Algeria: “All buildings for non-Muslim religious worship will be permanently closed down”

even Algerian churches face closure this week after the governor of their province sent them written notice that they were operating “illegally.”

The notice on Sunday (May 22) from Police Chief Ben Salma, citing a May 8 decree from the Bejaia Province governor, also states that all churches “in all parts of the country” will be closed for lack of compliance with registration regulations, but Christian leaders dismissed this assertion as the provincial official does not have nationwide authority.

“All buildings permanently designated for or in the process of being designated for the practice of religious worship other than Muslim will be permanently closed down in all parts of the country, as well as those not having received the conformity authorization from the National Commission,” Salma stated in the notice.

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France: Algerian-born man is denied citizenship for his degrading attitude towards women

Flag of France and Algeria

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A man married to a Frenchwoman has been refused French citizenship because of his “degrading attitude” toward women.

The Algerian man’s application for French nationality was turned down because “his idea of sexual equality is not that of the republic,” a high-ranking official told French radio station Europe 1, the Guardian reports.

The man – eligible for French nationality as he had been married to a French citizen for more than four years – did not allow his wife to leave the family home freely, it is claimed.

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Spain: Barcelona, nest of counter-jihad spies


Barcelona. Image via Wikipedia

The Catalan capital has become a major center of operations of the intelligence services of all countries who are suffering and generate Jihadist terrorism and have diplomatic representation in Spain. The operation goes beyond Barcelona and extends to areas with high density of Muslim population.

The reason why Barcelona has become a nest of spies has its origin in the consideration of Catalonia as a source of primary importance to jihadists based in Europe.

… Among the reasons for considering Catalonia as a “the most dangerous nest of radical Islamists in the Mediterranean, the U.S. Secret Service pointed to the high percentage of legal and illegal immigration from North Africa-Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria- as well as Pakistan and Bangladesh, which in their view is a “magnet for recruiting terrorists. ” The concern has even led authorities meetings of experts and members of various intelligence services accredited in Spain, like the one held in Madrid a few weeks ago. A meeting just to talk of Catalonia as “new epicenter of jihadism. “

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Al-Qaeda: Al-Zawahiri speaks about Lybia

The CIA prepared a series of leaflets for use ...

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SITE said Zawahiri split his lecture into three distinct parts, addressing in turn the uprisings in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia.

“I want to direct the attention of our Muslim brothers in Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and the rest of the Muslim countries, that if the Americans and the NATO forces enter Libya then their neighbors in Egypt and Tunisia and Algeria and the rest of the Muslim countries should rise up and fight both the mercenaries of Kadhafi and the rest of NATO,” he said, according to SITE.

Zawahiri stated Al-Qaeda’s backing for the ousted Tunisian and Egyptian presidents and also accused the Egyptian government of “separation from Islam” and “subservience to the West,” the monitoring group said.

The video was the fifth installment in Egyptian-born Zawahiri’s series titled “A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our People in Egypt.”

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Algeria: Islamic terrorists ambush soldiers; 2 killed, 3 wounded

Two soldiers were killed and three were wounded in an ambush by an Islamist group in Tizi Uzu region, in Kabilia (110 km East of Argel).

According to newspaper El-Watan, the soldiers were attacked on Thursday when a military convoy was passing by the forest region Yakuren between Tizi Uzu and the neighboring province of Bejaia.

On October 3, five soldiers were killed in another attack in the Islamist same region, a stronghold of groups linked to al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb.

via De olho na Jihad: Emboscada de grupo islamita mata 2 soldados argelinos.

(Translated by T&P).

Algeria: Christians tried for breaking Ramadan fast

Another example of “respect” for non-Muslims.

