Indonesia: Light sentences for Muslim extremists who attacked Ahmadis

Banten province, Indonesia

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Ahmadis are heretic Muslims because they believe that the only possible and admissible jihad is a peaceful one (even a “jihad of love), and never a violent one, except in extreme persecution times, exception that is not even recognised by the whole movement.

Indonesia’s justice system is once again criticised for failing to impose lengthy sentences on people responsible for sectarian violence and crimes against minorities. The latest example came yesterday when a District Court in Serang, Banten Province (Java), handed down lenient sentences against 12 Muslims extremists for their role in a brutal assault against Ahmadi Muslims in February in Cikeusik.

The defendants received sentences of between three and six months in jail, Islamic Lawyer Team (TPM) said. Both the prosecutor and the judges said that Ahmadis (a Muslim group deemed heretical by mainstream Muslims because they do not view Muhammad as the last prophet) “provoked” the assault and so bore some responsibility.

For one of the prosecutors, M Yunis, Ahmadis “systematically provoked riots”. In reality, pressures from Muslim extremists were behind the light sentences.

Human rights activists and members of civil society groups have been outraged by the court’s decision when compared to the gravity of the facts.

via INDONESIA Light sentences for Muslim extremists who attacked Ahmadis – Asia News.


2 comments on “Indonesia: Light sentences for Muslim extremists who attacked Ahmadis

  1. K. aka Kel says:

    I admire Ahmadis, as they broke from Islamist principals during the late 1800’s. This will be their last hurdle:

    • Claudia says:

      The problem is that they are seen by the rest of the Muslims not as authentic but as heretic. In fact, in Indonesia, some Muslim extremists want Ahmadis to be outlawed:

      HUNDREDS of conservative Muslims held a noisy but peaceful rally in Indonesia’s capital on Saturday to demand the government outlaw an Islamic sect they consider heretical.

      Nearly 1,500 white-robed protesters – gathering days after a court sentenced 12 men to less than six months in jail for lynching three Ahmahdiyah sect members – marched through the streets until they reached the presidential palace.

      Some held placards that said ‘Disband Ahmadiyah or Revolution’ and ‘War against Ahmadiyah.’

      Cleric Muhammad Rizieq Shihab shouted through his bullhorn that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono should ‘not be a coward.’ ‘Disband them!‘ he said, as the crowd of 1,500 cheered and chanted ‘Allah Akbar’ or ‘God is great’.

      Yeah, well, peaceful and multiculturalist guys. I’m sure they like the Alliance of Civilizations.

      1,500 are very few for all the Muslims that actually live in Indonesia, but I bet that the followers of HuT (100,000 in the “Global Caliphate” rally) aren’t supporters of the Ahmadis either… 😦

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