France: Socialist pre-candidate Martine Aubry and husband summon blogger to appear in court for defamation

European Parliament election, 2009 (France)

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I wrote some days ago that some French bloggers had denounced that, Jean-Louis Brochen, the husband of the Socialist pre-candidate Martine Aubry, was the advocate of “Meeting and Dialogue”, an organization close to the Muslim Brotherhood, and that he had also defended other islamists in court. I wrote also that French writer Caroline Fourest had also written about these facts in her book, having been requested by Mr. Brochen to “correct those passages”, something she refused to do.

Both of them have sued a blogger, Francis Néri, because he dared to write that in his blog, adding that those are “rumours“:

Martine Aubry and her husband, Jean-Louis Brochen, have summoned a blogger Strasbourg, Francis Neri, to appear in court for defamation, officials said, Tuesday, Aug. 2, with the entourage of the Socialist candidate in the primary 2012. A retired 71 years says on his blog, “The Development Officer”, he was assigned on Sept. 12 before the 17th Criminal Chamber of the Paris Court, and reproduces the text of the assignment.
She is accused in a post entitled “Martine de Lille” published July 11 on his blog and then removed from it, of spreading rumors about the privacy and the health of the PS candidate, and introduce Mr. Brochen, former lawyer, as “a defender of communal and provocative Salafis”.

On July 8th, Ms. Aubry said she had written to the websites which were spreading such “rumors” to ask them to withdraw these allegations, and it they failed to comply, she would file a complaint. “Since mid-May, we have acted“, it was stated in the entourage of Mme Aubry, “but we do not talk about because it is not a political element.” “This is the procedure,” adding that Mr. Neri had received a request to withdraw (Something that Mr. Neri denies…). Continue reading

Jihad Jane: nothing new under the sun

Autonomous Mind cites a precendent of the Jihad Jane case.

There is a difference somehow: Anne-Marie Murphy actually married a Jordanian Arab and didn’t know his husband was actually a terrorist. Jihad Jane knew perfectly well what she was doing. Difference that the author rightfully points out.

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Jihad Jane: when the blogosphere hunts down terrorists

This is an update on this story:

Groups like JawaReport, Quoth the Raven and the YouTube Smackdown Corps claim they had been monitoring LaRose’s growing militancy for three years, and watched as the Internet — particularly YouTube — fed her fervor.

They also said “Jihad Jane” is not the only one on the Internet that the groups are monitoring.

“There are certainly many others out there who are more eloquent and appear to be more dangerous from the way they talk,” a man calling himself Rusty Shackleford told ABC News.

Shackleford described what is going on online between his groups and the extremists as “war,” and said to him there is certainly an “e-Jihad” going on.

“Anwar al Awlaki had a lengthy discourse on this a couple of years ago: 44 ways to support the jihad, electronic jihad being front and center,” he said.

“I don’t know that there is a front line in the war on terror. That might be part of the problem. It could be said the whole world is the front line, but the online aspect is certainly a central battlefield,” said Robert.

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A new beginning

Hope you like the new blog. The T&P on wordpress will be maintained as it is and its archives will be linked as background. It is much more comfortable to post in:

  1. it is possible to embed other files, without using vodpod.
  2. it supports plugins, so there are much more functionalities added to it.
  3. it is also free, but with ads (I hope no one gets angry because of them).

I have to learn how to manage some things here, but they are not really important. 🙂

And so…. the posting continues.

PS: If someone wants his/her blog to be listed here, just add a comment here. Every blog that was already linked in T&P will be added.

(Have updated the post link. Tx Karen for the note).

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A new beginning

Hope you like the new blog. The T&P on wordpress will be maintained as it is and I will link its archives as background. I hope you’l like this better, it is much more comfortable to post in:

  1. it is possible to embed other files, without using vodpod.
  2. it supports plugins, so there are much more functionalities added to it.
  3. it is also free, but with ads (I hope no one gets angry because of them).

I have to learn how to manage some things here, but they are not really important.

And so…. the posting continues.