Two Algerian Christians have been tried for breaking Ramadan fasting rules, with hundreds of people protesting outside the courtroom against judicial authorities.
Hocine Hocini, 44, and Salem Fellak, 34, were arrested on August 13 on the building site where they worked in the northern region of Kabylie after they were spotted eating lunch.
The pair admit to eating but insist it happened in a discreet place.
Muslims are not allowed to eat during daylight hours during the Ramadan holy month.
In Algeria breaking the fast can be punished with three months in jail.

The prosecutor has actually asked for that punishment.

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"EU, Maghreb share "common interests" on migration, security"

European Union: adapted from original orthogra...Image via Wikipedia

Lesueur, a general delegate at the Thomas More Institute, said the EU had a role to play in putting an end to the conflict between Morocco and Algeria over Western Sahara, a 266,000 square-kilometre territory that has been a bone of contention between the two countries.

According to him, the new distribution of portfolios within the European Commission should accelerate progress, as several commissioners are concerned by the issue. He also proposed to appoint a coordinator.

“We urge the EU to reinvest itself in the region and place its relations with the Maghreb at the top of its agenda,” he said.

Moreover, “the EU should help projects and business development,” he said, stressing the importance of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), launched in 2008 under the French EU Presidency.

On migration, Lesueur explained that Morocco had problems similar to those faced by Europe in dealing with its southern neighbourhood. As sub-Sahel migrants move north to reach Europe, “Maghreb countries are transforming themselves into transit countries, and are also slowly turning into host countries,” he said, remarking that thousands of Senegalese are currently living in Algerian capital Tangiers.

This, he argued, highlights the common challenges faced by Europe and the Maghreb, as he says the countries in the region may soon start experiencing ethnic tensions and even racism.

To deal with such problems, Lesueur says the EU’s Frontex agency should open offices in the South Sahel region and work in close cooperation with Maghreb countries. “It is not sufficient to return illegal migrants from Spain to Morocco,” he stressed.

In reality, he said the EU’s migration policy “is being played out in Nouakchott [Mauritania] and Dakar [Senegal],” not on the island of Lampedusa, south of Sicily. “Lampedusa represents the failure of the EU’s migration policy,” he said.

Similarly, he said European security and anti-terrorism policy is not being played out at the EU’s southern borders, but 3,000 kilometres away. “In the anti-terrorism area, Algeria and Morocco have pretty well cleared Al Qaeda off the ground,” he remarked. But the organisation has now retreated further south to Mali, Cameroon and Senegal, he said.

So the EU is beginning to act protecting countries which are not inside the EU. I think we have enough problems inside our borders which are not solved by now, to defend countries which are not inside those borders. But I’m sure this is just the next step after the “United Economic Space”, negotiated with Morocco.

There are a lot of people worried about Turkey entering EU. Morocco should also worry every free citizen: a theocracy with no possibility of changing into a democracy, expelling Christians for “proselityzing”, mistreating homosexuals, opponents to the regime (specially Saharauis) or who demonstrate against fasting in Ramadan and shutting down (or banning) MSM for insulting Islam or the King. An ideal partner…

Of course, Algeria has also a growing problem with Islamism and has condemned people to three years in prison for owning a Bible. So, I don’t think it’s an ideal partner either.

Besides, if Islam/Shariah is the Law’s source in these states, I’m sure the measures taken will be different. Or not?

Bulletin of the Oppression of Women March 10 – March 25, 2010

This is a blogpost written by Political ®. I have only added links to the posts written by me.

March 10, 2010Saudi Arabia
This report reviews the current attempts to reduce escalating conflicts over child bride marriages and in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
In Egypt religious conservatism is growing.

March 11, 2010
Federal immigration officials say there’s little they can do to stop “child brides” from being sponsored into Canada by much older husbands who wed them in arranged marriages abroad.
There have been over thirteen honor killings in two months in Palestine. (T&P post on this here).
A Christian girl working as housemaid was raped by the son of her Muslim employer. When she threatened to report him to police, she was burnt by the rapist and his sister. Also HERE. Continue reading

Terrorism: an Spanish national defends before a Judge that "the Mujaheedins can never be terrorists"

And again this has nothing to do with race or nationality, it has just to do with Jihadist ideology:

A man accused of posting videos on the internet and of writing more than 1,500 comments on the web allegedly glorifying Al-Qaeda, Gonzalo López Royo, defended last Monday in a court hearing, that a “mujahideen can never be a terrorist“, because “Islam is the religion of peace“. He compared mujaheedins with “Bosnians who defended their home, their wife and their sons“.

