreds of thousands of pounds to groups linked to Hamas, the banned terrorist organisation, according to security sources.The Prime Minister and the heir to the throne personally praised Muslim Aid, whose own accounts show it has paid at least £325,000 to the Islamic University of Gaza, where leading Hamas figures teach, and £13,998 to the al-Ihsan Charitable Society, designated by the US government as a “sponsor of terrorism” and a front for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group.

Security sources also claim that Muslim Aid has helped channel a further £210,600 to six other organisations in the Gaza Strip since July 2009, all of which they say are linked to Hamas.

Muslim Aid is banned from the West Bank by the Israeli government, which says it is a member of the Union of Good, an alliance of charities that raise money for Hamas. Hamas is banned throughout the EU as a designated terrorist organisation.

… Muslim Aid, based at the hardline East London Mosque, has close links to the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE), a fundamentalist Muslim group based in the same offices.

Muslim Aid raised more than £24 million last year and has been given at least £830,000 of public money. It claims to serve humanity “regardless of political affiliation” and only supports lawful organisations.

via Muslim Aid: the Hamas connection – Telegraph Blogs.

IFE is the organization which boasts of having penetrated Labour party in Tower Hastings (more here), a borough near London (see Channel 4’s Dispatches program here).

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New Zealand: Pro-Arabs Trying to Ban Israel Embassy

John Key, leader of the New Zealand National Party

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Prime Minister John Key, who has family in Israel and is the son a Jewish refugee from Austria, told local media, “There’s no reason why New Zealand can’t enjoy good diplomatic relations with Israel”.

However, a coalition of pro-Arab and anti-Zionist groups called No Israeli Embassy in Wellington (NIEW) has vowed to stop the embassy from re-opening. NIEW spokesperson Alistair Reith told the New Zealand web site voxy.co.nz, “Wherever the embassy goes, it’ll be a noisy neighborhood. We can’t make it as bad as Israel makes it for the people under military siege in Gaza, but everyone will know we will be laying protest siege to wherever they finally locate the Embassy.”

NIEW originally was established to back anti-Israeli boycotts and divestment and is backed by approximately 70 pro-Arab groups.

via Pro-Arabs Trying to Ban Israel Embassy in New Zealand – Politics & Gov’t – Israel News – Israel National News.

Israeli victims don’t count for this people, do they?

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Spain: Amnesty International's campaign for Judeophobia in schools

Remember I wrote some days ago about a campaign in Spanish schools in which some individuals were making children send letters to the Israeli embassy to tell Israelis “stop killing women and children” or “you’re killing because of money”. In that moment, everyone asked who was the instigator of the campaign. It results that this dubious honor belongs to NGO Amnesty International:

The school El Castell is a member of the net of schools created by AI, and whose purpose, according to the organization in its own web, consists in making “some (or all!!) mobilization proposals” that AI sends to its associates. So, this scandal has unconvered the existence of a net, created by AI, for the indoctrination and political proselytism in some schools and high schools throughout Spain, where it organises activities and distributes material. But that’s not all: according to the website, the school enters this net if only one school’s teacher wants it. AI offers this possibility of taking part in this net of political activism without any knowledge from the parents or the school board, not being mandatory in the application form,that neither of them give their consentment or even are notified about it.

Now, after the scandal, we know that AI organizes visits and campaigns in schools, where its activists give speeches and distribute their material among the children. Continue reading

Palestinian Riots Raise Talk of 3rd Intifada

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Hundreds of stone-throwing Palestinians clashed with Israeli police at several sites in East Jerusalem today, protesting Israel‘s rededication of an ancient synagogue in the Old City. The clashes raised fears of a third intifada, or uprising, amid an ongoing crisis in relations with the U.S.

At least 40 Palestinians and three policemen were slightly wounded in the clashes, when Palestinians threw stones and Israeli police responded with stun grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas.

The Islamist Hamas movement charged that the restoration work on the Hurva synagogue could endanger the Muslim holy site of the al-Aqsa mosque, some 400 yards away. Israel vehemently denied the accusations. Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, called for a “day of rage” to protest this week’s reopening of the synagogue, which was destroyed by Jordan in 1948. Several Arab parliament members warned that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s actions in Jerusalem could spark a new wave of violence.

via Palestinian Riots Raise Talk of 3rd Intifada – AOL News. Continue reading

Gaza: gold market flourishes despite Israel's "blockage"

Smuggling Tunnels, Rafah, Gaza

In fact, gold transactions have flourished:

Abdel Aziz, another jeweler, explains that the “gold is entering Gaza via the smuggling tunnels and the travelers coming through the Erez road”

Hundreds of smuggling tunnels have been built by the Gazans throughout the Egyptian frontier to avoid the blockage and import goods, oil and weapons.

