Bangladesh: teacher suspended for “insulting” Prophet Mohammed

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This is exactly what the OIC wants with the “blasphemy resolution“, a resolution that seems that the US could support in the name of “combatting intolerance and discrimination”.

Madan Mohan Das had been teaching at the Dhanmondi Government Boys High School since 2010. On July 26, he allegedly made some insulting remarks at a teachers’ meeting where he commented on the Prophet’s pilgrimage and his numerous wives, which infuriated many teachers, students and parents.
The comments led to severe protests around the city. The protesters came around the school and ransacked the office building, broke flower pots and vandalized the garden. Mr. Das has also been accused of insulting Islam in previous occasions. He came to the school after he made such comments and mocking the other teachers by saying, “there is nothing you can do to me”.

The Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid said while speaking to journalists,”When we heard the news, we contacted the school authority. I advised them to inform the Education Board. I also talked to Director General of the Education Board myself and asked him to get the situation under control as soon as possible”.

The school’s Vice Principal Ms. Rowshan Ara Akhter arrived right after the protesters gathered in the school premises and promised them that action would be taken. She said, “We have been receiving complaints about this teacher from colleagues, students and parents. We have asked the Education Minister, the Director General of the Education Board to take necessary steps to solve the problem.”

Immediately after making such comments, Mr. Das was transferred to a remote school in the country’s northern region as a punishment, but that did not calm the protesters down. They demanded immediate suspension and punishment. As a result the state education authorities had to take further action. Finally, Madan Mohan Das was suspended last Sunday.

via Bangladesh teacher suspended for \’insulting\’ Prophet Mohammed | Asia | Deutsche Welle | 03.08.2011.


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