State Prosecutor Teresa Sandoval has asked for an 18-months prison term for López Royo and for Fath Allah Sadaq, also at court hearing this Monday, for “glorifying, justifying and giving publicity to Islamist terrorist organizations, persons and deeds” since 2006 in an English-speaking website. Despite it being of restricted access, it had, at least, 1,300 users per year”, according to an expert from the Civil Guard. The defense attorney is asking for a full acquittal of both defendants.

Both websurfers, of Spanish and Moroccan nationality respectively, acknowledged they publicized comments and posted videos about Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden and Islamic Jihad, although, according to Mr. López Royo’s statement, his intention “was not to support damaging anyone, but to comment news in a positive and constructive way, not glorifying anyone who is a bad guy”.

On the other hand, Mr. Allah Sadaq assured that he wanted to fight against “US censorship in the Iraqi war”, because Al-Qaeda was an interested part in the conflict and “also the only source of information”. He added he didn’t know he was committing a crime and that, when he knew it, he erased the images, three months before being arrested.

According to the State Prosecutor’s provisional conclusions, Mr. López Royo wrote about 1,500 comments claiming for the constitution of a Caiphate in Spain. He also acknowledged being the author of several drawings which were included in a video that Mr. Allah Sadaq made in June 2008 honoring Abu Mussab Al-Zarqawi, Al-Qaeda leader killed in Iraq.

During the court hearing, he pointed out that he was speaking of the “caliphate in an spiritual meaning“, because what he really defends is the “comeback of the old Spanish splendor“, in subjects like medicine, art or literature ( 😯 Was the caliphate the “old Spanish splendor”?).

Mr. López Royo, born in Zaragoza, assured that he is sided with the “families that suffer and the children that are killed”. He added that he wants to collaborate with some terrorists’ victims association to make everyone understand that he only wants to defend the victims. He also assured that he is “an Islam sympathiser” but that he is not a believer in Islam. “I condemn terrorism fully, ever (NOTE: except it is made by mujahideens who “can’t be terrorists”). I would be the first one to inform about a terrorist attack”, he underlined.

The State Prosecutor, later on, in her final conclusions, regarded as proved that both accused men “glorified, exalted and praised Al-Qaeda” and believes the accused’s allegations aren’t valid after the videos were seen on the hearing and the comments read.

Mr. López Royo’s defense attorney brought a psychiatric evalution which refers to the “mixed personality disorder” the accused has. The report also says that the accused “wanted to leave mediocrity and has failed” but underlined that he is “conscious of what he does but can’t conisder the implications of his deeds”.

The State Prosecutor remembered a post by Mr. López Royo, in which he mentions that “because of secutiry reasons, he would not post any personal drawing of Al-Qaeda in the webpage” told later that his drawing weren’t only simple portraits or cartoons and that when he worked about mujaheedins it was “obvious” he was glorifying them, so he was “very conscious” about what he was doing.

Mr. López Royo also told the judge in the hearing that since he was “10 year-old” he had been interested in geopolitical problems, reason why he had a lot of information in his home.

The accused, who used the nick “salaam 1420” and showed a photography of a man wielding an axe, fantasized in the website about being a “mujaheedins commander to maintain alive a prisoner during 30 seconds to see him swallowing his own blood”. He also said in another post that he had “bombed” his city with stickers that showed an AK-47 and encouraged “Maghrebi boys” to “support the troops” with the slogan “There is no god but Allah”.