“There are some who have bought gold as an inversion, as they can’t build a bank nor use the ones which exist here, because of their liquidity problems (…) Something that has saved the gold market”.

Mohammed Younes, another 36-year-old jeweler, agrees with them: “The bank crisis has helped us, the citizens are investing today their money in buying gold as they prefer that to putting their money on the banks”.


But aren’t we told Palestinians don’t have anything, that they are nearly dying of hunger? And yet, we see here they have a growing gold market going on. 😯

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‘Honor Killings’ of Women in Palestinian Society

There is no honor in killing

There is no honor in killing

The precise statistics on honor killings of women in Palestinian society are not known, because not all incidents are reported to the authorities. According to Lamiya Shalalda, representative of the Forum of Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations, 11 women died in 2009 in honor killings in the West Bank and Gaza. However, according to the Independent Authority for Human Rights, that number was 13.Jurists such as Zayyad Thabet, president of a Gaza court, said that since Hamas took charge of the Gaza judiciary system after its June 2007 coup, many cases of honor killing have never even made it to the courts.(so the number is actually much higher….).

….In most cases, there was no proof that the murder victims had violated any moral code of Arab society – only that their families thought that their behavior was incompatible with the moral code and with accepted custom. Sometimes a mere rumor that a woman had spoken with a man was enough to seal her fate. In other cases, “honor killing” served as a pretext for murder for other reasons, such as a dispute, rivalry, or personal vendetta.

Samia Habib, a psychologist at the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution, explained: “Sometimes it is a matter of inheritance… sometimes the father has committed deviant acts against his daughter and then murders her in a so-called ‘honor killing’ to cover up his crime… The woman is the weakest link. She is always guilty, even when she is a rape victim […] The issue of honor is a very sensitive one. The families do not call for help; you can’t reach them…”

And the worst thing (for me at least):

It is noteworthy that honor killings are condoned by many women. In one of a series of workshops held in Khan Yunis on the role of the media in covering honor killings, in which 60 women participated, it became clear that all the women present believed that a sinning woman should be punished with death.

When women consider that honor killing is good, that women who “sin deserve to die”, I ask myself where their humanity can be. How on earth anyone can consider that a father, a brother, a son should kill his relative, that she deserves to die, just because she hasn’t fulfilled their honor code, or what’s even worse, because they think that the woman has not fulfilled that honor code?


Spain: First ex-GITMO prisoner arrives in Spain

[Translation: T&P]

Interior Ministry, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, has assured today (for last Thursday) that the GITMO prisoners who will be given shelter in Spain will live “legally on all respects, with residence permit and with the possibility of having job“.

Interior Ministry has answered to a question from PP MP Agustín Conde about the legal, jurisdicti0nal and policial situation in which the prisoners will stay in Spain, since Spanish FM Moratinos announced last Feb 15th, that the total number was of 5.

Rubalcaba has said that the Spanish Government has worked with the US Govt in these persons’ selection and that they have arrived to an agreement about the conditions they should fulfill: they shouldn’t have any charges against them neither in the US nor in Spain nor in the rest of EU countries and being unable to get back to their home countries because of mainly “political reasons”.

The first one arrived last Wednesday. His name is Palestinian national Walid Hijazi. He had been living in Saudi Arabia, where he was recruited, and in Pakistan, where he was trained in the same Afghan training camp where some of Sept 11th bombers trained too. Spanish Government is looking for a job and a house for him ( 😯 ). We have to ask what are the political reasons that prevent him from going back to Gaza.

Europe has agreed that ex-GITMO prisoners arriving in European countries can’t travel outside the European country that have adopted them. The problem is how they are going to precent those ex-GITMOs from travelling through Europe if there are no frontiers between countries.

Gaza: Hamas terrorism against Christians

It’s shameful this is not published and reported on by those same useful idiots who are protesting about Israelis. Just have some balls you people and fight the real enemy!! Waiting

Denmark: Palestinian gets 10 yrs for attacking Israelis at a mall

Jihad in the mall against some Israelis selling hair products:

A Palestinian immigrant to Denmark who wounded two Israelis in a shopping-mall shooting allegedly motivated by the IDF’s Gaza operation has been convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 10 years in prison.Wissam Freijeh fired shots with a handgun at a stand selling Israeli hair products in the Dec. 31, 2008, attack in Odense.

via Islamization Watch: Denmark: Palestinian gets 10 yrs for mall terrorist attack.

