France: Socialist pre-candidate Martine Aubry and husband summon blogger to appear in court for defamation

European Parliament election, 2009 (France)

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I wrote some days ago that some French bloggers had denounced that, Jean-Louis Brochen, the husband of the Socialist pre-candidate Martine Aubry, was the advocate of “Meeting and Dialogue”, an organization close to the Muslim Brotherhood, and that he had also defended other islamists in court. I wrote also that French writer Caroline Fourest had also written about these facts in her book, having been requested by Mr. Brochen to “correct those passages”, something she refused to do.

Both of them have sued a blogger, Francis Néri, because he dared to write that in his blog, adding that those are “rumours“:

Martine Aubry and her husband, Jean-Louis Brochen, have summoned a blogger Strasbourg, Francis Neri, to appear in court for defamation, officials said, Tuesday, Aug. 2, with the entourage of the Socialist candidate in the primary 2012. A retired 71 years says on his blog, “The Development Officer”, he was assigned on Sept. 12 before the 17th Criminal Chamber of the Paris Court, and reproduces the text of the assignment.
She is accused in a post entitled “Martine de Lille” published July 11 on his blog and then removed from it, of spreading rumors about the privacy and the health of the PS candidate, and introduce Mr. Brochen, former lawyer, as “a defender of communal and provocative Salafis”.

On July 8th, Ms. Aubry said she had written to the websites which were spreading such “rumors” to ask them to withdraw these allegations, and it they failed to comply, she would file a complaint. “Since mid-May, we have acted“, it was stated in the entourage of Mme Aubry, “but we do not talk about because it is not a political element.” “This is the procedure,” adding that Mr. Neri had received a request to withdraw (Something that Mr. Neri denies…).
The blogger has described as “reliable” and “consistent” the statements gathered in the article of July 11th. “I’m quite surprised that my blog is a hit at this point, I was not expecting that at all, it’s a total surprise.””

Via Le Monde.

About these alleged rumours, Ms Fourest wrote in her blog (FR):

It is my duty to denounce the lack of vigilance against fundamentalism when it exists, regardless of the political label of those questioned. Whether Jean-Marie Le Pen reading a speech written by a militant Valmy favorable approximation Islamist / nationalist (Alain Soral) or Chantal Brunel (UMP) inaugurated a mosque in the presence of a preacher as integrated as Said Ramadan Al-Boutih ….

I also denounced, in many articles, the place of choice made ​​by Nicolas Sarkozy at the UOIF within the CFCM, and his words – specially in his book The Republic, Religions and Hope – minimizing integrated nature of the militants, which he describes modestly as “orthodox”. One example among many.

These criticisms were echoed at the time, the PS against the UMP. Especially in The Socialist Weekly.

Whether they embarrass the left or the right, some words and some acts simply deserve to be brought to the attention of all. Journalists must seize it as evidence. Policy makers would like to explain actions. The French (have to know them) to decide.

So, isn’t here something strange? Well, yes, there is:

It is surprising that Martine Aubry-Brochen attempts to “clean” on blogs and sites even though it has not filed a complaint against the author of the book “The temptation of the dark ages” of Mrs. Fourest.

Surprising indeed.

Translation by T&P.


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