He also posted four videos in the net dedicated to Chechen “guerrilla fighters”, the Muslims who are “suffering at the hands of the Infidels” in Afghanistan, Algeria (sic: are the Muslims suffering at the hands of the Infidels… in an Islamic state?) and Iraq and the “combattants” of the “Palestinian group Hamas”.

Mr. Allah Sadaq, on the other hand, made other videos in which he glorified terrorist leaders Osama bin Laden, Al-zarqawi and Al-Zawahiri and supported a terrorist attack by Jihadists in Ramada (Iraq). In his home, police found two books about Jihad’s teachings, dossiers about Al-Qaeda and drawings and cartoons related to ETA, GRAPO and other terrorist groups.

via Un español defiende en un juicio que “un muyahidín jamás puede ser un terrorista”.

Couldn’t this guy have left “mediocrity” by other means? :rol:

Comments on T&P 2.0.

Portugal: PM Sócrates visits the Maghreb

During the 3-day trip, he will reinforce political relations with these countries (Algeria, Lybia, Morocco, Tunisia), to achieve a rise in Portuguese exportations towards them. The four countries (exportations rose to €600 millions in 2009), represent 2% of total Portuguese exportations.

In Lybia, where Sócrates is today (yesterday) with leader Moammar El-Kadhaffi and with the country’s PM, Baghdadi Mahmoudi, they are going to sign an economic agreement. Tomorrow, Sócrates, will take part in two forums about renewable energies (one in Algeria and another in Tunisia) and services and public works, all of them major Portuguese interests.

via Público – Visita de Sócrates ao Magrebe dominada pela economia.


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Ireland: Two charged over Lars Vilks "murder plot"

This is an update on this storyThe Independent:

Two men were charged last night in Ireland with an alleged plot to murder Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks.

Algerian Ali Charafe Damache and Abdul-Salam Mansour Al-Jehani, from Libya, were brought before a special late-night court sitting. Damache was charged with sending a menacing text message while Al-Jehani was charged with an immigration offence.

The men were arrested in Ireland last week in connection with an international conspiracy to kill Mr Vilks, whose controversial depictions of the Muslim prophet were printed in a newspaper in Sweden in 2007. Five others arrested in connection with the alleged plot have been released without charge.

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Spain: AQ frees hostage because she converted to Islam

Al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb

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Alicia Gámez, the Spanish hostage of AQIM, has been freed because of her health problems and her conversion to Islam, according to a press release from the organization which will be published shortly.


The punishment for apostasy in Islam differs whether the apostate is a woman or a man:

a male apostate must be put to death unless he suffers from a mental disorder or converted under duress, for example, due to an imminent danger of being killed. A female apostate must be either executed, according to Shafi’iMaliki, and Hanbalischools of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), or imprisoned until she reverts to Islam as advocated by the Sunni Hanafi school and by Shi’a scholars.[15]

A minority of medieval Islamic jurists, notably the Hanafi jurist Sarakhsi (d. 1090),[5] Maliki jurist Ibn al-Walid al-Baji (d. 494 AH) and Hanbali jurist Ibn Taymiyyah (1263–1328), held that apostasy carries no legal punishment.[6] Some contemporary Islamic Shafi`i jurists, such as the Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa,[7][8] some Shi’a jurists such as Grand Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri,[9] and some jurists, scholars and writers of other Islamic sects, have argued or issued fatwas that either the changing of religion is not punishable or is only punishable under restricted circumstances, but these minority opinions have not found broad acceptance among the majority of Islamic scholars.[10][11][12][13]

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Spain: Italian Prosecutors’ report showed AQIM recruitment

El País (Translation T&P, being un update on this story):

Spain is the last ring of Salafism in Europe“. This appears written in a confidential report of the Italian Prosecutor’s office from 2001 and sums up the huge spread of this Islamist group in the country. This same group has kidnapped 3 volunteers in Mauritania.