PS: If someone wants his/her blog to be listed here, just add a comment here. Every blog that was already linked in T&P will be added.

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Global Warming: supporters are now going after Freakonomics blog

Freakonomics is a NYT’s blog which dared to point out some failures about global warming theory from a scientific point of view.

The posts on this controversy can be found here.

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Website documenting Islamic hate faces death threats

The Religion of Peace is getting death threats:

A recent e-mail to a website launched after the 9/11 terror attacks to document the instances of Islamic violence said simply: “We will kill you. Like this … “

The message included a photograph of a man who had been beheaded, his body resting chest down on grass and his lifeless head placed in the middle of his own back. Another photograph showed a bloody knife.

via Website documenting Islamic hate faces death threats « Creeping Sharia.

The web operator doesn’t think these are important,but thinks it’s better to remain anonymous… I agree. 🙄

Some interesting links

  1. Al Qaeda kills another Counter-Narcotics Agent @ Armies of Liberation.
  2. Switzerland’s ban on minarets is a European shift @ Chicago Tribune.
  3. Attention Jihadists: Please have your Boarding Passes Ready @ NewsReal Blog.
  4. Police suspects honor killing in Delhi’s girl @Daily Times India.
  5. Obama: the empty-suit Nobel laureate @ The Washington Times.

Hope that you find them useful!

And this is the new “feminism“?

Feminism was born as movement to defend women’s rights in a “manly” world. Women couldn’t vote, manage their own money or receive education. Sufraggettes (for the opposed to this movement) or sufragists (as were known by supporters) were the first known modern movement in defense of women’s rights. Most of them also asked for less complicated attires: the new women found themselves much more comfortable in Coco Chanel’s dresses (elegant but simple and “casual“) than with meters and meters of fabric.

Looks like that now that revolution in clothing, is being critisized and considered not “feminist“. The “feminist” thing now is to wear a niqab or burqa, because then women are not objects to men’s eyes:

The West interprets veiling as repression of women and suppression of their sexuality. But when I travelled in Muslim countries and was invited to join a discussion in women-only settings within Muslim homes (sex seggregation!), I learned that Muslim attitudes toward women’s appearance and sexuality are not rooted in repression, but in a strong sense of public versus private, of what is due to God and what is due to one’s husband. It is not that Islam suppresses sexuality, but that it embodies a strongly developed sense of its appropriate channelling – toward marriage, the bonds that sustain family life, and the attachment that secures a home.

…At home, in the context of marital intimacy, Victoria’s Secret, elegant fashion and skin care lotions abounded. The bridal videos that I was shown, with the sensuous dancing that the bride learns as part of what makes her a wonderful wife, and which she proudly displays for her bridegroom, suggested that sensuality was not alien to Muslim women. Rather, pleasure and sexuality, both male and female, should not be displayed promiscuously – and possibly destructively – for all to see.

Phyllis Chesler writes about this:

Most Muslim girls and women are not given a choice about wearing the chador, burqa, abaya, niqab, jilbab, or hijab (headscarf), and those who resist are beaten, threatened with death, arrested, caned or lashed, jailed, or honor murdered by their own families. Is Wolfe thoroughly unfamiliar with the news coming out of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan on these very subjects? Has she forgotten the tragic, fiery deaths of those schoolgirls in Saudi Arabia who, in trying to flee their burning schoolhouse, were improperly veiled and who were beaten back by the all-powerful Saudi Morality Police?

Continue reading

I’ve been ambushed! Seven things I love

Yes, I’ve been ambushed by Maggie, who explains what I should do after the (oooohhhhhhhhhh Emeete Ambush) ambush!:

Now I have to tell you about 7 things that I love and then tag 7 of my friends to do the same. I’m going to play this a bit differently because all of us will probably say we love our God, we love our family, we love our country, we love our friends, or some variation of this, and we all love to blog, so I’ll say those are my first loves, and here are the next 7.

