Austria: Advocate of Sharia Law Speaks At Funeral of Last Crown Prince of Austria

Otto von Habsburg in 2004

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According to Habsburg’s eldest son and “successor”, Karl Habsburg, Otto Habsburg was intimately involved in the lengthy planning for his own funeral. His provisions included the attendance and involvement in the funeral of representatives of the “three monotheistic religions.” And so it came that along with Austrian cardinal Christoph Schönborn and a rabbi, Reis-el-, Ulema Mustafa Ceric from Bosnia and his veiled wife also attended the requiem in St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

More galling, however, Ceric, a proponent of sharia in Europe, was asked by the Habsburg family to recite a funeral prayer at Habsburg’s requiem in Munich, Germany, last week. According to a Catholic website, Ceric’s presence was sign of Otto Habsburg’s advocacy of a free and independent Bosnia-Herzegovina. Since the Bosnian war, Ceric had been a friend of Otto Habsburg and attended the latter’s 95th birthday celebration in 2007. Continue reading


China, Russia and Brazil, against sanctioning Syrian regime

“There is no consensus”, stated the Brazilian foreign minister, Antonio de Aguiar Patriota, speaking about the European proposal for the UN’s resolution to condemn the Syrian regime for the violent repression of demonstrations. The diplomat stated that “it is unclear whether Lebanon, the only Arab country on the Security Council, would support it or not. ”

European countries of the UN executive body (France, Britain, Germany and Portugal) supported by the United States have submitted a draft resolution to the 15-member Council to condemn the government of Bashar Assad. However, both China and Russia have veto power. Both of them and Brazil have expressed their misgivings.

The 15 countries were due to reconvene on Wednesday to address the issue, although the vote could take several days. At present the highest international security body is composed, in addition to the above countries, also by Bosnia-Herzegovina, Gabon, Nigeria, Colombia, Germany, India, Portugal and South Africa.

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Just in case there is precendent for them and friends, don’t you think?

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Bosnia: Islamist kills friend who opposed marriage of minor daughter

30-year-old Smajo Abdurahmanovic,  from Zadovici, shot his friend Velid Zahirovic, because the latter did not want his minor daughter to marry him, following the strict commandments of Sharia Law and without registering officially the marriage.

The confessed killer has not shown any remorse, stating that “Mohammed also had young wifes and that there is nothing against me marrying a young wife“. He is now in Zenica’s prison waiting for trial.

But this is not the first time Abdurahmanovic has been married to a minor. Before he was married to A.L., with her father’s consent. She is 17-years-old now and he went to live with him when she was 14.

A.L. told Spanish News Agency Efe that she was succesful enough to flee after three years of living in “hell”.

She was beaten heavily repeatedly, just because she opposed him bringing more women home. After she fled, her family suffered repeated pressures and menaces. After the psychological problems the harsh treatment has produced her, it will be hard for her to live normally again.

The murder has opened a harsh debate in the country about Wahabbism and radical Islam in the country.