A group funded and formed by recruits belonging to different cells and their supporters in Spain. A group which has its more productive and comfortable European basis in Spain, after France.

Last reports sent to Spanish Government by the National Inteligence Center (CNI), the General Police and Civil Guard Information Office point out that Spain is a “recruitment ground” and “constant source of funding” of AQIM (Al-Qaeda for an Islamic Maghreb). There are around 30 open investigations now in Spain about Islamist terrorism which have this group as their target.

The author of this Italian report about Salafism explained how since the late 90s, the leaders in Europe of the Hassan Hattab’s cells, the then leader of the Salafist Group for the Preaching and Combat (GSPC), ended up taking refuge in Spain, attracted like a magnet.The members of AQIM that kidnapped Alicia Gómez, Roque Pascual and Albert Villalta since Nov 29th, have a lot of “brothers” that are now waiting to be judged or imprisoned for belonging to this “organization”, according to Penitentiary Institution’s sources. Most of them are Algerians, but there are also Moroccans and Tunisians. Continue reading

Algeria: AQIM weakening but swift Islamization continues

AQIM is trying to alter their strategy, attacking peaceful resorts and changing its structure in the country:

The locations of the attacks, and the audacity in which they were carried out, certainly grabbed attention. The ambush in Tipaza brought the violence to a peaceful region to which residents of Algiers flock at weekends to use the beaches.
At least one European embassy responded by ordering its staff not to travel to Tipaza, one diplomat said.
“There has been a redeployment of al Qaeda forces over the territory with the focus on regions which used to be seen as safe such as Tipaza and Bordj Bou Arreridj,” said Boualem Ghomrassa, a security analyst with El Khabar newspaper.
The tactics deployed by al Qaeda’s North African wing have been evolving in other areas too.
Two sources close to the security forces told Reuters the group had revamped its structure, scrapping the previous system of nine geographical zones, each with a commander or “emir”, in favour of a streamlined system with four zones.
The group also appears to have decided to drop its previous tactic of mounting suicide attacks because the civilian casualties were alienating supporters.

But being that worrying, it only points to one fact, experts say. AQIM is weakening by the day in Algeria, attacking other countries on the area (such as Mauritania recently). The interesting thing, however, is that in several subjects (such as religious persecution, women’s rights, nightlife and Islamic dress), Algeria is implementing, very swiftly and with hardly any kind of international notice, Islamic law in all respects. So it’s not that AQIM’s violent tactics were “alienating supporters“, but rather that their own goals of building an Islamic society in the Maghreb are fulfilling themselves without having to employ terror tactics.

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France: Fadela Amara on the burqa ban

It’s always good to see a Muslim speaking about women’s rights and not saying “the Prophet told me…”

A ban on wearing the all covering burka in France would stem the spread of what French minister Fadela Amara called the “cancer” of radical Islam, a report quoted her as saying Saturday. The Muslim minister for urban regeneration told the Financial Times newspaper that the head-to-toe body covering and veil represented the “oppression of women, their enslavement, their humiliation.
Amara, who is of Algerian descent, said France was a beacon for an enlightened Islam at ease with modernity, so it was necessary to fight the “gangrene, the cancer of radical Islam which completely distorts the message of Islam.”
(…) “Those who have struggled for women’s rights back home in their own countries — I’m thinking particularly of Algeria — we know what it represents and what the obscurantist political project is that lies behind it, to confiscate the most fundamental of liberties,” she said.

link: France 24 | Minister says burqa ban would stop ‘cancer’ of radical Islam | France 24

Specially Algeria knows what means to fight Islamic extremists. Even today, people are feeling the conservative pressure, specially in matters related to women’s rights, nightlife and Islamic dress.