Great idea. So these are my 7 loves:

  1. Reading. Specially crime novels and Jane Austen’s.
  2. Rational people. People who want to find solutions to problems, who think with their minds LOOK AT MEH THINK (God has given the intellect for something…) and not with their toes.
  3. The beach. Don’t like getting suntanned, but really love the beach.
  4. Blogging. Heh. If not, I would not being doing this. You always meet some asshole in the way, but most people are decent and rational. Just because of them, it merits the fight.
  5. Listening to music. Very irregular about taste: don’t like a group or a singer, but rather some special songs. A recommendation: Tina Turner, we don’t need another hero and what’s love gots to do with it (no, I don’t like her hairstyle in both songs…). Beethoven. Aranjuez’s Concert And Albinoni’s Adagio.
  6. Very Irresistible de Givenchy. 😆
  7. :paint:Any painting by Murillo and Greco and The Last Sleep of Arthur in Avalon by Burne-Jones.

Albinoni’s Adagio: really melancholic and sad piece but a masterpiece Notemoticons 2:

Aranjuez’s Concert, the epitome of Spanish classical guitar :Guitar::

So now, I have to ambush some fellow bloggers, that either I have known for some time or had commented here and that I don’t know they have anything against doing memes. So there you go:

  1. Velvet Hammer.
  2. AOW.
  3. Angel.
  4. Tabatha.
  5. Solstice Witch.
  6. Xanthippa.
  7. Vicki.

Emeete AmbushAmbushed!

Iran: Internet law to punish “vaguely defined crimes”

Iran has passed a new internet law that experts fear will make information on internet users more readily available to the authorities.

Press TV, a news channel funded by the Iranian government, said on Monday that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the country’s president, has issued an order for the implementation of the law.

According to Press TV, the cyber law would provide internet users with “more security”, as internet service providers are required to save all data sent and received by their clients for at least three months.

But critics of the legislation say the stored data would enable the authorities to monitor internet users, including anonymous bloggers opposed to the regime in the Islamic republic OMG Emoticon.

via Al Jazeera English – Middle East – Iran internet law sparks suspicion.

There is more:

New legislation recently passed by parliament and approved by the Guardians Council contains 55 articles that impose hefty fines and harsh penalties of up to 15 years in jail for vaguely defined “crimes” involving threats to public security, violations of public morality, defamation of public figures, and the passing of sensitive information to unqualified individuals or people in foreign countries (vaguely defined crimes, so they can punishe anyone whose ideas are not really liked by the Mullahs…).


Omidreza Mirsayafi

Before the latest legislation was passed, punishments for Internet-related crimes were enforced using Shari’a law.

For example, Omidreza Mirsayafi (photo, right), a 25-year-old Iranian blogger, was found guilty in late 2008 for insulting the supreme leader and sentenced to two-and-half-years in prison. He died in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison after falling ill after serving only a few months of his sentence. His death was ruled a suicide by prison authorities (Yeah, suicide… Angry Emoticon).

The “marvellous Islamic Iranian democracy in action” brings again worry to the ones to protest theocracy… erm, Iranian democracy….

Imprisoned journalists (and bloggers) in the world

On Dec 1st, 125 journalists were in prison because of their work and 45% of them actually works for Internet sites, according to the Comission for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ) in this year’s annual report. Written press’ journalists , editors and photographers are next with 53 cases in 2008, and the rest of the cases are radio and TV reporters.

According to the report, China is, for 10th year, the country with the highest number of journalists in prison. 24 of the 28 reporters imprisoned work for Internet sites and the list includes the blogger Hu Jia, who was sentenced to 3 years and a half in prison for making comments and interviews which were critical with the Communist Party. Cuba is situated in the second place, with 21 imprisoned, while Burma / Myanmar maintains 14 reporters in prison, five of them when they were trying to publish news and images of the places devastated by the Nargis. USA, who maintains photographer Ibrahim Jassam imprisoned with no accusation, is situated in the fifth place in the list of countries that jail journalists.

via El número de periodistas digitales encarcelados supera por primera vez al de los de prensa escrita · ELPAÍ

