Spain: “the symbol of the European liberation by Islamic revolution”

Islamist/Islamic propaganda at its best:

Western Political correctness refers to them as “extremists.” But their statements and points of view can only be considered as “extremist” because of their extreme brutality. Lately some of the higher clergymen of Iran express themselves in a more “Quranic” way than ever. And show a striking setting with Spain, but not, as usual, with Spanish Al Andalus, but with nowaday’s Spain, which, in their eyes, is a kind of helpless orphan abandoned to their fate in the infidel lands being harassed by “the more arrogant powers” in the world.

A few weeks ago, during the full swing of the so-called ‘Movement 15-M’, Iran was swarmed by statements of high officials of the regime, linking the protests in Spain with the “waves of freedom brought by Islam to the Iberian peninsula for centuries“. A brigadier general stated to a semi-official Iranian agency, that “the Spanish release” was just one example of the “pursuit of freedom” by the Europeans, “a freedom like the one, coincidentally, brought the Muslim invasion of the peninsula“.

Ali Khamenei has been the supreme leader of Ir...

Ayatollah Khamenei. Image via Wikipedia

Thus, Al Andalus is still an example for the liberation of the oppressed Europeans: “Similar to the expansion of Islam into Europe via Spain for several centuries, the growing waves of arousal appear to spread from the Middle East and North Africa to Europe across the country, where thousands of demonstrators have begun concentrations in Spain for a few days“(ND). It is, ultimately, the new European salvation that comes through the Gibraltar Strait.

The very Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, had already spoken about the “waves of awakening” that crash not only the Arab world, but also the European democracies. Those waves are just encouraging imitations of the Iranian Islamic Revolution, a move that will reach “the very heart of Europe” and will permit the inhabitants to get rid of the “economic and cultural policies of the United States and the Zionists” (ND). Continue reading


UAE: 14-year-old arrested on adultery charges, subjected to virginity test

The teenager’s distraught father who accused the police of “ruining the future of his child” said the gynaecologist confirmed the girl was still a virgin.

The police referred her to the public prosecutor on charge of adultery. She missed her exams as she’s been in police custody since March 22. She was referred to Ajman Central Jail where she was locked up with adult women prisoners,” said the father.

The police could have handled the case more sensitively, he said. “My daughter is only 14. When police called me to report along with my daughter to the CID, I was clueless about what they wanted from me and from her; I took …[her] to police where I learnt that someone had complained against her — that she was meeting an adult man on the roof of our building. I became angry with her and told the police that I would handle the matter within the family.”


Apparently, she has had a relationship with a 25-year-old man. Add to that, the age difference between them, which is important and mainly that she is a minor. But the police behaviour (and that of the “anonymous complaint”) is truly awful: not telling her or her father what she was accused of; jailing her with adult women prisoners and of course, subjecting her to a virginity test are all of them wrong procedures for any human being, but they are even worse for a minor.

Anyway, it’s quite ominous reading that the father wanted to handle this matter within the family… 😦

Abu Dhabi: Member of Royal family accused of torture acquitted

This marvellous Islamic justice…

A court in Abu Dhabi acquitted Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al-Nahayan, a member of the UAE royal family accused of beating an Afghan grain trader in 2004. The Sheikh claimed he was drugged by two other men, and therefore unaware of his actions, which included torturing the man with electric prods, driving over him and raping him.Thee men who released the tape have been given five years in jail.

via Gateway Pundit.

“we deny that anything happened as it was prooved by this videotape…”

The poor "drugged" sadistic Sheikh

The poor "drugged" sadistic Sheikh

Yeah, right…

The defense is laughable, if it weren’t for the poor tortured man:

[The lawyer] has also stated that the tribunal “has accepted our defense that supported that the Sheikh was under the influence of drugs which had made him unconscious of his acts“.

Well, in the video we can see him acting quite consciously, can’t we?

