China: 18 killed in 2 attacks in Uighur area

Kashgar is an oasis city in the Xinjiang Uyghu...

Mosque's minaret in Kashgar. Image via Wikipedia

A city government said Monday that six more civilians died and five “terrorist” suspects were killed by police in one of China’s most troubled ethnic regions, raising the death toll from weekend violence to 18.

Xinijang region in China’s far west has been on edge since nearly 200 people were killed in fighting between Uighurs and Han Chinese in 2009 in Urumqi, the regional capital.

Xinhua did not give a reason for the latest violence, but Xinjiang has been beset by ethnic conflict and a sometimes-violent separatist movement by Uighurs, a largely Muslim ethnic group that sees Xinjiang as its homeland. Many Uighurs say they have been marginalized as more majority Han Chinese move into the region.

Police killed four suspects Sunday after “a group of armed terrorists” stormed into a restaurant in Kashgar city center, killing the owner and a waiter and then setting the restaurant on fire, the Kashgar city government said in two statements on its websites.

They then ran out of the restaurant and stabbed civilians indiscriminately, leaving another four people dead and 12 injured, it said.

Police then opened fire and shot dead four suspects at the scene, while another suspect died later in a hospital, it said.

The statement called it a “premeditated terrorist attack.”

Sunday’s violence followed a day of clashes in the same Silk Road city that killed seven people and injured 22.

via 18 killed in 2 attacks in troubled NW China – AP News Wire, Associated Press News –

Of all the actual report, the best is this part:

Dilxat Raxit, spokesman for the German-based World Uyghur Congress, said that frustrations were forcing Uighurs to take to the streets.

Uighurs have no peaceful way to oppose the Chinese government so some have taken to extreme measures. It is unthinkable but it is the reality, and Beijing should take responsibility to deal with these issues,” he told The Associated Press from Sweden, where he is based.

As you’ll know, I’m opposed to violence, unless it is really a last resort. These guys are not telling the truth: Muslim extremists recur to violence whether there is a “peaceful way” to oppose the Government or not.

Anyway, China is a dictatorship that doesn’t consider religion very well (unless it is to increase its power as it happens with “Chinese Communist Catholic Church“), because that would mean there is life outside the Communist Party. The interesting thing here is that there are nearly no condemnations from Islamic leaders about the way Uighurs have been and are being treated NOW, while they are whinning every day about “Islamophobia in the West”. Why? Because they know that they can get some benefits from pressure against Western governments, but they know they are not going to get anything from China, apart from losing lucrative oil contracts.


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