Jordan: “The Mosque of Jesus”

Note: I don’t want them to build “Jesus’ mosques”. I want them to respect people who don’t think he is a prophet announcing Muhammad but the Son of God. This is absolutely useless, from my point of view.

An overview of Amman in Jordan, the host city

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A mosque named after the central figure of Christianity is to become a milestone of interfaith coexistence in Jordan. Both Muslim and Christian leaders expressed their satisfaction when the Mosque of Jesus Christ was opened some time ago. The place of worship was inaugurated in the town of Madaba, 30 km south of the capital, Amman.

“This is a message to the world that Muslims consider Jesus Christ as their prophet, because he informed humanity beforehand that the Prophet Muhammad was coming”, said the imam of the mosque, Belal Hanina. “And this also proves that Islam is a religion of tolerance and has nothing to do with extremism”.

Hanina explained how Christians and Muslims have lived in peace for a long time and have nurtured fraternal ties in this area of the Hashemite Kingdom, an ardent supporter of interfaith dialogue. Christians account for 10 percent of the residents of Madaba and 5 percent of Jordan, which has five and a half million inhabitants.

From Vatican Insider.


4 comments on “Jordan: “The Mosque of Jesus”

  1. Jesus Christ is not a prophet he is the son of God part of the Holy Trinity any ‘christian’ aproving this ‘lowering’ of Jesus Christs status betray’s his beliefs, and the ten commandment cause indirectly he affirms Allah as his God. It’s blasphemy.

    • Claudia says:

      Well, I don’t mind whatever it is, as they are not Christians. I just want them, as I say in the post, to stop murdering people for being Christians (better, non-Muslims…), to stop harrassing them, to stop condemning people to death for changing their religion, etc.

      I don’t mind the name they give to mosques: for me, that’s absolutely irrelevant and useless.

  2. youngearth says:

    Muhammad was a false Prophet and now he’s dead. However Jesus is alive forevermore. Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s and all humanity will bend the knee before Jesus even the man who called himself Muhammad.

    • Claudia says:

      Well, that’s what you and me believe as Christians. But there are atheists who don’t believe in that. And I don’t care whatever Muslims believe about Jesus. If they say they “care about interfaith dialogue”, I repeat: stop trating non-Muslims as second-class citizens. Oh, wait, Islamic tradition and juriprudence are the basis for that discrimination…

      Conclusion: I don’t mind what name they give mosques… I don’t see that as a sign of anything… 🙄

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