Norway: the “Christian terrorist” nonsense (II)

More on Breivik’s ideas on Christianism (1, 2, 3):

Anders Breivik, leaving the courts

Anders Breivik, leaving the courts

Breivik’s worldview, if we can call it that, is not easily characterized. Some have branded him a “Christian terrorist.” He does write that he hopes the “Church gains more or less [a] monopoly on religion in Europe,” but also that “it is essential that science takes an undisputed precedence over biblical teachings.” In keeping with this latter view, he lauds the work of Princeton University molecular biologist Lee M. Silver, who is an advocate of stem cell research and human cloning. So Breivik can’t easily be described as a religious fundamentalist.

Breivik also wants a big cut in aid to developing countries in the hopes that this will reduce world population by 4.5 billion — an exercise in population control I don’t think the pope, much less Scandinavia’s Lutheran Church, would favor. Without pause, he voices admiration for the United States’ Tea Party, while calling for more regulation of capitalism and a “Scandinavian light model” of redistribution, including “giving women more incentives to have children in the form of various welfare incentives.”

One could call him a fascist, and he does subscribe to Arian racial theory. But Breivik also makes fulsome denunciations of Hitler and belittles today’s neo-Nazis as fools. He is certainly hostile to Islam and quotes many right-wing authors and bloggers who obsess about the coming of “Eurabia.” But his rants against feminism, Marxism, and Western sexual mores are little different from those made by Osama bin Laden. He doesn’t call for Western women to be put behind the veil. But he estimates that 50 percent have slept with more than 20 men and are thus “sluts,” thinks society should “discourage” all women from having full-time careers, and blames “current destructive matriarchal policies” for most of what he sees as wrong with Europe.

via A Murderer\’s Manifesto and Me – By Phillip Longman | Foreign Policy.

As I said: this guy is NO Christian… and has an important problem of ideological coherence.

  • Norway attacks: Was Breivik a Christian terrorist? – Christian Science Monitor ( To be sure, among those who identify Christianity with the teachings, behavior, codes, and life of the early church, sometimes called “primitive Christianity,” the acts of Breivik have less than nothing to do with the Acts of the Gospels. His logic is seen as a deep distortion, of, say, the spirit of the Beatitudes: “Blessed are the meek … blessed are the peacemakers … blessed are the poor in spirit…”… “Are we capable of seeing the distinction between a dude acting alone with, at this point, no following and a large global movement with many leaders and supporters?” Mollie asks finally. ”Supporters of Islamic extremism are a minority in most Muslim countries. But there’s a dramatic difference between the level of support a killer such as Osama bin Laden had and the level of support a killer such as Breivik has. Media coverage should not ignore that distinction when pushing the moral equivalency meme.”
  • Why Islamist terror dwarfs Breivik’s brand: Almost nobody supports “Christianist” violence (’s ideology does not represent the same sort of threat that Islamism does because it is not shared by nearly as many people, governments or institutions. Aside from a handful of anonymous Internet postings, there have been no avowals of support for Breivik’s mass murder. No influential Christian preachers have praised what he did. There were no celebrations in the streets, nor has any government applauded his attempt to “save” Europe from “Islamization.” The only organizational backing for Breivik’s massacre appears to have come from a 12th century crusader outfit called the “Knights Templar,” which, as far as we know, exists nowhere but in his own deranged head.

    Contrast that condemnatory response with Saddam Hussein‘s remarks after 9/11 – an attack carried out by a transnational terrorist organization sheltered by the then-government of a sovereign state. Saddam said that “the American cowboys are reaping the fruit of their crimes against humanity.” Crowds of Palestinians, meanwhile, took to the streets and handed out candy.

    While these reactions were certainly the exception among most Muslims, smaller-scale terrorist attacks committed against coalition soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and on civilians in places ranging from London to Madrid to PeshawarPakistan, are regularly legitimized by Islamic clerics who claim huge followings.

7 comments on “Norway: the “Christian terrorist” nonsense (II)

  1. Tony Davis says:

    He was definitely angry over something!!!

  2. Early Light says:

    Was the guy a nut? Reports indicated he underwent plastic surgery to look more Aryan, and his belief system seemed to be opposed to communism, but certainly was socialistic in nature. In fact, he could be considered “national socialistic” in his world view. Where have we heard that expression before?

    This was a false flag attack. I have no doubt about it – it was in the style of what Stalin and Hitler used to do, and it is paying big political and propaganda dividends for Islamic terrorists and their facilitators in Norway’s Labor Party. Cui bono? 😉

    • Claudia says:

      Reports indicated he underwent plastic surgery to look more Aryan

      I didn’t know that, but isn’t it in itself a sign of being obsessed with Aryanism/Nazism? I myself think that someone who thinks he is actually a “Knight Templar” and who actually spent his days on the PC, despite having a very good job (he earned more than the average Norwegian), is someone who has psychiatric problems.

      This was a false flag attack. I have no doubt about it – it was in the style of what Stalin and Hitler used to do, and it is paying big political and propaganda dividends for Islamic terrorists and their facilitators in Norway’s Labor Party.

      Well, I have been told in another blog by a commenter, the Mossad did it. By another one: “the Freemasons did it“, etc. What it’s clear is that this guy did it.
      Qui prodest?. That’s an interesting (and normally very accurate) reason. In this case, it is clear: the stablishment… 😦

      • Early Light says:

        People throw out a lot of different suggestions, and it is worthwhile to examine each one and try to find reasons to rule it out. By doing this, whatever is left, however odd, might be the real reason. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote to this effect.

        My information and rationale is documented at a post at my blog.

        • Claudia says:

          I’m going to underline these parts of your post:

          And make no mistake about it: an alliance between neocommies (the heirs to those who supported every kind of terrorism until the Soviet Union fell) and Islamic extremists will turn the Arab Spring into a Hazy Shade of Winter.

          If you saw yesterday’s post about Muslim Brotherhood in Tahrir Sq., you’ll know that’s not very far from here.

          Any group that has a concern about the connections between Islam and terrorism, or that has questions about Islamic immigration, or that is against the neocommie agenda… no matter how peaceful, no matter how mainstream, no matter the group’s efforts to promote lawful, peaceful action and keep violent extremists out… they’re all now being targeted as suspected terrorists, while terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Fatah are now more than ever somehow the victims.

          Absolutely true!

          I understand your position, but I don’t think that this move was necessary at all. Norway has been extremelly Judeophobic and pro-Islamic. Even if Popular Party (about which I haven’t read much, so I don’t know what its ideas are, only that it’s right-wing and anti-immigrantion -anti-illegal-immigration-) won the next elections, I don’t see how that would change.

          PS: Very interesting to see this:

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