Pakistan: Christians demonstrate to call for the release of kidnapped Anglican pastor

Persecution against Christians continue:

Christians took to the streets of Attock–a city of 260,000 in Punjab province in northern Pakistan–to call for a more serious police investigation into the May 14 kidnapping of Robin Javed, an Anglican pastor.

“We do not know the reason why he was kidnapped, nor have we been asked for a ransom,” a local Christian told the Fides news agency. “This silence worries us greatly.”

Members of the Taliban are suspected of carrying out the kidnapping.


UK: Bishop Nazir-Ali on Afghanistan

The Rt Rev Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, Bishop of Roc...

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Never again should Afghanistan be allowed to sink into that mediaeval nightmare of the Taliban in power.  It is a gross misrepresentation that this had only to do with women in burqas. How can we forget the daily oppression of men, women and children: women were not allowed to leave the home without a male escort, they could not work in any profession, girls were forbidden from going to school, men were punished for shaving and all entertainment was banned, with savage punishment for those who offended against this barbaric code.  Do those who want to up and go really want to see the return, God forbid, of such an Afghanistan, and do they really think that it will not be a terror threat to the region, the world and to Britain and the USA?

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Anglican Church: Williams on burqa ban, secularism and Europe

Rowan Williams

Episcopal Life Online – WORLD REPORT:

“Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has deplored attempts by governments in Europe to prohibit Muslim women from publicly wearing the burqa, a garment that covers the entire body.

Governments should have better things to do than ban the burqa,’ Williams, the leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion, told an interfaith meeting organized by the National Council of Churches in India at its headquarters in Nagpur, during a visit to India.

…”I believe that the state ought not to be addressing issues like these. Instead, it should leave such concerns to the religious communities,” stated Williams at the Oct. 14 meeting in Nagpur. He described the French ban as “a sign of being overanxious.”

More than 100 church leaders, led by the NCCI’s president, Methodist Bishop Taranath Sagar, and Bishop Purely Lyngdoh, moderator of the Church of North India, attended the meeting alongside Muslims and Sikhs, and members of the Hindu community.

We are glad that the archbishop spoke out clearly on the burqa controversy. He is very objective and respects other faiths,” A. Majid Parekh, a Muslim leader in Nagpur, told ENInews after listening to the Anglican leader.

Williams told ENInews that the controversy generated by bans on the burqa, the Sikh turban and the Christian cross in some European countries, “shows the extension of secularism too far. This ought to be resisted. The communities should have the right to decide on such issues.” Williams said he had protested when a British Airways employee was told she should not wear her necklace cross visibly while at work.

He told the meeting that attacks against migrants in Europe were not the result of Christian prejudice against non-Christians but a “crude nationalist prejudice against migrants and outsiders.”

On the link between religions and terrorism, the head of the worldwide Anglican Communion said that terrorism is a product of “bad” religion. “The positive affirmation of faith in God and respect for one another is the solution for it,” he stated.”

UK: Islamism challenges notion of freedom, Bishop Nazir-Ali says

‘It is often thought the main threat of radical Islamism to the West and, indeed, the world, is terrorism. It is also said to be the isolation of Muslim communities which allows extremists to recruit people to their cause.
‘Such views are not mistaken but they confuse effects with causes.
What the world has to recognise is that we are not simply dealing with faith, but with a political, social and economic ideology.

Radical Islamism is a worldview. Its nearest parallel, despite many differences, is Marxism.
…’Muslims, like anyone else, should be free to practise and propagate their faith. They are free also to contribute to public debate.
‘The principle of one law for all, however, cannot be compromised.
‘Freedom of expression and the right to change one’s belief must be maintained…”.
Found at The Iconoclast.
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Egypt: State Security Destroys Church, Assaults Pastor

Respect for other religions? My ass!!!

State security agents in the upper Egyptian city of Luxor destroyed an Anglican church and assaulted the church’s pastor when he tried to save the building last week.Pastor Mahrous Karam of the Anglican Church in Luxor reported that he was still negotiating with city authorities about replacing the community center building on the church’s compound the day before the demolition occurred. Authorities said they were still considering the options, according to Karam.

But the next morning, March 18, without warning, hundreds of security personnel blocked the road leading to the church and dragged the pastor’s family out of their residence. The pastor’s wife, Sabah, said two men used force to remove her from the home, including slapping her face, pulling her by her clothes, and dragging her by her hair.

They threatened that if I do not leave the place they would take my 3-year-old boy and throw him under the bulldozers which came for the demolition work,” she told Freecopts. “Twenty traumatized children were dragged out of the attached nursery and thrown into the church hall.”

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