Turkey bans trips abroad for artificial insemination

Because it’s forbidden to conceal the paternity of the father:

A new law passed in Turkey has made it a criminal offence for a woman to go abroad and get pregnant via artificial insemination.
Artificial insemination is already illegal, but women have until now been able to go overseas to seek sperm donors.
Now they will face punishment of one to three years in prison for doing so.
…It is hard to imagine pregnant women being put on trial just for the way they conceived, but not impossible in Turkey, where last month a 15-year-old Kurdish girl was jailed for nearly eight years just for taking part in a demonstration.

Islamization continues in Turkey at full speed. Why a woman can’t conceal who is the father of her child? What happens if she doesn’t know? This is a total violation of the right to privacy.

Erdogan, that ally in the “Alliance of Civilizations”… 😯

Before: 16-year-old buried alive in “honor killing”.

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Pakistan: PM announces possible changes in blasphemy law

Pakistan’s prime minister pledged Thursday to review laws that may be sharpening tension among the country’s religious communities, days after a Muslim mob burned houses in rioting that killed eight Christians.

The killings Saturday in the eastern city of Gojra came amid concerns that rising extremist Islam has deepened the vulnerability of Pakistan’s minorities.

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani’s announcement suggested that the government may seek to change Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, which can carry the death penalty for those convicted of insulting Islam, the prophet Muhammad or the Koran.

They really should do it… although I doubt they will. This is just a way to distract criticism now…

The Turk President of OIC has condemned the Malatya killings, another killings based on Christianophobia, although this time on Turkey:

According to Ihsanoglu, who is himself a Turk, the “savage murders” in Malatya, even if they are “an internal question” for Turkey, he felt obliges to intervene given that “the authors of the murders linked them to Islam”. Islam affirms a statement released by the secretary on behalf of the 57 countries who comprise the Organization, “is a religion of peace, tolerance and coexistence – above all between members of Islam, Christianity and Judaism – which forbids the gratuitous murder of human beings”. Moreover the OIC will continue in its efforts to “promote a culture of diversity and to help support a politics of peace, dialogue, modernization and tolerance”.

I don’t trust this guy at all:

Ihsanoglu warned against using freedom of expression to offend Islam

Hmm… not at all:

In 2007, the Secretary General of the OIC, Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, a “moderate” Muslim from Turkey, used the “International Day of Tolerance” to assert that freedom of speech is defiling Islam. He stated, “[M]uslims around the world are the first victims of intolerance. They are facing a campaign of hatred and prejudice, what is otherwise known as Islamophobia. This growing trend of Islamophobia has subjected them to discrimination including religious profiling and stereotyping. The right to freedom of speech is being used to defile the sacred symbols of Islam.”

He continued, “[I]t is high time that the international community considers enacting legal measures against defamation of religions and religious beliefs. I would urge the Alliance of Civilizations and the Human Rights Council to take pro-active action in this regard.”

The International Humanist and Ethical Union (“IHEU”) warned that UN approval of a law combating defamation of religions would have grave implications for the freedom to criticize a religion or its practices. It explained that countries will have broad latitude in how they penalize the disrespect of religion because OIC’s resolution did not define what constitutes “defamation.” Further, the resolution failed to distinguish between defamation of religion and incitement to racial and religious violence.

But the mistreatment of Christians has been so grave here, that he should say something. Only I don’t really believe that coming from someone who supports the punishment of the defamation of religions is really able to critizise violence, specially when precisely the root cause of the violence and mistreatment of Christians and other minorities is the so-called “Blasphemy Law”.

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"Sistine Chapel" at United Nations sparks controversy (News Feature)

As Spanish artist Miquel Barcelo prepares for the unveiling of his most gigantic work so far at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, he is at the height of his artistic glory.

Only a political squabble over the cost of the art work is casting a shadow over the ceremony, which will be attended by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Spain’s King Juan Carlos and Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero on Tuesday, November 18.

Barcelo, who is being compared with Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) and Joan Miro (1893-1983), worked for 13 months on redecorating a negotiating room which will now be known as the Chamber for Human Rights and the Alliance of Civilizations. The Alliance of Civilizations project was launched by Zapatero and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan to improve dialogue between the West and the Muslim world in 2006.

(…) The budget to renovate the room amounted to nearly 20 million euros (25 million dollars), 60 per cent of which was covered by Spanish sponsors.

The rest was given by the government, including 500,000 euros that were lifted from a development aid fund.

‘Art has no price,’ Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said, eliciting criticism from the conservative opposition which said the same money could have been used for vaccinating children or opening water holes in developing countries.

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Don’t think this needs any comments… It’s a shame.