I have traslated that part because I wanted you to read what the public in Spain read normally. That mention to USA, without anyone to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, for example, who detain bloggers and journalists in a normal basis is really unbelievable. Yes, USA is a democracy so it must do things well, but comparing it to China, Cuba or Burma, who are three of the worst dictatorships is just nonsense. For example, nowadays Iran has arrested with no charges and in an unknown location for days (though Iran has finally recognised they have her in the infamous Evin prison), US Freelance Journalist Roxana Saberi via – American Freelance Journalist Arrested in Iran for Engaging in ‘Illegal’ Activities – Iran | Map | News:

An Iranian-American journalist, whose family has not heard from her for three weeks, was arrested for engaging in “illegal” activities because she continued to work after the government revoked her press credentials Iran said Monday.

Roxana Saberi moved to Iran six years ago and had previously reported for NPR, the BBC and FOX News.

“She called from an unknown place and said she’s been kept in detention,” her father Reza Saberi said about the Feb. 10 call. “She said that she had bought a bottle of wine and the person that sold it had reported it and then they came and arrested her.”

You see? No mention of this. AT ALL.

And looks like that Cuba has not changed, be Castro or not in charge of the country. Yes, the Government has changed but the methods haven’t. Yoani is a famous Cuban blogger who blogs at Generación Y and who has been censored and reprimanded in the past because of her acid comments on normal life in Cuba. Since yesterday, her blog looks like this:

So, in the end, nothind has really changed…

Malaysia: Blogger vows to die in silence if re-arrested for insulting Islam

Rebel blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has vowed to die in silence as a sign of protest if he is re-arrested on what many believe are politically motivated grounds. His pledge came as a court was due to rule whether he is to return to prison under Malaysia’s Internal Security Act (ISA),

Raja Petra, who has risen to prominence as a pro-opposition blogger, was arrested on 12 September after accusations lodged by several religious groups who claim that he offended Islam in an article published on 8 August.

He was released on 7 November last year but the government has appealed the court decision and a verdict is expected on Tuesday.

“I shall no longer open my mouth or utter one word during my detention. I shall maintain the silence of a mute person. I shall not sign any documents of the so many documents that they make you sign when under detention,” he said.

via Malaysia: Blogger vows to die in silence if re-arrested – Adnkronos Culture And Media.

RSF press release on the case:

He was appearing before the Shah Alam court under Section 4(1) of the 1948 Sedition Act after writing an article about the implication of leaders of the ruling party in the 2006 murder of a young Mongolian woman. He pleaded not guilty at the first hearing of the case.

“The government is abusing the law in order to silence critical voices and to gag free expression,” the worldwide press freedom organisation said.

Raja Petra Kamarudin is being hounded by the courts and could end up serving a very long prison sentence. It is an unacceptable criminalisation of the freedom to reveal facts and opinions”, it said.

He wrote an article in which he accused the Malaysian PM of killing a woman. So he is accused by some religious groups of insulting Islam. And the Government is prosecuting him on sedition charges. :o(

The Anti-Islamist Coalition is born

I’m building an aggregator of anti-Islamist blogs written in English. They should mainly be about Islamism and its effects and the objective is that it should be as global as it can be. You shouldn’t do anything, just forward me your blog’s feed for me to insert it in a piece of code.

The blogs already in it are:

Chaim’s: Freedom’s Cost.

Babazee’s: The Outraged Spleen of Zion.

Vicki’s: Not Ready for My Burqua.

Velvet Hammer’s Ironic Surrealism.

Esther’s Islam in Europe.

BCF’s Blazing Cat Fur.

John’s Infidels Are Cool.

Senior’s Senior Speaks.

Xanthippa’s Xanthippa’s Chamberpot.

Cassandra’s Politeia.

This blog of course. :P

My email is spanishpundit at gmail dot com.

Thanks to you all! 😆

Spain offers help to Iran to bring their international relations back to normal

Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Miguel Ángel Moratinos, interviewed himself yesterday (on Monday) with the President of the Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani, to whom he offered Spanish Government’s cooperation to bring their foreign relations back to normal.