The defense had supported that the Sheikh issa had been drugged by two men, the Lebanese-American Ghassanet Bassam Nabulsi and his brother, that had recorded the violences to make him speak.

Always the others are at fault. Poor sadistic sheik, who tortured brutally a poor Afghan man because others had let him unconscious by drugging him, accused so unjustly in a video which his own lawyer said it “prooved” the tortures! Splendid.

BREAKING: Abu Dhabi’s Prince Zayed bin Mansour wants to buy Real Madrid!!

Liga BBVA | Real Madrid : El dueño del City ofrece un billón por el Madrid –

Sheikh Mansour, Abu Dhabi's prince, wants to be the sole owner of Real Madrid

Sheikh Mansour, Abu Dhabi's prince, wants to be the sole owner of Real Madrid

He is already the owner of Manchester City Club and he wants to be the only onwer of Real Madrid, offering €1 billion (para los españoles, mil millones de euros). But there are legal problems as Real Madrid is a football club and in its statutes, a possible sale is not contemplated. The only possibility can be found in Title V, named “Transformation, Mergers and Extinction”, in which they let that happen after a referendum of all members.

So the Sheikh has made another offer: he wants to pay all the debt RM has now, even if it doesn’t pose any financial threat to the entity.


Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan @ Wikipedia.

The reason of the peaceful Iranian nuclear program

Well, it looks like so. From Realite-UE free newsletter:

As Iran moves ahead with its nuclear ambitions other countries in the Gulf are pushing forward with their own plans to go nuclear. [1] Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have all indicated interest in developing nuclear programs. [2]

Nowhere is the concern over Iran’s nuclear ambition felt more strongly than among Iran’s Arab neighbors in the Persian Gulf region. While they watch uneasily for signs of Iranian nuclear progress, Saudis and Emiratis will continue to spend billions of dollars on ballistic missile defense systems. [3]

The Gulf States have ambivalent relations with Iran. While Iran is seen a strategic threat it is also a trading partner and possible Mideast regional leader. Statements and actions by Gulf leaders reflect this ambiguity.


  • In September 2009, Commander-in-chief of the Bahrain Defense Force, Sheikh Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, said Iran is an important country that greatly influences regional security and stability. Sheikh Al-Khalifa and Iranian ambassador to Bahrain Hossein Amir Abdollahian discussed Tehran-Manama relations and called for an expansion in cooperation especially in military spheres. [4]
  • In June 2009, Bahrain closed the newspaper Akhbar al-Khaleej after it published an article heavily critical of the Iranian government. [5]
  • Bahrain has supported using diplomacy to resolve the conflict over Iran’s nuclear program though Iran’s uranium enrichment has complicated relations between Iran and Bahrain. Bahrain is an ally of the United States. [6]
  • In 2007, Manama and Tehran discussed increasing annual trade to $1 billion per year and bolstering their joint health and tourism cooperation. Both countries proposed a large purchase of Iranian oil to help fuel Bahraini development in May 2008. [“Bahrain-Iran Cooperation Hailed,” Bahrain News Agency, December 26, 2007; “Bahrain Eyes Gas Imports From Iran,” Press TV, May 27, 2008]
  • In March 2008, the United States Treasury Department announced sanctions against Future Bank B.S.C, a Bahraini Bank accusing of helping Iran’s alleged nuclear proliferation activities. Future Bank B.S.C. is controlled by Iran’s Bank Melli, which is sanctioned “for facilitating Iran’s proliferation activities.” [8]
  • Bahrain turned down financial and technical support that Iran offered in October 2007 to help Bahrain establish its own civilian nuclear energy program. [Tourmi, Habib: “Bahrain Rejects Nuclear Assistance by Iran,” Gulf News, October 24, 2007]


  • Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah congratulated Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in June 2009, after his re-election. Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah described Iran as Kuwait’s friend and expressed hope that Kuwait and Iran and would continue to expand their relationship in all fields. [10] This, despite the fact that Kuwait has been a major allay of Washington since the 1991 Gulf War.
  • Kuwait’s government has declared it will not allow its territories to be used for military action against Iran. [11]
  • Kuwait and Iran held their first Economic Commission in January 2008 in order to create a platform for more financial connections between the countries. [12]
  • Renowned Kuwaiti author Abdullah Al-Hadlaq has urged the Gulf States to suspend their diplomatic relations with Iran and deal with its real agenda. He insisted that the country’s nuclear program was not adopted for peaceful purposes despite Iran’s pretence that it was, in reality being a military program. [13]


  • Oman has accelerated its cooperation with Tehran, nurturing an alliance that helps empower Iran while highlighting the deep divisions among Arab capitals. Oman has refused overtures of its larger neighbors to pull away from Iran. [14]
  • Oman sees Iran as an important political and economic ally that is “too powerful and too potentially dangerous to ignore, let alone antagonize.” Oman has for years helped Iranian smugglers circumvent international trade sanctions. [Ibid]
  • In August 2009, Oman and Iran signed an agreement for security cooperation. The deal covers exchange of information and combating infiltration, smuggling and other crimes. [16]
  • The Oman Oil Company (OOC) and Hirbodan EPC of Iran signed a Memorandum of Understanding to build a power plant at the Queshm Free Zone in Iran. Oman’s Sultan Qaboos bin Said said the agreement reflected the “depth of relations between the two countries.” [Ibid]


  • Qatar, an ally of the United States, has been outspoken against Iran’s nuclear enrichment program. [18] However, Qatar has rejected the Security Council’s resolutions against Iran, calling them counterproductive. [“First Target For Iran: Qatar?,” Middle East Times, November 26, 2007]
  • In January 2009, Qatar, Iran and Russia met in Tehran, where they agreed to establish a “gas troika” to cooperate on the exploration and production of their gas reserves. [20]
  • In a meeting in April 2009 with the Qatari minister of information, Sheikh Hamad Bin Thamar At-Thani, Iranian Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani expressed Iran’s desire to create unity among regional and Muslim countries. Sheikh Hamad Bin Thamar At-Thani said that Qatar appreciates Iran’s position on regional and international issues. [“Iran Pursues Unity Strategy In The Region: Larijani,” Iranian Students News Agency, April 8, 2009]
  • In a meeting in July 2009 with Emir of Qatar Sheikh Ahamad Bin Khalifa al-Thanii, Larijani described Qatar as a strategic partner and indicated that Iran is determined to expand its bilateral ties with Qatar. The Emir of Qatar said: “Iran is always standing behind Arab sand people of Palestine, but some want to make minds turn against the country while we have no problem with it. Iran is always our friend and we won’t allow any ill-will person to create problems between us.” [22]

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • In August 2009, the National Iranian Gas Export Company (NIGEC) and a UAE company signed an agreement for transferring Iranian natural gas to the UAE. [23]
  • On August 14, 2009, the UAE seized a cargo of North Korean weapons being shipped to Iran, which would have violated a UN embargo on arms exports from North Korea. [24]
  • UAE sees Iran as both a threat and a valued trading partner – it spends billions to defend itself against a perceived Iranian threat while it also enjoys a robust trading relationship with Iran. The UAE is one of Iran’s largest trading partners. [25]

So, Iran’s Ayatollahs want the Gulf for themselves, and don’t want to end like Saddam Hussein if they invade them. Peaceful nuclear technology? Yeah, what a joke!

Dubay: Displeased with “Sex and the City” because of “sex” in the title

I imagine that the content of the film could have had something to do too: Libero News – ‘Sex and the City’ stoppato a Dubai Non piace la parola ‘sesso’ nel titolo

Sex and the City: Dubai's authorities are displeased because of the word "sex".

Sex and the City: Dubai's authorities are displeased because of the word "sex".

