UK: Muslim teenagers sprayed burka onto scantily-clad models because they offended their religion

linx posterTwo Muslim teenagers have admitted defacing advertising hoardings featuring scantily-clad models and painting a ‘burka’ over them because they offended their religious views.

Mohammed Hasnath and Muhammed Tahir, both 18, used black paint to cover up the picture of a female model on a hoarding advertising Lynx deodorant.
The duo proceeded to paint over the faces on several other advertisements around London’s East End, claiming it was a ‘sin’ for them to be uncovered.

…’They told them that the way the women had been photographed was against their religion and they said it was a sin in Islam for a male to look twice at a woman who is not covered. (So, if it’s a sin, don’t look at them!!!).

‘If a man looks at a woman the first time it could be accidental, but if they look again it is a sin and they did not want children and other people seeing the image of these woman who were not covered (let the rest of the people decide for themselves what they want to look at…).

‘Consequently they began to paint over burkas around the faces of the women. When arrested, Mr Hasnath’s clothes were covered in black paint and they also had the brushes on them.

…’The pictures – that is someone’s daughter. If someone was to look at our wife or mother or daughter with a bad intention we would not like it so we were just trying to do good.’

Hasnath, of Poplar, and Tahir, of Tower Hamlets, both east London, were both ordered to pay costs of £283 each and were each released on a 12 month conditional discharge.

A third defendant, Abdul Hakim Langaigne, 24, of Thamesmead, south east London, who was also charged with six counts of criminal damage, failed to appear in court. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

via Muslim teenagers sprayed burka onto scantily-clad models because they offended their religion | Mail Online.

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6 comments on “UK: Muslim teenagers sprayed burka onto scantily-clad models because they offended their religion

  1. jonolan says:

    On the bright side, the vermin didn’t try to kill people this time.

    • Claudia says:

      Yes, that is certainly a bright side. But in the end they are trying to impose their ideas on others. Between them and the guys trying to impose Sharia Law on their neighbourhoods, there is very little difference…

      • jonolan says:

        Of course; that’s what their sort do. They enter the Civilized World, can’t cope with it, and try to debase it and turn it into the twisted squalor and filth that they were bred to flourish in.

        • Claudia says:

          It’s interesting what you say. Although this kind of Muslims are much more than that “tiny minority” MSM are so eager to tell us, and there are exceptions to what you say, it’s true that Islam makes people afraid of being free, of expressing themselves without restrictions. That’s why the Islamic Q&A covers such diverse issues, some of them even intimate issues.

          Of course, being not-free means being unresponsible of the consequences: Allah has made me do it and so on. 🙄

  2. So, may be boys and men should wear the burka, or even better stay indoors.

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