Egypt: El Gohary and his daughter, both converts to Christianity, on the run

This is an update on this story:

Egyptian Maher El-Gowhary and his 15 year old daughter Dina never pray twice at the same church, never stay longer than a month in any one apartment.  They are constantly under threat, always on the run because they converted to Christianity in a largely Muslim country.

Maher and Dina nervously agreed to meet us at a Church in Cairo. The priest at the Church said he feared problems from the Egyptian authorities and while he agreed to have us watch his Sunday mass, the Priest  declined to speak to us about what is happening in Egypt and to the El-Gowhary’s.

Several religious fatwas have been issued for “spilling his blood” after Maher asked an Egyptian Court to legally recognize his conversion, so he can one day be buried as a Christian and so his daughter won’t be forced into a marriage by her Muslim mother.

The daughter has written a letter to Obama asking him why is that Muslims live so well in US while her father and her are prisoners in their own country. Really good question.Please, Mr Obama, answer without reading your teleprompter.

Is the world listening to these converts’ plea?

Taliban kill seven in Pakistan for being U.S. spies

Following with their campaign against anyone who isn’t supporting them (1, 2, 3, 4):

The bullet-riddled bodies of five tribesmen were dumped on a roadside in a village 35 km (20 miles) south of North Waziristan’s main town of Miranshah, the officials said.”All of them appeared to have been killed last night and a hand-written note was lying near these bodies saying they were American spies,” a security official in Miranshah said by telephone.

“Whosoever spied for America will face the same fate,” another security official quoted the note as saying. Two other bodies were found elsewhere in the region with a similar note from the Taliban.

via Taliban kill seven in Pakistan for being U.S. spies | Reuters.

More: The Quetta Shura Taliban in Southern Afghanistan.

USA: Brown wins Mass., Obama’s health care in danger

Brown, in his victory speech, referred to one of the decisive moments of the campaign, when in a debate Coakley referred to "Ted Kennedy’s seat". Brown said: "This Senate seat belongs to no one person, to no political party … This is the people’s seat."

The Guardian continues referring to “Kennedy’s seat” and yet, it’s just one of the “people’s seat” as Mr. Brown righteously said. 

Terrible blow to democrats and leftists in general, not only because of Obama’s policy being in danger, but also because of the idea of democracy these guys have. Note that they consider that a senator’s seat is their property because they have won it for a number of years.

Global Warming: supporters are now going after Freakonomics blog

Freakonomics is a NYT’s blog which dared to point out some failures about global warming theory from a scientific point of view.

The posts on this controversy can be found here.

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Austria: More than 50% Turks want Shariah Law incorporated into legal system

More than half of the approx. 220,000 Turkish immigrants – 2.65% of the 8.3 million people in Austria – want Islamic law introduced into the Austrian legal system.  Asked whether some parts of Islamic law (e.g. marriage, family and inheritance laws) should be incorporated into Austrian law, 50% agreed, 16% said it depended on which elements were incorporated and 22% were against it.  Responses varied by education level and German language skills, but religion was the most decisive factor.  Close to 62% of religious-political Muslims agreed Sharia should be incorporated, compared to 41% of secular Muslims.  In both groups, an additional 16% said it depends on what elements were to be incorporated.
72% says that following religious commandments is more important than democratic ones.  For 57% of the Turks, the laws and regulations of Islam are more important than that of Austria.  And almost half of the Turkish immigrants say that crime in Austria is caused by democracy.


Worrying. Absolutely worrying. This is the real problem of Islamic immigration, rooted in the political side of Islam. Till Muslims do not confront this, we can safely consider an important part of them are a fifth column used to impose Islamic Sharia.

I am the least inclined to consider conspirations, but these numbers do point in one way: for Islam and against democracy, the political system of the country they are actually living in.

US: “No Catholics in ERs”, says pro-abortion politician

They shouldn’t work at ERs because they oppose morning after pill:

Massachusetts Senate candidate Martha Coakley is coming under fire today for comments showing her attacking the conscience rights of pro-life Catholics. In a Thursday interview, Coakley is asked whether doctors and nurses working in a hospital emergency room have religious freedom. Because they oppose dispensing the morning after pill because it can sometimes cause an abortion she says Catholics should not be allowed to work in hospital emergency rooms

…. “In the emergency room you still have your religious freedom,” Pittman tells Coakley.

She responds: The law says that people are allowed to have that. You can have religious freedom but you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room.”

The Senate candidate adds that there should be “separation of church and state” when it comes to the religious freedom of Catholics.

Coakley wishes for Catholic-free ERs « Down under on the right side.

Would this gal have said that against other non-Catholics who also are pro-life?

Just consider too her statement: “the law says people are allowed to have (religious freedom)“. So, she isn’t even believing that religious freedom actually exists!! 😯

I hope she isn’t elected…

The U.N. Partners With Terror

Not only they want us to pay for a Global Tax on Internet. Now they are also making friends among terrorist groups… even if the UN itself has designated them as terrorists:

Two English language Arab news outlets (1, 2) reported this week that the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has partnered with the Saudi-based International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO)…. While both articles are celebrating this partnership, both fail to mention that IIRO has been designated as a terrorist group. On August 3, 2006, the U.S. Treasury Department designated both two branches of IIRO in the Philippines and Indonesia as terrorist organizations for providing money and support to Al Qaida-linked groups, notably Abu Sayyaf (ASG) in the Philippines and Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) in Indonesia. According to the Treasury Department:

The IIRO-PHL is a source of funding for the al Qaida-affiliated ASG. IIRO-PHL has served as a liaison for the ASG with other Islamic extremist groups. A former ASG member in the Philippines familiar with IIRO operations in the country reported that a limited amount of foreign IIRO funding goes to legitimate projects and the rest is directed to terrorist operations. (emphasis added)

via The U.N. Partners With Terror :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

Not only US considers this organization as a terrorist organisation. The UN also has designated it as a terrorist entity.


Logic, where are thou?