Norway: The Dexter Factor and Anders Berwick

Norway Shooting Suspect Anders Behring Breivik

Image by ssoosay via Flickr

More evidence of the stupidity of the MSM on their reports about mass-killer Anders Berwick:

“Andrew Berwick” didn’t just watch Dexter, he found it “hilarious.” He wrote: “I am currently watching Dexter, the series about that forensic mass murderer. Quite hilarious. I’m also looking forward to watch the new movie-series about Carlos the Jackal (the Marxist-Islamist and Che wannabe scumbag).” He mentioned Dexter a second time in a list of other television programs he likes, a fanboy mixing explosives chatting about his viewing habits.

The Dexter series is about a forensic analyst for the Miami Police Department, on the surface a mild-mannered and psychopathically deceptive lab technician, secretly a serial killer. A brutal, methodical, self-justifying serial killer. The Dexter series is dedicated to glamorizing serial killing, with a focus on the mechanics of execution. A show explicitly and unashamedly glamorizing evil, justifying evil, and training in the specific operations of evil. With, of course, the occasional post-modern ironic, self-referential moment of doubt, to make it all a bit more socially acceptable.

Without shame. Without abhorrence.No shaming for Dexter’s author, directors, actors, producers, advertisers. No shaming for them for being cited in “Berwick’s” compendium, no stern demands for censorship from the New York Times or the always trendy European media.

… If asked by someone in the media or law enforcement about the Norway mass murderer’s enthusiasm for their show — what will Showtime, CBS, Daniel Cerone, Clyde Phillips, Melissa Rosenberg, Clyde Phillips, Chip Johannessen and Michael C. Hall say? That they are not responsible for being watched and cited in a madman’s ranting?

But then, if they are not responsible — if this trendy brutal show’s producers and writers are not responsible for influencing Breivik — then why are the media holding responsible these other political leaders, writers, human rights activists and journalists worldwide who oppose brutality rather than making a buck off it?

That’s the question posed by the Dexter Factor.

via The Norway Mass Murder: The Dexter Factor.


3 comments on “Norway: The Dexter Factor and Anders Berwick

  1. Idiot. So you’re saying because he watched a show about a serial killer he was influenced to kill those people? Firstly Dexter only kills criminals, that dynamic is why the show works – so if your logic is true wouldn’t he be influenced to kill the guilty? Secondly he was clearly insane in the first place, and his justifications were down to his contrived political and racial views.

    One show did not influence him at all, the same way the rest of its audience do not go out and murder people. He was already insane to begin with and whatever insane justifications he gives are only the icing on the fact he killed those people because he wanted to, not because anything influenced him or convinced him to. When will humanity learn murderers are a product of nature and not nurture, with humanity pointing to shows like this when a ticking time bomb goes off not realising that it was an inevitability. If you can show me one study, just one that links murder and violent media then I will apologise for calling you out, but people like you make sweeping generalisations; ‘oh he played Manhunt and then killed his friend, blame the game.’ ‘oh he saw Dexter then killed 90 people, blame the show, not society or the human condition because no one is born twisted and broken violent imagery moulds them into that’.

    Stop trying to be a two-bit political commentator. And you accuse Showtime of trying to cash in on violence and brutality, when you are you using this tragic incident to put forth your condescending and contrived ideas, and to bring traffic to your blog.

  2. Sorry I posted this on the wrong blog, I meant to post it on the one you were quoting. Delete that other comment.

    • Claudia says:

      Hello, Ashley.

      I’m not going to delete it. Because your comment is precisely not meaningless. No one is really suggesting that this guy killed because of Dexter. What they are suggesting is that, if some bloggers, who write about Jihadism, are the culprits of this guy’s mass-murder, Dexter can also be blamed. Why? Because, as you have said, Dexter only killed criminals and Breivik thought he was killing criminals in his own very disturbed mind.

      Of course, as I said, this is absolutely nonsense, but it’s just as idiot and stupid as considering that because I blog against FGM, honor killings, forced marriage, etc, I am a Catholic Christian and I lean onto the conservative/libertarian side, I was telling this guy to kill people because “Muslims are a problem”.

      MSM (and some politicians) are following a very dangerous reasoning. This guy is only mocking them. So yes, I tell those MSM and politicians the same you have written: “Idiots”.

      PS: I don’t think this guy needs traffic. Bigpeace has already a lot of readers, so it’s better if you don’t write it, if you don’t want to be laughed at.

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