Terrorism: Muslim Calls for Tourist Jihad, considers Wilders an “ideal victim”

This is the first time that I read about “Jihadi tourism”: that is, you go as a tourist but your real aim is not to see the monuments, but to “kill infidels”:

Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders. Image via Wikipedia

Jihadist Abu Suleiman al-Nasser wrote (1, 2) on the Shumukh al-Islam forum that Muslims should go to Europe posing as tourists in order to murder Europeans. Al-Nasser wrote on the site that Muslims should buy a sharp knife when they’re in Europe. “You could murder more than a hundred people. Walk about and choose your victims.” He wrote that Geert Wilders is an ideal victim. “He looks like a fat calf.”

Meanwhile, the American intelligence website SITE reports that Jihadists are calling for attacks on Belgium and Belgians in retaliation for the recently enacted burqa-ban. According to one Jihadist: “If you have the freedom to make such decisions, then you must also accept our freedom to take action. I call our Muslim brothers in Belgium to do what they can: bomb them, destroy them, torture and murder them.”

via Muslim Calls for Tourist Jihad – Grendel Report.

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Belgium: New Burqa Ban Challenged in Court

Muslim woman in Yemen.

Muslim woman wearing a niqab in Yemen. Image via Wikipedia

Two Muslim women who wear full veils decided Friday to challenge the ban in the country\’s constitutional court, Belgian media reported.

“We consider the law as a disproportionate intrusion into fundamental rights such as the freedom of religion and expression,” Ines Wouters, the women’s lawyer, was quoted as saying in the newspaper La Libre.

“This measure is discriminatory,” Wouters said.

…The Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner, Thomas Hammarberg, criticised burqa and niqab bans this week, saying such measures threaten to exclude women rather than liberating them.

“In fact, the banning may run counter to European human rights standards, in particular the right to respect for one’s private life and personal identity,” he said.

“The way the dress of a small number of women has been portrayed as a key problem requiring urgent discussion and legislation is a sad capitulation to the prejudices of the xenophobes.”

via Belgium\’s New Burqa Ban Challenged in Court.

If this Mr. Hammarberg would be assaulted by someone dressed in a burqa, I’m sure he would like to know who was the culprit. Oh, well, that surely would make him a dangerous xenophobe wanting to go on a murderous spree… 🙄

Austria: Chechen Arrested in Belgian NATO Plot

And again… and again… and again… Will Ihsanoglu condemn this or he is only available to condemn imaginary “Western Islamophobic plots”?

Austrian police have detained a Chechen refugee wanted in Belgium on suspicion of planning an Islamist militant attack on NATO targets, Austrian authorities said Saturday.

The suspect, who lives with his family in Austria, slipped through the dragnet when police in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands swooped in on suspected plotters last month, Interior Ministry spokesman Rudolf Gollia said.

The man, whom Gollia declined to identify, was taken into custody Dec. 1 when he arrived at Vienna airport from abroad. He remained under arrest pending an expected request from Belgium for his extradition.

Belgian authorities suspect a group of Chechen extremists, who were seeking to set up a religious state in northern Chechnya, planned to attack NATO facilities in Belgium,” Gollia said.

via Austria Arrests Chechen in Belgian NATO Plot | News | The Moscow Times.

Background: Terror: suspects arrested in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany

Terror: suspects arrested in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany

More terrorists threatening to bomb/attack sites in Europe:

Police in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany have arrested at least 10 Islamists suspected of plotting an attack in Belgium. Another 15 were arrested for allegedly recruiting insurgents for Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Police in Belgium and neighboring countries carried out two separate anti-terror raids on Tuesday, arresting at least 25 people.

Federal prosecutors in Belgium first announced the arrests of at least 10 Islamists suspected of plotting an attack on an unknown target in Belgium.

Ten Belgian, Dutch, Moroccan and Russian nationals have been arrested,” a spokesman for the Belgian Prosecutor’s office said on Tuesday. The Russian nationals were of Chechen origin, he said.

One of those Russians has been detained in the western German city of Aachen, close to the Dutch border. The others were arrested in Belgium’s second city Antwerp and in the Dutch capital Amsterdam.

via Terror suspects arrested in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany | Europe | Deutsche Welle | 23.11.2010.

Belgium: 5,000 circumcised women, thousands more at risk

Some 8,000 women have been circumcised in Belgium or are in danger of becoming a victim of this practice. The figure is an estimate by researchers at the Tropical Medicine Institute in Antwerp.

The largest number of victims live in Brussels and Antwerp.


Researchers have identified 1,190 girls under five years of age who are at risk as well as 1,690 girls in the 15 to 20 age category who are in danger of undergoing the practice during a holiday in their mother’s country of origin.

An estimated 5,000 women are believed to have actually undergone female circumcision in Belgium. [ed: Two years ago, the estimate was around 2700]

via Islam in Europe: Belgium: 5,000 circumcised women, thousands more at risk.


Sweden: police detain Turkish man wanted by Belgium on suspicion of terrorism

Swedish police say they have detained a Turkish man wanted in Belgium on suspicion of terrorism.

Security police spokesman Patrik Peter says the man was arrested at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport on Friday after arriving on a plane from Syria.

It is unclear if the man planned to stay in Sweden or had tickets to continue his journey to another destination.

Peter said on Sunday that Belgium issued a European arrest warrant for the man several months ago, amid suspicions of terrorism and other crimes, but declined to give any more details and did not identify the suspect.

A Swedish court has up to 30 days to decide if the man, who is in his 30s, should be extradited to Belgium.

via The Canadian Press: Swedish police detain Turkish man wanted by Belgium on suspicion of terrorism.

Belgium: Parliament fails to pass burqa ban

A party, Open VLD, quitted the coalition government, so the ban failed to pass. The right time for doing so, hein? Just the day when the ban was going to be debated and possibly passed.

Belgium’s parliament on Monday failed to pass a law banning the wearing of burqa and niqab in public as the coalition government collapsed with the resignation of the prime minister.

The center-right Flemish liberal party Open VLD quit the coalition, forcing Prime Minister Yves Leterme to resign and halting parliamentary debate over a bill banning the face and body cover and face veil traditionally worn by Muslim women.

Under the proposed law, violators of the burqa and niqab ban would be fined $17 to $28. Violators also face seven days of imprisonment.

Passage of the law would have made Belgium the first European country to ban the Islamic apparel.

And you know the cause of the split? Because Open VLD speak Dutch while the rest of the coalition are francophones! So:

Belgian Premier Yves Leterme’s government collapsed on Thursday after negotiations broke down to resolve a long-simmering dispute between Dutch and French-speaking politicians over a bilingual voting district.

Yes, and it was yesterday when they reached the conclusion than they didn’t agree on that point. La leche!! What stupid guys!!