UK: “Islamic Emirates project”, autonomous enclaves ruled by Sharia Law

Londonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror ...

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Don’t worry: there is no danger of Sharia being applied in the UK. That’s all rubbish by Islamophobe racists… Of course, then Anjem Choudary is of course, an Islamophobic racist. Err, no. He wants to “plant the seeds down for an Islamic Emirate in the long term“:

The project, which uses the motto “The end of man-made law, and the start of Sharia law,” was launched exactly six years after Muslim suicide bombers killed 52 people and injured 800 others in London. A July 7, 2011 announcement posted on the Muslims Against the Crusades website, states:

“In the last 50 years, the United Kingdom has transformed beyond recognition. What was once a predominantly Christian country has now been overwhelmed by a rising Muslim population, which seeks to preserve its Islamic identity, and protect itself from the satanic values of the tyrannical British government.

“There are now over 2.8 million Muslims living in the United Kingdom – which is a staggering 5% of the population – but in truth, it is more than just numbers, indeed the entire infrastructure of Britain is changing; Mosques, Islamic Schools, Shari’ah Courts and Muslim owned businesses, have now become an integral part of the British landscape. Continue reading


UK: Signs proclaiming Muslim “shariah” law zones show up on walls and lampposts

After Tower Hamlets, here comes Choudary’s “Sharia Law zones”:

In Stratford, England, non-Muslim residents say they are feeling “threatened and intimidated” as posters declaring neighborhood under Islamic shariah law are showing up on walls and lampposts.

The bright yellow signs read “Shariah Controlled Zone” with “Islamic rules enforced” in smaller text — and are showing up all across England.

The British newspaper the Telegraph reports:In the past week, dozens of streets in the London boroughs of Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets and Newham have been targeted, raising fears that local residents may be intimidated or threatened for flouting “Islamic rules.”The posters have symbols declaring a ban on alcohol consumption, gambling, parties, loud music, “red light” districts, smoking or drugs, which are against Islamic law.


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One resident said: “They appeared a couple of days ago and quite a few people are talking about it and taking pictures.

Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary has claimed responsibility, saying he plans to flood specific communities around the United Kingdom and “put the seeds down for an Islamic Emirate in the long term.

via Signs proclaiming Muslim “shariah” law zones go up in England – Beliefnet News.

UK: “Christmas is evil”, Muslim extremists say

Can we imagine what would happen in any Muslim country to some Christians who would make a campaign like this?

Evil of Christmas, by 27-year-old Abu Rumaysah, who once called for Sharia Law in Britain at a press conference held by hate preacher leader Anjem Choudary

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Internet: publishes MP death list (UPD) was named by Roshonara Choudhry in her police interviews as one of the sites which radicalised her. Choudhry was sentenced to life imprisonment on Wednesday for attempting to murder the former Labour minister Stephen Timms.

The site praises her as a “mujaahidah,” or holy warrior, saying: “We ask Allah to keep her safe and secure, to hasten her release and to reward this heroine immensely.”

It published a list of all the MPs who voted for the Iraq war together with an instruction to Muslims to try to kill them, saying: “We ask Allah for her action to inspire Muslims to raise the knife of Jihaad against those who voted for the countless rapes, murders, pillages, and torture of Muslim civilians as a direct consequence of their vote.” Continue reading

Choudary speaks about “World Wide Sharia Law”


They may say something to you in front of CNN, but I can assure you that behind your backs they are standing with their Muslim brothers and sisters saying: We hope the Americans and the British are pushed out of our countries and we can implement the Sharia.

…You withdraw your troops, stop supporting the pirate State of Israel and then perhaps we can have a dialogue and discussion.

Does the work of a Muslim includes imposing Sharia Law on everyone who is not a Muslim, including Americans?