“Sex and the City 2”, which was scheduled to be filmed in Dubai has been stopped: in its path, the film has found a truly hard obstacle, the tradtional conservative culture of the United Arab Emirates. The Emirates’ financial weekly, Arabian Business, has reported about it, quoting US MSM. “The Emirates’ authorities are very displeased” – it can be read it its site – “with the title because of the word “sex”“. Something which makes people think that the scenes scheduled for Dubai will be cancelled.

Arabian Business -which calls the film infamous– and Financial Express report about it in English.

Note: I am not a fan of this film but considering Islamic world’s problems with sex, maybe watching people speaking freely about these issues would change their pre-historic views on sex.

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UAE, UK plots, Malaysia, UK Government, Islamic terrorism, Larisa Arap, Spain, Greek and Turkish elections, Iran, China, Pakistan and France (+)


A one-legged Emirati father of 78 is lining up his next two wives in a bid to reach his target of 100 children by 2015, Emirates Today reported on Monday. Daad Mohammed Murad Abdul Rahman, 60, has already had 15 brides although he has to divorce them as he goes along to remain within the legal limit of four wives at a time. “In 2015 I will be 68 years old and will have 100 children,” the local tabloid quoted Abdul Rahman as saying. “After that I will stop marrying. I have to have at least three more marriages to hit the century.

UAE father of 78 eyes new brides for century target | Oddly Enough |

Just take care: heart attacks at this age are normal! 😈

Remember the London and Glasgow plots? Well:

An Australian court has overturned a government decision to revoke the visa of an Indian doctor who was accused, but later cleared, of involvement in the failed car bomb attacks on London and Glasgow.

The court’s decision was a bitter blow for the federal government, which has been criticised by civil rights groups and lawyers for its bungled arrest and subsequent release of Dr Mohamed Haneef in July.

I wrote about Lina Joy some months ago and her conversion to Christianity in Muslim Malaysia. Well:

Malaysia’s highest civil court has dismissed a Muslim woman’s appeal to be officially recognized as having converted to Christianity. In a defining decision for the multi-religious society, the court ruled against Lina Joy’s appeal to have her new faith reflected on her identity card, a move rights groups called a “backward step” for Malaysia.

The UK Government has announced that he will monitor blogs (h/t EURSOC) and has blocked “almost one third of British military exports to Israel this year, citing possible threats to regional stability and fears the equipment might facilitate human rights violations”. “, because, as we all know, only Israel commits Human Rights violations . Some people has united to ask UK Government that the British Army protect the endangered species throughout the world (h/t Croydonian). The problem that they don’t solve is how they are going to do that.

From Semanal Digital:

According to a poll published by Financial Times, 32% of Spanish people are afraid of a new indiscriminated terrorist attack in the next months. A greater fear than in other countries such as USA, the most menaced country in the world, where the oercentage reduces to 30%. The most fearful are the British, with a 52% conisdering it as a real possibility.

[…] The poll, that the newspaper makes to obtain the perception Western societies have about Muslims, also reveals that a 23% of Spanish people sees as a menace for national security the presence of Muslims in their country.
A percentage that rises in the cases of United Kingdom, where 37% of the citizens agrees with that; Italy, 30% or Germany, with a 28%. But in France (20%) and, curiously, United States (21%) they don’t identify easily Muslim with terrorist.
But for nearly 35% of Spanish people Muslims are subject of unjustified prejudices, not as higher as in France (more than half of the population has prejudices against them); Italy (48%), USA (47%) and Uniter Kingdom (39%).