After referring both of them to the new age of relationships with USA, the Minister told Larijani, who was visiting Spain after the Security Conference in Munich, about the oportunity Iran has to play a constructive role in international relations ( 😯 ).

Lariyani called USA to begin “clearly and evidently” a true dialogue, while saying his country is not going to “negotiate by the sake of negotiating, but to arrive to a definitive conclusion“.

via La Nueva España – Diario Independiente de Asturias – Internacional – España ofrece a Irán ayuda para normalizar sus relaciones exteriores.

According to Teheran Times:

Spain is ready to act as a bridge in building conference in relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the European Union by using all its potential,” Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero told visiting Iranian Majlis speaker Ali Larijani on Monday. 😯

Zapatero also stressed that Madrid is fully prepared to develop constructive cooperation with the Iran in all areas.

The Spanish socialist leader also called for efforts to help stabilize Iraq and Afghanistan and launch an effective campaign against terrorism and drug trafficking.

The two sides also discussed bilateral ties including energy cooperation.

Spain will “welcome” any idea which would lead to “constructive dialogue” between Iran and the 27-nation European bloc, the prime minister noted.

Turning to Palestine, the Spanish prime minister said, “All should make efforts for Palestinian unity.”

For his part, Larijani said, “The return of calm to Palestine is mainly dependent on opening all border crossings into Gaza and involving all Palestinians groups in negotiations”. “No group should be excluded”… (No, not even Hamas, how playful this Iranian, eh? 😦 )

So, Zapatero was not even able to get a seat at Washington’s “Financial World Summit” last autumn, but promising “whatever you ask for” to Sarkozy, like a lover in a “private” moment. And he is now (through our elegant FM Moratinos) promising “help”
to the Ayatollahs…

If I were them, I would be very worried…. :mrgreen:

But meanwhile, Iran has sentenced 4 bloggers to total 124 lashes (something which has not appeared either in Spanish MSM… 😦 ):

The verdict refers to defense arguments put forward by Shirin Ebadi, Mohammad ‎Seifzadeh, Nasreen Sotudeh and Nemat Ahmadi (who represented the four bloggers ‎individually) as “unconvincing defense by attorneys” and announces that in accordance ‎with “defendants’ confessions” and “evidence presented in the case” the following ‎verdicts are issued for the four defendants: first defendant Javad Gholam Tamimi is ‎sentenced to 3 years and 3 months in prison and 10 lashes for “membership in illegal ‎groups,” “treason against country,” “propaganda against regime” and “spreading lies;” ‎second defendant Shahram Rafizadeh is sentenced to 9 months in prison and 20 lashes for ‎‎“membership in illegal groups,” “propaganda against regime,” “spreading lies” and ‎‎“disrupting public order;” third defendant Rouzbeh Mir Ebrahimi is sentenced to 2 years ‎and 2 days in prison and 84 lashes for “membership in illegal groups,” “propaganda ‎against regime,” “insulting supreme leader,” “spreading lies” and “disrupting public ‎order;” and fourth defendant Omid Memarian is sentenced to 2.5 years in prison, 10 ‎lashes and 500 thousand Tomans in fines for “membership in illegal groups,” ‎‎“participation in illegal groups,” “propaganda against regime,” “spreading lies” and ‎‎“possession of playing cards,” which the judge refers to as “gambling tools.” ‎

Related in this blog: Ali Larijani visits Spain.

Alexis Marrero posts about his detention by Chávez's thugs

As I told you here, Alexis Marrero is a blogger opposed to Chávez who was arrested because he was putting up some posters in suport of the “No” to the Chávez’s constitutional amendment which would made him aVenezuelan life dictator president. He has posted about his detention, giving some more data about what happened.

Firstly, he just have left his companions, most of them students, to buy something to drink, when the police approached the group to tell them that they should stop doing it. He got back to tell the police that putting up posters is something normal in any democratic elections. But the policemen insisted that according to their instructions, they were not allowed to put up or just stop in that place to put up any posters, so they could choose between abandoning the place or being arrested.