Luckily no one got killed in this case of “Sudden Jihad Syndrome”…

Gaza: Palestinian TV shows Jew murdering and drinking childrens’ blood in a cartoon for… children

I wonder why this kind of cartoons do not cause outrage in the Muslim world? (no, not really… 🙄 )


Al Aqsa TV is notorious for propaganda-filled kids’ shows, such as a 2007 broadcast that showed Farfur, a Mickey Mouse-like character, vowing, “We will annihilate the Jews! I will commit martyrdom!”

A pilot episode shows a toadyish Palestinian officer watching as a Jewish character machine-guns a group of West Bank children to death and drinks their blood.

The grotesque six-minute pilot was a big hit when tested on Gaza Strip viewers this month by Hamas’ video mouthpiece, Al Aqsa TV, and will be expanded next month, officials in Gaza City said.

via How about some torture cartoons « Vermont Loon Watch.

By the way, isn’t this a much more bloody/violent cartoon that the Mohammed’s ones, published by Jyllands-Posten?

NOTE: I’m truly busy these days, so I’m not going to be able to answer all comments as I normally do. Also today I thought I had scheduled the posts that I had for that, but I just forgot. Sorry for the inconveniences, folks! 😳

Larijani: “Iran is proud to support Hamas”

Larijani told Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak that Teheran is proud of its “moral” support for Hamas. He also denied that Iran is undermining Egypt’s efforts to reconcile between Hamas and Fatah.

via Iran parliament speaker: Proud of supporting Hamas | Middle East.

Anyone saying that Iran is not responsible for violence on the Middle East? Well, the cat tells it much better than me:

I've had just about enough of your bullshit...

On Fayyad’s plan to build a Palestinian state in two years

Op-Ed: De-facto deliberations | Op-Ed Contributors | Jerusalem Post

one of the most important and intriguing, though lesser known provisions of the Interim Agreement lies – probably deliberately – hidden deep in the seventh subparagraph of the Final Clauses (Article XXXI).

According to this provision, “Neither side shall initiate or take any step that will change the status of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip pending the outcome of the permanent-status negotiations.”

Clearly this vital provision places a reciprocal and parallel obligation on each of the parties – the PLO and Israel – not to unilaterally alter the status of the territories until such change is mutually agreed upon. The intention of the parties during the negotiations was clear – the Palestinian side will not declare a unilateral state, and the Israelis will not declare annexation.

IT WOULD be interesting to inquire whether the advisers of Prime Minister Fayad brought this very basic provision to his attention prior to the publication of his plan.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad had already rejected Fayyad’s plan to build a Palestinian state in two years.

In an effort to curtail unauthorized gun ownership, Fayad and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas have declared their intention to take legal action against armed gangs. “There is no doubt that we have the right to resist, but we must do this in an organized fashion and we must do away with the chaos,” Fayad explained.

However, Fayad aides said that the prime minister intends to deal with the issue of armed gangs through dialogue and not by engaging in a violent confrontation with them.

So, more or less, everything remains the same, doesn’t it?

Gaza: Hamas “invites schoolgirls to wear Islamic dress*

Schoolgirls in Hamas-run Gaza have been told to wear traditional full-length robes and headscarves in what is being seen as the latest move towards enforcing conservative Islam in the besieged enclave.

In numerous girls’ schools in the Palestinian territory, which reopened their doors on Sunday following the summer recess, students were told they would be sent home if they do not conform with clothing regulations.

“We invite all schoolgirls to wear the jilbab,” a senior official in the Hamas education ministry, Mahmud Abu Hassira, told AFP. The jilbab is a traditional, long, loose-fitting robe worn by women in some Muslim countries.

via Schoolgirls in Hamas-run Gaza told to wear Islamic dress – Yahoo! News UK.

*Behind Hamas’ own war on terror:

Hamas is first and foremost a nationalist movement, taking its cue from Palestinian public opinion and framing its goals and strategies on the basis of national objectives, rather than the “global” jihadist ideology of al-Qaeda. For example, Hamas has periodically debated the question of whether to attack American targets in its midst, and each time has reiterated the insistence of the movement’s founders that it confine its resistance activities to Israeli targets.

Spanish news agency Europa Press has trasnlated this article into “We must underline the differences between Hamas and radical Islamic terrorism“. Just because Hamas has won over Al-Qaeda in Gaza….