More about Islamic terrorism:

The last incident with Islamic terrorism – the kidnapping of an airplane in Turkey with a happy ending- shows again the turbulent hostility and warmongering of the Islamic fundamentalism upon the West. The presence, rising and penetration of Islam in Western countries has grown to be a real truth, as sustains Pedro Martínez Montávez in El reto del Islam (The challenge 0f Islam), but in a undesirable political and religious acting that pretends to be, at the same time, the coactive incrporation of a whole civilization

In El escándalo del Islam (The scandal of Islam), José María Gironella says that the Islam has reborn in the last third of the XXth century with a character that we can consider of defiance and insecurity. The Empire of Islam, instead of decreasing, “has reborn with a fervour that experts consider as worrying” [no, it is not worrying, it’s simply the result of not fulfilling the Law as it should be. And we only will take that into account when it will be too late and the solutions to adopt to cure the problem will be tood drastic and not very agreeable…].

Russian journalist Larisa Arap, that belongs also to the United Civil Front, whose leader is the ex-world chess champion Kasparov, and who had been committed to a psychiatric hospital because of denouncing a case of children sexual abuse, has been freed.

Carina Mejías, PP speaker in the Catalan Parliament:

Q: Will you speak Castillian (Spanish…) as speaker in Parliament?

A: I have always done it. I speak in Catalan or Castillian considering the person I speak to and I will never change that.

Q: About this subject, you sustain that there is no freedom in Catalonia. Why?
Q: In Catalonia there is no freedom because you can’t choose the language your sons are educated in and the language you use in the publicity of your shop. If there are sanctions, there is no freedom. There is an a
bsolute interventionism in the subject of the language.

Paolo informs that there are going to be elections also in Greece with a very little margin between right and left.

Politique arabe de la France denounces that there have been 118 executions only in a month in Iran.

A massacre like this, that we have denounced in this columns, can’t but reinforce out idea of a fascist nature of the regime in particular and of the Islamist movement in general. The fool people of Libé and Nouvel Obs can’t be happy about this, but the truth is what it is: ignoring this nature, the Western progressives aren’t doing but reinforcing the alienation of the Arab and Muslim masses and the inhibition of all hope for democrats in these propulations. The result is before our eyes: the election does not exist but between nationalism and islamism. It does not exist any democratic  alternative which can be deemed as really democratic.

And if we continue like that, there are not going to be much more alternatives in Europe…

Good news from Iran:

A leading Iranian-American academic jailed in May during a visit to Tehran has told Iranian TV she is “very happy” after being freed on bail.

Haleh Esfandiari, 67, who is accused of spying, was released for a bail of 3bn rial ($320,000; £160,000), the official state news agency Isna reported.

Ms Esfandiari, who works for a research institute in Washington, was jailed while visiting her 93-year-old mother.

Iranian media accused her of spying for the US and Israel.

The BBC’s Pam O’Toole says the Iranian authorities appear highly suspicious of attempts by the Bush administration to promote democratic change in Iran.

From the country where the Olympic Games will be held:

 A Woman’s Breasts Disfigured and Infected from Severe Electric Shock Torture in Masanjia Labor Camp– shocked me, even though I knew how brutal the torture is happening in China labor camp, I can not imagine this kind of inhuman crime can happening in today’s modern world!

Warning: It is recommended that children and those with delicate sensitivities refrain from viewing these photos. Photo 1 , Photo 2

Here’s the excerpt of the story:

“At first, they kept Ms. Wang in isolation. Two collaborators monitored her. She was denied sleep and forced to stand still in the corner of the room. The next day, she had to sit on a chair with her hands tied behind her back to the back of the chair. At night, they had her wear a motorcycle helmet.

“The guards kept chopsticks and a basin of cold water ready to use, and whenever Ms. Wang closed her eyes, they poured water over her and hit the helmet hard with the chopsticks. “Two guards from Benxi, holding electric batons, shouted, “We will see who is tougher!” The two men tore Ms. Wang’s shirt open and shocked her breasts with two electric batons for 30 minutes.

“Afterwards, they made her stand still for the entire night. The next morning, guard Guo Tieying asked Ms. Wang nastily whom she would follow. Ms. Wang replied, “I will follow the teachings of Falun Gong.”

