Syrian refugees identify Iranian Basijs in the repression

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria

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The violent intervention of the Bashar al-Asad’s army in the town of Jisr al Shugur has already caused the flight to neighboring Turkey of more than 2,500 Syrians, amid evidence that Iran is not only behind the Syrian repressive apparatus, but Basij militants are participating directly in the operations of punishment. We can add to that, the lack of agreement in the Security Council to bring forward a UN resolution of condemnation, because of opposition from Russia and China, with veto power, and Brazil.

The testimonies of several wounded admitted to the hospital in Antioch involve Iranian agents who shot to protesters trying to disperse them in the city of Idlib, May 20, as recorded by the France Press correspondent in this city in Turkey. “There were policemen in civilian clothes, but also Iranian soldiers, ” Mustafa told through her ​​bed, a young seller of metal shot in the leg and arm. “I saw with my own eyes: we ask you not to attack us, but did not speak Arabic. ” “They had beards, and the Syrian army is prohibited, ” the trader added, evoking also a black uniform unknown in Syria. Akram, a 17-year-old also shot, has no doubts: “They were Basij [volunteer Iranian Islamic militants]. “

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Iran: huge crowds mourn Montanzeri

There were cries including “Death to the Dictator” in displays of anger against Iran’s ruling establishment and, what’s more important, huge crowds mourning the opposition’s cleric and Basij thugs:

forced to cancel the post-funeral sacrament as the Islamic regime’s forces had invaded the A’zam mosque where the observance was to be held. Saeed Montazeri also added that the Montazeri residence has now been surrounded by various revolutionary guards, members of the Basij, intelligence agents, members of special force, etc.

The Iranian Govt has a really rare way of showing respect to the cleric who was once elected to be Ayatolah’s Khomeini’s heir.

Yesterday, the reformist website, has reported that:

Around 1,000 members of Iran’s Basij Islamic militia attacked offices of pro-reform cleric Grand Ayatollah Yusuf Sanei in the central shrine city of Qom, a reformist website reported on Tuesday.

Canadian-Iranian blogger Winston considers that:

The western governments’ concern about nuclear weapons in the hands of the current rapist regime in Tehran is truly understandable but there is no chance to disarm this regime by talking to them. It’s imperative that the current regime be prevented from having any nuclear weapons capability for the sake of international peace and safety. A brutal regime that doesn’t have mercy on its own people, can not be trusted with weapons of mass murder.

Sensible theory. BUt how on earth do we know that the present movement is not just a quarrel over Islamic factions within Iran? In the end, Moussavi is not really a supporter of democracy, he is just not a supporter of Ahmadinejad, but is not opposed to Islamic regime, as far as I know. I believe Western countries do consider the potential of an Iranian democracy’s influence in the Middle East, but they don’t see any real movement for democracy, just one against Ahmadinejad. Of course, I can be mistaken… it’s just a view from outside Iran.

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Iran: father of shooting victim arrested for mourning his son

IRAN: Father of shooting victim arrested for mourning his son | Babylon & Beyond | Los Angeles Times

The man was buried in his birth village in the north of Iran, but the family was barred from holding any commemorative ceremonies.

Still well-wishers insisted on going to the home of the bereaved family to offer their condolences.

The Basiji militiamen detained Hashemzadeh’s father after ripping down photographs of his son and messages of condolences hanging on the walls outside the family home, according to a report by Norooz News, a Persian-language news website that is an online reincarnation of a popular and well-regarded reformist newspaper shuttered by authorities years ago.

Yesterday Khatami ordered to close a detention center:

The supreme leader has issued a strict order to ensure there is no injustice committed against anyone in the aftermath of the recent events,” said the secretary of Iran’s National Security Council, Saeed Jalili.(…)

“The detainees, especially students and academics, should be treated with justice and Islamic compassion, and if there are cases which could be ignored (forgiven), they should be freed as much as possible to prevent exploitation,” Larijani said, quoted by the ILNA news agency.

So why this “detention center” was built on the first place?

And are those Basij militiamen an example of “justice and Islamic compassion”, arresting a father for mourning his son?

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