Look: the Sharia Law is the divine law sent by god to the final messenger prophet Mohammed… It would take manking out of the shackles of man-made law, into the perfection and beauty of divine law, so I want that everywhere. I want Sharia Law everywhere. Surely it’s a very noble thing to invite someone to a superior way of life… I believe the Americans and the British have been living under the darkness and oppression of man-made law for many decades…. But in fact, when people look at Islam, when they look at the Sharia, they will see it has a solution for every single problem that is facing America and Britain nowadays...

Mr. Choudary, are you communicating with inv¡dividuals within the USA and encouraging them to participate in attacks of this sort?

Of course I am. You know, I am participating and communicating with people all around the world….

Mr. Choudary, based upon your answer, I believe, and I believe many prosecutors were listening to your answer, you violate US Law, you deserve to be arrested, prosecuted and jailed for the rest your life”.

Geee 😆

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UK: Muslims protest Pope Benedict’s visit

They are carrying slogans like “Shariah for the Vatican”, “Jesus is not God” and “God curse the Pope”. But there was more:

Muslim demonstrators sang “Pope Benedict, you will pay, Islam is on its way”, “Sharia is on its way”, “Justice is on its way” (a lot is coming our way, it seems) and threatened that Sharia would be “declared” against all who insult Muhammad. They shouted to the Pope, “Watch your back,” swore that he will “burn in hell” and claimed that he “deserves the death penalty.”

As always, we see respect for other religions, good wishes for everyone and no intentions of dominating other people.

Just kidding…

The Conservative Monster has more on this.

Muslim against Crusades – new Islamist group springs up.

UK: Choudary’s Islam4UK and Al Muhajiroun turned boys into Jihadis

Just as many other Jihadi groups (1, 2, 3, 4, 5):

Umran Javed, from Washwood Heath, was a normal IT student at the University of Aston, before he came under the influence of Al Muhijaroun in 2000.

He studied radical Islam with Choudary’s spiritual guide Omar Bakri Mohammed. Hate preacher Bakri, who once called for Tony Blair to be assassinated, led the group for nine years before fleeing Britain for Lebanon following the 7/7 London terror attacks in 2005.

Javed, 30, became increasingly caught up in Muslim extremism and the publication of cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper in 2006 saw him turn his radical views into action on the streets.

Filmed by undercover cops outside the Danish Embassy in London, he screamed “bomb, bomb Denmark. Bomb, bomb USA” and “Jihad is the path to Allah” .

He was jailed for six years for incitement to murder in 2007.

Other young Midland Muslims who have joined Choudary’s hate groups do not simply threaten murder, they carry out deadly acts of terror overseas.

Omar Sharif, 27, killed three Israelis and injured 50 others in 2003 when he blew himself up in a packed cafe in Tel Aviv.

His journey to the bloodied scene began on the streets of his home city of Derby when he joined his local Al Muhijaroun chapter.

At University in London his devotion to radical Islam deepened, leading him to shun his non-Muslim friends and travel to Syria for further Arabic studies.

When he returned he devoted himself to Al Muhijaroun, dropping leaflets, attending Bakri’s lectures and influencing other young men to take up violent Jihad.

He later recorded a martyrdom video for Palestinian terror group Hamas, before strapping on a vest filled with explosives and becoming the first foreign suicide bomber in Israel’s history.

Wolverhampton-born Hassan Butt, who has since renounced extremism, also previously acted as a spokesman for Al Muhijaroun. He was arrested after claiming he helped to recruit 200 Muslims to fight for the Taliban against British troops in Afghanistan.

via Inside Islam4UK: How Birmingham boys turn to terror – Sunday Mercury.

He defiantly says that he “challenges anyone to prove any of our members have been involved in any violent activities“, as if those boys’ stories were completely not related to him. But he was one of the leaders of Al Muhajiroun together with Omar Bakri Mohammed.

Secondly, he also says he “is smiling because Shariah is coming to Britain”.

So, why hasn’t he been deprived of the social benefits all English citizens are paying for him to glorify Jihad and ask for Shariah Law?

PS: Where is UNICEF? Oh, I forgot: it is just making friends with terrorist entities.