One of the companions, Ramón Ramírez, told the police that “this was an antidemocratic attitude“, so the policeman just left. But he was approached by someone who later identified himself as a “majorship’s civil servant“, who spoke to him for a while and later came back with another three policemen.

The policeman got where the youths were and told them something Alexis couldn’t hear, but he got where the policemen where nevertheless. After that, they were arrested , pushed and brought to a near-by police station. They were then questioned about nearly everything and then released in three hours.

But at 12 am (next morning), police officers got to Alexis’ house where some of the protesters had gathered and while he was talking on the phone to Martha Colmenares. The policemen entered the house with guns in their hands and brought them somewhere they don’t know (a grim place, according to the description)  at 5pm, after hours of “psychological warfare“. Then they were told they were not detained: on the contrary they were just guests there. But no one informed them about who has ordered the arrest or the forced entry in their house.

They were told then to wait for the Prosecutor to arrive. But when a girl who said that was “an auxiliary Prosecutor“, but who provided no identification toback her claim, arrived, she just told them they could go home.

By the way, at the same time Chávez intimidates the opposition, he calls the people to vote him “for love. What a jackass…

Venezuelan blogger opposed to Chávez, arrested

I have known about this case thanks to Martha Colmenares. Alexis Marrero is a well-known campaigner against Chávez and his blog (in Spanish) can be found here. Fausta has these news translated to English:

Venezuelan blogger Alexis Marrero (link in Spanish) was detained by police while putting up some posters asking people to vote NO on the upcoming constitutional referendum that would eliminate term limits on Chavez.

Martha Colmenares writes that Marrero was released later today, but has to appear in court tomorrow.

Results in the polls are not very clear but show that an important part of the Venezuelan citizens are not very happy with him. Precisely the last post written by Alexis in his blog had the title “NO wins by 17% in Carabobo“. But we have to wait till the actual referendum takes place.

Chávez is using every tactic to win, not only intimidation to the opposition. He has (again) asked the Venezuelan people to vote him for love and he has also said (link in Spanish) that he would repeat the referendum as many times as he needs to be sure this is what the Venezuelan people wants.

In the meantime, Ecuatorian mini-Chávez, Correa, has compared (link in Portuguese) Venezuelan Dictator President to Ken, Barbie’s boyfriend. It’s scary to think this people are leaders of something, much more if we think they are the leaders of their own citizens.

Malaysia: 'Religious department to act against any blogger who insults Islam'

PUTRAJAYA: The Islamic Development Department (Jakim) will take stern action against bloggers who insult Islam, including non-Muslims.

Its director-general Datuk Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz said the department could act against irresponsible bloggers, regardless of their religious background.

“Right now, the police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission are still trying to trace the blogger said to have insulted Prophet Muhammad.

“We will come in once the culprit is found,” he said.

Wan Mohamad also said there were bound to be “extremists” among religious followers or leaders in view of the country’s multi-ethnicity.

How sweet!!

Nominated in the Infidel Bloggers Awards!!!

via The Infidel Blogger Awards: Nominations for “The Georgies” aka The Infidel Blogger Awards have been finalized and voting is now open. Vote early and often

This is truly a surprise for me. This blog is very young, so the fact of being nominated is already a prize for me. Thanks for the people who nominated me.

Mark Steyn and Maclean, acquitted

You can read Deborah Gyapong, Pundita (who is linking to all Canadian bloggers writing about this) and Denise o’Leary:

The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal ruled today that a controversial article about Islam in Maclean’s magazine did not violate the province’s hate speech law.

In acquitting the magazine, the Tribunal ruled that the article, an excerpt from Mark Steyn’s book America Alone in which he describes the demographic and ideological dangers posed by a growing Muslim population in the West, was not likely to expose Muslims to hatred or contempt.

Those are really good news. Now we need that no other journalist, blogger, etc is ever indicted NOWHERE for EXPRESSING opinions.

(+) The decision itself via Covenant Zone. BCF, Scaramouche and Michelle Malkin also have posted about it.