Anyway, she has not been the only French UMP politician to support the burqa ban. Bernard Debré has already supported the ban:

Do you agree with the law against the burqa?
I agree that a law is necessary. The burqa represents everything which is unnaceptable for women. It’s a humiliation for the women and for the rest of the people who see those chained girls. Perhaps it’s acceptable in Muslim countries but certainly not in France. Even if it would only affect 300 women, it must be regulated. We are seeing it with the last affair of the burkini, that is, that women who presented herself in a local public swimming-pool. There are rules of hygiene and well-being in public swimming-pools which are universally applied. And that can’t be disputed.

Compare this with UK or Spain‘s answers to the Islamic women’s dress.

Italy: Algerian Salafist expelled

An Algerian citizen arrested on charges of helping Salafist GIA (now AQIM) terrorist group has been expelled yesterday from Italy, according to Italian Interior Ministry.

The expulsion order was signed by the Interior Minister himself, Roberto Maroni, because of State’s security reasons and to prevent terrorism.

According to investigators, the Algerian was helping with funding. He also gave the required documentation to Maghrebies to let them stay in Italian land.

More here:

Nabil Belhouchi was repatriated to Algeria from Milan. He was accused of having links to Algerians arrested in Italy and Britain suspected of providing support to a group which now styles itself the Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb, or North Africa.

Belhouchi also had links to an organisation in Italy aimed at converting people to Islam and had a contemptuous attitude to both Italians and Jews, ANSA said. He also glorified the 9/11 attacks on New York.

Thank God.

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Algeria: More Islamism, less nightlife

Not surprisingly:

At least 40 bars, restaurants and nightclubs have been closed in the past year around Algiers alone, according to local media. The government insists that the closures are strictly a matter of safety and hygiene, but suspicion is widespread that Muslim conservative pressure is to blame.

Ait Oussaid, a Muslim like almost all of Algeria’s 32 million people, contends that officials caved in to a petition circulated in his seaside neighborhood of La Perouse demanding that the Muslim prohibition of alcohol be enforced.

(…) other signs point to increasing enforcement of a stricter, more visible version of Islam. Several workers were prosecuted last fall for smoking in public during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. Groups of Algerian Muslims have recently been put on trial for converting to Christianity.

Censorship of sexual content on national TV has become stricter, and although women aren’t officially obligated to cover their heads, students at provincial universities complain of being pressured to wear head scarves.

via As Algeria grows more Islamic, nightlife suffers.

Surprised? Not the least. This is not a problem of “terrorism”, but on enforcing Shariah Law. Maybe people don’t answer to terrorism or think that’s a blackmail, although a terror held during some time can make people think that perhaps they can end “terror” by giving something away. But demands made once and again can have much more effect, even in non-Muslim countries.

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Roadside bombs kill 7 in Algeria

Algeria Two roadside bombs have exploded in eastern Algeria, killing seven people hours after the president announced he would run for a third term, the state-run news agency said Friday.

The bombings interrupted a period of relative calm in Algeria, where secular-leaning government forces have been battling a resurgent militant group known as al-Qaida in Islamic North Africa, or AQMI.

The first roadside bomb blew up at Foum El-Metlag, near Tebessa on Algeria’s eastern border with Tunisia, the official APS agency reported Friday, citing security officials. Four members of one family, including two women and a baby, died in the explosion, which took place late Thursday.

The second device exploded when the aid equipments arrived, killing two policemen and a firefighter.

via Roadside bombs kill 7 in Algeria |

These terrorist attacks do not normally get to the front page of the news, but sadly they underline the existence of the ex-Group for the Preaching and Combat, now Al-Qaeda in North Africa or Al-Qaeda for an Islamic Maghreb.

Los delirios del profesor argelino

Un profesor argelino exige al Rey que pida perdón a los musulmanes – Sociedad – Libertad Digital

Jammal Ben Ammar Al-Ahmar reclama desde su página web el regreso de los descendientes de los expulsados de España en el siglo XV al tiempo que exige la condena de los culpables. Autoproclamado descendiente de la dinastía de Bania Al Ahmar, exige en forma de carta al Rey Don Juan Carlos, la recuperación de dicho territorio.