“Guo Tieying immediately brought in two guards and several collaborators to torture her. They tore a bed sheet into strips and tied her legs in a cross-legged position (with legs double-crossed, as in the ‘full lotus’ position). Next they handcuffed her arms behind her back and tied her upper body to her legs, making Ms. Wang look like a ball. Then they suspended her in the air by the handcuffs, with her hands still behind her back. “She suffered excruciating pain from this torture for seven hours.

It does not shock me that the Chinese peasants ask for more Human Rights instead of having the Olympic Games.

From Catholic World News: Pakistani Christians joined with Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and other religious groups in an August 11 demonstration in Lahore, demanding equal rights for minority groups, Christian Solidarity Worldwide reports.

Two young Christian girls in Pakistan were recently kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam, and married to strangers, the AsiaNews service report. Respecting women’s freedom… smile_baringteeth

Burma’s Junta continues to target opposition members.

Five North Koreans have entered the Indonesian Embassy in Vietnam, apparently seeking asylum in South Korea, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Tuesday.

Comical news of the day:

There are rules of shari’a in everything. We have counted almost 70 rules about how to urinate and defecate. In contrast, how do those beasts in the West answer the call of nature? They stand in front of other people, in toilets at airports and other public places. They do not care about covering their private parts. Even their underwear is colored and not white, so it can conceal all that filth. We are a nation that has long known the meaning of cleanliness, what to do when nature calls, and what the rules of hygiene are. The others, to this day, live like beasts. To this day, many of them are not circumcised, even though the World Health Organization has advised to circumcise people as a treatment for AIDS, because it has been scientifically proven that circumcised people are less susceptible to AIDS, and are less likely to spread it than uncircumcised people.

Idiot news of the week (at least):

From France: French pedophile, given viagra in prison, rapes 5 year old boy upon release! The doctor who prescribed the viagra said he did not know why he was in prison, although A psychiatrist who examined him for the court hearing in 2004 said that he had a “homosexual paedophile perversion causing a danger of a crime”. The psychiatrist added that Evrard was “barely readaptable”. My comment: how on earth this man was released? AND how on earth a prison doctor prescribes something without considering the medical and delictive history of the imprisoned guy? So Sarkozy (even if he does not act trully well in other things) has announced that a new law will make recidivists choose between chemical castration or life imprisonment. I think it would be a good measure.

In Spain, the Spanish Director of Prisons, applying the Equality Law, has obliged female guards of prisons to serve in wings where there are men condemned for sexual crimes. In the Prison of Puerto III (Puerto de Santa María – Cádiz), a woman had to attend a wing alone with 90 of these “guys”, throughout a whole day, while a man guard was in wing where there are no imprisoned guys! The woman has presented
a complaint because she was sexually harrased. [My comment: I am the first who asks for equality but this Law was an error since it was considered. It is a law that obliges Firms’ Board of Directors to have the same amount of woman that of men, so they are going to be changed on next two years. Results? Women on Boards of Directors are going to be considered as idiots with no personal quailifications to be there, but their own sex.

There is other thing though. In a country so chauvinistic in  a lot of respects as Spain is, this is the kind of law that will continue that topic. I mean, men -and some women 👿 – would think “if a woman must be helped to reach certain rates, isn’t it a proof of their inferiority or at least, of their real place is at home, cleaning and sweeping the floor?” Just let everyone, whatever their sex, religion, cultural and social origins, etc. develop by themselves, giving them the means to reach their top and things would be better, not perfect, but at least, better].

I update the post, because there something to say. US friend John Lyllea from This ain’t hell, has written an introduction to our new group Liberty Alliance. Mike and I were going to speak about how to introduce the group one of this days, but as he has done it, just go over and read it. This is not the official launching of the group, though. When we launch it, we will announce it, and the collaboration between all the blogs which have accepted the challenge will begin.

Thanks for the compliments, John, but I’m sure my readers will also learn a lot from you.