(…) Ben Ammar insta a una “completa investigación legal e histórica de los crímenes de guerra que tuvieron lugar en Andalucía por las cruzadas papales, francesas, inglesas y europeas, cuya víctima fue nuestro miserable pobre pueblo, tras la caída de la regla islámica en Andalucía“. (Einnn??? ¿¿Qué cruzadas hubo en Andalucía?? Si se refiere a la revuelta de las Alpujarras, puede ser profesor de lo que quiera pero digámoslo finamente, está equivocado: a España no vino ninguna cruzada de nadie, salvo a la batalla de las Navas de Tolosa, 1212, a la que los cruzados centroeuropeos llegaron tarde y encima se dedicaron a quemar y a tomar botín por las tierras cristianas porque hacía mucho calor… así que en todo caso seríamos los cristianos los que tendríamos que exigirles rectificación). 

La carta afirma que “la injusticia infligida sobre el pueblo musulmán de Andalucía que todavía sufre la diáspora en el exilio desde el año 897, según el calendario musulmán, y 1492 después de Cristo. Dicho esto, el profesor insta al monarca español a pedir perdón “en nombre de sus antepasados” y que asuma la “responsabilidad de las consecuencias” que esto acarree. (Resulta que los “moros de Graná” no fueron expulsados de ningún sitio en 1492, salvo Boabdil y su familia, por razones obvias. Los moros no fueron expulsados hasta principios del siglo XVII y sólo porque los espías de Felipe III encontraron unas cartas en las que el Sultán turco decía que les iba a enviar dinero y armas para liberar España y que confiaba en que todos los musulmanes se unieran. Sí, puede ser que las expulsiones fueran injustas, pero a día de hoy se están produciendo desplazamientos de población -Sudán, Irak, Afganistán… incluso India- y ni siquiera hay un crisis unánime de lo que ocurre en ellos).

(…) considera necesario “identificar a los criminales, condenarlos retrospectivamente, mientras se identifica y compensa a las víctimas por sus calamidades y se restauran sus títulos”. Una especie de investigación de Memoria Histórica a la manera de Garzón, según ABC, que tal y como dice en su carta llevaría a “emitir un decreto que permita a los inmigrantes regresar a sus hogares andaluces, garantizándoles la concesión del pleno de derecho de ciudadanía”, y restaurar todas sus propiedades. (Y para ¿cuándo un decreto que permita volver a los descendientes de los cristianos a los lugares de lso que fueron obligatoriamente -y lo están siendo en la actualidad- expulsados por la invasión musulmana, incluido el territorio argelino? ¿Qué tal le sentaría al benammaralhamar este que le echaran de sus tierras para que las ocupara el descendiente del cristiano a las que las hordas musulmanas expulsaron en el siglo VII? A que no, que esos son cristianos y por tanto no tienen derechos, pero los descendientes legítimos o inventados de los musulmanes, esos tienen derecho a volver y a que se les den sus tierras en cualquier momento).

También considera necesario un “buen trato a la comunidad musulmana que vive en España y que siente que su orgullo ha sido desdeñado, tras la inspección de tribunales“, algo que se debe aplicar, dice, a los sin papeles, cuyos antepasados fueron expulsados (claro, hombre, claro, hay que invitarles a nuestra mesa y que coman encima nuestro y nosotros de esclavos. Pues no haber venido a donde nadie les había llamado, que ellos PRIMERO invadieron España, quitándoles sus propiedades a sus legítimos dueños, leñe).

También reivindica la independencia de Ceuta y Melilla, y  que se pida perdón a los musulmanes. Esto incluye que un tercio de los beneficios por las visitas a mezquitas deben ser destinados a representantes legales de Al-Andalus. (y no cree en los Reyes Magos ni en el Hada de los Dientes, ni en el Ratoncito Pérez ni en nada parecido. Y ¿qué tal pagar a los cristianos turcos por el uso de la Mezquita que era antes Santa Sofía de Constantinopla? Pero serán b-o-l-u-d-o-s…).

Gracias a Gerenton.

La culpa de esto la tienen todos aquellos que consideran que hay que pedir perdón por ser blancos, por ser europeos, porque hace 300 años se matara a noséquién pero luego no exigen a ninguno de los dictadorzuelos de pacotilla que hay en el Tercer Mundo que pida nadie perdón por lo que ocurre AHORA. ¿Por qué no habla este alhammarbenammarlianteammar de la Iglesia de la Virgen María de El Cairo (1, 2)? Porque ahí es donde se ve por lo que él (y el resto de los musulmanes…) tendría que pedir perdón por cosas que pasan AHORA, no por cosas que se hicieron el año de la pera y que no eran ni más ni menos que lo que se hacía (y a veces hasta menos) normalmente en ese momento… Ya ni comento los atentados, los degüellos, las lapidaciones, etc, etc… y en general, los abusos a los Derechos Humanos que tiene como consecuencia la Sharia.

Ahora bien, lo mejor es lo que ha dicho el Gobierno español: dice que ve “con preocupación” que este hombre da clases. Pues lo que tienen que hacer es contradecir con la Historia, no con las idas de olla de este hombre, lo que él dice. Porque preocupándose y sin hacer nada, no se consigue nada… *-)

Pues nad, Berlusconi, prepárate: deberás devolvernos el oro y la plata que los romanos robaron de Hispania…

Pero cuánta gilipollez hay que leer, Señor… :S

Sarkozy sigue con su tour para vender energía nuclear

Ya la ha vendido a China o Libia, entre otros. Ahora la va a vender a otro país muy democrático: Emiratos Árabes Unidos.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has begun a Gulf tour, during which he is due to sign a nuclear co-operation deal with the United Arab Emirates.

He has arrived in Saudi Arabia and will go on to Qatar and the UAE over the next three days. All three are seeking to develop civilian nuclear programmes.

Mr Sarkozy has said the Arab world should have the same rights to such programmes as other states.

France has already signed nuclear agreements with Algeria and Libya.

El Presidente francés, Nicolás Sarkozy ha iniciado un tour por el Golfo Pérsico, durante el que va a firmar un acuerdo de cooperación nuclear con los Emiratos Árabes Unidos. Ha llegado a Arabia Saudí e irá después a Qatar y a los Emiratos Árabes Unidos en los siguientes tres días. Todos están intentando desarrollar programas nucleares civiles.
Sarkozy ha dicho que el mundo árabe debe tener los mismos derechos a estos programas que otros estados. Francia ha firmado ya acuerdos nucleares con Argelia y Libia.

Esto no es algo nuevo, ni mucho menos. Pero el programa nuclear iraní (país que profesa en su gran mayoría el Islam chií, confesión minoritaria dentro del Islam), apoyado por Putin, ha hecho que la mayoría de los países suníes, quieran también tener un programa nuclear. Incluso han ofrecido la posibilidad de construir un reactor nuclear en Suiza, país que no ha hecho ninguna declaración al respecto pero cuyo Primer Ministro sí se entrevistó en secreto con el rey saudí Abdalá después de la visita de éste al Reino Unido.

La cuestión es que, como hasta ellos mismo creen, el programa nuclear iraní no tiene nada de pacífico, así que es mucho mejor asegurarse que ellos también tienen el mismo programa pacífico.


Sarkozy has already sold nuclear reactors to China, Algeria and Lybia. Morocco is on a list queue and now Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE are also on that list. This is a direct consequence of the supposedly pacific nuclear program of Iran, of whose pacific character has precisely UAE expressed its profound doubts, even retaining cargos headed for Iran. They have also expressed their concern about the environmental threat the Iranian nuclear program could pose for them… to lately ask one for themselves… 😉

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